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Can the Sia Egg Energy Program Save the World?

An interesting fact is that a year ago there was a very topical article “Alerting World Scientists to the Climate Situation” published by BIOSCIENCE magazine that attracted much attention from world known scientists and famous Nobel Prize participants who even signed it. In total, more than eleven thousand signatures of scientists from 135 countries were collected. They confirmed that the climate crisis is developing much faster and stronger than expected, and that mankind will soon not avoid global disasters.  It may sound unbelievable but for those people who say that nobody believe in global warming and other rubbish like that, it must be pointed out that 40 years ago there was the First World Climate Conference (in Geneva 1979) where scientists from 50 nations agreed that the high alarming time for climate change had already come. Indeed, today many people do not take this problem seriously and think that this problem will not affect them. And now the situation is getting even worse.

As sea levels rise, regional fluctuations and rainfall are evident, unpredictable heat is felt well enough and flooding is seen not only on TV. A rapid rate of ice melting leads to the disappearance of Antarctic ice that is coming soon to people as a real problem. A striking example is Italy: because of heavy rains it has become a country of floods and is forced to take action. Destroyed bridges, houses washed away by the water stream, demolished roads – in early October, 600 liters of rainfall per square kilometer per day fell in Piedmont in western Italy. In 2009, the country recorded 300 cases of extreme weather conditions, in 2019, according to European weather statistics, there were more than 1600. This means that over 10 years, their number has increased five times. Have you ever wondered what consequences melting ice can have? For example, the melting of frozen rocks in some conditions leads to the emission of carbon compounds into the atmosphere, which only increases the greenhouse effect and contributes to even greater heating of the atmosphere. In addition, the melting of ancient ice awakens the organisms stored in the permafrost, which can be dangerous for the modern plant world and for humanity. No wonder, because the temperature in the southwest of Antarctica have increased by 2.5 degrees Celsius over the last 50 years.  Greenland, Alaska and Siberia are being under constant control and the research proves that the temperature is really growing up.

Who is to blame for all these inevitable future changes? Industrial manufacturing, innovations, agriculture, farming and, surely, population growth. Such an idea as birth control is becoming of current interest, though still being unaccepted by many countries.

There is such a super way as the Kyoto method that was suggested by super-technologists of the 21st century. Its main task to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by using latest high-tech devices.

People oriented environment protection will surely  remember 2015, when two successful names in business – Ovik Mkrtchyan and Mkhitar Mkhitaryan  – created SIA EGG ENERGY, a large utilizer of Balticovo chicken manure

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Balticovo, being a commercial enterprise in Northern Europe, produces 800 million eggs per year, 70% of which are exported to many other countries. Disposal of waste – chicken droppings – is processed into biogas with the help of new technological equipment and delivered to consumers. Chicken droppings are considered to be a really effective selection of organic fertilizers, both for nutrients and for plants.  A great part of the nutrients in poultry manure is in a water-soluble form. In terms of dry matter, poultry manure contains up to 5.5% nitrogen, up to 4.5% phosphorus and 2.5% potassium, and also contains magnesium and many other trace elements. It happens that the production of highly efficient fertilizers used in organic agriculture is in high demand for waste from biogas production. Environmentally hazardous waste is converted into heat, electricity and fertilizers that are used almost all over the world. The activities of the European enterprise are of global importance, as the production of biogas is an efficient way to release methane and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere.

It is true that greenhouse gas emissions, which are composed of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide and water vapor, is closely associated with global warming these days. If water vapor is entirely natural, then three other common atmospheric GHGs, such as CO2, methane and nitrous oxide, are constantly increasing. According to the results of the study of air bubbles in ancient glaciers, scientists came to some disappointing conclusions: there is 20 times more methane, and nitrous oxide is 300 times more greenhouse activity than carbon dioxide! British climatologists from the University of Bristol have calculated that the ice of Antarctica, for example, can store billions of tons of methane. Scientists have suggested that 35 million years ago, before the start of glaciation, Antarctica was covered with forests and then was cut off from the rest of the world by an ice shell. Most likely, in a few million years after the icing, the bacteria could decompose the Antarctic organism under oxygen-free conditions, resulting in the accumulation of so much methane under the ice.  Scientists have calculated that a total of about 20 trillion tons of organic compounds could have accumulated under the ice of the Antarctic, and the amount of methane that should have been released during their decomposition, comparable to the amount of methane deposits on the bottom of the world ocean. The methane itself under conditions of low temperatures and high pressure could accumulate not only in the form of gas bubbles, but also in the form of crystals. This situation is greatly deteriorated by the fact that greenhouse gas emissions are mainly caused by agriculture, which is expanding every day.

So one must exclaim “Bravo” to SIA EGG ENERGY enterprise as one of the most efficient places on Earth that does a tremendously great job in saving the world a little bit at least. We hope we shall see more companies soon applying the same practices.

Paper Bags Vs Plastic Bags, Which Is Better?

Since the state of New York banned single-use plastic bags from all retail stores, it’s time to visit everyone’s favorite question – paper bags or plastic bags?

The answer to this question is far more complicated than anyone could imagine. While everyone agrees that plastic takes decades to decompose, which can become a nasty problem in the future, does everyone agree with the fact that paper requires so much energy and greenhouse gas emissions to produce?

As you can see, neither are perfect for the environment, but which is better? In this article, we are going to try and answer that question.

Paper Bags

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We mentioned how paper bags produce more greenhouse gas emissions during production, but does that make them bad? Well, no but they are not perfect eighter.  From a global warming point of view, paper bags don’t help themselves much. On the question “how paper bags are made” we can safely say that they are made from trees, which are a reusable resource, but trees are getting chopped down at an enormous rate that it seems like a bad choice. Paper bags require more energy to produce, and they are more expensive to produce than plastic.

Paper bag making machines are the types of machines that produce paper bags. But as one study from Britain’s Environment Agency found, paper bags need to be reused at least three times if we want to match the environmental impact compared to the production process. While paper bags are easily reusable, many people don’t and they just throw them out, which is a huge mistake. The whole idea of paper bags is to be more reusable than plastic bags.

Plastic Bags

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Plastic bags are super effective for what they do, but the biggest issue with them is litter. American shoppers use more than 100 billion lightweight polyethylene plastic bags each year, and we can safely say that only a very small percentage of those are recycled. The reason why plastic bags aren’t recycled is that they clog up recycling machines. So what do we do with them? We throw them in landfills waiting to decompose for thousands of years.

However, this is still not the major reason why the world hates plastic bags. The reason why people hate plastic bags is that people don’t dispose of them properly, according to Ketegroup. You can find plastic bags around any street corner in the US, just sitting there for no reason, clogging up waterways and threatening wildlife.

Woven Bags

Multiple studies have been conducted on the topic of woven bags as a substitute for both plastic and paper. Most studies found out that woven, bags are sustainable only if people reuse them and use them frequently.

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These bags are made in woven bag making machines, and they cost nothing to produce. Both woven and non-woven bags are made from recycled plastic. However, some are made from cotton, which is very cost-ineffective to produce. Cotton takes time to grow, land, fertilizer, pesticides, which all play their role in the environment. So to conclude on woven bags; if you are going to reuse them, frequently use them, and if you’re going to produce them from recycled plastic bags, then woven bags should be used as a substitute to both plastic and paper.

Main Benefits of Using Clean Energy Solutions 

During the last few decades, we’ve been hearing a lot about renewable energy and clean energy. It is not only advisable but necessary for all of us to decrease our environmental footprint. Human impact on the environment is becoming deeper and more extensive each year and we need to start changing that. Wind turbines and solar panels are gaining popularity rapidly and have become a relatively common sight. What many have been asking themselves ever since renewable energy as a concept was introduced, is how does it affect our health, our economy, and the environment? Many have been researching the impact of renewable energy technologies for years, and here are just some of the main conclusions summed up. Energy Boom stated, ” As an example, nationwide the combined savings achieved due to energy efficiency programs during 2016 alone could power 20 million US households. Switching to renewables also makes economic sense given that these energy sources can help stabilize energy prices and avoid the fluctuations that characterize coal and natural gas markets, which are often affected by the changing geopolitical situation.”


Less CO2 is being released in the atmosphere

Less CO2 means less global warming. Human activity is filling the atmosphere with numerous gases that have detrimental effects on human health and represent a serious threat to all other living organisms. The gases are acting like a layer trapping heat on the Earth, not letting it disperse. That’s why the global temperature is always rising and will eventually become deadly. Already we can see the impact of global warming and it’s not at all negligible. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of clean energy, take a look at Clean Energy Ideas. They cover not only renewable energy but the topics of climate change and recycling as well.

Renewable energy sources produce a very small amount or none at all, of those emissions. CO2 is considered the main greenhouse gas, but there are others that contribute to global warming as well.

Solar panels can significantly reduce your energy bills

As you already know, electricity is not at all cheap and the prices are not going to fall. By installing solar panels, you’re installing a source of clean energy for your home. This will help you reduce your electric bills a lot. It’s no surprise that as the prices of electricity go up, more and more people will decide to install solar panels. Even though the installation of solar panels can be expensive, it will pay off as you will reduce the amount you have to pay to your local utility company.

Using solar panels will also help us reduce fossil fuel consumption. As we switch to renewable energy, we reduce the need for burning reserves of fossil fuel such as coal, oil, and gas. For more information visit Action Solar.


More jobs are being made

Many people work in renewable energy jobs. There are around 10 million of them around the world to be exact, of which around 3 million found jobs concerning solar power, 1.5 million hydropower, and 1.2 million wind power. These are not small numbers. The truth is that renewable energy has the potential to open many more jobs in the future. Meanwhile, the US coal industry employees around 76,000 which is a lot less than the number of people employed in museums, breweries, or travel agencies.

The benefits of renewable energy on the economy, health, and environment are not at all negligible and should be understood and taken into serious consideration. How long can we keep ignoring the facts?

Renewable Energy is the Future for Mankind

Today, mankind still relies on fossil fuels to cover its global energy demand, but given the fact that the pollution produced by these nonrenewable energy resources is severely affecting the environment and are causing global warming and climate change, mankind is bound to increase the generation capacity for renewable energy.

The most developed renewable energy source on the planet today is hydroelectric power, but to replace the fossil fuels with a cleaner source of power, which would make the air cleaner for us, we need to develop all the renewable resources available on the planet.


Solar and wind power represent intermittent sources of energy because solar power can be produced only during the day when the Sun is shining, and wind power can be generated only when the wind blows with enough speed to spin the turbines.

However, to be used in the grid, the clean energy produced by a solar power plant or a wind park is usually paired with energy produced from fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas.

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Resources


Fossil fuels can produce energy 24/7, which means that when the demand for energy in the grid increases, both sources of energy (renewable and nonrenewable) will be used to cover the energy demand in the grid.

In order to make renewable energy the main source of power in the energy mix of the planet, scientists are working on a clean technology which is more efficient and more affordable.

Many governments in Europe and Asia are massively investing today in solar and wind power because they are aware of the fact that we need to reduce the level of pollution on the planet and stop the climate change effects.

While the U.S. government is more concerned to increase the production of fossil fuels in the country and is less interested in supporting the renewable energy sector, many private investors have decided to invest in renewable energy because they realized that clean power could produce money out of thin air and sunshine.


Alternative Energies recently posted an article about the largest solar power plants on the planet today, and the fact that India and China are competing against each other on who is developing the solar farm with the highest output of clean power in the world.

While solar power is mostly developed today in Asia and the Middle East, the capacity to generate wind energy increases in Europe.
Besides developing new materials to make solar cells more efficient and more affordable, scientists are working hard today to make nuclear fusion a reality for humankind.

The nuclear fusion reaction is considered renewable because the fuel used to power the reaction is hydrogen, which is very abundant on our planet and in the universe. The nuclear fusion reaction has been already used in the lab of different universities around the planet to produce clean power, but to make nuclear fusion commercially available, it seems that we need to wait a few more decades because the entire process is way more complex than we thought.

With or without the nuclear fusion reaction, humanity moves forward by developing all the renewable resources available today on the planet because, besides solar and wind, we can use water, geothermal energy, biomass, and tidal power to increase the presence of the renewable energy in the energy mix of the planet.



Only by replacing the share of the dirty fossil fuels (coal and oil) in the energy mix of the countries with low-carbon energy sources (natural gas) and renewable energy, we can reduce the air, soil and water pollution on the planet, which will help the environment to recover and ourselves to live in healthier conditions.