Paige Spiranac and Eugenie Bouchard During Quarantine

Stars have also been practicing self-isolation, but it isn’t going great for them either.

Eugenie Bouchard, a Canadian tennis player tweeted “Quarantine would be a lot more fun with a boyfriend” last week, and now she is constantly getting bombarded with messages from guys. Bouchard became well-known a few years ago when she agreed to go on a date with a complete stranger after losing a bet.


Since that tweet, she has been getting actual resumes from her fans who want to be chosen as her quarantine bae. Unluckily for them, Bouchard isn’t very interested in choosing her partners via email. Nonetheless, looking through those emails may provide some entertainment for Bouchard amidst the quarantine boredom, since the matches she was supposed to be competing in – like the French Open – have been postponed.

Former golf player Paige Spiranac wasn’t so lucky though – the advances she has been receiving have been questionable, to say the least.


Apparently, the quarantine boredom has an influx of horny people as a consequence. Spiranac has recently complained on Twitter that her DMs are full of men sending her unwanted pictures – so called “d*ck pics”- she never asked to see. Maybe she should avoid the DMs for now.

Best Gift Ideas for Him in 2020

If you have ever chosen a gift for your dad, brother, or boyfriend, you know how troublesome it can be. Another book written by their favorite author, CD of their loved band or the next pair of pizza pattern socks, may become a little bit predictable and tawdry. So how can you surprise your partner or another man from your family? First of all, you should consider his personality and hobbies. It’s always good to buy something unconventional, yet suitable for his interests, even if you don’t like it. It’s a present for him, so the only satisfied person should be HIM. To find out what he currently needs or wants, you can always conduct a gentle investigation beforehand. But do it the way he won’t suspect anything. Otherwise, your whole plan will go off half-cocked. Meeting his expectations isn’t so tricky if you are as thick as thieves. Just think of what he would be happy with, and you’ll find a perfect gift for your golfer, risk-taker, or traveler.


The first proposition of the gift is universal and should fit every man. It’s a smartwatch. But before making a purchase, make sure he doesn’t have one. Now, they are quite popular counterparts of traditional watches worn by many people. A smartwatch is a cool gadget every man would like to have in their possession. Not only does it showtime, but it also has many more functions, which control your heart rate, calorie burn, or sleep. Besides, it’s waterproof, so you can wear it anytime, even going to the swimming pool.

Set of Golf Clubs

If your partner is, instead, a passionate golf fan, he’ll be more than happy receiving a new set of golf clubs. To select a set that best suits his game and skills, you can take advantage of ping color code chart on The Golf Shop Online, which will help you find the best clubs for your man. Once you choose them, you can also pick one symbolic golf ball to show him your love and support. You probably want him to play as well as possible. So, don’t buy him trash. Do detailed research and choose the equipment, thanks to which he’ll become a champion on the golf course.

Virtual Reality Headset

For real gadgeteers, a perfect idea is a virtual reality headset. It’s believed that every man is a big boy, so they’ll fall in love with such a gizmo at first sight. It looks like large goggles that transfer him from reality to an alternative universe. Through the compatibility of the device with various apps and streaming services, he’ll be able to immediately immerse himself in the virtual world of his favorite videos, shows, or sports teams.

Personalized Men’s Wallet

However, if your man is a more mature grown adult, you can design for him an elegant wallet with customized writing on it. Also, it can be great fun for you to choose a color, pattern, and print. Be creative and choose something unique.

Indoor Skydiving Lesson

Or maybe he is the type of a risk-taker? Don’t worry- there’s also something for such a guy. Parachuting is an excellent idea as long as it’s summer and good weather. In other circumstances, your loved one won’t be able to parachute. That’s why there’s another, better option- an indoor skydiving lesson. Thanks to that, he’ll experience the thrill of skydiving without jumping from a plane. And that’s a fantastic opportunity to do a crazy thing together. Have you ever dreamed about flying? Now- it’s more than possible!

Original Whisky Tumbler and Record Coasters

What about alcohol? Every man enjoys drinking a glass of whiskey now and then. But giving him his favorite alcoholic beverage isn’t in good taste, mainly when he receives such gifts in plenty from his fellow workers. But choosing an original whiskey tumbler, for example, with a world map and upcycled record coasters will make every music fan be on cloud nine. This choice will, additionally, show him your respect for his taste in drinks and music.

Travel Backpack

Do you both love hiking and travel adventures? Can’t you wait for your next trip to the mountains? Then, your man will probably need a new travel backpack. It’s a practical gift, but most men, as a rule, are simple and like useful things. He’ll be able to pack all the necessities there, like a map, camera, binoculars, or even a compass. And you’ll benefit from that as well. How? You could put your lunch box with tasty sandwiches prepared for your day trip.

Do you feel more informed now about what kinds of gifts you should choose for your man? You can either follow these creative tips or stick to your gut feeling and choose something even more original and unique. No matter what you buy, it’s the thought that counts.

A Guide On Buying The Best Blade Putters Reviewed On Various Sites

The putter is a type of golf club that is mostly used by the most accomplished golf players. It, however, has some specific features that do not apply for other typical types of clubs such as positional guides and the bent shafts. Some people have challenges when it comes to choosing the best putters. That is because they come in various weights, sizes, lengths and shapes which tend to bring all the confusion when purchasing them.

It is even common to find a golfer with several putters and that explains why one is never enough. That doesn’t, however, mean that you need several of them because if you take your time you can buy one that fits all your needs. Let’s just say that those with several of them in their golf bags are just experimenting with all of them for the love of the sport and its gear. There are several factors to consider when buying a blade putter and if paid attention to, you will have some easy time getting the right putter.  So what are some of those factors you should pay attention to next time you are checking out a putter in a golf equipment store?

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Tips On Buying The Best Blade Putters Reviewed On Some Websites

Here are some guiding tips to help you with the purchasing of a blade putter for better chances at those swings and strokes on the golf course;

  • Weight; it is always advisable to buy a putter with moderate weight so that you can have utmost control in your swings and strokes. You do not need a too heavy nor too light putter, but just a moderately weighing one all depending on the head weight for more consistency.
  • The balancing point; there is the face balanced putter head and the toe balanced one. These two balancing points have a lot to contribute to when it comes to the strokes accuracy. Your putter head should determine the kind of balanced point you would like to experience when using the putter.
  • The length of the putter; the length of any golf club matters a lot and so does to putter. Your height and size should help determine the length to go with so that you can make the right choice of a putter while at it. The best length for a putter should also be determined by how the grip on the club favors you when swinging. Some club fitting can also help when it comes to making a conclusion on all these specifications.

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  • The clubhead design; there are quite different shapes, sizes and material club heads for a putter. A head design can be a mallet head, blade head and therefore the need to work out the best one for you. There are some of the best blade putters reviewed on various sites across the internet from where you can check the best one according to your requirements.

Above mentioned are some of the most reliable tips for buying putters as far as mallet and blade putters are concerned.

How to Build the Best Home Golf Simulators under Premium Budget

Are you planning to build a home golf simulator but struggling to reach the final decision? Because you don’t know how to find out the Best Home Golf Simulators under your budget. Get relaxed as you are reading the right article which will help everything you need to know about home golf simulators to get the best one. Rather read the article and learn how to get a sophisticated setup which will eventually turn your home or room into a high-tech practiced ranged indoor golf simulator.

As the snow is melting, you are getting anxious because you will miss playing in your regular course. Right? Don’t worry. Here are some simple but effective tips which will help everything you need to know about home golf simulators and build your own one in your home under your budget. And the nasty weather never could hamper your regular practice or enjoying the game.


Find Out a Secured Space

The very first thing that you should do for setting up your golf simulator is to find out the right place. I know it’s a very tough job but not impossible. You can go for the use of your garage when you don’t have a spacious room. It will allow you to have enough space for the golf simulator. I suggest taking a 15 feet long, 10 feet wide and 10 feet height which is ideal. But when you don’t have 10 feet height, go for at least 8.5 feet.

Go for System Brain

When you are going for a personal simulator, it is better for you not to go for a commercial one. It will cost you more though it may perform amazingly. Instead, you can consider OptiShot for your system brain which will cost you less but perform better featuring 16 highly-calibrated sensors. These sensors are amply capable of tracking all the clubs with super measurements.


Get a Right but Budget-Friendly Projector

Now you need to have a projector. If you are under a budget, here you can use a TV to play the role of the projector. But it is better to get a projector as it will allow you to have realistic golf feel with its bigger screen and panorama.

To get the 3D realistic images, you can get Epson VS230 or ViewSonic PJD5533W from OptiShot which will come with a premium budget. But never try to get a very inexpensive mini projector that will certainly make you unhappy in the future.

Get a Golf Mat

You can get a hitting surface with the OptiShot if you go for it but I am sure it will not provide you the actual golf feel swinging up on the ball as the mat come with only 1 inch high and 1 foot long. So, you should get a quality one coming with at least 5 feet long and 3 feet height. It may cost you a few dollars but bring you the real test of golf play.

Have a Strong Projector Screen or Net


You certainly don’t want to tear your projector’s screen. Isn’t it? Here you need to set a durable projector screen or protective net in front of the screen. There are many budget-friendly options for you as The Net Return pro or Haack Golf Net. You can get anyone. Besides, you should remember you need to set up a side as well as top net of the screen when you use a real golf ball.

Final Verdict

Now you are well educated about how to build a home golf simulator even under a budget. So, why are you doing a delay? Rather step for your desired one and have some golf fun in your indoor simulator.

Tips on buying Golf clubs for ladies

Choosing a golf club is as difficult as choosing a wedding dress. It can be overwhelming and time-consuming since there are various styles and sizes, hence in order to choose the right one, you will need to know what the differences are. Before going on to the tips for choosing gold clubs, here is what is different between women’s and men’s golf clubs.

The difference

There are a few things that are different when it comes to golf clubs for ladies and men. Perhaps the most noticeable ones are the differences between the size and weight. With lady golf clubs, they tend to be lighter and smaller than the ones designed for men.

Ladies’ clubs usually have:

1. Shorter shafts
2. Smaller diameters
3. Larger club heads to provide neater hits

Also, since graphite is not only lighter but more flexible, women golfing with these clubs also have an advantage when it comes to shock mitigation.

Tips on choosing a golf club

There are various types of golf clubs to choose from and we will take a look at the most used ones:

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1. Woods

This type features elongated shafts and bigger, rounder heads when compared to other types. These features make wood better for positions where the player needs the ball to travel further in the air.

For women who are just beginning their golfing career, the driver, or the 1-wood club as it is often referred to, is considered to be one of the most difficult clubs to become proficient in. The size of the club is around 44 inches, which makes it one of the longest clubs that you could have in your bag.

When compared to the drivers, the smaller heads and shafts of fairway woods allow the golfer to have more control over their swing. Hence, beginners are often advised to start off with a fairway. A women’s golf bag belonging to someone who just started learning should contain one driver and one or two fairway woods. Keep in mind that the shaft is the most important part of the wood, since with a proper shaft comes an increase in both distance and accuracy.

2. Irons

Irons have thin clubheads which are ridged to allow the golf ball to spin once the golfer hits it. Ladies who are learning the basic of golf should choose cavity back style irons. These feature clubheads that are hollowed out, hence allowing the player to position the weigh of the club head around the area instead of at the center. This is referred to as the “perimeter weighting” and it is designed to allow the player to enjoy the game.

If you are someone who is a beginner, you should consider adding some of the mentioned irons to your golf bag. The best choices are steel or graphite irons, since using them will increase the speed and the distance.

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3. Hybrids

These clubs are designed to replace the long irons in a golfer’s bag since the low trajectory and small head makes it difficult for beginners to use the long irons. Female hybrid clubs have the most benefits. They combine the design elements of irons and woods in order to offer the player the best of both clubs. Their expanded surface allows the player to hit the ball cleanly and at the same time, they will allow a reduction in the drift of the ball. Replacing your long irons with hybrids is something that you will need to do when starting off. They will most certainly minimize any negative effects that long irons have on beginner’s games.


When choosing a golf club, keep in mind that the cheaper ones might be better when you are just starting off. Visit Golfing Exchange for some great deals on your equipment. Once your game improves, you can easily move to more expensive clubs, and by then it will be easier to choose a club since you will already know what you need.