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Important SEO Trends To Know For 2020

If you search the internet, you’ll see that SEO is currently the buzzword of the digital world and it’s not a shocking thing because who doesn’t want to rank high on the search engines? For those who don’t know, SEO stands for search engine optimization and this is the one factor that decides how your business runs on the internet. Good SEO leads to good ranking and good ranking means more visibility which is the one thing you and your business needs to gather more customers and increases sales.

Especially if you are someone who runs an e-commerce store or if you are running any business that offers different services then yes, SEO is must-understand for you and you should also know about the latest trends of 2020 for SEO so that you can take your website or your business page on top of the search engine rankings. From keyword research to content creation, SEO covers it all and be careful because SEO is one vast term and before you take this matter in your hands, you need to know all and all of it.

You’ve got two solutions. First, you can spend some time and do some research on SEO and how it works (it’s vast so the research will take lots of time). The second solution, however, is a better one and it’s more of an investment, you can opt for SEO services from Digitrio or other such companies to make sure that you get the results real quick for your business.

Now, if you want to opt for the first solution then here are some important SEO trends you should know this year to win this ranking game.

1-Understanding your audience

Know what your audience likes, do they like videos, texts or images? You first need to make some extensive research on your audience, you need to interact with them and know what they are expecting from you. This way when they will enter a query on the search engine, your website will be the first thing that will pop in front of you. You might have the best content but if you are marketing it to the wrong audience, you will eventually fail and the content will just be a waste for you.

2-Creation of content

Your content will always be your king no matter what your business is and no matter what your platform is. The sooner you understand this, the better it will be. Especially when we talk about SEO, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your content is the key to good SEO. You cannot expect noisy or poorly written content to rank high on the search engine whether it’s Google, Bing or Amazon. Invest and hire the best content writer in town who can produce quality content for you while you do all the marketing. Together you two people can literally take the SEO market by storm if you know how to work with a plan.

3-Technical SEO needs your attention

With the passage of time, websites are becoming more and more complex which is why the wiser thing to do is to invest in technical SEO. For example, your website’s speed must speak for your business and your activeness. A slow loading website can throw you out of the first few pages of the search engines and it will be like you never even existed in the first place.

These are some of the major trends you need to follow for the year 2020. So, make sure to use the tips we just gave above and continue your struggles to rank high. Within no time, you will see the results on your own.

Trending career opportunities in online packaging printing business

Each year new industries are emerging with thousands of career opportunities. Now career is not just fixed to some specific profession people are thinking out of the box. There are multiple opportunities for them to pursue their career. Amongst other emerging career opportunity, the packaging industry also offers opportunities in online custom cardboard boxes business.

It is not a new industry, but recently this industry has taken over the entire internet by providing custom printed boxes. Each year there are many opportunities for people out there to be the part of the custom boxes manufacturer team. Can offer their services online. Before getting into the cardboard boxes business, let’s find out more about this industry.


The custom printed boxes industry comprises businesses principally involved in printing images and text to paper, cardboard, Kraft boxes, and some other material.

There are four prominent stages in the manufacturer of the custom cardboard boxes — the right selection of material for the packaging, customization, printing than marketing. The printing further divided into three stages that are

  • Perfect material
  • Output or press
  • The printing processes
  • Finishing or post-press
  • Trimming, binding, and folding into final form.

The final product you get in your hands has gone through from various processes from the manufacturing of the box to the printing process. Companies have separate departments for each work, whether it is production or marketing. But here, marketing plays a significant role if you are producing top-quality custom printed boxes wholesale and not trading them in a right way than its mean all in vain.


Printing of the articles such as hair extension packaging box, box suitcase, product holder, or another offer the eye-catching marketing to attain the attention of the buyers. To attract the customer is not an easy job. As there are several companies out there who are offering top-quality custom Kraft box. But the question here is the how-to approach customer. Content editor/copywriter, who has a technical background to write blogs for the online printing business, has a career opportunity in this printing field.

How many companies hire an online copywriter for this purpose? They generate SEO optimized blogs and content to let people aware of their product. Writing the business email is trending career opportunity currently. If the person has command on the business marketing email writing, then it is the perfect place for them — all they need a PC and the knowledge.


Desktop administrators do page layout, design, and types setting on laptops or personal computers. They ensure that the cosmetic box printing, have the right format and layout, there is a vast scope for the desktop administrators in this industry. Illustrate charts, innovative designs, graphics, colors scheme to compliment the printed text. On the other hand, the graphic designer utilizes their computer skills and creative idea to layout the custom retail packaging or other print on custom carton boxes or cardboard boxes. The reason is to deliver the perfect visual impact as per the customer requirements.  From current year packaging companies are hiring a graphic designer and desktop administrator for their online packaging business.


Having an online custom box and printing business is not a smooth cup of cake. Like other online business, it requires dedication and hard work to reach the top of the industry. As we all know, there are more than a thousand companies who are offering personalized favor boxes or, countertop product display. But the problem here is when the potential customer search for a customized party favor boxes there comes to a long list of companies.

If you are not ranking well on the search engine than all your ideas and creativity about the presentation box is of no use. Your online printing business website should have good SEO. To hold your website at the top of the search engine. The leading companies hire the person who can manage the SEO and bring changes to them as per the market. With time-on-page SEO has become the trending carrier in the online printing business.


Marketing is all about offering qualified guidance to the sales team. The online world of business has turned marketing into the role which can measure precisely. Sales manager for the marketing offers vast opportunity in printing business field. So, stop thinking about marketing as your business card design or brand color. Marketing for printing business is no about the logo, web design, or the color scheme. If you understand the” marketing is about lead generation not to make your website pretty.”  Then for the sales manager, it has a successful career in the online custom boxes printing business. To make yourself very clear about online packaging business, you can visit

Customer care representatives are also known, production coordinators. Follow the several processes of making and serve as links between customers and technicians. To provide printing solutions to the clients on time the customer care representatives demand in the printing industry has increased. Besides customer care SEO, Copy Writers, sales manager, and Graphic designers are the leading trending job opportunities in the printing industry.