10 Most Valuable Gemstones in The World

Gemstones can be used as decorative ornaments like something that you can use as jewelry, but they also have some spiritual and religious meaning(all of them carry some energy that can affect your life in a meaningful way). They are the earth’s most beautiful natural treasures. These gems have healing powers and are beautiful to look at, and every one of them is special and unique (some are rarer than the others). Also, what distinguishes them is their size, grade, and color.

Here are the ten most valuable gemstones in the world.

10. Blue Diamond, cost 3.93 million dollars per carat


This is the most legendary gemstone in the world – it is very rare and therefore costly.  The blue diamond exhibits the same natural properties of the mineral except with the additional element of blue color in the stone. The Hope Diamond, The Heart of Eternity and The Wittelsbach-Graff are all blue diamonds.

9. Jadeite, cost 3 million dollars per carat


Jade family has many stones, and all of them are beautiful, but the jadeite is the brightest, and rarest of them all. They come in colors – from red, yellow, and black, but the green is most common. The Imperial Jade is the most sought in the world because he has the most exciting emerald green color. Jadeite in Chinese culture has a significant role since it symbolizing prestige and status.

8. Pink Diamond, cost 1.9 million dollars per carat


All diamonds with color are rare and incredibly expensive, but pink diamonds are special since there is less than 0.1% of the total diamonds! The most famous is the “Pink Star” diamond.

7. Ruby, cost 1.18 million per carat


Experts say that ruby is the “King of Gemstones, and they come in a variety of red color – they range from pink all the way to a darker red. It is said that this gem is a symbol of passion and life (the blood). 26-carat ruby, named “The Sunrise Ruby” is one of the most famous of them all.

6. Emerald, cost 305,000 dollars per carat


Emeralds are some of the most recognized gemstones in the world, known for their fascinating green tones. They are found mainly in Brazil, Colombia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. If on the market show up an emerald without any flaw it has enormous prices, just like a “Rockefeller Emerald”, the 18.04-carat gem that belongs to this rich family.

5. Alexandrite cost 70,000 dollars per carat


This is one precious gem that can change its color, and it is very valuable. Though they are primarily found in Russia, they can be found also in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and India.

These gems are most often found in sizes smaller than one carat, and when bigger gems are found their price value goes up exponentially.

4. Red Beryl, cost 10,000 dollars per carat


This precious gem can be found in Utah regions, New Mexico, and Mexico. They come in colors that vary from darker red color, all of which are equally mesmerizing. As a result, red beryl is sometimes called the “red emerald”.

3. Fire opal, costs 1, 500 dollars per carat


Here we encounter a gem that has a crystalline structure and belongs to opal gemstones family. It has high water content, and this fiery gem is delicate and should be protected from heat. It does not come in a variety in colors, but that fire it has is very vivid orange color (fiery golden colored varieties), at times with the flashes of bright green. Sometimes this gem is called jelly opal. More about this gem you can read here.

2. Tanzanite—1,200 dollars per carat

  1. In the end, we must mention a gem discovered in 1967, the Tanzanite, and its name suggests that it is found only found in northern Tanzania, in Mount Kilimanjaro. It has a deep blue-violet color that is distinct from one of the sapphires.

So, these were the ten most valuable gemstones in the world.

Which one, among this great variety would you choose if you have that chance, pick something valuable, and something that will carry a spiritual meaning for you? Diamond, emerald or something else, something unusual, like fire opal? These useful gems can genuinely give you the energy that can affect your daily life, but they can also look beautiful on you.

When purchasing gemstones online, it is crucial to verify its quality, i.e., its Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight. In addition to this, the gemstone’s origin and signs of treatment are also to be checked. Buying from trusted online vendors such as that sources their gemstones directly from the mines, which goes for a rigorous laboratory check to achieve international standard certification can be the best option for you. Moreover, you get the lab certification for free along with your purchase!

7 Most Famous Gems in the World

They shine, they sparkle and they emanate glow – they’re gorgeous and they’re very famous. We’re talking about the world’s most renowned sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and pearls. From radiant pearls to sparkly diamonds, here are the 7 gems that have worldwide recognition

  1. The Dresden Green Diamond
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There’s nothing that tops a twinkling diamond and this piece has it all: the carats, the glam, and the notoriety. Meet the Dresden Green, which is known as the largest natural green diamond in the world. At no less than 41 carats, this sapphire-like beauty that was once owned by Friedrich Augustus I of Saxony currently resides in the Dresden Castle in Germany.

  1. The Blue Hope Diamond
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This next gem is another colored piece that carries a rich, drama-filled history. The Blue Hope Diamond has crossed countries and has been in the possession of royalty – all due to its striking beauty and immense value. The gem belonged to the French royal family until it was cut from The Blue Diamond of the Crown of France during the French Revolution in 1792. Its impressive stats: the stunning azure piece is about the size of a walnut, measuring 25 mm in width and weighing 45.52 carats.

  1. The Moussaieff Red Diamond
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While it might not come with a complicated history or royal background, the Moussaieff is the world’s largest red diamond, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Discovered relatively recently (in the 1990s) by a Brazilian farmer in a river in the Alto Paranaiba region, the impressive gem weighs 13.9 carats (2.78 g) and it’s shaped like a triangle.

  1. The Millennium Sapphire
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As an ode to the genius minds of past generations, the 61,500-carat Millennium Sapphire features the faces of Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Michelangelo, and Shakespeare, masterfully carved by Italian artist Alessio Boschi. Valued at an impressive $180 million, the gem was discovered in Madagascar in 1995. The carving process took no less than 2 years, during which the now football-sized sapphire lost a third of its mass.

  1. La Peregrina Pearl
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Known as the most famous pearl in history, La Peregrina comes with an interesting story – one that includes not only royals, but Hollywood royalty as well. Back in the 1960s, the extra-large pearl was purchased by actor Richard Burton, who later gifted it to Elizabeth Taylor. The actress misplaced the famous pearl in a hotel – and later managed to find it in her dog’s mouth. 

  1. The Duchess of Cambridge’s Sapphire 
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Few gemstones get as much time in the media as this next one on our list does The Duchess of Cambridge’s blue sapphire, which is part of her engagement ring. Previously owned by William’s mother Diana, the stunning gem measures 12 carats and is surrounded by diamonds on a white gold setting. 

  1. The Black Prince’s Ruby
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Perhaps one of the more infamous gems on our list: the Black Prince’s Ruby, which is less of ruby and more of a spinel. There’s lots of drama and even murder behind this famous jewel: back in the 14th century, Don Pedro de Cruel murdered the Moorish Prince of Granada, took the red stone, and later gave it to the Black Prince, son of Edward III of England in return of a favor. While not quite as valuable as a ruby, the red spinel still impresses with its size which is similar to that of a chicken egg. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic and purchasing original customized pearl jewelry visit this website:

The Most Popular Gemstones in the World

If you’re thinking about purchasing a gemstone this year, we highly suggest you read this article before doing so. With possibly hundreds of gemstones out there in the world, it could be quite challenging to find the one that looks good but also is a sound investment.

From expensive and rare, to artificial and good-looking, here is a list of the most popular gemstones in the world.

1. Musgravite

Musgravite has a hardness between 8 and 8.5, which is pretty impressive and hails from the mountains which gave it its name, Musgravite Mountains. These mountains are located in South Australia and this rare gemstone was first encountered in 1967. People later discovered that Greenland, Madagascar, and Antarctica also hold small portions of this expensive gemstone, which prices $6,000 per carat.

2. Tanzanite

This gemstone was also discovered in 1967 and it quickly became popular in the international market. Many jewelers have been fascinated by the looks and properties of this rare gemstones, hence why popular gemologists called this stone “The Century Gem”. Its unique origin and color pattern make this gemstone very hard to buy since 90% of Tanzanite is being sold by members of the International Colored Gemstone Association. This association doesn’t allow unprofessional businessmen to handle it and they are quite fanatical and ethical about this stone.

3. Blue Goldstone

We mentioned earlier that we won’t be making this article solely about precious stones, so we will mention a few artificial ones.

The first one is the blue goldstone which is made out of artificial glass and copper with the inner glow making it an extremely popular choice of accessory. Even though this stone is artificial, it is heavily praised by jewelers and gemologists because of the magnificent artificial coloring. According to, this stone dates way back from the medieval times and it is even said that a sole monk who was making glass firstly created it. It is even said that the creation of this artificial stone was a mistake since he poured copper chips into the glass by accident. What the monk thought to be a disaster actually became a huge hit since people have been using this stone ever since on necklaces and bracelets.

4. Alexandrite

Emerald by day, ruby by night, Alexandrite has a variety of colors and shades, from blue to red color patterns. Discovered in the 1930s by a group of workers who worked in the Ur Mountains, the gemstone was presented as a gift to the Russian Tsar Prince Alexander, hence the name. However, ever since the 1930s, Russia’s Alexandrite mines have dried up and the primary source has become Brazil, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Tanzania. Alexandrite is priced at $12,000 per carat.

5. Emerald

Emerald has a very long history if we compare it to other gemstones. It is even quoted by some historical documents that this precious gemstone dates back almost 4,000 years! Firstly discovered in Egypt, Emerald quickly became very popular and was worn by many Pharaohs and nobility in Egypt. Nowadays, Emerald can be found in many places across the world and some of the most popular wearers have been Queen Victoria, Princess Diana, various women from the Russian courts, and of course, Cleopatra.