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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 13 – What are the New Scientific Evidence that the Crew Have Found

Some episodes in our favorite TV show The Curse of Oak Island have some breakthroughs and others don’t. But Episode 13 of Season 7 was very interesting because the crew has found some very convincing evidence that has been lying on this enigmatic island.

We know that the team had some hard times considering the hurricane Dorian that struck the island, but they’ve managed to get overcome that and now they are again where they need to be, trying to find the infamous Money Pit.

The latest episode ‘Bromancing The Stones’ the team unearthed the swamp trying to find the mythical 90 feet stone, that’s supposedly located at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum.

Another interesting moment was when Rick Lagina went to Louisberg, Nova Scotia to visit the fortress from 1713. This fortress was built by the French and Rick learned more about it, about Duc D’Anville who was allegedly involved in the creation of the Money Pit. When visiting the fortress they’ve tried to see the resemblance to the tunnels they’ve found on Oak Island.

Previously the team came to the conclusion that the swamp was man-made, so they’ve tried to unearth the rocks around the swamp. The team believes they are very close to the Money Pit, but it isn’t certain because they’ve believed that many times in the past.

The most interesting part of the episode was when an ancient tool was found by Gary Drayton. Some scientific evidence concerning Money Pit has come to the surface and now the team needs to calculate where the Money Pit is exactly located and how deep the pit is buried.

Many puzzles and secrets are hiding at the Oak Island and the Lagina brothers are trying to discover them all and decrypt them. Along with the team, we can enjoy their adventures on the road to finding the infamous treasure.

You can watch new episodes of The Curse Of Oak Island every Tuesday on History Channel at 9 pm.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 13 Release Date

If you are a fan of Rick and Marty Lagina in TV series The Curse of Oak Island, then you are surely interested in what will happen next. In episode 13 of the seventh season, they will continue to look for the Money Pit. Season 7’s episode 13 is set to premiere on the 11th of February on History Channel.

It seems like they have found some new evidence about French being on Oak Island before the discovery of the Money Pit. Also, in the upcoming episode, they are going to try to get to the swamp and drain it after the flood caused by hurricane Dorian.

The name of the latest episode is Bromancing the Stones. In this episode, you will see the Discovery of Gary, who has found some antique accessories for tunneling in the mud, and that there might be evidence of the location of Money Pit.

Furthermore, Rick and Marty have found some old machinery in the swamp, and they think about how it could lead them to the Money Pit. Also, as some experts are saying, there is no way for some formation of rocks in the bottom of the swamp, to have their shape without human assistance. All of the clues are leading to the point that the whole swamp was created by humans.

Nonetheless, Rick went to Louisburg in Canada to see a French castle from the year 1713, which represents the biggest reconstructed famous monument in North America. The name of that castle is Duc d`Anville, and it looks like there is some connection with the structure of tunnels beneath it and the tunnels in the Oak Island.

Besides, in episode 7 of season 13, you will see the latest discovery of Gary Drayton. The mechanics for tunneling, and a spike for ships. It is determined that these objects were made somewhere between the 18th and 19th centuries.


Also, in the latest episode, Gary, Marty, and Dave have found some evidence of a pirate ship, which made them call an archeologist Laird Niven to make a further study. The archeologist said that the spike looks like it was from a dock, rather than a shipwreck. The main question is, why did they need a dock, and was its purpose for loading off the treasure, and burring it in the Money Pit?

Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 4 – Tuesday, November 26 at 9 p.m

Season 4 of The Curse of Oak Island is out from November 5 and there have been three episodes for now. Fans are waiting for the new episode, and they can’t wait to see it.

The last episode of our favorite TV show, The Curse of Oak Island from Season 7 ended with an announcement that the Lagina Brothers are so close to discovering the flood tunnels. And if you have watched the previous seasons you know what these tunnels are. These tunnels are supposed to lead to the mysterious Money Pit.


Fans are now eager more than ever to see what the new episode will bring because the team is so close to the treasure.

The next episode will be titled ‘The Lucky Thirteen’, and this title is very promising. The synopsis that has been revealed says that the team believes that they have found the mysterious flood tunnel and that it will lead them to the Money Pit.

Gary Drayton, the metal detector expert, discovered a strange artifact and he believes that this artifact is linked to the Founding Fathers. We hope that we will learn more about this in the new 4th episode of the reality show. The artifact is a stone structure embedded in the swamp.

The brothers also got proof that the swamp is very young and probably man-made. The experts thought that a ship lies beneath the swamp, but now that’s changed. It is believed that the swamp is from the 14th century, and what they’ve found in Season 6 was not a ship.

There are going to be some interesting turns in Season 7 and be sure not to miss any new episode. ‘The Lucky Thirteen’ will air on Tuesday, November 26 on History. Prepare yourself for an adventure.

The Cruse of Oak Island Season 7 – New Episode Air Date and Spoilers

Your favorite show “The Curse of Oak Island” returned with a new season just a week ago, and it hyped up all of its large fan bases. By the looks of it, this is going to be probably the best season of them where Lagina brothers are participating because their team is closer to the Money Pit than it has ever been in the previous few seasons.

With the tempo of exploration, a huge chunk of show’s fans is participating that Marty and Rick and their team are going to finally take a look at the mystery that is older than 200 years. All the pointers are leading to that they are going to resolve the Oak Island mystery due to more and more clues are hinting that they are on the right track.


The latest episode is titled “Core Values” and we can expect from the team to spend more time in the swamp because that area was looking very promising at the end of the last episode. Also, they need to prove their suspicion about one anomaly they believe that it is a ship that sunken there a long time ago. Everyone from the team agreed that it looks like a sunken ship on their seismic radar.

Two experts from the team Charles Barkhouse and Gary Drayton did some research on Isaac’s point which is located in the eastern part of the island they are exploring on. Down there, they have found an exceptional discovery.

One item was uncovered, some kind of ancient button that Gary Drayton described as a stardust design. By the looks of its, it belonged to someone of the highest possible rank that lived on the island. This is really interesting because people that lived on the island in the 1700s were mostly farmers.

According to the metal detector expert, Gary Drayton explained that back then having a silver button represented a status symbol of that person. He did some dating and said that it is around from 1650 to 1750. This was an amazing find most definitely. In the next episode, S07E02, this will be more explored and they will share more information on the rarest silver button that was uncovered in the show so far.

Swamp Exploration

As we said, our favorite team of explorers found themselves in the swamp. This will be explored further in the next episode “Core Values” a little bit more than it was in the previous ones. Also, they will have to sample some soil in order to establish a few theses they can continue to work on. Also, a clay that was made by a man was found in the first episode of season seven.

By the looks of it that clay was made to hide the ship from the unwanted guests that are going to look for the treasures. Also, Tony Sampson, a professional diver found a flat rock that looks like a huge platform, and it looks man-made.

The next episode of “The Curse of Oak Island” is going to air on the 12th of November on History Channel.

Gary Drayton, The Curse of Oak Island’s Crew Luckiest Member

Gary Drayton is the essential members of The Curse of Oak Island’s Crew and the one responsible for some of the biggest finds on the show.


Drayton has been given the nickname “metal-detecting ninja” by Matty Blake due to his uncanny ability to dig up various pieces of metal during his searches on the island. When not engaged with the show, Drayton spends most of his time in South Florida, searching for Spanish treasures using his beloved Minelab CTX 3030 metal-detector.

Drayton specializes in beaches and shallow water, as well as focusing on places other people who came before him ignored or simply found too difficult to access and that method has served him well. Apart from CTX-3030, he uses an array of tools to help him find and dig out various treasures, like powerful magnets, spades and if the occasion warrants it, a hammer and a chisel.
He documents his find on his YouTube channel, where he also explains his techniques and offers advice on various aspect of treasure hunting. He even has several books published on the use of metal detectors and is considered a top expert in the field.


Drayton sometimes organizes courses in treasure hunting, which are usually packed with students. His bio on LinkedIn perhaps best summarizes him: “ Caught Spanish treasure fever at an early age, symptoms include the need for long walks on the beach with Minelab metal detectors and a tendency to get excited when the wind blows. I have chosen to share the way I deal with the desire to find gold and silver by writing treasure hunting books to help others deal with this addictive hobby.”

Among his most valuable finds are 1715 Spanish ring made from 22.5K Inca gold and set with nine Colombian emeralds and a silver 17th-century Spanish religious object, which he found washed up after a hurricane.

He also found many other younger artifacts, like a Rolex Submariner, crosses with diamond and plenty of golden rings.
Hopefully, we will see Drayton fain the treasure of the Oak Island in the seven season of the show.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 20 Recap

The Curse of Oak Island season 6 episode 20 aired yesterday and was titled ‘Short Days and Tall Knights.’ As winter is coming and days are getting shorter, the Lagina brothers and their team are short of time. However, if you didn’t get the chance to see the latest episode, keep reading. Let’s see what happened in season 6 episode 20 of ‘The Curse of Oak Island.’

The episode starts with a tense and critical moment as Rick and Marty Lagina and their partner Craig Tester have called an important meeting in the War Room. The reason for this meeting was to discuss a troubling new development. The crane operators went on strike in an effort to secure higher wages which means that the team cannot dig. Hence, they have to decide how to make the best use of the time they have left, especially if the strike last for three weeks. Therefore, they decide to continue working at Smith’s Cove and deal with all the facts they have.

A wooded structure was discovered at Smith’s Cove two days ago and they continue excavating around it. The team believes that it might be somehow connected with the flood tunnel system. The Lagina brothers believe that this structure was made to stop the flood at the Money Pit. Could this old wooden shaft have been dug by the legendary searcher, Robert Restall, more than 50 years ago? Could this lead them to the original Money Pit shaft?

Later that day, Gary Drayton and Jack Begley head to the island’s western shore to an area known as Lot 1. They are hoping to find more artifacts similar to the gold broch. Gary and Jack discovered old pottery which has the same blue color that was found in the Money Pit. Moreover, as they continue searching, they discover a military button, just like the one they found in the Money Pit two years ago.

In the War Room, Rick Lagina and the other team members welcome an important visitor, James McQuiston. James is an author, researcher, and historian who specializes in stories which connect the legendary Knights Templar to their possible history in North America. He shares his beliefs that the Knights Templar came to Nova Scotia, especially New Ross. He claims that there might be about half a million dollars buried on the island. James has helped the team understand more and connect one fact with another fact.

Hence, the day after the meeting Marty and Gary Drayton go to lot 16 in order to follow up on possible new connections. They decide to investigate a recently discovered stone well located near the Money Pit. They remove the cap of the well and scan the inside of it using a metal detector. They get a strong sound and a new possibility appears of what could have been buried there.


Marty Lagina and Gary Drayton continue the next day working on that spot. They unearth a piece of decorated leather. Could this piece be connected with the other artifacts discovered and could they all be connected to the Knights Templar?

Marty and Gary have decided to stop their excavation for now in order to develop a new strategy which will allow them to conduct a more thorough search. Then, the Lagina brothers go to Smith’s Cove with Laird Niven to apply a scientific method in order to determine the age of the wooden structures which have recently been found.

We are all eager to find out what will the test discover, while the team is very hopeful to put closure to their efforts.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 19 Recap


‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 19 was titled ‘Striking Distance’. It was focused on the team’s determination to excavate under the giant crane pad in Smith’s Cove. As there are only several weeks remaining before the Lagina brothers and their team should stop their operations for the winter, they seem more determined than ever.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened in ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 19 which aired on April 2.

The team might have finally found Shaft 6 and that they could be closer than ever to finding the original Money Pit Treasure Vault. They are convinced that they’re getting closer to solving the Money Pit mystery. As the excavation continues, Jack Begley and Gary Drayton, a metal detection expert head to the western side of the island to lot 25. There they discover a lock plate which they believe can be from a possible chest.


Back at the Money Pit, the crew eagerly monitors the excavation of Warhol GG1. Suddenly a 5-foot chunk of a tree is excavated, which they believe is the remains of an abandoned 19-century searcher tunnel.

As the days are getting shorter and the time of shutting down the operations is coming to an end, the team is determined to excavate beneath the massive 6000 square footpaths and make what could be there the greatest breakthrough yet.

Rick Lagina has invited Richard Moats, a theorist, to the War Room. A meeting of the Oak Island team takes place, where Richards discovers possible places to look for what they might be looking for. According to him, there are four potential target sites in and around the Money Pit area. One of those sites is the location of the original treasure shaft based on his belief. The question is whether his incredible theory could be true.

As the team believes that they began drilling in some kind of tunnel or wooden structure, 100-feet in the Money Pit area several team members will meticulously search through the spoils, which have been excavated from the Shaft.

A new day begins at Oak Island and the Lagina brothers together with Craig Tester head back to the Money Pit area to continue supervising the excavation of site 3. However, as they arrive there, they discover that nothing is running and the men are gone. The situation looks serious. So, they discover that the crane operators are on strike, which has shut down operations on Oak Island. Even though the care operators at the Money Pit site are employed by Irving Equipment Limited, their rates are regulated by the Nova Scotia Labor Relations Association. Hence, there were wage issues and the union went on strike.


Therefore, it seems like the operations cannot continue for what might be the next three weeks, which is yet another setback for the Lagina brothers and their team. Plus, it won’t be too long until conditions won’t allow resuming drilling. The crew is both heartbroken and furious, but they are determined to make the best of it. They know that patience and persistence are stronger than anything else. Hence, they can double their excavation efforts at Smith’s Cove and will have time to examine new theories.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 6 Recap


On Tuesday, December 18, the latest episode of the popular show aired on the History channel. The sixth episode of Season 6 is titled “Precious Metal”. It features Rick, Marty and their team continuing their work on of their most expensive and ambitious projects ever, the excavation at Smith’s Cove, as well as new developments in the war room.
The Urban Equipment Limited team needs 100 sections of steel sheet piling for the construction of a 525-foot long copper dam. They are doing it to seal off the cove from the ocean in order to excavate it. The team hopes to find more treasures and artifacts here, like the medieval cross Rick and Gary Drayton found last year. A finding like this could surely help solve more than two centuries old mystery of Oak Island. In addition, the dam will help them seal off an ancient water system, which was used to flow seawater into the Money Pit. This flood system is perhaps the main reason why the treasure has not yet been found by anyone. They encountered some bad weather with strong winds and rain, toughening the already dangerous and exhausting job.


Meanwhile, Rick and the team have a meeting in the war room to discuss an important new development. They talk about the lead cross they found, and which they had tested about six weeks ago at the University of New Brunswick using laser ablation. They irradiated a microscopic part of the cross with a laser beam to determine the exact materials, and where and when they came from. They found out it was not from North America, further complicating its potential Templar and European origin.

They then reached Tobias Skowronek, a geochemist at the German Mining Museum. It is a renowned museum with an impressive database of minerals and metals, and the perfect place for new and exciting information. They gave him the data and hoped for any help regarding the time and place of the origin of the cross. Marty, Rick and the team receive the news the following evening. Tobias informs them that the results are interesting. The isotopes of the cross are most likely connected not to the period between the 15th and 17th Europe, but to that preceding the 15th century, meaning it could very well be connected to the Templar’s. The team is very excited with the news.

Craig Tester and Charles Barkhousego to the Money Pit areato the Mega Bin, where a recent seismic test revealed a large mysterious board and where Dan Blankenship believes the Latrine Pit is located. The team used sonic drilling to drill the area. The process excavates samples at a pace of every 10 feet to be scanned by metal detectors and by hand. Dan is hoping to find a similar metal structure he came across in 1973, during a similar drilling project. The guys find a change in soil at around 50 feet below the surface, and go deeper, to more than 100 feet. They again come across an obstruction, hoping it is the metal object Dan found more than 40 years ago. It is actually bedrock, meaning that nothing can be down there. Obviously disappointed, at least they know where not to look for clues anymore.


Rick, Dave and Dave’s dad Danwent to the dam in the meantime to check progress. Dan has been trying to solve the island mystery for half a century, so his expertise is extremely valuable. He is amazed with the operation, and wishes to have had the resources back in his days of chasing treasures and mysteries.

Back at the war room, Judi Rudebusch arrives to inform the team on some new developments. She worked with Xena in the past, who worked closely with the brothers and their team before passing away. Judi contacted Gretchen Cornwall and John Temple, experts on the Knights Templar, and proposed a meeting between everyone. John and Gretchen researched the Templar’s for more than a decade. Gretchen wrote a book on the early 14th century Templars and offered her expertise. She believes that some Templar’s became pirates and outlaws, connecting the Jolly Roger symbol of the pirates with the ancient Templar symbol. She says the skull and bones represent Saint John the Baptist, the famous Christian Saint, who was beheaded. The Templar’s may have used the Money Pit to hide invaluable artifacts from their journeys. The pair also connects the Nolan’s cross from the Oak Island to the Templar’s, making it the key to the Money Pit. The theory is in vain unfortunately, as many details on the pit are still lacking.