green bikini

Chloe Khan in a Tiny Bikini

Chloe Khan just turned 28 this week and she celebrated it with her friend Katie Salmon. She took some pictures for Instagram where you could see her in a party mood in the aforementioned tiny green bikini next to some balloons.


Chloe has spent around 100,000 pounds on plastic surgery alone, just so she could show off her tiny waist in bikini like that.

Chloe was wearing thongs on the bottom half of her body, they were half green and had gold chains going around her hips, but the top part was barely covering her big breasts.

To take things even further she got a bronze tan and some expensive make-up on her face.


This week she and her friend Katie, who is also a reality tv show star, she was on Love Island to be specific, the two of them celebrated Chloe’s birthday, with some cake, lots of treats and a hot tub.

You could also find pictures on her snapchat where she was wearing another outfit, this time a black bikini that was barely covering her body. The caption of the photo was  ‘If you can spell out BIRTHDAY letter by letter uninterrupted I will shout you on my story for 24 hours… my fave day.’

But she didn’t stop there, she continued to share her day with her Instagram followers, showing them some chocolate-dipped strawberries and a Jamaican cuisine in the garden and lots of birthday wishes from her many friends.

Chloe has never tried to hide that she had all kinds of plastic surgery, including a nose job, lip enlargement, work on her bottom and breasts.

Two years ago she went on Good Morning Britain to have a debate with Aisleyne-Horgan about plastic surgery.

Horgan said, ‘People don’t go abroad and think, I’m going to have real bad problems when I come back, I’m going to have to turn to the NHS.’

Jessica Weaver Flashes all her Assets in a Tiny Green Bathing Suit

Jessica Weaver showed off her killer curves in a new Instagram update. The blond beauty wore a unique green bathing suit, which did not leave much to the imagination.

The beauty put two pictures one next to the other so the fans could get a closer look. In the first photo, Jessica looks directly into the camera with her lips slightly parted. Her cleavage is impossible to miss, and it could not be covered.


The hot model closed her eyes in the other pic and moved her head to the side. Her long blond hair is slightly curled, and she let it fall onto her shoulders.

The bathing suit is bright green, longsleeved, and has holes in it. It flatters her curves perfectly.

Jessica has almost 9 million Instagram followers, and they were amazed by this picture. One of them even commented, “Body goals.”