8 Famous Celebrities who are Big Gamers


The world of gaming is enormous. It is pure addiction. Where some people consider gaming a reason behind obesity, it is no secret that people who play games can’t find any other hoppy. It is a pure indulgence because of which the gamers forget everything. Gaming is not just popular among children and teens. It is also hugely popular among adults. It is a way to forget about the rest of the world. It is a source of entertainment. You might see adults playing games with their friends. It is their idea of having fun. Although playing games have mixed reviews, one thing is for sure. Gamers don’t seem to find anything else that satisfying.

If you think those, who have nothing to do play games you or wrong. Even the busiest person can find time for it. For instance, take celebrities. Many celebrities find time from their busy schedule to play games. provides all the information regarding those who love playing games and everything you need to know before starting one.

If you feel bad for spending so much of your time playing games, here is a list of famous celebrities that are big gamers as well. I am sure you will feel better.

1. Henry Cavill

Can you imagine lost in the gaming world so much that you almost end up giving up a career-changing role? Yep, that happened with our very own Henry Cavil. He is not just a handsome face with a fantastic body, and he is a geek when it comes to gaming. He was so lost in gaming back in the day that it nearly cost him his roll in Man of steel.

However, it didn’t stop him from playing games. He particularly loves War of the Witchcraft and RPG games like Skyrim. Either way, we are glad that he shares the gaming geekiness with a majority of his fans.

2. Mila Kunis

Who says women can’t be gamers? Here is a name to prove. You might know Mila Kunis from impeccable acting over the years. But one thing you didn’t realize was the fact that she is addicted to gaming. She openly talked about her hopeless addiction to games like War of the Worlds.

Furthermore, she also loves playing Call of Duty so much that she spends all of her free time playing the game. And when she doesn’t, she thinks about it. Quite a love affair, isn’t it?

3. Zac Efron


This Disney star seems to be a cute guy next door helping you out with groceries and everything. But in reality, he has a gaming side to himself as well. in fact, we came to know about his love for gaming when he hosted a launch event for Halo 3 in Los Angeles. He was so much into gaming that his girlfriend in 2007 gave him a serious ultimatum to get rid of his Xbox or leave her. Well, time tells us that he isn’t with his then-girlfriend anymore, but he is still playing his favorite games.

4. Megan Fox

Another actress who is no stranger to the gaming world is Megan Fox. You might know her from her beautiful eyes and gorgeous face, but that’s not all that is to this actress. In fact, she is a huge gamer as well. In the start, she didn’t reveal her love for gaming because she thought gamers were thought to be funny and weird. So, she kept her gaming history and spirit a secret until, in one interview, she revealed that she is addicted to the games by the Halo franchise. Either way, we are impressed how a beautiful woman can be a good game as well.

5. Ben Foster

Now Ben Foster is a name that genuinely indulged in the gaming world. Because of his nature, he likes to get things to wash over him. He is among those actors who believe in a lot of research and really get into the character. And the exciting part is, he wasn’t always a gamer. His gaming career begins as a single-player for three weeks and soon turned in to a group play. So much that he would play non-stop for 18 hours a day, now that’s pretty heavy!

6. Michelle Rodriguez


We all know Micelle Rodriguez for her tough characters on the screen. Whether it’s Avatar or fast and furious, her characters are a force of nature. Therefore, it is not surprising at all if we tell you that this American actress is a gamer as well. She is a huge fan of Halo and Call of Duty. In fact, she is said to have drawn inspiration from game characters for playing roles. Pretty hardcore, eh?

7. Matthew Perry

We all know him as Chandler from the epic Friends. However, he has a lot more than the sweet character profile. He is addicted to games as well. You might find it difficult to believe, but his addiction to games caused him serious problems as well. For one, he got his hand injured during the Fallout 3 marathon session.

Furthermore, he developed carpal tunnel syndrome due to his long gaming sessions. He is even the voice behind Fallout: New Vegas’ character Benny. Now that’s a good reward for the hard work!

8. Robin Williams

Now, this might be shocking to you, but the person responsible for making our childhood memorable was a huge gamer. It is said that he was head over heels in love with the Nintendo classic The Legend of Zelda and World of Warcraft. He was so obsessed with the game that he paid it homage by naming his daughter after the game’s Princess Zelda. Quite strange, eh? But this didn’t end there. He was just as popular in the gaming world as he was in the world of entertainment. In fact, when he passed away, the World of Warcraft game gave him tribute by naming a non-player character after him.

How to Create Your Own Gaming Zone in 5 Easy Steps – 2021 Guide


Every gamer often fantasizes about owning a gaming room due to the improved gaming experience that comes with it. Gaming has been shown to have numerous benefits, including its proven educational benefits. It has been around for over half a century and will be here for a longer time. However, creating your own gaming room requires a lot, from the planning to the execution stage.

Many gamers spend a lot of time in their rooms, playing online, so it’s pretty normal and expected that they want to create a gaming zone there. Sometimes, it means that they need to buy a few things and put them in the room, so they can create a real kingdom, where they are free to play any time they want. That means they need to have a great computer, but also a lot of places where they can store the games, headphones, and other tools and equipment that are used to improve the whole gaming experience. If you have an idea of what you want, but you still don’t know where to start and what to do, this article is the right one for you. You will get a few basic ideas and you can improve them following your personal experience.

We have put together a step-by-step guide to help you create your own gaming zone.

Step 1: Prepare a Checklist

There are many things to consider while creating a gaming zone and having a checklist ready can help save you some stress. Start by making a list of the things you need to set up, the most common being the controllers, wires, CDs, and setup cable antenna. You will also want to consider a gaming TV stand, a keyboard and a mouse, one or more monitors, electricity installation, good speakers, chairs and tables, and other things according to your preference. Don’t go to the store without this checklist. As you take one product, you cross it and move to the next. It’s always better to have this list with you, than to forget something and go back to the store or mall a few times.

Step 2: The Decor of the Room

The decor is a very important part of gaming, as it also helps shape and improves your experience. For example, you will need a good gaming chair because you will be spending a lot of time sitting and you want to ensure your furniture is comfortable for you, like the ones at Autonomous. Most people try not to spend too much on furniture but remember to always prioritize your comfort even if it means spending a fair amount on a comfy chair. Also, you can harm your spine if you use a bad chair, and that will later result in chronic pain and many other disorders and health issues.

You will also need a gaming desk that meets the requirements and size of your gaming chair. If you can’t find a proper desk, you can always order a custom-made one, that will have the right design and dimensions. You could opt for the one with storage shelves or drawers to store your games, controllers, and other accessories. Installing soundproof panels on your ceilings will not only make the room appealing but will also provide real quality sound while gaming. They will also “save” your family and neighbors from the game sounds, that some people simply don’t like to hear all day.

Arrange your sound systems and speakers properly and keep wires unknotted and out of sight as much as you can. If you plan to spend long hours of gaming, you should consider getting a mini-fridge to keep some snacks and beverages. You will get hungry at some point and you won’t be able to leave the game and take something from the kitchen. That is why this mini-fridge is a great solution for that.

With proper decor for your gaming room, your gaming experience would go a notch higher.

Step 3: Fix the Lighting

Start by choosing a paint color for your walls to ensure that it creates the perfect balance with the lights. Add some artwork and decorations to the walls for a better sight. Then, buy a few ultraviolet LED tube lights to make you feel calm and comfortable while bringing out the beauty in your gaming room.

You can get LED Strip Lighting to combat the darkness in the room. Place the LED strip lighting along with your ceiling or under your desk. You could also changers the color, brightness, and strobe effect from time to time if the model you chose has that feature.

Other creative ways to fix the lighting is by plastering the walls with colorful graphic prints and posters. You can also decorate your desk with artificial plants to keep the place colorful and refreshing because those plants are important for the air you breathe for the whole day.

Step 4: Know Your Requirements

For PC gaming, it is important that you get the devices with the proper requirements to give you the best experience. Many sellers allow the customers to combine the units they need for the exceptional gaming experience, so you can prepare the configuration requirements at home, and the only shop what you need when you are at the store. The key things you would need includes:

Desktop: get a wide desktop with high definition and clarity.

Keyboard: when choosing a keyboard, ensure it is stiff, non-breakable, easy to use, and can last for a long time. You could also consider one with good effect and clarity.

Mouse: get a lightweight gaming house that is ambidextrous, comfortable to use, and has a high performance.

What Makes a Gaming PC?

Some of the key things a gaming PC should have include:

  • Motherboard
  • Processor (CPU)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Storage drive (Hard drive or SSD)
  • Graphics Card (GPU)
  • Power supply (PSU)
  • Cooling (fans, CPU cooler, etc.)

Other requirements for your gaming setup include speakers, wires, microphones, headphones, and a recorder.

Step 5: Keep it Clean

To make your equipment last longer while you have the best gaming experience, ensure you keep the room dust-free. For example, computer coolers can spread the dust all around the room, and the particles can enter your body through the nose, or stick to your food and drinks. Always cover the equipment with cloth or plastic to prevent dust particles from coming in and keep the room clean and tidy often.

When your gaming zone is untidy and messy, you won’t be able to find anything there. Also, many studies already showed that people who stay longer in dusty and messy rooms can develop breathing problems, but they are often more anxious and feel stressed on a daily base. We know how important is the game for you, but you must find time to clean the zone and make it more comfortable for you. Use only computer-friendly cleaning products, so you won’t damage your equipment.

Bottom Line

Any gamer can set up their own game zone, regardless of their budget or preference. Setting up your gaming zone might take a few months or up to a year, which could depend on a lot of factors, including your income and expenditure. That is why you need to plan this remodeling and set a budget that will allow you to choose the best computer and other things that you need for it. You can always find budget-friendly options and create a gaming zone without spending too much money. But when it comes to the chair, desk and the computer you use, you shouldn’t set for less than the best.

11 Trends all Escape from Tarkov Players Must Follow in 2021

Since its inception in 2016, Escape from Tarkov has emerged as one of the leading video games of 2021. It is the most streamed video game on the platform surpassing giants like Fortnite and PUBG. This game made by the Russian developer team, Battle state games is quite popular among the top streamers across Twitch. This survival game is known as the toughest combat game of the present time. Learn more here to purchase Escape from Tarkov boost facilities and carry facilities for the game. In the following article, we will understand the trends that all Escape from Tarkov players must follow.
  1. Gearing up: As the game starts, the character that you portray in it is named PMC. This character’s main aim is to raid a specific location. So, every player must prepare for the raid by gearing up PMC. Put on the proper armour, helmet, uniform, medications, etc. Once you are all set up, choose a location for the raid. You can select one of the seven options to enter.
  2. Escaping hostility: Each location has some unfriendly raiders. Your team that comprises 5 to 10 other PMC’s must be careful with these raiders. A regular raid lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  3. The main objective: The primary aim of the game is to collect looted items during a raid. Every PMC must explore a particular area and search for the articles. Each item might be available hidden somewhere, for instance, if an item is behind a specific door, you must find its entry first to make an entry.
  4. Competing with others: Other teams and PMC’s will be in a constant battle with you. You will have to kill them while they try to execute you. Once you kill a person in the game, you can loot his belongings also. If someone defeats your PMC, then you will lose all the items that you earned. You will have to heal yourself before entering the next raid. Your final goal is to find an exit point on the map.
  5. Unique modifications: In EFT, you can awesomely modify your guns. As per many players, the options available for change in EFT are far superior to its counterparts. You get mind-blowing upgrades and can exchange your winnings in return of items. The game allows you to receive the maximum gaming experience possible.
  6. Wiping of characters: Since its introduction, EFT has undergone certain wipeouts. The recent one happened almost a month ago. The game, as you might have understood by now, is based on looting. A wipeout means that you will have to give way all your loot; this happens with all the members of the game. You will have to redo some of the quests also. With every wipeout, the quests also undergo some changes. Players always find something new in the game after a wipe.
  7. Introduction of new maps: So far, the maps that you saw on Escape from Tarkov, featured areas like a forest, industries, villages, etc. But, with the introduction of a new layout, you will be able to experience a big urban city.
  8. This modification is the most significant change in the game that took place in 2021. You now will be able to perform loot in a realistic city setup. You can explore buildings and markets. This introduction is the biggest so far, and the new map is quite lavish in size.
  9. No female characters: A point that plenty of gamers objected to since the introduction of EFT, is that there is no female character in the game. The game based in Russia has some compelling features and aspects that intrigue players around the world. But, the creators have clarified that they are not willing to include female characters in the video game. As per the creator, the storyline does not allow the introduction of a female player. The game is based on a fictional conflict between the military. Also, they have suggested that they are not willing to undergo the process of heavy animations and editing that is needed to create new characters.
  10. Sudden popularity on Twitch: Just like any other simulation game, Escape from Tarkov has also intrigued the minds of gamers. After years of its release, it is gaining popularity on streaming platforms like Twitch. It had a mere thirty thousand viewers initially last year. But, by this year’s January, EFT garnered over three hundred thousand viewers. There are many reasons behind this sudden fame. The players receive some amount in their loot for watching a live stream of the game. This popularity made the game spread like wildfire. People agreed that the game is fun to play. Many players think that they missed out on an opportunity by not getting introduced to this game earlier.
  11. 11. Post Covid era: During the pandemic that we all are going through, many video games have gained popularity. Escape from Tarkov is also one of them. The year 2021 has made people stay in their homes. To curb the sadness and to divert the mind, many people are attracted to video games. Some prefer only watching the streams. But, once you start watching a stream, you feel like being a part of the gameplay. Escape from Tarkov has seen a significant rise in its players, especially this year.

Escape from Tarkov’s starting cost is USD 50. Some of the gamers might find it on the higher side as the game is available in beta version. Also, you can purchase various limited-edition versions for different prices. You can buy all these versions from its official website. After you buy the game, you will also receive some bonus items. These items vary with the edition of the game you purchase. For instance, with the standard version of Escape from Tarkov, you will get additional souvenirs such as a set of six bandages, 150 pistol ammo, three bottles of water and three Makarov pistols, to name a few.

Birthday Party for Child Gamers – 2021 Guide

Is your child an avid video gamer? Would you like him to have a memorable party with his friends? Well, you have come to the right place! Here, we will tell you the ingredients to whipping up a fun video game-themed party for your kid and his friends to enjoy.

Over the past decade, the number of video games has increased, and so do the number of children playing these games. Popular ones include Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft, as they consist of people around the world playing together as one community, in an immersive environment. It’s much different than the games you have probably played before, and you would have so much to understand about it. Still, it’s worth the effort as hosting a party on something that your child likes will definitely help you and his bond even closer.

The basics of any party design and that apply to video game-themed parties too. You can incorporate all of their favorite games instead of tailoring the party to one specific game. You must know what your child likes in a game. Say, your child is a Roblox fanatic. You can get figurines from the ROBLOX online figurine store, and place them around the house or even create games out of them. Just don’t mess it up with LEGO figurines though. He might be enraged.

img source:

You can also make designs of common elements in games, such as potions and medkits, or even valuable in-game currency like coins and Fortnite V-bucks. They may be hard to get in the game but are very easy to make in real life, from a printout and cutting. You could even use chocolate coins! Making the party a little more Fortnite-y is possible. Instead of an average pinata, a Battle Royal Llama Pinata, filled with goodies, can be used, and the kids can strike it just like in Fortnite, for goodies to drop! Goodie bags for the attendees can be made into loot drops in Fortnite.

Mobs, or characters, are a very common sight in games. You could create origami out of them with your child, which increases the “gaming zone” mood. How about this Minecraft character, a creeper? This adorable mob is known for exploding stuff silently and is a trademark in the game itself. Or if it’s too hard to make it, you can just fold a cube into the signature Minecraft grass block!

Don’t forget about the food either! While the kids are gaming, they may want a quick sip of juice or spoonful of food. How about making a fruit punch called “Potion of Regeneration”? Or the Minecraft cake but in real life?

img source:

Speaking of real life, you can up the party with a twist: gaming in real life! If you are willing to splurge a little more on your child’s party, you can make it a real outdoor real-life gaming experience! Employing the use of NERF guns, your children can have a lot of fun blasting each other like they do in Fortnite. With an external organizer at a suitable price, children can play with chalk and smoke bombs to mimic the boogie bombs in a simulated Fortnite battlefield as shown by California Herald. This will definitely be more of an enriching experience rather than being limited to the screen.

If you’re like every other parent in America, your kids are playing Fortnite with dedication and downright tenacity. Fortnite has quickly become one of the most popular video games in America, and it’s already in your home.

Since its inception in 2017, Fortnite’s action-packed storyline and limitless sandbox playing field have captivated the minds of children everywhere – they think it’s the best thing since sliced bread! That’s why I decided to throw a Fortnite Party for my son, who turned 7 last week.

If you’re having a birthday party for your kids anytime soon, you should consider having a Fortnite-themed party – but if you don’t know the game very well (I didn’t), you may be wondering where to start gathering supplies and party decorations.

Here’s how I threw an awesome Fortnite birthday bash for my kids – let’s dive right in!

1. Purchasing the Right Equipment.

img source:

Throwing a Fortnite party can be a bit intimidating, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. I was intimidated at first, too – but I soon learned that the best place to start purchasing Fortnite-themed equipment was online.

You’ll need artillery, “boogie bombs”, a portable battle arena, a Fortnite coach, and protective eyewear (purchasing some safety goggles will suffice). Finding or creating all of these items may seem overwhelming but acquiring everything you need to throw a Fortnite party is surprisingly easy.

You can purchase Nerf Standard Elite Guns – they’re even Fortnite-styled, meaning that they mirror the look and feel of the blasters found in a game of Fortnite. Creating boogie bombs – one of Fortnite’s most famous weapons – is also an easy DIY project.

Similarly, crafting a portable battle arena to use involves finding an open area in the outdoors and transforming it into your child’s personal battlefield. This can be done using paintball bunkers, which provide cover from returning fire and make your open space feel like a Fortnite battle zone. A standard Fortnite party has nine bunkers to provide maximum protection.

If you’re having a Fortnite party, you need to hire a Fortnite Coach. He or she will serve as a second pair of eyes when you’re not looking, because it may be difficult for you to supervise your children while in the heat of the party. Hiring a specially trained Fortnite Coach can make all the difference between an accident or a fun day.

2. Enjoy It!

img source:

Now that you’ve gotten all of the equipment purchasing out of the way, there’s only one thing left to do – enjoy your Fortnite party! I was able to have an awesome birthday party for my kids by following the steps listed above, and I didn’t spend too much money either. Everyone had a great time, and my son enjoyed playing a real-life version of Fortnite with his friends almost as much as I enjoyed watching him have fun.

If you’re considering a birthday bash, find out if your child enjoys Fortnite – if they do, you may be able to give them a very special Fortnite Birthday.

After reading through this, how will you organize your kid’s birthday party? There are service providers like AirballingLA who provide novel entertainment like a Fortnite Party.  One full of fun and excitement, one decorated well of gaming elements, or both? We will not know what you’re thinking, but what we hope is that we could play a part in making your child’s party a spectacular one!

The io Genre Continues to Go From Strength to Strength

The io extension has become synonymous with the minigames variation for many years now. These simple but popular games now have their genre, and as a result, their massive following.

In general, io games are uncomplicated and straightforward. They can be multi-players, and they are very fast-paced, exciting games. It would be harsh to just describe them as basic, but part of the io genre’s appeal is their simplicity.

The graphics aren’t generally the best, and they don’t have all the great music and appealing glitz you get from the mainstream gaming world. But they are strangely appealing in their way.

With io games generally always free, there is obviously going to be no huge investment in advertising, graphics, and soundtracks, etc., like you, get with mainstream gaming.

This makes comparing io games with top of the market games like Call of Duty, etc., the equivalent of comparing apples with pears. They are just totally different genres, in totally different stratospheres.

Agar Has Paved The Way For Others In the io Genre

The success of games like has set high standards in the popularity stakes if nothing else. Agar is simply a game where you are a circle that goes around consuming other circles.

As you consume, you grow in size, and then you can split in two, to attack dual fronts. With such a basic game, is it any wonder that hundreds of io games are available?

But with hundreds of io games to choose from, finding one that suits your gaming needs can be difficult.

Keeping things simple seems to be key to the popularity of the io genre, and that’s exactly what popular games like have done.

Based on nothing less than the game, Snakes, players of Slither simply have to slither around a board eating as much as they can, to grow in size, and more importantly, collect points.

If your snake’s head collides with another snake’s body, you are out of there, so you need to stay alert.

A simple and basic game, but very useful and surprisingly addictive, Slither almost sounds like a major advancement in technology compared to Agar.

Another popular io game is, where you have to run around gathering up food, which slowly grows the size of your death all.

Once your death all reaches a specific size, you can then launch it at your enemies (otherwise known as fellow gamers).

Even if you’re not the greatest shot in the world, fear not, as you have the chance to hit your enemies as the deathball returns. The deathball swings backward and forwards like a pendulum, giving you multiple opportunities to score a hit.

Players can have hours of fun reaping destruction on their opponents. Again, simple but effective.

Playing Raid Land Can Also Be Great Fun


According to, Raid Land is another strangely addictive io game. It’s a game that can be played alone or as part of a team.

Set in a forest, you are a warrior type character, who fights with a sword, pike, or bow-and-arrow. Your character needs to master the art of combat as well, as it’s a game combining shooting and fighting.

There are three sets of warrior characters available to you, with more emphasis on archery. You are best to focus more on archery, as this is the dominant way of fighting in the forest. After all, just think of Robin Hood!

It’s not as simple as just being an archer, though. Otherwise, that’s what everyone would do. You don’t have an endless supply of arrows just flowing off the end of your bow. You have to reload yourself.

It’s during the period of reloading and aiming that the archers are susceptible to attack, and this is the balance you need to weigh up.

On the one hand, as an archer, you are fleet-footed and can take your opponents out from a distance, avoiding the need to get involved in one-on-one combat. While on the flip side, you are a sitting duck while you are reloading and easily taken out.

Another character mode you can use is Viking. This is where you use your pike or sword. With one swipe of your weapon, you can take out an opponent, but beware when you are far slower in Viking mode and are a much bigger target for any dead-eyed archers out there.

If you come across an archer who is busy trying to reload their bow and arrow though, you’re in business, as with one fell swoop, you can instantly take the combatant out.

The overall aim of is to try and take out as many of your enemies as you can while earning more gold than any of your fellow gamers.

Finding gold isn’t too difficult. It’s placed at various points within the forest, and you are guided, thereby GOLD inscriptions placed around the woodland.

It’s when you get to the gold that the real fun and games start, and as a gamer, I’m sure you’ve already guessed that getting your hands on the gold isn’t as easy as it sounds.

First up, the gold is guarded by soldiers who will attempt to shoot you as you approach, and they are a very good shot. So be warned.

And secondly, you are up against your gaming buddies who are also looking to get their paws on the expensive loot. This is the point of the game where you need to put your skills to the test. This is where the real battle ensues.

You can also get your hands on the gold by taking out your enemies and stealing it.

All this makes Raid Land a real PvP game, where survival of the fittest is the name of the game.

Be aware that each game also has a time limit on it, so you can’t waste time faffing around.

This is another reason why an archery mode is a good option, as it’s far quicker to shoot your opponent from a distance with your bow and arrow than it is to head over towards them, and then have to get involved in one-on-one combat.

The time restrictions also mean that while playing Raid Land, you have to be quick and precise, making intuitive decisions.

Choosing the best warrior mode for the relevant fight is also important, but most importantly, it is making sure your shot is sniper accurate when you’re in archery mode.

The ultimate aim of Raid Land is to be the player who has the most gold in your character’s pocket at the end of the play, as that makes you the winner.

5 Reasons Why WoW: Classic is The Best Warcraft Expansion

The classic and first World of Warcraft extension has returned to our homes! And, with its return, more gamers that were playing “Battle For Azeroth” decided to leave their servers and go back to the original game – one that has started it all more than 10 years ago. Now, the future will show whether it was sentimentality that prompted them to go back to it or the fact that it is really better than any other video game offered by Blizzard Entertainment.

If you have been playing WoW for quite some time, then you are quite familiar with the division between the two extensions, however, people that have decided to play the game for the first time might be confronted with making a tough decision – which expansion should they start their WoW journey with. And, to make them decide easier, here are the reasons why WoW Classic is considered to be the best:
  1. The Equipment is Valuable And Rare

Now, if you played “Battle For Azeroth”, then you know who easy it is to obtain the equipment you require. Besides that, the realm mobs are relatively easy to battle, which means that you might not feel like it is necessary to enhance your gear, and the epic gear has become so frequent, that it is something you simply loot as you explore the universe.

But, in Classic, things are incredibly diverse. The gear does not drop as often and the sight of blue or green items will feel so much good than when you are playing BFA. And, if there is something that you do not need, you can actually sell it and collect gold that is required to continue the game. Basically, getting an epic one will feel extremely better than in the BFA expansion pack.

  1. The World Around You Looks Vaster And More Challenging

Azeroth in the Classic expansion is only a small part of the realm in BFA, however, in a weird way, it looks – and feels – extremely vaster and more challenging. Now, you might be wondering, why is that? Well, to put it simply, the only way you can teleport in the original is by using the terrain mount.

However, it does not stop there – the areas in the Classic extension are more dangerous for your character, hence, you can never truly know when something can jump out and attack. This compared with the aforementioned statement is what makes the game so much more fun to play.

  1. You Can Feel a Sense of Achievement

Once you play the Classic extension, you’ll easily see how difficult it is to level up. You’ll basically feel ecstatic about everything – from gathering a lot of coins and potions to exploring the vast realm. Naturally, there are fewer quests, hence, everything feels so rewarding, especially when you start being aware that you are coming closer to accomplishing your character’s destiny.

It allows people to experience the perfect balance of incredibly entertaining and incredibly difficult, and this is what prompts players to play a game that has an outdated design. Now, you might need some boosts for advancing your character, especially if you want to beat all the mobs that you meet along the way. So, if you want to see what WoW Classic power leveling packages you can opt for, click here.

  1. You Can Say Goodbye to Cooperation

The developers behind this game made the quests less difficult, however, they did introduce a wide range of tools and systems such as flying mounts that made gamers’ lives even easier. But, they did also get rid of cooperation – which is actually what made all gamers love the first game.

You won’t be required to wait for your friend anymore and exploring the universe around you is going to feel as secure as if you were with more people. There is also no longer the requirement for talking to different gamers in the town, as well as trying to hire them for raiding, especially since the button for finding vaults is shown on the screen.

  1. The Best World PvP Battles That You Will Ever See

Although the BFA expansion is often referred to as the ultimate “PvP” experience, the Classic one is where you will see and find the best and most epic PvP fights ever! The one thing that you should definitely remember is that the risks of questing do not only rely on the power of the mob but, it also relies on the continuous threat of the rival characters.

All the entrances are often obstructed by other gamers searching for some loot, while the guild leaders are always coming up with new groups that will storm Azeroth with one single objective – to attack, raid, and destroy rival cities. It is a true gaming experience that you should not miss out on – and it is also one of the biggest reasons why the Classic expansion became popular again.

Now, before we bring this article to an end, you should know one thing – your decision will depend on your preferences. Of course, it is always better to start from the first part – just imagine reading a third part of the book without reading the previous two – however, you can, in fact, start from the Battle For Azeroth expansion as well.


As you can see, there are various reasons why World of Warcraft: Classic is more interesting and fun to play. Not only is the world larger, more challenging, and generally appealing, but, you are going to feel a true sense of accomplishment when you finish quest or raids. The most interesting feeling you will probably get is when you finish a quest that you have been working on for quite some time.

So, there you have it. Those were the reasons why playing WoW Classic better than the BFA expansion. Hence, now that you know what those reasons are, you should not lose any more time. Instead, find and purchase the game, get your favorite beverage, and set out on an adventure that will be thrill-seeking and incredibly interesting to go through.

Top BioWare Games on Steam

The Canadian video game developer BioWare is a well-known company that is behind some of the most famous and critically acclaimed western role-playing games on the market. BioWare’s games are usually known for a good mix of action, fantastic storytelling and well-developed characters. However, since BioWare has a contract with Electronic Arts, not all of their games can be found on Valve‘s gaming platform – Steam. Gift card, even a single unit, however, can fully cover the price of some of the BioWare titles that are present on Valve’s storefront. Here‘s a quick look at the available choices if you’re a Steam gamer who‘s also interested in BioWare games. Want to acquire a prepaid Steam card right now? Visit Eneba!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

While BioWare had released successful RPGs before publishing Knights of the Old Republic (games like Baldur‘s Gate or Neverwinter Nights) it was precisely this definitive Star Wars RPG title that has put BioWare on the map and showed what this studio can really do. With Steam gift card, one can obtain not only Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic but also its sequel – Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords which was made by Obsidian Entertainment. The latter studio is also known for working on Fallout: New Vegas and the most recent, award-winning project – The Outer Worlds.

Nevertheless, it was BioWare that first started this series with the release of the ultimate Star Wars game. BioWare‘s Knights of the Old Republic was admired not only by the fans of the movies but also by gamers in general. By its design, KOTOR served as a precursor to Mass Effect series (as we will see later, some of the Mass Effect games are also available with a Steam gift card). How so? Both game series features extensive sci-fi world-building, NPC companions with whom the player could form different relationships, semi-open world locations set throughout the galaxy, turn-based combat, private spaceship, lots of freedom and an epic story that could be approached in a non-linear fashion.

Mass Effect franchise

Mass Effect games improved upon all game mechanics KOTOR introduced. While RPG elements like the detailed micromanagement of character’s inventory steadily declined with each release of a new Mass Effect title, the sci-fi series still remained loyal to the foundations laid down in the infamous Star Wars RPG. Out of all the Mass Effect games, only the first two are available for purchase with a Steam gift card. This shouldn‘t be seen as a problem though since the first two installments are generally considered to be the best in the series.

Knights of the Old Republic obviously took place within the world of Star Wars with the player racing throughout the galaxy on the starship Ebon Hawk to save the Republic from the Sith Lord Darth Malak. Through the Mass Effect franchise, BioWare tried to escape the creative limitations set by pre-existing intellectual property but the framework of the story remains quite similar to the mentioned KOTOR games that are available with a Steam gift card: as the custom made Commander Shepard, player races across the galaxy to stop a rogue Turian agent Saren and the malevolent machine masters that he serves.

Jade Empire: Special Edition

Without a doubt, BioWare games are not limited to the genre of science-fiction, even though the games this studio had created do feature some very good examples of sci-fi RPGs. On the other hand, BioWare‘s games also include titles with fantasy elements. Jade Empire: Special Edition is one such BioWare game available with a Steam gift card. Even though technically, it is a fantasy game, Jade Empire presents a more Asian-like setting as well as themes much closer to the Ancient Chinese culture and virtues emphasized in various schools of Eastern martial arts.

Jade Empire has the player assuming the role of a customizable martial artist who travels the Chinese folklore-inspired fictional land of the Jade Empire. Just like in the previous BioWare games, the story is open-ended, offering many ways for the player to influence the games’ plot through their actions. What makes this title different from other BioWare titles that are available with a Steam gift card is its unique combat system. KOTOR combat was turn-based, Mass Effect was a third-person shooter with a cover system, while Jade Empire features elaborated martial arts styles, supernatural abilities and the use of various traditional Chinese weapons.

Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition

Even though Jade Empire has an Eastern edge to it, Dragon Age: Origins returns to the mythology magic fantasy setting which will be very familiar to the fans of J. R. R. Tolkien‘s Lord of the Rings or Blizzard‘s MMORPG World of Warcraft. Just like other mentioned BioWare RPGs which are available for purchase with a Steam gift card, Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition is a single-player only experience. Classic traits of BioWare games are all present in this title as well: the epic non-linear story shaped by morally difficult choices, detailed lore and complex character development.

The player assumes the role of one of the last Grey Wardens –legendary warriors who protect humanity from underground dwelling demonic entities known as the darkspawn. The game is set in a fantasy land known as Ferelden. The rich mythology of Dragon Age: Origins can be explored not only through playing the main campaign, but also through side-quests and in-game texts that are usually found by exploring Ferelden. By purchasing the game with Steam gift card funds the player also gains access to the Awakening Expansion of Dragon Age: Origins which furthermore expands upon the massive content of the game through the introduction of a new explorable region – Amaranthine.

A practical way to enjoy BioWare‘s classics!

By this point, most of the mentioned BioWare games are more than 10 years old and that‘s why once you can acquire them at an incredibly cheap price. However, their popularity, a multitude of awards, and universally positive reviews continue to demonstrate that these titles have seamlessly withstood the trials of time. If you want to enjoy these BioWare golden-age games yourself, you don‘t even need to create any additional accounts aside from your profile on Steam. A gift card to increase your Steam Wallet funds will do just fine! On top of it all, if you buy the gift card from a retail store like Eneba, you can also save a pretty penny in the process. Considering the quality of these games, with their current price and a Steam card at your side – acquiring them is a complete bargain and therefore an absolute must for any RPG fan!

Destiny 2 – Keeping up with the updates

When it comes to video games, there are tons of titles that you can choose to immerse yourself in today, and there’s definitely a choice for any kind of a video-game enthusiast. Whether it’s a story based game that you would like to experience, or a multiplayer online shooter with a looting system, it’s completely up to you. However, we’re here to talk about Destiny 2, so make sure that you keep reading until the end if you want to learn more about it.

What is Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is a video game that’s being developed by Bungie Entertainment, and it falls into the online-only multiplayer first-person shooter class. In all honestly, Destiny is a game unlike any other out there, and it’s basically something that most people would describe as a FPS WoW (World of Warcraft). It features a looting system, it has tons of raids that you can do, and most importantly it has an amazing PvP system that people enjoy playing and earning rewards. However, we’re not going to focus too much on describing the game, so let’s take a look at some of the best ways that you can keep up with the updates that are regularly hitting the live branch of Destiny 2.

How to keep up with new content

Every time something new arrives in Destiny, players either have to face a new challenge, complete a new raid, do a bunch of new quests or whatever it takes to get that sweet new piece of equipment that’s going to increase their power by a lot. If you are more of a casual type of player, chances are that you are not really that much active in the game, so new updates might be coming in at a much faster pace that what you can handle. If that is the case, there is nothing wrong with getting a little help from those who are more dedicated to being successful in Destiny, so feel free to check this and get a little bit of a boost in the latest Season of the Undying.

How to stay on top of your game

If you want to play Destiny 2, but you also want to be pretty good at other games at the same time, you don’t have to play Destiny constantly in order to be geared to the maximum. Instead, you can just play the game when a new update arrives and finish all the latest content that’s being released, then make a pause until something new arrives and repeat the process once again. This is a great way to stay on top of your game while also allowing you to focus a bit more on some other things in your life that need attention.

Whether its work or other video games, it doesn’t really matter. This is a common method that many gamers do in different titles, such as World of Warcraft. A new patch arrives, you log-in, do all the quests and receive all the new items that you can, get “capped” on the arena and then just wait for the new update. When a totally new expansion comes out, you will be ready to go straight into action.