Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s Beauty Secret is the Keto Diet

Oscar-winning actress and ageless icon Halle Berry looks incredible. And it’s all thanks to her ketogenic diet. She swears by the ketogenic diet. She says it helps her stay slim and keeps her diabetes in check. The ketogenic diet is no sugar, no carbs. Nothing white. Halle fills her diet with healthy fats, like avocado,

How Halle Berry Stopped Aging

Halle Berry seems to only keep getting better with age and somehow manages to make 51 look like 30. “I exercise, and I think the way you treat your body and what you put in it, I think, is what shows on your face.” When Berry was diagnosed with diabetes at age 19, she faced

Halle Berry Used to Sleep in a Homeless Shelter

Halle Berry grew up surrounded by violence and watched her father push her mother down the stairs. She couldn’t escape it, even when she went to school. There she witnessed frequent flights between her peers. Finally, her mother found the strength to leave her husband and put her daughter Halle in a better school. Although

How Pierce Brosnan Saved Halle Berry’s Life

Halle Berry appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show through a live link. She told an interesting story which occurred during “Die Another Day”. According to her, her co-star Pierce Brosnan saved her life during the filming of this blockbuster. Just to remind you, Halle Berry appeared in “Dye Another Day” where she was cast as Jinx

Demi Rose Wants a Role in Next James Bond Movie

Even though the whole world is on hold since the global pandemic of coronavirus started, that doesn’t stop Demi Rose from releasing her characteristic Instagram posts frequently. Every day, she posts her content for her 14 million followers on her social media. In her latest post, which set the social media platform on fire, by

Halle Berry Shows off her Smoking Hot Body Wearing Just a Pillow

Halle Berry, 53, did not leave much to the imagination when she posed wearing nothing but a pillow as part of the newest Instagram challenge — and her results were amazing. Halle Berry just proved that she could look incredible in anything, even a pillowcase! The actress took to Instagram amid the coronavirus quarantine and