Valorant: Features of the Economy and Credit Usage

Play and investigate a few procurement strategies. You will also receive answers to all issues. At the starting of each game, there is a purchase time, where you can buy different items with in-game credits. They can be gotten during previous game rounds.

Buy armor

In Valorant, as in other games, you need to buy weapons, armor, as well as abilities for agents. And even though guns and abilities are essential elements, they are only useful when you are alive. And here you will not do without armor in any way. Sometimes spending on protection may seem redundant because credits are scarce, but buying them is the best solution. Without armor, 100 health points will disappear very quickly.

Armor in Valorant is divided into two types – light and heavy. The difference between them is how much defense they have. Light type of armor provides 25 units and heavy – 50 units. The price of them is respectively – 400 creds for easy and 1000 credits for heavy. They take up to 70% of the damage and are more likely to be additional health than armor.

Do not spend credits thoughtlessly

In Valorant, you should not spend all your money thoughtlessly after the first round. It is worthwhile to approach this wisely and adapt to the team’s strategy. You also always need to leave money for armor and skills. Detailed info about skills you can find at

You should not buy weapons after each round, since if you have not died, then all your weapons will remain, you need to replenish the armor at maximum. Also, if you have a lot of money and want to help teammates, there is a unique feature in the game that lets them know about it.

You can earn creds in several ways:

  • The killings;
  • After the round;
  • Conservation;
  • Win multiple rounds in a raw;

All the ways give different amounts of creds

Share creds with the team and ask them for help.

Team victory at Valorant is mostly reached by cooperation between the team starting at the very beginning before the game rounds start. In the game store, you can choose types of abilities, armor, and weapons. But you may not always have enough creds for it. In this case, on the same menu, you have the opportunity to ask for a weapon – when you press the button, your team will see what you need to buy and will be able to help you by paying for it.

A character needs to notice such requests because after you survive during several rounds where you were able to do your best or made many kills, you will own several thousand extra creds in your account that are better be used to help the allies.

Think before spend

The abilities of your character depend on what you buy, so it’s often better to play a few games with minimal spending of creds and then afterward buy the best things.

What you need to remember considering your creds is that you should use all the money until the end of round 12. After this round, the teams start over on opposite sides, and the balance is reset.

Valorant: feature of the economy

In each round, you can see the amount of money available to the enemy team. You do not have to consider the economy of the enemy, as is customary in other shooters of our time. This way, you can navigate and choose the right game tactics. But you will not be able to see the amount of money that the enemies spent on the purchase.

Valorant also has an economic system similar to other games. Players buy weapons before the round – the most powerful guns are much more expensive than pistols. By the way, if you missed and accidentally purchased the wrong weapon that you wanted, then you will be allowed to return it at the same cost and buy a new one. Of course, according to the reward-based model, some actions will bring you more to your spending amount than others. But now we have a better idea of how this will turn out. During the gameplay, there are the features that you will get and therefore, will have a possibility to spend them in the shopping menu: kills = 200 creds, survival in the round = 3000 creds.

The lost round will give you 1900 – 2900 creds. Moreover, losing in the first round provides the smallest creds reward (1900 creds), while the highest amount of creds for losing is only 100 creds less than the money for winning. Valorant will provide players with only 200 creds for one killing. In essence, this is what you need to focus on in your general tactics to support the team’s pocket.


How to choose the best options for buying

Another vital piece of information relates to the choice of the agent, in which, when you select one character, you are stuck with him for the duration of the match. First of all, you will have the possibility to acquire one weapon, one armor, and up to four abilities for one game round. It is good that you can monitor the economic status of your teammates on the left side of the purchase menu.

Besides, your allies will be able to ask for a gun or armor if they lack resources. Valorant provides a variety of agent skills, which also need to be acquired in each game round, as opposed to earning them during the game or directly for rewards for killing/target. It is essential for players because this gives a new dimension to the economics that teams must consider when deciding upon the strategy on how to survive the game round.

There are no such significant requirements for economics in Valorant. Purchased agent’s abilities after death are not lost, ultimates allow you to turn the game around even during the “eco” period, and this is not all exciting aspects. This means that it will be challenging for you and your team to leave your opponent without money for several game rounds. Probably, this caused a decrease in the number of rounds in comparison with other systems. Valorant requires only 13 points to win.

Video Game Bosses That Truly Test Your Patience

The sense of adrenaline rush when you win a boss battle feels like a huge accomplishment. But what about the times you feel rage and quit or smash a button or two on your keyboard? Either you or the video game boss has to admit defeat, and it’s frustrating when you are the one who almost always does.

A video game without boss battles is just never fun to play. Every gamer craves challenges, but then that craving turns into agony too. Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Diablo have been some of the iconic bosses in video game history. Even now, be it a multiplayer game or an RPG like the Final Fantasy series, every game comes up with bosses impossible to defeat.

Undoubtedly, every avid gamer has confronted a boss impossible to defeat. No matter how immaculately you strategize and practice, you pretty much always fail at defeating them. Don’t give in. Don’t surrender. Just connect your console or gaming PC to buy speed internet from and play the night away. After all there can be no end to trying; in this case to defeat some of the hardest bosses in video game history.

1. Orphan of Kos – Bloodborne

Image source:

While all the monsters in Bloodborne have an eerie flair to them, the Orphan of Kos is brutal, swift and each encounter with him is dreadful. His screeching screams, horrific transformations, and the weapon he yields, which is actually his own placenta attached to his arm, envelopes the in-game experience with an unpleasant aura.

You do not confront him on the original Bloodborne game. Instead, he is the final boss in The Old Hunters DLC. Many have deemed the fight as one of the most difficult boss battles in the Bloodborne series since defeating him is a challenge to the core.

2. Alma – Ninja Gaiden

Image source:

Ninja Gaiden games are known for difficult bosses and gameplay mechanisms. However, Alma just outdid the difficulty levels of the Ninja Gaiden franchise from way back in 2004. Quick decision-making, swift moves, and reflexes are what you need to defeat Alma. In her awakened form, she shoots out projectiles that are not easy to dodge.

Getting closer to her and making close-range attacks becomes impossible. Whenever you try to get close, small creepy monsters surround you, and you have to kill them before attacking Alma. To make the situation even worse, Alma starts throwing deadly purple orbs of energy. The cherry on top, the soundtrack during the battle makes the experience superbly scary.

3. Nemesis – Resident Evil 3

Image source:

The arch-nemesis of Stars, Nemesis, is the main boss in Resident Evil 3 who still does not fail to enliven the horrors he evoked in 1999. Nemesis is not the final boss in the game, but defeating him is quite frustrating since he begins to randomly chase or attack you, especially when you are off guard. The Tyrants in Resident Evil games tend to behave as crazy stalkers, but the gruesome persona of Nemesis makes you hesitate from making the first attack. He can show up anywhere, at any moment, without letting you calculate your next move. To hide your kids, hide your wife, Nemesis will stalk you around until the final showdown.

4. Emerald WEAPON – Final Fantasy VII

Image source:

A giant fish? Octopus? Or a whale…? Final Fantasy VII players simply cannot comprehend what sort of creature Emerald WEAPON actually is. But one thing is for sure. It is one of the second hardest bosses in the entire game. You confront Emerald underwater. So, you will have to hold your breath and dodge the projectiles Emerald shoots for 20-minutes straight.

It sounds absurd, but you have to deal with it to win. This ‘extraterrestrial’ being does not only shoot projectiles; it even stomps on you, dealing a lot of damage to the players. To defeat the giant monster, you have to choose the right counter attacks that would drain its power, make it weak and easier to kill.

5. Nameless King – Dark Souls 3

Image source:

We have already mentioned Bloodborne from the Soulborne series, but Dark Souls from the same franchise simply couldn’t be left out. If you thought Orphan of Kos was frustrating enough, wait until you confront the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3.

First, you slay the King’s loyal dragon. Once the dragon is slain, you have to defeat the King himself. He yields a giant spear that he swings at you with perfect aim, he throws flames in both directions, and his attacks are so swift you just cannot find enough time to dodge. The fight prolongs even after you take him down once. So be patient and gear up for the ultimate challenge.

How To Find The Perfect Board Game To Play With A Larger Group

If you want to pass your free time, then playing board games is an excellent way to deal with your leisure time. You will also inculcate the competitive spirit when you play any of them with your friends or a gaming group of up to 6 players. Anything more tends to be party oriented and is a completely different ballgame to consider. To help you picking 6-player board games, check out for honest reviews and suggestions you are sure to enjoy!

It completely depends upon person to person which kind of board game they want to play. Some tips are mentioned that might help you and your friends and family while picking up the best one for your gang.

1) Cost:

Image source:

You will need to purchase the board game according to your budget. You must analyze the cost of each one before making your purchase. You can get them from extremely expensive to extremely cheap rates. You have to decide the one you find budget-friendly

2) Age :

It is quite obvious that you have to get an easy and simple board game for kids and for adults, it depends upon the choices. Kids won’t understand the tricky techniques of complex ones.

You should smartly select the board games for every age group. When you buy any of them, check the age recommendation for better use.

3)  Easy v/s difficult:

Image source:

Some people prefer to go-ahead for the games which are much simpler and easier as they do not want to entangle between the tricky steps. However, on the contrary, there are people who are always up in building a complex block of economic strategies.

4)  Mechanics v/s theme:

Some people will be more than happy with the abstract games with all the rules and regulations along with a focus on the mechanics. While, on the other hand, there exist some people who just want a strong theme, and that would help them in grasping the mechanics.

5) Small v/s large gatherings:

Image source:

You need to decide whether you want to buy a board game for your nuclear family members or you want it for some huge gatherings at your place. The recommended number of players is always mentioned in the instructions. Therefore, always check the number of players before purchasing it.

6) Direct competition v/s indirect competition:

There is a countless variety of board games, and these are based on two concepts, that is, direct and indirect attack. Some people like the indirect way more fun and easier rather than the direct attack concept. The direct competition is a bit more aggressive, such as chess. It depends upon the choice of the players.

7) Competitive v/s cooperative:

Image source:

Some board games are entirely based on defeating the opponent, whereas, some work on the basis of teamwork where each player fights together for a common goal. It is all about reading the room and finding your interest.

8) Time duration :

Also, make sure that for how long you want to play. Because there are such ones available in the market that would stretch up to a countless number of hours. Check the approximate time duration of any species you are willing to purchase. If you think that you do not have too much free time, then go for a short term game.


It is always good to invest in an exciting and entertaining board game. It also makes your bond stronger with the valuable people of your life. Some of the popular ones are Monopoly, Cosmic Encounter, Sequence Game, Codenames and a lot more. I hope you get your perfect board game soon.

Games vs. Study: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Games are addictive and almost every student in the world has experienced their pull. However, when the addiction becomes a danger and an enemy for your academic performance, this means that it is time for you to make some changes. 

I’m not saying that you should eliminate gaming altogether. There are simply too many benefits of gaming to miss out on the opportunity, at least now when you have some time to do this. Games are known to boost the cognitive processes and even improve students’ behavior. But, the only way to reap the benefits without suffering the disadvantages – is to avoid the five mistakes below.

No Time Limitations

When you’re too much into computer games, you can easily get carried away. So many students find themselves playing games for hours just because they couldn’t find a way to stop. As a result, you’ll end up missing out on deadlines, not getting enough sleep, not to mention ruining your academic performance. 

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of video games, you need to limit the time you spend on playing. Here are a couple of things that will help you with this:

  • Decide on a set amount of time you can spend on gaming each day.
  • Set a timer. Once it goes off, stop immediately.
  • Ask someone to hold you accountable. If you can’t stop yourself from playing ‘just one more match’, ask others to remind you that you’re making a mistake.

Play without a Schedule

Having a good schedule is essential when you have much to do. As a student, you need a schedule that will tell you how much time you have for your hobbies. These hobbies, of course, include playing computer games. 

Therefore, before you start playing games, learn how much time you can waste on this activity. Make a daily or weekly plan that allows you to tackle all of your assignments, delegate the things you can’t do, and be flexible about it. 

Is interesting and addictive, this doesn’t necessarily make it good for you. This is the period when you have a lot of your plate, and while you can always hire someone , such as experts at WriteMyEssay.Online to help you meet that urgent deadline you missed out on because you played, even that can’t happen every day.

Game addiction is a serious thing, so before you start playing a game that you won’t be able to leave, make sure that it doesn’t take too much of your time to finish a match. This way, even when that timer goes off, you’ll be able to finish the current match soon and get back to your schoolwork.

That’s why you need to establish what games are good games for you. If the game requires a lot of time, that’s not a good game to start playing. Based on how much time you have to spend on playing, you should pick a game. 

Studying with Distractions

In order to have some time to play games, you need to make sure that you finish your schoolwork first. Gaming comes with its benefits, but studying should still be your priority.

To finish your tasks first and have more time for gaming, you need to find the perfect study spot and time. Pick the time where you’re most productive to tackle your learning and writing activities. Get rid of distractions, set the right lighting and temperature – and focus. The more focused you are, the sooner you’ll get back to your game.

Not Using Technology for Help

To boost your productivity and use the time wisely, use technology. Computer games aren’t the only great thing that comes with technology – so are productivity tools, tricks, and apps. 

When it comes to managing your time, you can use effective time management methods like the Pomodoro technique. For distractions, you can use an app that turns off social media. Scheduling tools come very handy when you’re trying to figure out where to place gaming and studying. And finally, reminders will keep you focused on your studies, help you remember your deadlines, and allow you to learn how much time you have for game playing. 


Playing games can only be beneficial if you don’t do it too much. If the rest of your obligations and tasks suffer because of this, playing games becomes more disadvantageous than good. That’s why you must avoid making the mistakes above and try to change your routine. 


Benefits of online gaming coaching

Have you been playing a certain video game online for years and think that you have mastered it? Did you know that you can make money by using your gamer skills? No? Keep reading this text to learn how to do this.

Online games are nowadays immensely popular. Millions of people all around the world spend hours of their free time with their laptops in hand, playing them. Since there are thousands of games, some more popular than others, and people get pretty invested, it is no wonder that there are those who coach others and help them learn how to play. There are multiple platforms, like, you can sign up for and become a coach yourself. So why should you do this?

Img Source:

First of all, this is your opportunity to turn a hobby into a part-time job. Not only is this possible today, but it is also quite frequent. People always look for ways to cash in their skills, regardless of what those skills are. It is even possible to create a job for yourself, a job that does not require formal education. You can do this on weekends or after you are finished with your regular job. Someone has great cooking skill, language or math skills, and you are a great gamer, so why shouldn’t you tutor others?

Furthermore, this is a great way to earn some extra money. Unfortunately, people are now forced to work two jobs only to be able to afford essential things, but even if you are not one of them, it is always a good thing to have some extra cash around. Maybe you need a new computer and other pieces of equipment or you simply want to treat yourself to that exotic vacation you have been planning for a long time. Conduct thorough online research of available platforms read about their conditions and how much money they will pay you, and choose the best one for you. Luckily, since there are many of them, you can choose the one that meets all your requirements.

Img Source:

What’s more, why not help someone master their skills? You know how important a certain game is to you so it is only natural to assume that it is equally if not more important to others. This is your opportunity to do a good deed and help someone else. Plus, you will have the chance to meet people from all around the world. You can make new friends or even ask some of them to help you with something you have wanted to learn for some time.

In addition, you can use this part-time job to improve your language skills. Since some of these platforms are international, meaning that their members are from different corners of the world, and you have to communicate with them, you will have a chance to practice or even acquire an entirely new language.

All in all, these are some reasons why you should become an online game coach. We have only listed some of the most general ones, but maybe you have thought of some other reasons why you should engage in this activity. Whatever your reasons may be, it is worth a try, don’t you think?

Building An Arcade Console Using Raspberry Pi

Did you know that you can make your own arcade game within hours? This isn’t a complicated task and you will need basic tools, basic elements and your time. The main advantage here is the fact you can play all retro console games you like. To create this piece of art you will need to follow the steps below.

Items needed:

  • Raspberry PI 3 kit
  • Plexiglas panels (24x24x1.8 inches)
  • TV LED with HDMI and 24 inches
  • USB LED strip
  • Power strip
  • Micro SD card (8GB or more)
  • Stick and button control panel
  • Basic tools such as jigsaw, screwdrivers, and glue

Follow the steps below

Img source:

1. Make the cabinet

The first thing you need to make is the cabinet. Using plywood is the best option. It is the most affordable and the easiest to use. There are a lot of 3D designs online or you can make your own. Using a simple 3D software, you can design your own cabinet and make it within minutes. Assembly all the parts and paint it.

2. Make graphics

Print the desired graphics and glue them on the sides of the cabinet. Add acrylic cover or Plexiglas to get the desired effect. Yes, you can print anything you like and you can cover them with a simple Plexiglas layer. Just make sure to cut it in specific and accurate dimensions and glue it only on the sides or even better, screw it all down.

3. Mount the TV

You will need a special shelf that makes the TV pop out from the cabinet. Use the Plexiglas and cut it in that way to make the bezels around the TV. Once done you need to end up with the same design as retro arcades have. They are actually made in the same way.

4. Mount control panel

The panel can be purchased entirely from various vendors or you can make your own one. Using Plexiglas, you will have to cut out the holes for the buttons and sticks and connect it to the cabinet as well. Screw it down and you are done with this step.

5. Connect and install LED strip

This is used for aesthetics only. You can install any LED strip in any way you like. It will be connected to the power supply and the power strip. Be creating and try to make the LED strip go all around the cabinet. This is a simple tip you can use to create an amazing effect and to get your arcade to look as realistic as possible.

6. Connect the Power strip

A power strip is a simple item that will allow you to start all the components with a single press of a button. This means that the arcade will work as one whole component.

Configure Raspberry-PI

Img source:

1. Download RetroPI

You will need to use the Raspberry-PI and RetroPI. The RetroPI is an image that can be used with the Raspberry-PI operating system. Download it and mount it on the memory card.

2. Load the file

Load the file when booting and start downloading all the games you like. Place all of the developments in suitable folders and enjoy. Raspberry-PI supports all possible emulators so you won’t have a hard time finding the ones you need the most. Yes, some of you will encounter possible issues but this can be sorted out within seconds. You will need some time to make the system work properly.

3. Have a great time

Now you are done. All you should do now is play come of the most iconic games ever developed. There is no need to tell you that customization depends on your individual preference only. Make sure to add MAME games simply because they are the foundation of all arcades.


This is one of the simplest and the best methods you can use to make your own arcade. It is easier than it sounds and you can make anything you like. There are no main rules here so be free to experiment and find a variation that suits you the most. Keep in mind that you should also have a great time while making the arcade and while playing it afterward.

Things to Know before Installing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Obsessed with magic and what it has to offer?

Well, if you really want to feel like you are in a world where magic exists then Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the game for you. The developers who created Pokemon Go are the ones who created this wonderful game which was released in late June of 2019.

This is an AR (augmented reality) game which helps people to use magical spells in this game. In this game, you will have your own magical adventure. You will make your character being the center of attention where the story is inspired by the original stories of J.K. Rowling.

There are some tricks you can use the game: fake GPS tool, spoofer, etc. Read more about these in this article.

HPWU Gameplay


The gameplay starts with helping the wizarding world which is going through problems that leads to various calamities. Due to this people, creatures, magical artifacts, and more are appearing mysteriously in the Muggle world.

You will start your journey by being a recruit of a secret task force. The primary task is to work with wizards and witches to solve these problems which both worlds are facing. Also, another essential job is to such knowledge out of ordinary people’s life.

Utilizing map and spells

When you start playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you step outside for exploring this world with the help of a map that reveals magic traces and indicates where to go next. Such magic traces are seen in various real-world places. They are massively detailed with advanced AR of 360 degrees for providing players with an amazing experience.

Moreover, players are required to cast different types of spells for defeating magic which appears on the Muggle world before returning it safely to the magic world. A gamer will require to replenish or replace spell energy by staying at Inns, brewing potions, and more for advancing in this game.

Use Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Mod to stay on top

You can take advantage of using this Harry Potter Wizards Unite Mod in the game. It will give you almost unlimited gold coins on your game account. You can also unlock all the Foundables & Spells.

It is available for both Android and IOS devices. It is also very easy to use and you don’t need to root or jailbreak your device. You can download best Harry Potter Wizards Unite Mod from

Use the Fake GPS in HPWU

By using this mod, you will fake your location for Harry Potter Wizards Unite on Android & IOS. As you know, this is a location-based game. So, you have to move around to capture wizards and spell ingredients. But, in order to get the maximum level, you will need to roam a lot. That’s where this tool comes in help.

Basically, you can fake your location anywhere in the world. You don’t need to travel to that place. Just set the coordinates, use a proper spoofing and you are ready to go.

Playing in teams

There are times in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite when taking down a magical aspect on one’s own is not enough. Hence, players sometimes require teaming up with other players so that each task can be dealt with accordingly.

For better understanding and gaming experience, players can gather his/her friends to take down large magical aspects which appear in the real world. This is ideal especially for feats like wizarding challenges, multiplayer battles against deadly enemies, etc.

To discover rare foundables, a gamer will require overcoming powerful enemies which is why one requires teaming up with fellow wizards and witches who specialize in different magical paths like Magizoologist, Auror, professor, etc. These unique set of skills can be combined for an excellent strategy which will come in handy.

To play this game all one requires is an android device that is 5.0 and above. Last update of this game was made in 29th June 2019 and players have smooth playing experience. Though this game can be installed for free, there are in-app purchases. Any player wants can opt for whenever he/she needs it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Android device, download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from PlayStore immediately and explore the world of magic and more.

How To Level Up Fast In Clash of Clans

If you are a Clash of Clans lover but you are struggling to improve keep reading because in this article you will learn how to level up fast in Clash Of Clans. There are many ways to do this, but we will consider the most efficient ones.

Follow the instruction and enjoy Clash of Clans on a whole new level.

Ways to Improve

TheClashMods believes that the main way which everybody knows to step up is to invest your energy and assets on updating your Town Hall. The more redesigns you make to your town lobby the faster you will step up.

Be that as it may, this isn’t something you need to invest your all time and resources in. That being said, you need to improve the Town Hall, true, but you also need to pay attention to the other buildings.

The most ideal approach to step up quickly in Clash of Clans that no one thinks about is to join a tribe and add troops to it. When you join a tribe you will get a rundown of everybody who is in a similar mollusk as you. Some of them request you to give troops but don’t worry.

Img source:

Snap on the “give” catch to give troops to that player. You should pick which troops and what number of troops you need to send him. Each time you do this you will step up your town a little bit.

This is the quickest method to step up in Clash of Clans yet you should be cautious since this is called family hopping. That means that you will be changing tribes and some people don’t like that sort of playing which means that you could be the next target of the attacks.

Extra Boost

In case you’re that tribe head you need something like a group that is level 8 – this will give you the quicker gift solicitations and more gift limit which helps everyone in your family.

I see how hard it tends to persuade your entire group to go to family war and get no less than a 1 Star outcome – particularly when your faction is a cultivating tribe or an easygoing tribe.

You can join a cultivating war network that assaults against one another for plunder. They fight often and the tenets are simple for everybody to get simple plunder and just contribute saints for an assault.

Tragically, that is it and everything you can do. Do Clan War with whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances and go for 1 Star against each base.

I guarantee you that enlisting with a Level 10 Clan is a lot simpler than with a Level 6 Clan.

Img source:


I for one feel that the present advantage framework isn’t working extraordinarily. New families have an immense disservice against more seasoned groups.

The advantages are exceptionally solid and I truly value them, yet opening every one of them is only a gigantic torment that takes extremely long.

I trust that Supercell will re-examine that and either make procuring faction experience workable for different activities (place in the worldwide positioning, gifts, and so on.) or offer new tribes the chance to open certain dimensions for pearls.