What Are The Features Of The Florida CE Requirements For Health Insurance?

In the aftermath of the Florida amendments regarding the insurance framework, there are noticeable changes in the industry. With the flurry of amendments, the paradigm has shifted from the initial set-up to favoring adjusters and producers. These amendments have personalized continuing education requirements and have simplified the confusing structure. Today, licensees can apply and reapply for licenses with greater ease. Not only that, but it has also proved to be pivotal in mitigating the burden on the existing producers and adjusters regarding the workload. The key focus areas in the CE requirements have eased the reinstating and obtaining of the agents’ appointments. You can see more information by clicking here.

Prior to these amendments the industry was facing a lot of issues in terms of meeting the requisite compliance standards. The provisions for specialized training etc. for the producers were not accurate. The industry in general was lagging in terms of professional commitment and level of the producers.


It is also a setback in terms of the level of knowledge and proficiency in the standards of the producers. Though the continuous education commitments are required since the 1993 Insurance Code the effectiveness of these CE courses are found today.

In the compliance period ending 31 October 2014, anyone who has a license to solicit or sell insurance has certain compliance standards. The said insurance producer must mandatorily undergo 5 hours of CE as approved by the department. The commitment hours of the compliance includes Law & Ethics.

This is specially important for both residents and non-residents who fulfill the criteria to appear for license renewal. Apart from the usual amendments to hours and course selections specialized training for specialized subjects is also a valuable addition. It helps to keep the professional standards at par the expectation of the consumers.

A brief look at the core features of the health insurance CE compliance requirements are as follows

Long Term Care Training


All health agents have to undergo training for 8 hours for long term care insurance. Additionally, they are also required to complete 4 hours of training for every 24 month compliance period. The Appointing Insurers have to confirm the training requirements met by the agents.

Flood Insurance Requirements

The state of Florida has also laid down express guidelines vide a notice. This notification states that the licensees who sell Flood Related Insurance must comply with a minimum of 3 hours of training requirements as per the FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program.

Resident Requirements

A producer or an adjuster who has been licensed for a term not more than six years must complete 24 hours training. This 24 hour CE requirement includes a mandatory 5 hour of Law and Ethics and 19 hours of elective credits. Licensees are required to undergo the CE requirement every two years.

A licensee, whether an adjuster or a producer licensed for six years and above, should complete 20 hours instead of the prescribed 24. These 20 hours of training include 15 hours of elective credit and 5 hours of Ethics and Law. These compliance cycles are for agents whose license is obtained on or after 31 October 2014 or later.

The total hours of a licensee’s training commitments include a mandatory 5 hour of Law and ethics course update after every two years, which is related to the licensee’s specific type of license. Licensees holding different insurance licenses should go through a course related to at least one of the licenses held by the licensee. Otherwise, all remaining requisite hours of CE are elective and may comprise any CE course.

Non-Resident Requirements

Non-resident Florida licensees compliant with the Continuing education criteria in their home state are exempt from the Florida CE. Similarly, non-resident adjusters must comply with their home state’s CE requirements or any other state whose adjuster license they have. Non-resident agents are also required to be compliant with the LTC training. This compliance pertains to this state or any other state which meets the criteria laid down within the NAIC LTC model outline.

Course Repetition

Courses cannot be repeated for credits, and a course has to be taken only once within two years calculated from the completion date.

Exam Rules

Online Certification exams follow closed books. This means that the course materials are not available to the examinees in the duration of the exam. Candidates seeking CE credit must secure a 70% or higher aggregate to pass. There is no express bar on the number of attempts that a candidate can take, and therefore students can take any number of retakes to qualify.

Proctor/Monitor Requirements

Licensees must recognize that the course examination must be completed without any assistance from any person whatsoever. In this regard, student acknowledgment includes the further understanding that the violation could cost a loss of course credit and administrative sanction by the Department of Financial Services of Florida state.

Period Requirements

Florida resident licensees should fulfill the CE criteria every 2 years until their’ birth month’s last day. If the licensee has not been licensed for a complete two year by the initial deadline? It will get a 1 year extension.


Carryover Requirements

Students can carry over their excess hours up to 24 hours to the next compliance period.

Reporting Requirements

To report within 21 days of completion of the CE requirements, candidates would require an agent’s license number.

Instructor Credit

Individuals who fulfill their roles in the capacity of instructors for Continuing Education courses can receive the same amount of CE credit that their students receive.


Ultimately, the insurance agents must find out electives that are better suited for their license types and course credit requirements. Adjusters and producers alike need to be equally proactive in identifying the targets for CE requirements and fulfilling them satisfactorily. It is also crucial for adjusters to recognize the importance of proficiency as well as commitment hours. Ultimately it reflects well on their customers and their practice as well.

Thousands of Students Ignore Coronavirus Warnings and Continue Partying

Thousands of American college students ignored all coronavirus warnings from health officials. The students spend time at Sections of South Beach even though the government warned us to limit social gatherings to no more than ten people.

Florida also implemented its own measures and announced 11 pm curfews. All the bars and nightclubs are closed as well.


However, that didn’t stop them, with some even willing to contract the virus instead of canceling their parties. ‘If I get corona, I get corona,’ one of them. ‘At the end of the day, I’m not going to let it stop me from partying.’

Since Florida officials move to expel the hundreds of thousands of spring breakers, we wonder what will happen once the party’s over.

Most of them will return to hometowns across the country where any exposure to the virus could set off a contagion.


“The students who are going and partying at spring break potentially are feeding into a world where they are stuck in their houses for weeks on end later on.”

The Best US Cities to Invest in Real Estate

Many people have enough money left over from their paycheck to save at least a small amount. Over time, this can grow to a much larger amount. Part of being able to build up money and create a nest egg is knowing where to invest. Real estate can form a vital part of this plan for everyone. Everyone can buy a house. People can also find ways to invest in other forms of real estate such as multi-family homes and fixing up a home in the area that might need just a bit of tender loving care.

Some people go beyond. They choose to make all or part of their living as real estate investors. For them, real estate is not just something they do sometimes. It is a real passion. Real estate investors are in luck today. There are many housing markets in the United States that offer incredible possibilities. From the delights of sunny Phoenix to the fun of living in Seattle, investing in real estate in the United States can yield impressive results. These are the best places to invest in real estate in the country right now. Many factors go into making them a good place for any capitalist. From mild climates to low living costs and lots of people who have moved in recent years, these are a good choice for real estate investors large and small.

Atlanta, Georgia

image source: drivesaversdatarecovery.com

Atlanta, Georgia is home to millions and continuing to see incredible growth. This quintessentially southern city has a proud heritage that continues to develop today. Once a sleepy little town in the center of Georgia, it’s now a major destination. Home to the busiest airport in the United States, Atlantans are happy to leave and even happier to return. They need housing. Real estate investors who can provide it are likely to see a timely and hefty rate of return. It’s a good place to look to the long-term as the real estate markets in this city are only likely to see even further growth as the city continues to move in all directions.

Orlando, Florida

With nearly five percent population growth and unemployment numbers at under four percent, Orlando is thriving. It’s a major tourist destination both in the United States and for those in other parts of the United States. When it comes to real estate investing, Orlando offers incredible opportunities for those who have done their homework. Real estate is seeing a ten percent plus growth rate. This number is likely to continue over time and go even further. Property owners who can take existing housing stock and add a few improvements are likely to find lots of people qualified and delighted to move in. The market in this part of the world continues to be strong for the renter as well. Many people choose to stop here on their way to somewhere else. They also choose to put down temporary roots to see if this is where they want to be for a longer period. Thoughtful investors can join be right there with the housing they need.

Phoenix, Arizona

Image source: tripsavvy.com

Phoenix, Arizona has taken center stage in recent decades. What has once thought a sleepy little town in the middle of the west is now something a lot more. This is a great place to bring capital. It’s been the single fastest-growing county in the entire United States for three years in a row. Low property and business taxes make it an excellent place to begin a new venture of any kind. The overall lower cost of living means those who want to start a business don’t have to worry about paying too much for the basics. Investing in real estate can take many forms from merely adding a room to bring in people for a few nights via Airbnb, to putting up brand new homes. According to The Kay-Grant Group, a leading real estate firm in Scottsdale AZ, the low housing inventory means that the demand vs supply will take years to even out. It also means prices on a per square foot for housing basis are also likely to continue to rise ever upwards. Unlike some other markets, this one is no artificial bubble driven by forces that may not continue over the long-term. This is one market that is likely to continue to dazzle investors and keep impressive revenues flowing into any investor’s coffers.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Ohio is a pleasant city in the heartland of the Midwest. Low unemployment rates and a low cost of living make it a good choice for those just starting out and those who are looking for a place to retire. It draws people from the surrounding areas in search of big city life. This is a good place to buy a home. The average home price is about $180,000. Low mortgage rates make it easy to pay that off and own a property free and clean. Renters face comparatively steep rental costs so any investor who can bring in lower-cost rental housing is likely to find many tenants happy to stay here and make that home their own.

San Antonio, Texas

Image source: drivesaversdatarecovery.com

Charming San Antonio has seen lots of solid population growth. It’s a hub for science and technology as well as a place to put down long term roots and enjoy family life. For those who are looking at parts of Texas that might be a favorable place for their investment dollars, San Antonio is a useful stop. Unemployment is well under three percent so there’s an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to find a job. For the real estate investor, this is a city on the move. Many types of real estate in this area including condos make it an easy and profitable place to get into real estate and enjoy the ongoing benefits

St. Petersburg, Florida

Just like nearby Tampa, St. Petersburg is a city that is attracting lots of people in search of a dream and a chance to make it come true. It’s a city with lots of sunshine and an appealing climate all year long. For those who are planning to make this one their home in their golden years, it’s also a fabulous place to retire that offers lots of things to do. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico make for easy swimming year-round along with pleasant outdoor parks. Investors will find a highly growing area with many different kinds of housing waiting for them right here. This is a good place to get a start in the Florida real estate market. Housing options like small apartments can be purchased for a small sum and rented out to people in search of some fun in the sun for a week or longer. Real estate here has done even better than the stock market in recent years.

Seattle, Washington

Image source: komonews.com

Seattle is one of the capitals of life in the northwest. Population growth here is nearly six percent. This makes it a ready market for all those who are looking for housing and want to stay. For the investor, the Seattle real estate market is one that offers incredible rewards. It’s a market that has seen home values climb as more and more people are learning what it has to offer. As one of the nation’s high tech capitals, it is only likely to continue to be a magnet for those in search of a great job. The real estate investor can be right there with them.

Best Places to Buy in Miami, Florida in 2020

Life is a wonderful journey and each new day takes you somewhere else, whether physically or emotionally. We tend to work a lot and establish a living so that we can finally settle down and enjoy the finer things in life while growing a happy and successful family.

However, in order to settle down, you’ll have to find your perfect living location, otherwise, you’ll feel unsatisfied all the time.

Choosing a place to live is not as easy as it seems, and that’s the reason why so many people are constantly moving and trying out new things every year.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best places that you can buy a home in Miami, Florida, so if you have a plan of this kind for 2020, we advise you to keep reading until the end. Let’s take a look.


Why are people moving?

There are many reasons why people decide to purchase a new home somewhere and move together with their family. One of the main reasons is work, and when you find a job that’s so good and well-paid, you can’t say no to it.

Other reasons are overall better living conditions, more excitement, a better night-life and all of those sweet little things that make our lives better. No matter what your reason is, we want to help you choose the best living location, so let’s take a look.



An amazing area that is constantly being on the watch by real-estate investors. This place is great for living both solo or with your family, and in 2020 it is expected that the prices will go up, which makes it a very good moment to buy right now instead of waiting. Wynwood’s rent is pretty high, and according to experts, it is better to purchase a home rather than pay the higher price for rent.

The place has everything that you need in order to not leave the area unless you really have to. This includes shopping malls and centers, all kinds of food stores and a school.  

The famous Miami Design District

We list this area just below Wynwood because they are really close to each other, with The Design District being just a few kilometers north of it. This district happens to be located in a neighborhood that’s called “Buena Vista”, and it’s a wonderful, calm and luxurious place to live.

It is believed that in the next couple of years this neighborhood will advance a lot and the prices will go up, so if you are planning to move, you should do it as fast as you possibly can before the market prices spike. If you end up disliking life here, you will always be able to sell for more than what you bought for.

The Bayshore

Not as cheap as you would like it to be, but this one is definitely considered to be one of the very best neighborhoods in entire Miami. Amazing-looking buildings, beautiful people, tons of stores and shopping malls, endless nightlife and calm areas where you can rest your head for a bit after work. If you can afford it, definitely go for it.

According to Bay Title Company, the prices for the homes in Bayshore dropped a bit in 2017, but they are expected to rise in the future, so make sure to complete your transaction before that happens and you’ll end up saving some money.

Miami Beach


You probably get the surge of excitement when hearing the name of this place, and we can’t judge, it’s an absolute must-visit for everyone that’s alive on this planet. Miami Beach is known to be one of the best places on the planet when it comes to having fun and enjoying life as you should. When we talk about real-estate, this place is often mentioned because people just love investing here, and at the moment the prices are slightly dipped, so you can make some nice profit if you decide to buy now.



Another amazing place that is often the choice for families who want to live peacefully but still be pretty close to the busy city. Kendall is a suburban area, and that automatically makes the prices of the homes slightly lower compared to some of the most buzzing spots in Miami. However, this place has everything that you’ll ever need, so don’t get discouraged by the “Suburban” label.

Kendall is known to be an amazing place to move at if you have children. It has schools, shops, malls, stores, a lot of parks and nature and the air is clean throughout the entire year. If you are a parent, you are probably interested in the school options here but worry not, Kendall has it all. There are a bunch of public schools and a few private ones as well, so your child will have a lot to choose from or even make adjustments if they don’t like one of the places.

Miami Gardens

If you are currently struggling a bit with your economy, Miami Gardens is a place that has quite affordable prices of family homes and condominiums. And no, this doesn’t mean that this neighborhood is a bad place to live in. It’s a great place for raising a family and although it doesn’t have a busy nightlife, you’re just a few kilometers away from it, but as a parent, that should be the least of your worries.

Miami Gardens has a few public schools nearby, as well as one or two private ones. It has many places to eat, relax, and a couple of bars to have some fun and get a drink occasionally. It is quiet, clean and the residents are very friendly. You will always see the beautiful palm trees when you go outside and you’ll have a great time raising kids if you choose this location.

So, that’s it for today’s list, we hope that we helped you make a good decision. All of these places offer something different, and some are better for solo-life while others are perfect for raising a family. Feel free to choose the one which seems most appealing to you, and we wish you good luck with your moving.








Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Quotes Prove that He is Absolutely a Family Man

Besides jumping over buildings and punching the bad guys in the blockbuster movies, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is known to be a real family man.

The actor, known for his performance in “Fast and Furious” shared a photo of him and his daughters, Tia and Jasmine, on his Instagram account. The photo was captured on his 47th birthday, and he is holding both of his daughters in his arms. He emphasized that they remind him of the true values in life and that they are a motivation for him to work hard.

source: themix.ne

He is also a father of a 17-year-old girl, whose name is Simone. Due to the fact that she is his eldest daughter, Johnson surely devotes his time to her as well. Last month he shared how proud he was of Simone on social media. In other words, he stated that Simone has graduated from high school and she was excited about going to college at New York University. The post was found to be hilarious by his followers since it included a photo of Simone dodging a kiss from Johnson. Together with the picture the actor wrote: “I love you and one day you’ll stop pulling away from my beastly arms & kisses.”

Another proof for the statement that Dwayne Johnson is a family man certainly lays in the way he treats Lauren Hashian, his longtime partner. In a long message for the Mother’s Day, he called her the anchor of their family. He then wrote: “If you got a good mom then you have real shot at life to become a good human being. As a father and man, I find the greatest peace and gratitude in knowing our baby girls here, Jazzy & Tia have this incredible woman’s, motherly love.”

source: shafferforjudge.com

Before becoming an actor, he was a very successful wrestler. However, his career turned in a different direction, and now he has an upcoming movie called “Hobbs and Shaw” whose premiere is expected in August. Not only has the role of a loving dad in his movies proven to suit him perfectly, but he also seems to be the perfect dad off-screen.

Thanks to posts on his social media, his fans get the insight into his parenting life, which quite often turns into situations filled with humor. For instance, the story on his social media in November was about the situation when Dwayne was preparing to leave his home in Florida and go to work. However, he was suddenly stopped by Jasmine, his daughter, who is three years old. She would not let her dad leave without painting something on his face. Johnson captured this funny situation, joking with her that she should paint something which suits his complexion.

source: huffpost.com

Another example of the special bond between Johnson and Jasmine was the situation from last week when she needed help in constructing the Barbie dollhouse. What happened is that he was preparing for his workout, and didn’t want to skip his morning routine. However, his daughter got involved in his plans and asked him to help her with building the dollhouse instead. On that occasion, the actor said: “Of course I can sweetheart – daddy can do anything, but let’s get mommy because she’s awesome at this and wanted to personally put it together for you.”

Many of Johnson’s Instagram followers found this situation hilarious, whereas others didn’t like it, commenting that he didn’t want to help his daughter.

Besides his jokes with his children, Johnson tries to teach them very important life lessons. For example, in 2016, his then one-year-old daughter Jasmine had, as he called it, “amazing philosophical conversation” on Labor Day. Apparently, they talked about respect and hard work. He further stated: “I told her, ‘Baby girl when you grow up, you get out there and dent the universe thru hard work and sweat. And always make sure you do it in a positive way with class, dignity, and respect.'” He then joked about his daughter’s response: “She responded by poo’ing on me at this moment as she plays her favorite game, ‘Drum time on daddy’s big head.’ It was a good talk.”