Tips to Compliment a Girl

Impressing a girl isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to come up with the right compliments, impressive words, and an interesting conversation. Your compliment shouldn’t sound too cheesy or inappropriate. Nowadays, everything is available on the internet. One search is enough to find a perfect compliment for your girl. But this tactic may not help you to impress your dream lady. You should try to stick to the natural compliment. In this post, we’ll walk you through interesting steps to impress a girl with a compliment. Read on.

Girls appreciate it a lot when boys make an effort and come up with an amazing compliment for them. So, how do you make a girl feel special? What words should you choose when complimenting a girl? Let’s find the answers:
  • Be Respectful

Never pass a compliment without assessing the words you are using. There’s a very thin line between a compliment and an insulting comment. You don’t want to scare the girl away or hurt her by saying something that sounds way too inappropriate.

Girls always admire the guys who respect them. That said, a perfect compliment is the one that’s polite. Here are a few resources worth checking out: this one is from iStaunch.

  • Be Genuine

Girls have a special power of catching your lies. It doesn’t take time for them to sense the fake compliments you are passing. Similarly, they appreciate your efforts if you speak genuinely. Try to be as genuine as possible around the girl you want to impress. You don’t have to fake your feelings. If you genuinely have feelings for a girl, the words should come out naturally.

Nowadays, guys learn the most popular compliments form the internet and try them to draw the attention of the lady. However, this old tactic is not going to impress your dream girl. To catch her attention, you need to think about something that sounds real. As said before, you don’t need your friends’ or colleague’s advice to come up with a perfect compliment. Just think about her style, passion, looks, and overall personality. You will automatically come up with something interesting.

  • Appreciate Girls’ Passion or Talent

Girls love it when their work is appreciated. If you really want to impress a girl, you must prepare a compliment related to their passion, work, talent, or hobbies.

You can appreciate their unique personality or an outstanding dressing dance. For example, you can pass a compliment on their gorgeous dress or the beautiful hairstyle. These compliments especially work on special occasions. Girls make a great effort to get ready for important events such as a dinner date, festival, informal event, or a casual party.

  • Expressions are Important

The first thing a girl notices when you compliment her is your expressions. If you want to make your efforts as genuine as possible, wear a confident expression on your face. Look at her face, maintain eye contact, and smile at her. That is all you need to make your compliment sound genuine and respectful.

Other than expressions, the tone of your compliment is imperative. The same compliment that makes a girl blush, can annoy her. So, it’s all about how you say it. If you want the girl to take your compliment seriously, you must use a non-sarcastic and natural tone. This avoids misunderstandings. Sometimes, guys learn certain compliments and spell it out hesitantly. There is no use of a compliment that sounds unreal. In fact, the girl will feel uncomfortable if you compliment her awkwardly.
  • Accept Rejections Politely

Sure, these steps will help you to impress a girl with a compliment. But not all girls take your compliment positively. Even if your compliment is respectful and way too impressive to be ignored, the girl can turn you down. They may end up refusing your offer. In such situations, you must accept their decision calmly.

If you think the girl doesn’t like your compliment or your words made her awkward, apologize sincerely. Tell the girl that she doesn’t need to believe in everything you said. But, whatever you said was pure and genuine. Never get rude to her. The last thing you want is to ruin the conversation by yelling at her.

  • Compliment at the Right Time

No matter how cool your compliment is, the girl won’t appreciate it if it said at the wrong time. Never pass a compliment to a girl when she is talking to someone else. You will sound rude and immature if you interrupt the girls’ conversation with her friend or colleague. Just stay there and wait until she completes it.

Your compliment should be related to the current situation. You cannot just approach the girl and give your remarks. If you want it to sound natural and genuine, you need to wait for the right moment. For example, complimenting the girl’s dancing or singing skills will not work if you haven’t seen her showcase these talents. Even a simple compliment can make your day if you say it at the right time.

  • Stay in Limits

There is a limit to everything. Impressing a girl with compliments is a wonderful idea. But, you must know your limits. A compliment can sound odd and unnatural if you add unnecessary words to it. You don’t want the girl to laugh at your compliment and take it as a joke just because the adjectives you use to describe her qualities are way too good to be true.

Never forget that compliments are used to impress the girl and make her feel special. By saying extraordinary compliments, you are doing nothing but making a fool out of yourself. The girl will never want to talk to you alone, let alone getting impressed.

Final Words

These were the tips to compliment a girl and impress her with your respectful and genuine remarks. Remember that a perfect compliment is the one that you say from the heart rather than using internet tools. To make your compliment sound natural, be real and speak from the heart. Don’t cross your limits by saying something that sounds rude or insulting. Good Luck!

Tips for Traveling with Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great addition to your collection of hair accessories. Whether you’re investing in clip-in or more permanently secured extensions, you’ll love the versatility in styling that they can offer.

Your extensions are also a great addition to your planned looks when you’re traveling. When you’re traveling for business, you don’t really have the time to fuss over your hairstyles. They will give you the ability to create some really easy yet professional-looking hairstyles in almost no time at all. The same holds true for traveling for pleasure. They will have you ready for relaxation poolside or for a fun-filled evening with friends, without worry.

These tips for traveling with your hair extensions will help to keep them looking their very best for many more trips, no matter where your adventures may take you.

1. Wash and dry according to instructions

Hair extensions are fairly low-maintenance, but they do require a bit of hands-on attention to keep them in good shape. According to EHHairExtensions, you should always pay attention to the wash and dry care instructions that accompany your extensions. This may include instructions to use specific hair care and styling products in order to keep them in good shape. Clip-in extensions should also be allowed to dry completely before they are stored away for the night.


2. Take care when swimming

Human hair extensions are designed to behave just like your natural hair when they are in place. Most people won’t be able to detect that you are wearing them. However, unlike your natural hair, extensions don’t have the ability to protect themselves against the effects of chlorine and saltwater. It’s best to keep your hair up and out of the way when you’re taking a dip or keep your hair covered with a swimming cap.

If you do happen to get them wet when you’re swimming, be sure to rinse them clean as soon as you are able.

3. On the go brushing


One of the best travel tips you can get when you’re wearing extensions is to travel with a hairbrush. Keeping your them tangle-free can help to keep them from getting damaged when you’re moving through airports, trains, and planes.

4. Don’t forget the dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a girl’s best friend, particularly when you’re on the go. Your natural hair can look dull and oily when you’ve had a long day traveling. Dry shampoo can be sprayed onto your roots and combed through, to refresh and revitalize your hair until you can get to your destination and a hot shower.

5. Pull your hair up


One of the best things about hair extensions is that they can allow you so much more hairstyling versatility. When you’re traveling or spending time in meetings and walking around convention centers, the last thing that you want to worry about is your hair.

With the added length and volume that extensions can offer, you’ll be able to easily sweep your hair back and up into a ponytail or style it into a high bun that’ll keep it neat and tidy when you’re on the move.

Remember that extensions can allow you to create the hairstyles that you love, even if your natural hair is just a bit too short and thin for these dreamy styles. Take care of them, and you’ll find that they’re an easy addition to your busy lifestyle.