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2020 Honda Passport SUV has 17 Great Tech Features

We finally have a Honda of larger size, which is equipped with tons of great technology. The new Honda Passport is in the fine spot between compact CR-V and the full-size Honda Pilot that has seven seats and three rows. The starting price of the vehicle is $31,990, and with full gear, it sits at $43,680, which is good in this segment. The car has an adventurous spirit and handles off-road and city conditions equally well. Let us now see what technology makes it special.

Lane-Keep Assist

This feature helps the driver by notifying when they are drifting into a nearby lane while your turning signal is not activated. It is subtle but reliable, and it will gently keep you in the center of the lane because it also offers steering assist. Road departure mitigation is included too, in case the vehicle detects you suddenly left the road.

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Blind Spot Notification

Simply take a quick glance to the side view mirrors and check if someone is present in your blind. There are lights that illuminate on the mirrors.

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Adaptive Cruise Control

The vehicle is able to keep you along with the rest of the traffic on the highway. Simply set the speed you want and the car will automatically slow down when it approaches a vehicle in front.

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Collision Detection Sensors

The car will also notify you both on the dashboard and on the head-up display if you are gaining on a vehicle too quickly if they have stopped, or are traveling much slower than you. It also brakes automatically if it must.

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Advanced Backup Camera

The driver can choose between three different views on the back-up camera.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
These features are something you have to be able to use for music, voice-to-text, and maps. Although it is not standard on all brands at the moment, Honda has been including it in all of their new models.

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Automatic High Beams and Headlights

All of the front lights have automatic features in order to save time and increase safety. The headlights turn on when a tunnel comes, and if becomes too dark for driving. The high beams turn on if the car senses there is no oncoming traffic in dark conditions, without any city lights in sight.

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Wireless Charging Pad

To use this, you do not need to have any extra gadgets. Simply put your iPhone on the wireless charging pad located at the front console, and it will begin to charge. This is something very new when cars are concerned, and the users will welcome it with open arms.

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Rainsense Windshield Wipers

When you start noticing raindrops on your windshield, the wipers will already be turned on automatically and adjusted to rain intensity.

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Trizone Climate Control

The rear climate can be controlled through the tri-zone controls from the front, but there are also options in the back. Both cold and hot conditions are well handled in the car, and you will always drive in pleasant temperature conditions.

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Defrosting Side Mirrors

When the outside temperature outside is low and you have to park, the use of the side view mirrors can be a safety concern and a potential problem. Therefore, having the ability to defrost is essential during winter.

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Traction Control Options for Mud, Snow, and Sand

With a simple button push, you can decide between mud, snow, and sand options. AWD is on by default, and on a beach or on a mountain, you are able to set traction control how you like.

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Fuel Economy

In the economy mode, you will save the environment and your money, and get 100 kilometers per 5 liters of fuel, which is 15 mpg. On the highway, it does 20, and in the city 25 in the front wheel drive model, 19 and 24 respectively in the AWD model.

8″ Touchscreen

In 2019, a touchscreen display is a must, but this one is very user-friendly thanks to a wide variety of tech that Honda offers. It includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Navigation, Bluetooth, Phone, Settings, and Audio.

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Mobile Hotspot

The Touring and Elite trims of the model have the Hotspot option available, along with an AT+T subscription.

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120 Volt Household Outlet

In the backseat, there is a 120V household power outlet that allows you to charge a laptop or your kids to plug other devices while on a family trip.

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Walk Away Lock and Unlock

This special addition by Honda is one of the things other brands have yet to start using. When you walk away from your Passport model with the fob in your hand, the car will automatically lock and beep accordingly. When you come back with the key on you, it will unlock and beep to indicate unlocking.

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