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Can I Open my Garage Door With a Broken Spring?

It’s well known that people who own a garage within their homes are forced to open its doors at least twice a day – when they take the car out of it and when they return it inside. This useful area in the house has lots of advantages, and numerous families probably wouldn’t know what to do without it, since it usually contains various other necessities in addition to the car. DIY workshops, a bunch of tools, nails, drills, clamps, spare parts… However, if we take into account the fact that the garage mechanism is used so often, it seems completely logical that at some point the inevitable will happen. The springs weaken due to prolonged use, succumb to pressure or slightly stronger handling, and sometimes just break.

Rarely does anyone think about this while everything’s fine and the unit works without fuss. But the problem arises when it happens and you’re unprepared. That’s why we believe that you’re reading this text right after the identical situation happened to you, wondering how you can access the garage without creating even more mess. We’ll investigate whether it’s possible to manage to do it without damage or replacing the springs themselves, which can be quite high-priced depending on the severity of the fracture.

The first and fundamental tip says: trying with the opener is a big no-no!

So, don’t try this. Really. It looks like this could be a solid solution in some cases or if you want to test your luck, but believe us, it’s a trap. Even if you manage to do it, sooner or later another consequence will take place and the thing is probably going to be even worse than before.

For example, if the only thing that was damaged was the spring, using an operator or any kind of opener might result in breaking multiple other components of the door, but also the ones of the opener. Which is, basically, more than a double damage at times. Some of the things that might occur include breaking, denting or severely cracking panels, burning out the operator’s unit lifting mechanism or engine, breaking the outer parts of the remote opener and numerous other accidents.

Get some help

The springs on your garage door serve as a support in some way and so you don’t have to lift the entire weight when you want to access what’s behind them. For that reason, if this part happens to break, there’ll be nothing left to make lifting easier. This implies that you’ll be tasked with doing the job yourself, and believe what we say –  it’s simply impossible even for a solidly strong individual to do it successfully.

This is why you’ll need a helping hand. Men are mostly physically stronger, so make sure you have your father, brother or friends somewhere near – a few pairs of hands will do wonders.

When you’re unable to do it yourself despite additional help, you can always call a service that’ll be able to resolve it for you. First of all, to replace the broken unit, and then to repair the entire mechanism and help you anticipate such situations and prevent them. Plenty of services will be available during the day, but there are also those that work 24/7 and will come even in the middle of the night if you need them, as you can see on, a quite useful one for those living in Canada .

The only way to do it is doing it manually

When we realize that the mechanism no longer works, manual opening is the only option that remains. As we mentioned, since the panels are mostly made of solid and strong materials, be prepared for heavy weight.

Depending on the type and the way it works, if the problem is in those that open outwards, it would be great if you can get two pairs of ladders. They should be of sufficient height and strength to make a support for both sides, so that once you lift them, you can leave their lower part to rest on them. You’ll place them in two locations – on the left and right side in front of the door, where you expect support to be needed.

The easiest way to lift is to stand in the middle and place your left hand on the left board and your right hand on the right one. Your helpers can also enter the scene here, but it’s quite significant that your movements are synchronized, since a single wrong move might make everything even more chaotic.

The process of lifting is also the most difficult part, but it should become much simpler once it’s off the ground. As soon as they reach a sufficient height, position the ladder below them, and some stronger, iron crowbars can in case you have them. Here you should take care not to stand directly under the door, just in case – to be sure of unforeseen breakdowns, additional fractures and prevent injuries.

The panels shouldn’t be pressed too hard and there shouldn’t be too much tension around them – ‘cause there comes another fracture, which will make an even bigger mess. Also, take care of exactly where you put your fingers, as there’s also a fear of pinching them if something slips, and, well, considering the pile of kilos you have in your hands, the injury might not be so small.

It’s best to leave everything like that until someone’s able to fix it or replace the spring and put the door back. It’s not advisable to do it yourself, as we have already said. If in the meantime you decide to close the door yourself, you need to be much more careful than when you were opening it – this situation deserves much more agility and also following a similar procedure as at the beginning, only backwards. Take care, as here you and your helpers must be able to withstand the entire weight that previously rested on the levers, crowbars or ladders.

Yes – it definitely isn’t the best thing that might happen to you. It’s not that easy (at least physically) to resolve it either, but we do hope that this will give you some basic guidelines for painless troubleshooting!

Basic Garage Door Maintenance Tasks You Can Do at Home

When it comes to property management, whether residential or commercial, there is one important rule you must always keep in mind. That is to hire the pros when it is time to repair any structure or furniture. However, there are also a few maintenance tasks that are safe and possible to do on your own.

While major repairs on garage doors should be left to a licensed and experienced technician, the furniture’s basic inspection and maintenance tasks should be the homeowner’s responsibility. You can help maintain the quality condition of your garage door by performing simple and easy routine maintenance regularly.

To see the list of garage door maintenance tasks you can do at home, continue reading this

Lubricate hinges and rollers

To keep your garage door moving smoothly, regular lubrication of all its moving parts is required. For best results, spray a quality lubricant such as lithium grease, on the springs, rollers, chains, and hinges. Lubricating the springs is necessary to prevent rust and corrosion that damages the component. Do this at least twice a year. Remember not to apply a lubricant on a belt-drive opener.

Repair weather stripping

Insulating your garage can help you save on monthly energy bills and preserve the proper working condition of your cars. To ensure no cold air, water, or dust enters the garage, check your garage door for torn, missing, or damaged weather seals. You can cover loose spots or have the entire length of stripping replaced. Weatherseal for garage doors is available in a wide array of colors to match your home design. You can buy it by foot in your local hardware or home development stores. Remember to cut a piece of your old weather seal and show it to your local product distributor, so you get a product that fits your garage door.

Test the door balance


Testing the door balance is one way to check and maintain a properly working garage door opener. An unbalanced garage door forces the opener device to work hard, exposing it to early wear and tear damage. To test the door balance, pull the release handle on the opener and switch it to manual mode. Manually lift the door and leave it open halfway to see if it remains in place. If your garage door maintains its halfway open position, that means the door is balanced. On the contrary, if the door moves, then you need to call the pros to balance the door. Most often, an unbalanced door is associated with spring issues.

Tighten bolts

Loose hardware is a result of constant garage door movement over the years. Overtime door fasteners and track brackets start to go loose, resulting in an unstable garage door. Check the brackets that hold the door tracks to the ceiling and wall as well as the fasteners that anchors the door opener to the framing. Ensure every hardware is tight; use a socket wrench for this garage door maintenance task.

Clean the door

Dirt and dust that stick in your garage door cause early structure deterioration. Prevent this from happening by washing your garage door with a home cleaner and sponge. To rinse off the residue, use a garden hose, then wipe the door surface clean and air dry. It is also important to clear the tracks from dirt and debris that build up and cause obstruction. Garage door items such as sporting goods equipment might sneak their way under the tracks, so be sure to keep them safe and locked in a storage cabinet.

Paint your garage door

If your garage door is starting to look worn out or faded, give it an instant makeover by applying a fresh coat of paint. If you have done some home repainting jobs before, garage door repainting would be easy for you. Depending on your personal preference and home style, there are a lot of color options you can find in the market. Also, remember to gather all the necessary tools before you start with the repainting job. After the paint application process, it would be best to let your garage door air dry overnight before putting it back to use the next day.

When to call a professional garage door technician

Knowing how to do basic garage door inspections and maintenance can help prevent worse structure issues from happening. The routine checkups that you perform on your garage door allow you to spot potential issues and call for professional help earlier in time. Don’t attempt to troubleshoot garage door repairs that you don’t fully understand. It’s crucial that the structure is appropriately checked by experts to determine the real problem and whether a repair or replacement is necessary. Below are the top three garage door malfunctions that should be left to the pros to handle.

  • Opener repair

If you do not want to deal with an expensive opener replacement, do not try to fix the device on your own. There are many reasons why your opener stops working, including a damaged transmitter, broken motors, springs, or cables, or a photo eye that is out of alignment. Failure to identify which of these issues your opener is facing will deprive you of a quality result. Hire a pro instead and get your garage door opener back in good shape and functioning in no time.

  • Spring repair

If you are having a hard time opening and closing your garage door, a broken spring might be the reason. It is the spring’s responsibility to hold or support the weight of the garage door. Thus, when it breaks, your garage door becomes heavier than usual. Before the problem gets worse, call a licensed contractor to service your garage door.
  • Cable repair

Cables are under extreme tension, making DIY cable repairs very dangerous. If your garage door cables break, refrain from using your garage door unless it is checked and repaired by a pro. Wear and tear damage is one of the common causes of a failing  garage door opener.

How to Notice When Your Garage Door Needs Repairing

The garage is an important part of our home. It can be used to store things or to park your car. But it needs to work properly for us to use it efficiently. There could be many things that can cause your garage door to malfunction. Equally, there are plenty of fixes available to help you; you could do it yourself, or you could hire a professional to do it for you.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to notice, and what to do, when your garage door needs repairing.

When your garage door won’t open all the way

You might find yourself in a situation where your garage door won’t open all the way up when you use the button on your garage door opener. This can be very frustrating as many people use their garage for parking their vehicle inside. But what could be the cause of it? Well for starters, damaged or rusted rollers are the number one reason why your garage door won’t open properly. Rusty garage door rollers as extremely inconvenient to fix and they add to the problem. One way to solve this issue is to inspect them and lubricate them if need to. Another reason as to why your garage door might not open all the way up is the limit switch for opening the door. The cause for this could be in the remote as the signal might not make it to the motor unit. Another problem could be the garage door springs. These can be harder to fix, so we suggest you need garage door spring repair services.


When your garage door won’t close all the way

Similar problem, but on the different side of the spectrum, is when your garage door won’t close all the way.  Just like the previous problem, when a garage door won’t close all the way, you leave your home exposed to the elements, but also to burglars who can easily enter your property through your garage. Checking the safety sensors should be your priority. They are located on the door track on both sides and require a clear line of sight to function properly. Just as before, the rollers could also be the problem If there is a lot of rust accumulated on them. Furthermore, the limit switch for closing the door could also be the problem.

But what if your remote doesn’t work?

Let’s say you’re parked in front of your garage, you press the button on the remote for your garage door to open, and nothing happens. This is just as frustrating problem as the previous two. Without it, you cannot open or close the garage door.

The first thing to do is to try and get from a closer distance. The signal might be weaker after some time, or it could be blocked by something. But even if that doesn’t work, there is still another way. Most garage doors come with wall switches that are used in the case of you needing to open/close the garage door manually. If the door responds to the switch, then your remote is the problem. Try adding new batteries before you make any unnecessary calls to the repairs. However, if that doesn’t work eighter, then you can check the antenna on the motor unit. But if everything fails, then the most logical thing to do is to take the remote to the repairs.