Top 5 Pool Accessories 2020

There is nothing better than getting home, getting out of that sweaty office apparel and dipping into your own water to freshen up a bit. You can even open up a beer and a bag of snacks and just enjoy your time inside of the pool. This is definitely one of the best things that can help with stress. Floating in the calmness of the water with nothing on your mind has to be very relaxing.

However, doing the same old thing every single time when you get from home can get a bit boring. So, what can you do to make your swimming time a lot more interesting than it already is? Fortunately, there are various pool accessories you can consider to spice up your relaxation time. Whether its toys, floats or other games, you will definitely have more fun.

Not only will this better your experience, but your kids’ experience too. They are probably spending a lot more time splashing in the water than you do, so think about them too.

Here are some of the best accessories you can add to your pool.

A waterproof and floating speaker

What do you miss the most when you are relaxing in your swimming pool? Most people would answer this question with music and you are probably thinking about the same answer too.

However, getting your speakers and your stereo system out to set it up in your backyard every single time can be an annoying task and you probably have already given up on doing it. Not only is it time-consuming to set it up, but you are also facing the danger of getting them wet, damaging them and you are also exposing your neighbors with music they do not want to listen to. Sure, listening to music in your own yard is completely okay, but when you start doing it every single day for multiple hours, it can be quite frustrating for your neighbors.

So, what can you do? Well, the solution for this is quite simple honestly. Just get one of those wireless and floating speakers, connect your smartphone, play a playlist, release it in the water and just enjoy. They are completely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about damaging them.


If you are looking for a way to boost your level of relaxation while swimming then you should definitely think about setting up a fountain. It’s quite cheap to install one while delivering you much more interesting visuals and creating pleasant sounds of splashing water.

Your taste will determine what kind of a fountain you will install. You could go for a bigger sculpture, to give your pool a “classic” design while you could also go for the option to install a few jets. If you are going for the jet option, we recommend that you put on of those which are adjustable in spray power and the direction.


What do you think about while you are lying down in your pool, floating? Are you thinking about being in nature, birds chirping in the distance, sounds of splashing all around you and a waterfall? Unfortunately, a lot of us either do not have access to a waterfall nearby or going to one can be too costly and time-consuming.

However, if you cannot afford to visit one, then why not put one right there in your backyard? With the help of a professional and a few rocks, boulders or a wall you can create the same experience. Modern design waterfalls are usually made with a wall to follow your houses’ aesthetic, but If you want something more “classic”, then you should use plants and rocks to give your backyard a more natural look. If you need more tips about why you should set up a waterfall in your pool, click here.

Work with your contractor to decide how high it will be since the height will determine how big the splash will be and how loud too. It is important to think about such details because sometimes it can get annoying if you are constantly listening to the waterfall. Although, either way, it will be a much better option than not having one.

Once you set it up, you will definitely be spending more time relaxing in your pool.

Floating Drink Holder

Other than music, what is something that you also need while chilling in your own pool? Drinks! Who doesn’t love getting an ice-cold drink while in a warm pool, right? But, getting out of your pool every single time you want a drink or bothering other people to bring you one is not the best solution, is it?

Well, luckily, there are various products that will hold your drinks right there beside you while you are swimming. These floating drink holders are usually inflatable and can fit several bottles or cans and can even be filled with ice to keep all your drinks cool and ready. You could also use the ice section as a snack tray, just make sure you don’t soak them wet. No one likes soaking wet chips.

Keep in mind, you should get one if you often hold smaller gatherings with your friends instead of throwing big parties because someone can flip it over and all of the liquid will spill into the pool. And that is something that you definitely do not want.

Floating Umbrella


It is quite common that people do not want to get out of the water during the summer because it is simply too hot outside of it. Sitting in it keeps them cool. But, sitting under the sun for hours and hours can be dangerous, risking a sunburn which can lead to even bigger problems such as a fever, blisters, fatigue or headache.

Naturally, you should always apply sun protection on your skin, but to further protect yourself from the scary UV sun rays, you could get an umbrella. What’s even better is that you can get a floating one, so wherever you are in the pool you will have a transportable umbrella with you. This way you ensure that you will never get a sunburn.

The best Fountains in Rome

Rome is literally an open-air museum, so full of monuments and attractions that many of them could even go unnoticed. For example, not everyone is aware that Rome is the town of fountains.

Since the Roman Empire, Romans have developed a complex and yet efficient public water supply system, through their aqueducts. The result of this work is a capillary network of fountains that are still working and constantly enhanced, starting from the modest “nasoni” (literally “big noses”, because of their peculiar shape) to the biggest monumental waterworks highlighted in the most significant spots of Rome’s historic center.

Through the most famous Rome’s fountain, it’s possible to draw an itinerary through a millennial history and culture of the most artistic city in the world. You can check to click here to learn more about these wellsprings. Many organized tours propose a path through the Italian capital’s renowned waterworks, in order to outline some of its most significant periods throughout almost 3.000 years of history. Do you want an example? Try to follow this one.

Image source:

We can start our walk (because our trip through the best fountains in Rome could be experienced going on foot) from Piazza Della Repubblica, a square located a few meters from Termini Station, Rome’s most important railway hub. In the middle of it, we can find the Fountain of the Naiads (Fontana Delle Naiadi), a circular planned waterworks piece of art built at the end of the XIX Century. It features five statues: four nymphs and – right in the center – the fisherman Glaucus. Each figure is depicted while it’s fighting against a realistic or mythological animal: this is meant to symbolize the everlasting struggle between man and nature.

Image source:

Moving towards the historical center, we come across Piazza Barberini, in the middle of which we can find the Fountain of Triton (Fontana del Tritone), one of the most important pieces of baroque art bequeathed to Rome by the genius of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Just a few more minutes walking, and we end up in Piazza di Spagna, maybe the most popular and iconic squares in Rome. There, another Bernini’s masterpiece stands out in the middle, right in front of the equally famous stairway: the Fontana Della Barcaccia (roughly translatable in “Worthless Boat’s wellspring”), an object of admiration from hordes of tourists that every day crowd the square.

Image source:

Stepping towards Saint Peter, we finally find the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), the largest waterworks in Rome, another magnificent example of baroque art. Not only a wellspring, but a real monument, Trevi Fountain is hidden in a small square, but it’s also the iconic Roman wellspring par excellence, at least from the time when Federico Fellini included in his masterpiece La dolce vita the notorious scene in which Anita Ekberg takes a bath inside its waters.

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In Piazza Della Rotonda, right in front of the Pantheon Temple, there is the Pantheon Fountain (Fontana del Pantheon), known for its six-meter obelisk placed (actually more than a century after its completion) in the middle of it. And finally we get to Piazza Navona, another iconic monumental square, with its three fountains: the Neptune (Fontana di Nettuno), designed by Giacomo Della Porta and located in the northern end of the square; the Fountain of Four Rivers (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) in the middle, designed by Bernini; and the Fountain of the Moor (Fontana del Moro), located in the southern end and also designed by Bernini. This waterworks triptych can be considered the apotheosis of Baroque art in Rome and the clearest evidence of how much monumental fountains are an indivisible and unmissable part of its historical and cultural landscape.