Best Free-to-Play First-Person Shooters For 2021


A couple of years ago, getting a first-person video game such as ‘Call of Duty’ would definitely take some portion of your budget, however, today, you can actually download a wide range of franchises for free. In fact, some of the best publishers in the world have published their very own free-to-play first-person shooter games for people all over the world.

If you want to enjoy some first-person shooting games for free, but have no idea what you could try, this article might be able to help you. The text below is going to feature some of the best, free FPS’ that you could try during 2021. Let’s take a closer look at what you could choose to download:

1. ‘PUBG’ Mobile + Lite + Desktop


PUBG is one of the franchises on our list that has been extremely popular in recent years, and there is a good reason for this. Besides it is completely free, it also combines several different genres such as exploration, role-playing, as well as battling other competitors on the map.

However, there is a little twist to it – you can opt for either the first-person or third-person perspective, and you won’t even have to use your smartphone for playing it since you can choose to enjoy it on your computer. Once you start it, you’ll be placed on an island with other individuals with only one objective in mind – loot some weapons and armor, and defeat the other individuals in order to win.

Now, you should know that the franchise also has a ‘lite’ version which means that you could run it on weaker or older devices. Hence, you can enjoy it even though it is the lite version for both mobile and desktop options. If you are looking for something a bit challenging, you might want to opt for this option.

2. ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’


Back in 2018, Activision tried to utilize a battle royale mode in order to sell a new COD part, however, they shocked – read surprised – a lot of fans when they released it for free. Although some leaks did show paying individuals what it is all about, they still enjoyed playing it and I did reach thirty million users in less than two weeks.

However, it did not come only in one mode, in fact, it also featured the Plunder mode. Of course, the Battle Royale mode is similar to the aforementioned PUBG. On the other hand, the second mode happens on the same map, but it does allow people to respawn numerous times.

Now, you might be wondering – what is the point then? Well, the point is that you’ll need to collect money from crates, finish missions, defeat other members, as well as gather anything that is dropped down by helicopters and airdrops that occur from time-to-time.

3. ‘Apex Legends’


When you think about it, it has been quite some since Respawn Entertainment released the perfect ‘Titanfall II’, however, instead of choosing to create a sequel, they did choose to create another game that is free-to-play called ‘Apex Legends’. The concept is relatively similar to COD, but, the major difference is that you can play with different characters – all with their own skills.

The game is set on a massive map with groups of 2 or 3, it completely feels like it is a battle royale game, but, for players that are not so happy with the entire genre. Since you’ll be playing with other players, you should know that there are boosting packages that could help you.

The packages won’t only help with improving your character and moving faster in the game, but it could help you with other key elements and things as well. If you are interested in seeing what packages you can choose to purchase, you can click here for additional information.

4. ‘Valorant’


When it comes to free games, the developers behind Valorant delivered again! Although it is a MOBA in heart, it does have a wide range of first-person shooter aspects that you’ll fall in love with. With its latest release, it now offers players a deathmatch mode which has proved to be quite loved by individuals all over the world.

Come to think of it, this game shares more with COD and Overwatch than it does with, let’s say PUBG and Apex. The main game mode that you can opt for playing in a variety of seeking and destroy missions, where one of the people in your team will have the task of setting a bomb, while the people in the other team try to switch it off.

You’ll be able to go through the rounds in a matter of several minutes, and you’ll probably play a few of them until one of the matches ends. Since the plot is mostly hero-based, you’ll likely not get bored of the game, especially since you’ll be able to try different characters and with them, new and fun skills.


The games mentioned above are all incredibly fun to go through, however, each of them carries different aspects and plots, which is one of the reasons why you might want to opt for at least trying to run most of them. Not only are they incredibly fun, but, you’ll also have the chance to play with your friends and/or family members which is incredibly important in the era of social distancing. This means that if you are practicing social distancing skills, you should keep yourself – and those close to you – entertained with these games.

As you can see, there is a wide range of free, first-person shooter games that you could choose to try. Hence, if you are practicing social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 global outbreak, you’ll have various options to keep you occupied, social, and entertained.

So, now that you are aware of what you could choose to play on a variety of consoles, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should go back to the beginning of this article and determine which of the games mentioned above might fit your needs, as well as requirements.

Demi Rose Challenges you to Play SongPop 2

The gorgeous model Demi Rose is currently devoting all her time to her fans while being in quarantine. Besides posting hot pictures and displaying her amazing curves, Demi decided to do something new. The stunner collaborated with the app called SongPop 2 and encouraged her followers to try it on her Instagram story. She also shared her username on the app, which is DemiRose.

Demi wore a beige tracksuit in which she looked absolutely stunning. Her long brown hair was let down and curled at the ends. The bombshell had a full face of makeup. Even though she probably won’t go anywhere soon, she still tries to look her best all the time.


SongPop 2 is an app that features over 100,000 songs and 1,000 curated playlists. Then you listen to the songs and guess them. It was released in July 2015, and it is free-to-play with in-app purchases.

Guide For First-Time Paintball Players 2020

If you are a sports-inclined individual, you might have already heard about the game paintball.

You might also have an idea of how it is played and slightly knowledgeable about it as well. But for those who just heard about it, but don’t know how it’s played, it might pay off to learn a thing or two about this booming recreational activity.

We have laid out what are the things you need to prepare before playing the game, the basic techniques on how to play the sport, what are the rules to follow, and some other facts about paintball. Take a read!

The Preparation

Just like any other game, playing paintball does require some preparation. It will not need you to be as sporty as an athlete, but you should be physically fit to engage with the activity.

Playing paintball is not as physical compared to basketball, soccer, and other sports alike though it is required for you to be healthy and ready on the game day.

There are paintball drills that can help you warm-up for the game day. You can do the basic jogging and sprint for agility and endurance, cone drills to exercise your legs, and some squats to strengthen your lower back muscles.

All these exercises are helpful before you finally engage with the game. This is also to prevent over-extension of your muscles and prevents cramps and sore muscles after the game.

The Equipment Needed

If you already know paintball, it is highly similar to airsoft and other shooting-related sports. The game requires you to carry a weapon; in this case, it is in the form of a gun, which is called a paintball marker or a paintball gun.

Since every paintball field is different, some players are required to wear different protective gear and suits. There is this Ghillie Suit that makes you disappear in the field due to its camouflage effect.

Some paintball fields even allow players to use equipment such as mortars, grenades, and cannons. All these pieces of equipment make the game more exciting, challenging, and fun.

Check out the website if you are interested in gearing up your team with this equipment. They have the latest gears and equipment for paintball that can improve your team play. The site also provides supplementary information about the sport and teaches you to come up with effective strategies on how to win.

The Outfit

Paintball is not that different from other sports as it also requires proper outfit during the game day. Technically, you don’t expect players to be wearing shorts or dresses during the game.

Wearing comfortable clothes like stretchable jeans and sweatshirts or dri-fit pants and shirts is a good choice. It is also necessary to emphasize that wearing your favorite shirts or pants during the game day is not highly advisable.

Though paintballs don’t really stain your clothes but not in all cases, remember that every paintball field or area you book to have a paintball match is different from each other. Thus, it is suggested that you wear something you don’t mind having a permanent stain or mark on.

The Safety

In all types of sports, safety rules and other precautionary measures are stated before the game starts. Some paintball fields play a full-length video of safety instructions and overview.

It is essential to listen and watch the video and take it seriously. Though paintball is not relatively harmful, it is still best to observe safety measures at all times.

Safety equipment and gears like masks or the googles is considered the most crucial gear you need to wear. DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR MASK DURING THE GAME. It is imperative to emphasize this instruction as it will lead to any incident you don’t like to happen. Alert the referee if your mask falls off, or you need to adjust it accordingly. Playing without your mask on is prohibited as well.

The Rules

In every paintball field, there is also a different set of rules that binds the players; however, there are general ones that are implemented and followed by many paintball fields.

1. Never shoot someone with a mark

When your opponent is already marked, you are not allowed to reshoot him/her. Once the referee recognized that they are being shot or marked on the field, they are automatically out of the game.

2. Do not overshoot your opponent

Hitting your opponent once is good, twice for accuracy, but hitting them thrice is just too much. Paintball doesn’t hurt that much, but when you try to overshoot someone, it will indicate a lousy notion on you as a player.

3. Shoot and aim with the purpose of not hurting someone

Shooting at a close distance is allowed in some paintball fields, some don’t apply the 10 feet ruling. The rule states you cannot shoot someone within the 10 feet distance and ask them to surrender instead.

But since other paintball fields allow shooting at a close range, try not to aim in areas that hurt your opponent. Aiming at the back of the head, groin, and legs is dangerous. You can shoot the mask, shoes, and back at a close range- it is safe to hit those areas.

4. Always play fair

Calling out yourself is a responsible move as an honest and fair player. If you are marked without being recognized by the referee, calling out yourself is admired by your co-players. Do not try rubbing it off. Always try to play fair and enjoy the game.


Paintball is a fun and enjoyable game that is already earning some recognition this early. Playing for the first time should be an enjoyable moment for everyone by playing it fair and always being a sport. Following the rules and the safety speech will also help you enjoy the game even more. Always remember that being honest and fair is admired by many, even in a game. Have a fun paintball match up with your family and friends.

How To Choose the Best Foosball Table

What is a foosball table?

A foosball table may be a fun investment and a wonderful addition to any home or business. Once you start researching which table to shop for, you would possibly be surprised to seek out there are numerous different sorts of foosball tables. Trying to settle on the simplest foosball table is often tricky with numerous variations available. Let’s undergo a number of considerations to form to assist you to select the proper foosball table for your needs.

What is the difference between Professional and Home Models?

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There are two grades of foosball table: professional and residential models. The professional foosball tables generally include the more advanced features wanted by more competitive foosball enthusiasts, like counter-weighted men and top quality table levelers along with scoring systems. This is the bulk of professional-grade foosball tables are built to a better standard than your average home model. This typically means higher quality materials and craftsmanship, however, this can not always be the case.

What Will You Consider Before Buying One?

Now, first, you need to decide what sort of foosball table you would like, it might be good to look for online foosball table reviews to seek out the best value. Another feature available on some professional models may be a coin mechanism, making the table a profit-generating coin-op table. One of the biggest differences you will notice between the different foosball tables is the total number of men on the goalie rod. There are some tables where you find only a single goalie, however, some of the tables equipped with side defender mounted on a different side of the goalie end. This is known as the 3 man goalie system. American foosball tables use the same technique, however, 1 man goalie system wont to be more prevalent. The 1 man goalie system remains hottest in Europe. There are many numbers of tables that are often converted back and forth between a 1 man and 3 man goalie system.

The most common fostables are wooden laminate foosball tables because they are stable in weight and cost, however, most common these days are Plastic foosball tables because of low pricing but they lack stability as compared to the wooden laminate foosball tables. Metal tables are the best one but they come up with the increased price and weight. The best reason to urge a non-wood-laminate foosball table is that, if you would like a weatherproof table that has a solid weatherproof foosball table made up of a top-quality resin will fit your needs perfectly. This FoosballTableGuide of buying a foosball table will make it much easier for you to work out and what sort of foosball table is true for you.

What is the Different Style of the foosball tables?

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All foosball tables come in different categories and they are specific to different countries too. The different styles the game is available are American, European, French and Spanish. The characteristics of each style and game are different. You need to pick up the style you are aware of and purchase it from the market. Also, you need to consider the durability of the product, sometimes it is quite difficult, however, before you purchase the foosball table, we need to consider these important points.

What is the difference between European Style or American Style foosball tables?

The major difference between European Style or American is in the style of playing of the foosball table game. American style focussed on the speed of the game, however, European Style focussed on the ability to change the direction of motion without any loss of speed. This is the primary reason we are using cork balls in the European style. Also, in the American style, there are two defenders but in  European style tables, we just have a goalie.

What are game features?

Image source:

The major features are common with most of the tables. These features include entry and return of the ball along with side return and the leg levers. Leg levelers are particularly important since an uneven table will cause the ball to roll one way or the other, giving one side an advantage. The optional features you can consider that includes cup holders and octagonal handles along with neon lighting. More advanced tablets might offer an easy way to adjust the height of the table.


There are many other criteria that will help you to decide the best foosball table, however, you need to consider the right options that are available in the market depending on your situation. You need to put some effort and research into your budget. You need to be sure about your choice because there is always a probability when you can buy the wrong product.

These are the points you should consider before you are planning to buy a foosball table. Kindly share and do post your comments.

How Difficult is Shadowkeep’s Story Destiny 2?

The surface of the moon was always the strongest card in Destiny’s deck. However, the sequel had a somewhat different approach, into an open area of sorts. The original game had its roots into a retro-futurist exploration of space. This is something that can be bad is on some levels for the future of the franchise. However, let’s face it, space is a really beautiful thing and there are limitless possibilities of where the game can turn, in terms of storytelling. Just being present in space can give some insight into the history of mankind and the exploration of the space. In the first installment of the game, the moon was the place to be.

The second installment called “Destiny 2: Shadowkeep” is the first expansion released after Activision and Bungie decided to go separate ways. Once again players are allowed to return to the moon. However, the moon is the main place that it’s going to keep players in awe. This time, the place is trauma. Between the events of the expansion, an event called “Great Disaster” happened. At this event, a majority of Guardians, the superpowered beings that players took a role in the first game, died. They died while invading the moon’s enemy territory. In the expansion, the “Great Disaster” returns, so the ghosts of your characters from the first game are hanging dead in the sky and crying for salvation.

You’ll be happy to hear that some events from the first game are returning is familiar ways. Also, the bosses from the first installment are returning to. The conclusion is that the majority of the story of the expansion is closely tied to the original game. Different from many other games you have played, this game doesn’t have the approach of presenting these memories as pleasant, Shadowkeep presents them as traumatic experiences. The violence of the first game leaves a heavy and fresh wound that is going to leave a mark for the end of the storyline. Don’t get us wrong, this is not a critique, we love this feeling because this is something that we encountered something like this from any game. Well, maybe from Telltale’s “The Walking Dead”.

When it comes to the gameplay, the strength of the player characters has been reduced and the weapons are taking much less damage than they used to in the first game. Also, special abilities are taking somewhat longer to activate. The reason behind this decision is that they wanted to reset the whole gameplay system and introduce a more explicit star-based armor system. This approach will allow the players to build up a character they want to play with more effectively and freely. The amount of details that are inserted for this purpose is really high. So, every player that returns to the world of “Destiny” will see how weaker their characters are. Naturally, with these conditions of playing, they would need more skills to surpass some of the bosses and parts of the game. If you are interested in finding more about the gear you can use in this game, visit this site.

The Story

Before we continue, we feel obliged to say that the story of “Shadowkeep” is really hard to explain. There are so many different levels that need further explaining even after the storyline has been told. There are some scenes from the campaign that will show you a full context that is really hard to dissect. Also, there is a whole new arch that was introduced in the expansion that is going to provide you with a whole new journey to go through.

This is actually a really good decision that the developer made because there is so much story to be told in the next installments. As you could presume from the title of this article of ours, some of it is really hard to explain. Also, the ending is something that provides you with so much context that almost everything you say, you’ll be right, but not fully. We think that’s the charm of this game. Naturally, the general idea of the game is pretty clear. But the devil always resided in details, right?

One of the things we would like to point out is that the story of the expansion doesn’t include the resolution of the story. The story is only telling about things that are going to happen next year in the game’s timeline. This is a really interesting concept if you think about it. Now, let’s talk about the final mission that provoked many reactions that we lost our count, literally.

The Last Mission

The final mission sees the character entering a black pyramid that is located on the inside of the moon. In order to get to the last part of the game, you need to fight through a high amount of Crota, Ghaul, Fikrul, etc. After that, the character will find himself on the platform that’s full of flowers. At that moment, the character will have a dialogue with himself. However, you should be aware that the character doesn’t talk to himself. He talks to the Darkness.

The Darkness teases the character with the story of providing him with immense power. That location is called “Black Garden”. This is the location where Vex was born. The message delivered by the darkness is a mystery. However, we are pretty confident that we are going to find about its meaning in some of the next games. The biggest mystery of the game is what is the intention of the Darkness that speaks with the character. We know that there are pyramid ships that are looking to invade.

However, the intention of the pyramid is unknown at the moment. Is it stalling for having more time until the invasion? Does it have intentions of its own? Whatever the reason, certainly it’s not good. Especially if you understand that the Darkness is the main antagonist of the franchise. The true strength of this game is that introduces them for the first time. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this franchise and its story.


Why should you use boosting services for World of Warcraft


With World of Warcraft Classic’s release nearing, a lot of people are feeling the hype and want to get back into WoW. They want to go through all the leveling stages, old and new raids or dungeons and gather up some gold before jumping into WoW Classic.

However, a lot of people who used to play World of Warcraft when it came out in 2004 as children are now adults and have to work or study. This means that not a lot of people have the needed time or patience for Vanilla WoW like they used to. This is why a large portion of the World of Warcraft fan base often consider buying boosting services.

Whether if it is just level boosting, grinding for gear or gold/reputation farming, boosting services can help people save a lot of time. If you find yourself in the same situation as we have described and feel that you do not have the time to play WoW like you used to then make sure to read until the end to find out what you can get out of online boosting services and get all the answer for your questions.

How do these boosting services work?


After you submit your payment, a support agent will ask you for the preferred time you want to plan out the boosting. You will need to specify the current progress you have with your character in World of Warcraft to help him draw up a complete plan for your order. After creating the plan, they find a suitable professional player or team that can fulfill all your needs for you and your character. He then connects you with the player so you can transfer all your login details like username, password and verification code or email.

If you are looking for good World of Warcraft boosting and gearing up services, check out:

How long will it take to finish an order?

This usually depends on the order type, your current progress with the character, available boosters on your account and your playtime. Max level (120) boost in Battle for Azeroth usually takes about 4-13 hours. Some custom orders might take up to 5 to 10 days. Sometimes these orders may depend on weekly world resets. However, do not worry since most boosting services will tell you their planned time in advance.

What kind of boosts can I get?


There are a lot of different boosting services which you can benefit from such as:

– Max level boosting in Battle for Azeroth. These boosts will usually include all the gear dropped from quests, some reputation and all the gold or resources looted during the boost

– Mythic +10 gear. Boosting services can even offer you +10 Mythic grinding until your character is fully geared. You can even choose the ilvl gear you want your character. So asking for 340+ ilvl is completely fine.

– Cosmetics and mounts. If you are fully geared already after grinding for hours and hours, but you still want that cool mount or cosmetic and you simply do not have the time to grind again, you can hire a boosting service to get you that awesome mount. For more WoW Boosting services, check out Boosthive.

Path Of Exile Chaos Orb Farming

Many games have a perpetual gameplay loop that goes ‘get equipment to get more money to get better equipment’ and so on and so forth. Well, the same goes for Path of Exile. Despite having no money system, players get by in the rather unforgiving world of Wraeclast simply by using PoE orbs that they purchase from Playerauctions. These orbs are common enough “drops” and they are what NPC vendors exchange your items with. Even if you say crafting is a viable way to get better stuff, you still need currency to get supplies to make things.

So on that note, here are a few ways for you to get Chaos Orbs (the uncommon currency) in PoE.

Farming Chaos Orbs

The short of it is, running maps as quickly as you can while selling more valuable loot is the fastest way. However, that requires the following:

  • A significant time investment
  • A character with a proper build for it
  • Strict enough filters to weed out less valuable loot
  • A routine that maximizes efficiency above all else
Img source: YouTube

That last bullet point can be elaborated on by a fast item appraisal and organization strategy. You’re going to need to spend the least amount of time organizing your loot to what you should sell to other players and what you can sell to vendors.

Preference plays a big role in farming. PoE’s class and skill systems open the potential for innumerable builds. The build you choose should focus on clearing maps in as little time as possible. Then you’re going to train up a single character for this sole purpose. As you play more, you’ll get a sense of which maps may or may not be possible for your character. That, in turn, lessens the time you need picking through maps to run.

All in all, you’ll have to invest a considerable amount of time to be able to raise efficiency to an acceptable level. Even then, you’re also going to spend more time running maps again and again for the chaos PoE orbs. As for the filters, they’re there to streamline your appraisal. You don’t have to sort through as much loot as when you take every little thing. Then again, it’s your choice to manage that.

Additional Notes

Img source:

You’ll find other farming guides that recommend certain runs. While that’s well and good, they’re going to be useful only if you can run them efficiently. If it’s not something your character can do, just go and run those that you can. Maybe you’ll be able to revisit it, maybe not.

Delving is another popular suggestion. It is for higher-leveled characters that are built for delving. Your choice to do this depends on how you would weigh risk and reward, as well as the efficiency of it. It could also do for a refreshing activity after running maps all this time.

You may use prophecies in your farming runs as it will increase the value of what you can loot. Also, leveling gems as your farm is a good way to get high leveled gems. For selling or improving further, it’s your choice.

Of all the tips here, the most important is to keep enjoying the game. Have fun farming PoE currency!

About Garena Free Fire APK – Tips & Tricks

Garena Free Fire is a mobile game which works on Android as well on iOS. The main point of this game is survival and it has come to redefine this survival genre. There are lots to be covered in Garena, so let’s see how this game holds up.

Garena Free Fire Gameplay

The gameplay is similar to other forms of battle royal type games where you will be suddenly thrown off from an airplane and will land straight into an island. This island will be filled up with other people. There your first major objective will be to find ammunition, first aids and weapons of course. Then your job is really simple- gear up to destroy anyone you see so that it is you who is standing at the end. But it really isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Img source:

How are the Game Controls?

In Garena Free Fire, there will be a lot of controls you will have to be mindful of. There you will find an option to duck, attack and also to take cover on the floor. Of course, you are going to struggle a little in the beginning. But it’s better if you adapt to it fast or you will be killed in the game.

Are Graphics Good?

Once you will enter the arena you will understand that it really isn’t a high spec game. So while graphics play a big role for some, a mid to low spec game has its own advantages. These types of games will easily play on cheaper phones.

Some tips and tricks

  • Focus on character, not skin: Those pants, t-shirts, and hats look good on your character, but they are just wearable items which don’t give any advantage to your character. Keep in mind that since cosmetic items are sold off in exchange for diamonds, use that feature to focus on other important tasks. Characters, on the other hand, do provide an advantage. There are 8 as such in Garena. Two called- ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ are unlocked for you. Then the other six have benefits like faster sub-machine reload, lower damage incur outside the safe zone, faster driving speeds and more. Choose your character carefully and play to your strengths. You can use a Free Fire Mod Apk to unlock all the characters.
  • Notice the red: In Free Fire Apk, you will find your sights going red sometimes. Don’t ignore that, that is a warning. It means that there is an enemy in front of you. So if you shoot, you can secure a hit. But of course, it depends on your aim too.
  • Vehicles: Only use vehicles during the early stages of the game because a moving automobile is just a red blinking light which tells everyone where you are at. At the beginning when everyone is fighting with each other, your enemies won’t pay that much attention to a target moving away.
Img source:

Use Garena Free Fire Mod Apk to stay on top

You can take advantage of using this Garena Free Fire Mod Apk in the game. It will give you almost unlimited diamonds and coins on your game account, so you can buy all the items you want. You can also unlock all the playable characters. It is also very easy to use and you don’t need to root your device. You can download best Garena Free Fire Mod Apk from .

Overall, Garena Free Fire is a good game to play and you will surely enjoy playing it if you can overlook the low specs. These tips given above will also give you an advantage over others