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The Evolution of eSports


Living in a world of advanced technology made our lives easier. First of all, we can now easily communicate with people around the world. However, good communication is not the biggest benefit of all. We got the opportunity to change our daily routine and make money in different ways. The opportunity like that is available to everyone with a stable Wi-Fi connection and a decent device.

One of the things that became popular around the world is eSports. Logically, the majority of people use eSports for fun. It is interesting and it can make their free time more entertaining. However, the huge popularity of the eSports field made the entire industry profitable. You can now see many gamers streaming and earning a decent amount of money from playing different games.

Some people believe that eSports are new and that especially counts for the young generations. However, believe it or not, the field itself has a long history. Be sure that different video games haven’t become popular over the night. Because of that, we would like to analyze the evolution of eSports. After reading some interesting facts, you will understand better how valuable the industry is. Believe it or not, the eSports gaming field has come a long way in turning to today’s industry with billions of net worth. If you want to learn more about that, you might want to check You can find out some interesting facts about the evolution of eSports that might motivate you to start improving your gaming skills as soon as possible.

  • Everything Started in 1958

It might seem fascinating that the first traces of eSports were visible in 1958. Logically, the graphics and other features of the games from that period were low compared to today’s ones. The game that became quite viral in that period was Tennis for Two. It was a sports video game that was stimulating the game of tennis. 

The creator of the game was physicist William Higinbotham. From today’s perspective, he caused some sort of revolution in the gaming industry. He designed the game for display at the Brookhaven National Laboratory’s annual public exhibition. He managed to achieve his goal after discovering that Donner Model 30 analog computer can stimulate the trajectories with wind resistance. The opportunity like that told him that he can do the same by stimulating the “real-life” sports games such as tennis.

After 3 weeks of hard work, he managed to design the game. Before releasing the game, he played it with a technician under the name Robert V. Dvorak. He wanted to confirm that everything around the game works fine. The game allowed players to view the tennis court from the side. However, the players also got the chance to adjust the angle of shots with a knob on the controller. Logically, the only had to press one button to hit the ball over the net. 

We believe that younger generations would consider the game like that silly. However, keep in mind it was a revolutionary discovery for that period. Because of that, it is quite significant for the evolution of eSports.
  • 1972 – The Next Important Year

The progress of the gaming industry went slow. Between 1958 and 1972, developers were trying to improve the quality of multiplayer games. However, the significant moment in 1972 was the first-ever esports tournament. Thanks to Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University, the world got the first eSports tournament. 

You may think that the number of participants was huge. However, only 24 players were attending the tournament. The winning reward came in the form of an annual subscription to the Rolling Stones magazine. 

We know that is one more thing that will seem silly to today’s generations. Winners of different eSports tournaments are now receiving a huge amount of money. Yet, keep in mind that the eSports industry wasn’t popular in that period. Playing games was just a way to have fun and compete against other players. Because of that, the reward of that type doesn’t need to surprise us at all. 

  • 1978 – The First Big eSports Tournament

It passed more than 6 years until we got the first major eSports tournament. More precisely, Atari laid the cornerstone for the highly popular tournament of that time. 

Only 2 years later, the number of participants in the “Space Invaders Championships” was around 10 thousand. All these players were competing against each other and their goal was to win a version of “Asteroids”. Finally, in October of that year, we got the first winner of the major tournament. The name of that person was William Salvador Heineman. 

  • 1988 – Finally, the First Multiplayer Online Game


We believe that many young gamers won’t believe that the first multiplayer game was invented in 1988. The name of that game was Netrek. Logically, the number of players that could play the game at once was limited. More precisely, only 15 participants could compete against each other. Fortunately, the could all do that from the comfort of their room via the Internet. 

The function of the came seems basic compared to today’s multiplayer online games. It was using different meta servers and locating open game servers in that way. Despite that, it was one of the first games that had persistent user information. However, 5 years later, Wired Magazine credited this game as the first online sports game. 

  • 1997 – The Year of Revolution

Netrek was more of a strategy game. Many gamers of that time will tell you they don’t consider it as an eSports game. However, we can’t say the same for the game under the name The Red Annihilation. That game was released in 1997 and more than 200 participants got the chance to face each other one-on-one. However, after a short period, the entire field was whittled down to 16 players. 

Because of that game, 15 players got the chance to compete at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The event was held at the World Congress Center. It was the first competition of that type that gained huge popularity. Many spectators were enjoying the game online and in-person. 

  • Conclusion

We highlighted some of the most popular years and moments of the evolution of eSports. The story we analyzed confirms that eSports haven’t become popular and profitable over the night. You can find out some interesting facts about today’s eSports gaming industry. Those facts might motivate you to start improving your gaming skills as soon as possible. 


5 Ways You Can Build A Career In Professional Gaming 

In the past, people who played a lot of video games were often considered lazy and no-lifers, but today we are aware that mindset was totally wrong. A lot of professional gamers all around the world earn the same or even better salary than those who work 9-to-5 jobs. Some of them had a dream to be professional in their favorite game and it takes a lot of time to become that. It’s not only you play the game the whole day, and sometimes even sleepless nights, so you can build a career in professional gaming. You also need to buy the equipment you need, and that can be pretty expensive.

This decision also has some benefits, because you are avoiding the office stress and traveling to work. But you can also keep your 9-to-5 job and be active on the game in the evenings and during the weekend. Professional gamers make a real income out of eSports if they are dedicated to embrace the challenges and be good with the fact that their life is and will be different than other people’s. But, if you are committed to your game and you are sure that you want to build a pro-gaming career, you can earn a lot of money while taking important roles in tournaments and challenges.

Here is what you need to become a professional gamer:

1. Choose your game and stick to it

Many people play different games because of the popular belief that if you only play one, you will get addicted to it. But, the researches in recent years showed that people sure can spend a lot of time playing one game, but it takes too much to become addicted to it. Let’s not forget that these people often have families, friends, girlfriends, or boyfriends and they never miss important events from real life. They are just dedicated to their career in the gaming industry and eSports, just like everyone else in their profession and job.

So, you need to choose your favorite game and decide if you want to be a pro in LOL, WOW, DOTA, CoD, Fortnite, you name it. You must be aware that you will need to buy boosters and equipment online so you can reach better scores. For example, if you choose to play WOW, you may need to buy classic gold from websites like Mywowgold, even though you can find this currency by playing the quests. You need to create a strategy and see what you really need to pay for, and what you can earn while passing the levels and building your gaming empire. People invest in their professions a lot, visiting courses and learning new things, and that rule applies also to the gaming industry.

2. Practice and get really good at the game

It takes a lot of time, commitment, and dedication so you can become a master in some professions. It’s the same with the games. You need to put an effort and invest in your skills, and also spend hours and hours playing so you can practice and be really good at the game you’ve chosen. It may be only a video game, but don’t let the people around you kill your spirits. If you are dedicated, you will become a pro gamer, who can develop your own skills and strategies for a better result. You can always watch video tutorials, read blogs and forums, or watch the streams and broadcasting on Twitch and similar platforms. Just like every other profession, you need to build up your theoretical knowledge, and then improve it by practicing a lot. Join some networks and share your experience with other passionate gamers all around the world.

3. Invest in excellent computer and the best gaming gear

In order to get better, you need to invest in a better PC, buy a legal copy of the game, and invest in the best gaming gear. You can even turn your room in a gaming zone by customizing it. You will need a better keyboard, gaming mouse, controllers, an advanced cooling system for your computer, and of course, an ergonomic chair. You will spend a lot of time sitting and playing and if the furniture is not comfortable, your spine and muscles can be more or less damaged in a few years. When it’s possible, choose wireless mouse and controllers, because every wire has a risk of stopping you from making the needed move and then lose an important battle.

4. Join a league

When you are a part of a team, you’ll be able to learn from other players’ strategies and the way they play the game. When you are part of a team it would be easier for you to enter some league or competition and see how good you become. Networking is an important part of your pro-gaming career. A lot of eSports enthusiasts and professionals are there and your team will help you build a reputation. Who knows, maybe one day you will be approached by a better team, whose leader wants you as a part of it.

5. Don’t give up on your dream

Many people will try to discourage you from telling you that gaming is not a real job and you can’t have a good life with it. But, don’t let them do that. You just need to accept that with a smile and continue building your exceptional gaming career. If you are dedicated and you practice every day, you will have a good chance to earn from your passion. That is why you shouldn’t give up on your dream.

Don’t listen to the people who say that games can be your life choice. If you are ready to invest your time and money to become a professional, just do that. A lot of people have success stories on how they became pro-gamers. Maybe one day you will have a chance to tell yours, or even become a mentor to the younger gaming enthusiasts who have the same dream as you.

The freemium model leaves many people looking for cheats – but there’s an alternative

Mobile gaming is a rapidly growing industry, and there’s no sign of the growth slowing down anytime soon. The mobile gaming industry reached revenue of almost $135 billion in 2018. This means that mobile gaming now makes up almost 50% of total revenue in the gaming industry. This is a dramatic shift in only a few short years.

Since most mobile games monetize their games through the use of the freemium monetization model, there’s a large segment of gamers that feel a lot of mobile games are rather pay to win.

The reason they feel this way is because in many freemium titles players can get huge advantages by pulling out their wallet. This means that the playing field is completely uneven between players who are able to shell out hundreds of dollars on in-app purchases and those who don’t.

As a result of this, these people have started looking for ways to bypass the in-app purchases in order to keep up with people who have more money to spend on the games they play.

Oftentimes, the way they attempt to do so is by looking for cheats or hacks for their favorite game. However, these people usually end up on websites that do not have their best interest at heart.

The websites that they often find when looking for cheats offer so-called generators or hacks. The sites claim that they can give the user an unlimited amount of resources with the click of a button. Of course, this is very tempting for people who are looking for ways to obtain free resources in their favorite mobile games.

However, as showcased by most of these hacks and cheats do not work at all. They’re merely a ploy by the administrators of the sites to obtain revenue through advertisements. TapTapGaming tests these websites out to reveal the truth regarding hacks for mobile games.

Take for example their post on Golf Clash Cheats. In it, they reveal that the sites that offer cheats for Golf Clash will not really give the end user the gems and coins that they’re looking for. In addition, they offer their readers a legitimate method of obtaining the coins and gems that they’re after.

They’ve written many posts revealing the truth about hacks for over 75 mobile games. This number seems to grow rapidly.

The rise of websites like this is a welcome development in a space that desperately needs it. It tackles both sides of the problem. It tells people who are looking for cheats the truth about websites that offer hacks. In addition, it offers gamers a legal alternative that they can use to obtain the free resources that they’re looking for.