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What is the best Acer Laptop for School Aged Children?


Today’s schools have retained much of the time-tested tradition, yet to keep up with the pace of modern life, some adaptations have to be made. Schools are now as interconnected and bristling with technology as any downtown office block. Much to the delight of students everywhere, laptops and personal computers have made it to the top of a student’s survival list. And why not? Computers are fantastic companions in their knowledge journey. Acer laptops have long been a leading choice for students worldwide.


Perhaps your school has already provided your child with a laptop, or maybe you would like to get them something more advanced to boost their productivity and fuel the flame of their young and inquisitive mind. Of course, you would like to help your child get back to school with an Acer laptop. There are a few things to look for when choosing a laptop, simply because not all laptops are created equal.

Give me the 5G


You will want something durable and meets school requirements. Most schools use the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band, so you will need to find a laptop that can operate ideally on this range, because cheaper laptops may not perform well or simply not work at all. In terms of specs, 8GB is the minimum amount of RAM needed and at least 128GB of capacity. With this, your child can save and access an entire library of information and can easily fit their backpack. Check out the Acer Swift 3 which retails at $1098.

Aspire to greatness


 The Acer Aspire 5 is a sturdy and capable companion for students of all ages. A bright and easy to read 15.6” screen will make study less of a chore and with a super-fast 128GB SSD will load and boot up in a snap. Sharing storage duty is a 1tb SATA HDD for holding a lifetime of projects, videos, pictures and music. There’s also an estimated 7-hour battery life that should last the school day comfortably. The Aspire has a secret weapon purring under the hood, an 8th generation Intel i5 CPU and its HD integrated graphics chip. This CPU has enough firepower to handle nearly all tasks thrown at it and can foster your child’s creative streak. The Aspire retails at a wallet-friendly $798

Unleash the beast


 If your child also loves to play games after school, then perhaps a gaming laptop would be more suitable. A gaming laptop is usually crammed full of high spec hardware to tackle demanding modern games. All this power means everyday tasks are a cakewalk for your average gaming computer. Gaming is now a very popular past time, and playing games have been shown to improve memory, coordination, and social skills. An Acer Nitro 5 retails at around $1200 and has a much more impressive list of features than a regular laptop. Most gaming laptops will handily meet the school’s requirements, and for the not-so-shy, feature all manner of exterior flourishes.

Love it or hate it, laptops are ow a vital part of going to school. Whether you want to purchase several mediocre systems over the course of your budding students’ school years, or you prefer them to be equipped with something more substantial, Acer has long been a reliable and dependable laptop in the market, and would make a very solid choice for your child’s next computer.

Is It Worth Spending More On A Dedicated Gaming Rig?

Considering how much time gamers spend playing, the question of whether to buy a dedicated gaming rig is crucial. Ask any dedicated gamer, and the answer will be most definitely yes. If you’re planning on playing the very latest games, and you put in some serious hours per week, then for you it’s essential.

A gaming rig is all about processing speed and graphics. You don’t get the same kind of performance out of a standard laptop or desktop. For the avid gamer, spending the extra money is worth it, in fact, essential, because the better games require more processing power.

But what if you’re an occasional gamer? What if you want to use the machine for other purposes, like office work, for example? Let’s have a look at some of the things you may want to consider.

Do You Need a Laptop for Work or School?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to get separate machines, especially if you consider how much a good gaming laptop costs. There is a downside, however, to using your gaming machine at school or work. They have a lot of components and tend to be heavier to carry around.

If you compare these models to your standard notebook, they are a bit bulky and a lot heavier. Extra weight and bulk are not that bad if you’re carrying the computer from one desk to the next, but it can be tiresome if you’re out on a job site and have no choice but to lug it while it’s in use.

Also, there are limitations when it comes to the laptop format. Cooling may become an issue, especially if you are playing power-guzzling games. If you want to play for hours a day, it may be worth considering buying a cheaper laptop for day to day use and then setting up a proper gaming rig.

What’s Your Budget Like?


Custom-built rigs are expensive, but the advantage is that they should last you a long time and you should be able to upgrade at a later stage. If you know a lot about computers, you can build a system and save money.

Buy the best components that you can afford, making sure they all work well together. If you have the budget to spend a fair amount, you can build a rig that should be able to handle the top games and also be a good machine for other uses.

What we do suggest is to consider getting a decent motherboard that has extra slots and USB ports on it so that you can upgrade it more easily later on. If you are building your PC using Core 9th or 8th generation processor then I would recommend you to get the latest Z390 motherboard for future proof. Z390 Chipset motherboards support Intel 8th & 9th generation processor such as i7 8700k, i7 9700k and i9 9900k.

So, Do I Spend More or Not?

If you’re a diehard gamer, it pays to have a permanent setup and a fully kitted-out rig. If you play once in a while and need to use your laptop for other purposes, it might be better to save money and get a mid-range model.

You’ll still be able to play most of the games, but you might not be able to play them at their maximum settings.

Our vote? If you have the budget for it, get a tower and monitor to game on, and get a cheaper laptop for your other uses.