How Valorant MMR Works

Valorant as you may know is a relatively new FPS shooter on the market. Developed by Riot Games, Valorant’s April beta took the world by storm. With hints of Overwatch and Counter-Strike, Valorant marked itself as a new fresh game available to all. It was fully released on June 2nd, 2020, and was quickly taking players away from competing FPS games. The game operates similar to that of Counter-Strike, with the objective for the attacking side to plant a spike that will blow up after a certain amount of time. The defending team’s on the other hand must stop the attackers from completing their objective. The agents and abilities in the game are similar to that of Overwatch, as well as the art style, featuring a cartoonish fantastical style.

What is Valorant MMR?

Valorant MMR or Matchmaking Rank is the determining factor for your in-game rank. The Valorant in-game ranks range from Iron to Radiant as follows:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal
  • Radiant

Usually, the higher one’s Valorant MMR is, the higher one’s rank is. However, this is not always the case, a player’s MMR could be ranked at diamond, while the actual rank of the player is platinum. In this case, that platinum player would queue up with higher-ranked players that are around diamond level, even if their actual rank is only platinum.

How to tell your Valorant Matchmaking Rank

A good indication of your Valorant matchmaking rank is your actual rank relative to the players that you’re queuing against with. For example, if you’re a diamond player and you’re queuing up with and against immortal players, your Valorant MMR is probably higher than your actual rank. With a higher Valorant MMR, you’ll have an easier time ranking up as you’re playing against higher ranked competition. In contrast, players with a lower Valorant MMR may be diamond rank, playing against platinum players. To check for your approximate Valorant Matchmaking check for your relative rank against your opponents. If your rank is above those you’re playing with you likely have a low matchmaking rank, if your rank is lower than those you’re playing with you most probably have a higher matchmaking rank.

How to Increase your Valorant Matchmaking Rank

If you want to increase your Valorant Matchmaking Rank, you’ll want to improve your Valorant skills as a whole. Valorant combines teamwork with individual skills. Working together with your team as well as honing your abilities will allow you to improve and increase your rank easily. Here are some general tips to improve your gameplay.

  • Improve your Aim:
    • As you play and rank up, you’ll start to notice that the innate aim of your opponents and your teammates are better than that of low ranks. The Aim is one of the most important aspects of any FPS game. Improving your flicking abilities and your tracking, killing enemies will be easier.
  • Attain Proper Crosshair Placement:
    • Crosshair placement is important in Valorant! Keeping the crosshair at head level at all times will make it easier to kill opponents. This will decrease the time to kill which in turn will decrease the amount of damage you’ll take when initiating a fight.
  • Learn how to Counter-Strafe:
    • Counter-strafing is a difficult concept. Essentially you’re compensating with keystrokes to come to a full stop before shooting. Coming to a full stop before shooting will allow you to be the most accurate. Shooting while moving in Valorant is inaccurate and inefficient, most of your gunfights should take place when your character is fully stopped. To counter-strafe, you’ll want to hold down the key associated with the direction that you want to move. If you want to move right hold down the D key. If you want to move left, hold down the A key. Once you’re ready to stop you want to let go of the key you’re holding down and quickly tap the opposite key. If you’re holding down the D key, tap the A key to counter-strafe. If you hold down the A key, tap the D key. Once you’ve tapped the opposite button, commence shooting and your shots should be accurate and line up.
  • Learn Spray Control:
    • Spraying is another necessity in Valorant. Each gun has a general spray pattern with a bit of variance every time you shoot the gun. By memorizing the spray patterns for each gun, pulling off quick spray transfers from opponent to opponent will be much easier. Controlling your spray will also make it easier to kill enemies assuming you miss your initial shots on them.
  • Learn your Utilities
    • Utilities are one of the most important aspects of team FPS games. The use of utilities can make you a better team player, and will surely work on your individual abilities. Learning useful smokes, walls, arrows, flashes, etc depending on your character will not only make you self-sufficient but will also allow you to coordinate your skills with your teammates. That will help you to attack or defend easily in general. We suggest you also to follow gaming sites like where you will be able to find even more tips for this specific game and many others!
  • Learn the Maps:
    • Learning the maps and the callouts associated with each map is extremely important if you want to improve your Valorant matchmaking rank. This will allow you not only to call out the correct spots for your team but also give them better and more precise information about the enemy team location. Learning the map and callouts will also enable you to figure out the commonly played sports by certain characters. Knowing the spots that players are playing will make it easier to pre-aim and pre-fire. These techniques result in an improved game sense that will make you a better player as a whole.


Valorant MMR is a simple concept that defines the skill of a player. If you’re looking to improve your MMR you’ll have to practice the essential skills of aim, map knowledge, and utility. In addition, you may want to visit, a place where you can increase your Valorant MMR without going through the hassle of learning all the maps and utilities. They provide efficient Valorant boosting services. You may also want to check out the website if you’re interested in other in-game information such as a guide on Icebox and other Valorant guides. There you will also find information and help for other games such as Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Overwatch, and many more.

How To Sell Your DOTA 2 Items for Real Money

In one article from The Verge, the author highlights how DOTA 2 is the world’s richest e-sport. As proof, it has recently hosted a record-breaking tournament with a price money making everyone wish they knew how to play DOTA.

Joining tournaments, however, is not the only way to earn money from DOTA 2. There are countless other ways to raise some cash through the game, although the process isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Among others, one of the best things you can do is to sell DOTA 2 items here. Clueless about how to do this successfully? Keep on reading and learn from the tips we’ll share.


Pick the Items You Would Like to Sell 

If you want to trade DOTA 2 items, the first step is to carefully choose the ones that you would like to let go and trade. Start with a goal in mind. Ask yourself – why am I selling DOTA 2 items? For some people, the goal is to declutter their inventory and make room for more. If that’s the case, sell ordinary items. On the other hand, if the ultimate goal is to make money out of the transaction, you should be more than willing to let go of the most valuable pieces in your collection.

Speaking for picking the items to trade, let’s quickly talk about the most expensive DOTA 2 items for inspiration. If you do your online research, you will find conflicting information about the most expensive pieces. One that is often mentioned is the Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog, which is believed to have a value of up to $38,000. Meanwhile, the Desert Sands Baby Roshan is said to have a selling price of up to $2,106 and the Axe of Phractos is $1,914. Having these items in your collection is one of the sure ways to get rich playing a game you love!

Choose the Right Platform 

This is one of the most challenging parts of selling your DOTA 2 items because of the plethora of options available. There are many platforms, each claiming to be the best, don’t instantly believe their assertions. Instead, be wise enough to do your research. Ask around from fellow gamers on where they sold their items. Take the time to read reviews. The real-life experiences of other sellers will make it easier to narrow down the possibilities.

If you are selling DOTA 2 items, one of the things you need to do is to create an online account. Connect this to your Steam account. You will then be asked to select the pieces that you would like to trade and will be informed of the corresponding prices. Decide if the price is good enough or if you should look for other alternatives. You should know the real value of the items that you have to avoid being low-balled. Choose your preferred payment method. In most platforms, this is through PayPal. After this, you have to wait for a certain number of hours or days before you will receive the money in your account. Bank deposits, and even bitcoins, are also offered in the most popular selling platforms, providing you with a convenient way to cash out your money.

Aside from using a dedicated selling and buying platform, you can also sell your DOTA 2 items in the Steam community market. Look for forums where you can promote the pieces that you have. Take advantage of the network that you have. Ask around from family and friends who might be interested in buying the pieces in your inventory. This gives you the opportunity to set your own price.

Bidding or auction is another promising way to sell your DOTA 2 items. Look for a website where you can put up your DOTA 2 items for auction. Provide a clear description of the pieces to give buyers a compelling reason to choose it over others. Wait until someone expresses interest through bidding. In the end, choose the highest bidder to earn the most from the pieces that you have put up for auction. You can also choose the methods at which the winning bidder will pay you for the DOTA 2 items.

Keep the Items if Possible 

Selling your DOTA 2 items can be a tempting way to make money quick. Yes, it works, however, if you do not need money or if you don’t really need to empty your inventory, we suggest that you hold your horses. Do not sell unless there is a need to do so. By waiting, you can take advantage of higher prices. Although, no one can say with certainty when is the right time. Wait until there is a huge demand, which can make you command a higher selling price for the piece. Especially in an auction, be patient and wait until there is a buyer who can give the price that you want.

Avoid Scams

Because DOTA 2 items have the potential to rake in big money, there are countless online scams that exist. Be cautious when selling your in-game items. As mentioned, read reviews and ask for the opinions of other people. Choose a platform that has been around for quite a while already, which can be seen as a proof of its legitimacy and reputation. Pay attention to the site’s security features as well. Choose only secure payment methods. Carefully read the terms and conditions before you start the transaction.

To prevent scams, it is also important that the platform provides some sort of seller protection, which will give you peace of mind about the transaction. This protects you from fraud.


DOTA 2 has taken the world by storm, not only because of its gameplay, but also because of its money-making potential. It made headlines several times because of the ridiculously high price money in its tournaments. Aside from that, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn money through the game by selling the precious pieces that you have, including skins. Take note of the things mentioned above to help you find the right buyer and make money out of DOTA 2 items.

Top 6 Reasons Why to Choose Scrabble Over Other Games

There has been a lot of debate as to whether playing games has any positive effect on the people that engage in them. Aside from the fun aspect, researches have shown that those who engage in violent activities at a later age were used to playing video games involving lots of violence while growing up. Some others have argued that some other games do not help the cognitive development in children.

Scrabble, on the other hand, has been proven to have social, health and emotional benefits to those who play them. This article, therefore, seeks to point out some fundamental reasons why you should engage more in playing scrabble compared to other games.
  1. It Teaches Vocabulary

One of the apparent advantages of playing scrabble is that it will help you expand your vocabulary. As a game, it will help you improve your word derivation skills. Research has shown that people who play this game tend to master the usage of prefixes and suffixes than people who do not. They use it efficiently and correctly.

Aside from increasing your ability to spell words correctly, it will also help you learn the meaning of words and their usage. Although you are not supposed to make use of a dictionary except when a word is challenged, most new players learn scrabble with a dictionary close by. You can improve your knowledge of words in the game of scrabble at this site Using dictionaries is not acceptable in a competitive game of scrabble because the competition is meant for players to display their spelling and vocabulary skills.
  1. It Teaches Strategy

Strategy in scrabble involves planning your words, even though there is a risk of it being blocked by your opponent. Players often want to create or build out their word combinations and as such target double and triple letter/word score squares on the board.

As a player, you can strive to hit the 50-point bonus awarded for using all seven letters or tiles in a particular turn or gameplay. This is called “bingo” by most players and referred to as “bonus” by the English version of the game( US). Also, some letters are quite challenging when forming words with them, so they must be played quickly or the player risks having those letters when the game ends.

  1. It Builds Your Intellectual Capacity

Research has shown that people increase their cognitive abilities by playing several word games, and this compensates for lack of education. When players teach others about some rare words being used, they can acquire new knowledge in science, philosophy and history just by expanding their word scope via gameplay.

  1. It Increases Social Bonding & Cooperation

Families, friends and neighbors have enjoyed playing scrabble for long periods, thus strengthening their social skills and bonds. Gameplay naturally helps us learn how to adapt to new sets of rules and work in consensus for the common good. Group games are widely accepted as a form of social entertainment, where people spend time with each other for enjoyment and recreation. A dinner party may turn into a game night when a scrabble board is brought out.

  1. It Increases Personal Confidence & Improves Emotional Well Being

It has been proven that playing scrabble enhances personal confidence. Even when a player does not win, there is this strong sense of personal achievement derived from playing the game because he or she must have solved a particular logical problem in each turn of play. Also, players are mostly proud of forming words with high scores. As we keep building confidence in ourselves and our abilities, we are better positioned to deal with and tackle setbacks and also make better decisions throughout our lives.
  1. It Helps You Health-Wise

The game of scrabble does beautiful things for the health of people who engage in it. From young to old, it has tremendous benefits to their health. Some are highlighted below

  1. Lowers the risk of mental illness: Scrabble always keeps the mind stimulated and engaged, thus strengthening the brain and reducing the risk of developing dementia or other diseases that can affect the brain.
  2. Makes you happy: during a game of scrabble, it is always fun, and there will be a great deal of laughing taking place thus increasing the number of endorphins being released which increases compassion, trust and empathy
  3. Reduces blood pressure: Endorphins released during the game of scrabble also helps to lower and maintain blood pressure levels. Muscles become relaxed, and there is more blood circulation.
  4. Improves the immune system: when feeling sad, depressed, stressed or anxious, the body’s natural defense system is lowered. But when there is a feeling of excitement, one’s immune system will be heightened and will ward off diseases and illnesses.

In conclusion, the game of scrabble can do beautiful things in the life of an individual, as was explained above. So if you do not have this game in your house, it’s time to go to the nearest store and pick one up.

Everything You Need to Know About Total War: Three Kingdoms


As far as real-time tactical strategy games go, it really does not get any better than Total War: Three Kingdoms. Though this game is all about strategic ability as well as the ability to survive the operational facets of warfare, this strategy series has a little bit of something for everyone.

For example, history buffs will appreciate the epic battles and various historical elements embedded within the story while inquisitive gamers will love the warfare and the chance to outmaneuver opponents that can be taken advantage of thanks to their weakness or limited resources.


In this Total War installation, the era is focused on Chinese history and players should expect plenty of highs and surprises to keep them entertained. Keep reading to learn more about Total War: Three Kingdoms, but in case you need more information visit this site where you can also purchase the game.

The background


The Total War: Three Kingdoms is set in the Three Kingdoms Period in China. Just as the name suggests, during that era, there were three regimes that occurred during that period and it was filled with conflict and warfare as you can expect.

The story first takes place in 190 AD during the ruthless warlord Dong Zhuo’s regime. Although the Three Kingdoms period actually took place in history, the storyline also features a few fantastical and mythological aspects to keep the events exciting and interesting.



Like many turn-based strategy real-time tactics games in that you may have tried in the past, Total War: Three Kingdoms features a lot of combat. However, there is also an emphasis on the characters and their relationships and exchanges within the game. For instance, all the characters in the game are linked in one way or another through either social connections or through interactions and relationships.

Players utilize the Guanxi system to determine the personalities and attributes for the characters in the game. The manner in which the characters interact with one another is based on something called the happiness rating. Depending on a character’s happiness rating, there may be broken alliances or changes in behavior that will impact how the characters associate and deal with each other on the battlefield.


Although there are dedicated hero units that have specialized weapons and skills, other regular characters can also perform different jobs and duties unlike before where jobs such as spying or leadership were left to a particular group of people. This feature allows characters from 2 different units or factions to join forces and work towards a shared goal even without formally making an alliance.