Moving to New Jersey – Guide for 2020

Moving can be a very daunting task as you have to re-establish yourself. You will have to cram a lot of work in very little time. If you are an expat, moving is even harder as you don’t know much about your new surroundings.

However, if you are moving to New Jersey, you are in for a treat. The people are wonderful, and it’s without a doubt one of the more beautiful places in the US. You will find yourself in a multicultural environment.

Moving all of your belongings is an issue that you need to think about. You might have a lot of delicate things that might easily break.

You can’t really trust anyone with all that you own. We think the best option for you would be to go with Vector Movers NJ. They are always careful with fragile goods; plus, they are always on time.

Read on and know the answers to the most important questions. For instance, how are you going to make new friends? What city are you going to move to? You will find out everything that you need to know and more.

Visit New Jersey First


Visit the state of New Jersey before you actually move. It’s a very big place with a lot of cities. You should travel around and see some of the cities yourself. This will help you understand what the place is like and if it suits you and your family.

After spending time in different cities in New Jersey, you will see that each city has its own culture. You will find different ethnicities living together, and chances are there are people from your country living in New Jersey too.

People are not unfriendly, so when you are there visiting, don’t feel shy to engage with people. They will give you an insider’s insight into prospects and how things run.

Also, one great thing about New Jersey is that a lot of its cities enjoy decentralization. As a result, you have more options to choose form.

What Do You Want Out of The Move?

There are some important questions that you need to ask yourself before moving to New Jersey. For instance, why are you moving there? Also, what city do you want to live in?

There are big cities in New Jersey and some small ones too. Which type of city is more convenient for you? Do you want to move to a city where there are more expats like you?

Some of the things that you need to think about are a good neighborhood to live in and steady work. You also need to live near a good school for your kids. Luckily, education in New Jersey is the best in the whole union.

But if you are escaping urban life, New Jersey is not what you are looking for. New Jersey is for people who love city life and all that comes with it.

Contact Other Expats

It is always best to know someone in the area before you make the big move. You should get in touch with other people from your country if possible. New Jersey is a very diverse place, and it hosts people of all ethnicities.

They are more likely to understand your point of view on things, so they can give you sound advice on what might cause culture shock. This way, you will know what to go for and what to avoid.

You will need a support system of people around you to help you and your family transition, so start making as many local friends as possible. They, in turn, can introduce you to more friends. Soon, you will be a functional piece in your new society.

Expats.com is a great site that will help you contact expats who live in the great state of New Jersey. The site has a lot of readable material that shares the experiences of other expats.

However, be careful while making friends as not all people have the best interests in mind. Also, if you haven’t picked a city yet, do more research. You might have a better opportunity in a nearby city. So, explore to the end of each possibility.

Shipping Your Stuff


Once you have decided where you are going to move, it’s time to pack your things. Moving can be very difficult as there is so much to do.

You have to pack, do paperwork, and then there is the actual moving, so you have to calculate the time it is going to take to do each of these tasks.

It is always best to pack as little as you can. A fresh start gives you that opportunity to start a new life with new things. Old furniture can be a burden especially if they have wood mites. You don’t want the critters to spread throughout your new house and ruin new furniture.

Also, if you pack less, then you don’t have to pay as much for moving. Things that have been of no use for months don’t need to come with you.

You can sell the old things that you are not taking along with you for some extra cash. It will surely help you out in the first few months. But if they are not in the best condition, give it to charity.

Compare the cost of getting new things in New Jersey to bringing them with you. If you see that it’s cheaper to buy after moving then don’t bother dragging the extra load.

Packing For The Flight


Before you pack for your flight, make sure that you know the airline regulations. Some of the things that you cannot take include certain liquids and materials that can be explosive. You have to follow the regulations properly, or you won’t get on the plane.

Also, pack lightly. It’s a hassle to move around with a lot of luggage once you are finally at your destination.

Coming To Your New Home


You don’t want to come to your new home and find that the electricity or water is not running. Check the utilities first.

Now that you are in New Jersey, experience the culture first hand. You will find a lot of exquisite food from across the world in New Jersey. You will also find lovely bars where you can make a lot of friends.

We hope that you enjoy the beautiful state of New Jersey. It’s a loving and nurturing environment for you and your family.

A Useful Guide for First Time Flyers

Are you flying for the first time?

Yes! Then I am sure you might have some questions revolving in your head related to your journey, where you might be a bit embarrassed to ask queries from your vacationist friends. No worries. Flying for the first time isn’t a hard nut to crack, one merely needs to know the elementary information to avoid any inconvenience during the travel.

As per my personal experiences, I will be sharing a list with all the mandatory items that you should take with you on a long flight.

Let’s start with the booking as it is the first step which may get you crazy if don’t choose an appropriate vendor. Thus, narrow your search for flight booking and visit Faremart.com, a travel booking platform that serves the travelers by providing satisfactory Air Travel services, having access to 450+ airlines.

It provides you with valuable information regarding the do’s and don’ts of your chosen method of travel like the best and cheapest flight, food, holiday packages as well as destination advice.

Once you’ve booked your flight and hotel accommodations, you’re ready to start your adventure. I’m sure this will help you have a much better journey than ever before. Down below, I am sharing some of the best tips that will help you to get over the initial hurdles.

Just go through these points on how to prepare for your flight travel as well as what to do to minimize any discomfort on your way.

Img source: adventure.com

Follow these below-mentioned steps and enjoy your first time flying experience

1. Online Ticket Booking

Online ticket booking is an easy task if you know how to book online as there are a huge number of option (websites) available for ticket booking.

Due to heavy competition in this field, everyone (such as online websites, travel agents, airlines, etc.) wants to win the game by convincing you for taking their services where the whole process goes puzzling and you might get confused to select the right one.

So, to make your first flight enjoyable and reasonable go for checking out the official sites of the airline you wish to travel in and check for its offers and deals for your travel destination. The airlines you choose must be comfortable to make your trip memorable, and also make sure that the cost of your trip comes under your budget.

However, if you wish to buy tickets from a website, make sure you check its ratings, reviews, services, policies, and popularity so that you leave no chances to suffer in your first try.

It is recommended to do some research on all online ticket booking sites, compare their costs, duration, timing and flight type(like unstoppable, stoppable), discounts and offers, flexibility, and most importantly the flyer’s reviews of that airline that will help you decide the best one to proceed with the flight booking.

2. Complete Homework for Your Necessary Travel Documents

The primary and most important thing is your passport so firstly gather your passport if you are traveling internationally then your TSA document. Your boarding passes, the hotel booking confirmations or the tour confirmations.


Most of the flyers worry about arriving without the necessary documents, and it mostly happens with the first time flyers due to nervousness. So, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your journey without any tension as you have already made the checklist of documents you needed.

  • Passport
  • Tickets/e-tickets
  • Visa
  • Onward tickets
  • TSA documents
  • Travel Insurance

3. Baggage Allowance and Packing Strategy

It’s always advisable to read the baggage policy properly while booking the tickets as you have to pack your luggage according to your airline’s baggage allowance policy.

Also, make sure not to carry those things which are prohibited in your booked airline. You should plan and pack your luggage according to the policy as the luggage weight to the dimensions all matters while you are traveling via air.

Always pack the needed stuff or right one with lightweight. For this make a checklist of the necessary stuff you required at your destination means – weather wise – place wise and the days you are going to spend there.


It always right to do your homework correctly on the airlines you are going to travel. As all airlines have their different rules for different routes(like domestic, international), so always check your airline’s policies and the baggage limitations before traveling to avoid any hassle situation.

Read all the instructions properly and also check the carry on luggage restrictions on a flight as many airlines allow limited things in your hand baggage and some of the stuff in your check-in baggage.

Also, they provide a list which you can’t bring in your hand baggage so to avoid any mishappening you need to be careful with all these things.

Keep in mind how much weight you are willing to haul around with you. As a general rule, pack as light as possible and keep a little bit of room for souvenirs or purchases when abroad.

4. Reach the Airport Early

Don’t Be Late! The habit of being punctual is an essential quality. As I have already told that every airline has its own rule and own set of policies so we can’t compare between them. So whenever you booked your ticket always check their check-in timings and according to that you should reach at least one hour before.

So, you need to reach there before two hours to hassle-free check-in. You arrived early so you can complete your check-in on time and there is no need to be in a hurry which is a most relaxing feeling.

Generally, when you see in airport maximum people are running here and there to catch their flight as they are late so to avoid those type of situation you should arrive early to the airport.

Sometimes due to the confusion of terminal, gate number, the flight scheduled or depart time, etc. people miss their flights, so it’s better to check twice all these details as you are traveling the first time, so it’s obvious that you are not familiar with these processes and the places.


The best way to relax is not to think too much and enjoy every moment, Or you can explore the airport which is a very interesting place, with multiple shops, variety of people and lots of food. Also, you can relax on their lounges and tank up before your flight.

5. Be Patient

Maybe you are nervous as you are flying for the first time. Sometimes you feel a bit confusing on the Airport but don’t worry; at that moment you can take the help of airline’s employees or the security staff. Airports are busy places, and often, you will experience different types of travelers here.


6. Check-in and Document Verification

The check-in desk will be the first stop for your document verification. It’s just a formality to make sure you have all of your documentation in order.

Here are the steps that will help you to find your way at the airport:

  • Keep your ticket nearby–  to avoid any delay and to get the terminal quickly
  • Use a trolley to carry your luggage, and you can get the trolleys stacked near the entrance.
  • Bring your I-card with you, as you will need to show it whenever anyone asks.
  • Once you arrive in, then head to your airline queue with your ticket and id proof.
  • Need to go through security and get your baggage scanned.
  • After security check-in collects your boarding pass.
  • If you have already checked in online and choose the seat of your choice, then it’s good otherwise try your luck at the counter.
  • Check your boarding pass, collect your baggage that you are carrying to the cabin and proceed to the given terminal.

(One can even get an e-boarding pass on his/her mobile device, especially when you travel with popular airlines. Air Canada boarding pass, American Airlines e-boarding pass, Etihad boarding pass, etc. can be downloaded on the device and can be scanned at the security check and while boarding)

  • To get to your terminal, you have to cross security, and here the security staff scanned your body and checked if you are carrying any prohibited things.
  • Once you are crossed the security check-ins, collect all your items from there and proceed to the gate where your flight will come.

7. Proceed to Your Gate

Here the gate number is mentioned in your ticket where you need to move and take the flight. But sometimes due to traffic or weather issues, the gate number has changed so keep your eyes on the airport monitor and ears on airport speaker so that whenever any changes happened, it should be known to you.

So no need to be panic, relax and enjoy the experience of your first journey. Also seat nearby your assigned gate so that whenever the airline staff announced for the boarding, you can easily reach to the gate.

Img source: Money.com

8. Board the Airplane

Now the time has come for which you are eagerly waiting; the boarding. When the gate agent or the airline staff called for the boarding then make sure that you have carried your all belongings as sometimes people forgot their things in the airport.

So be comfortable and don’t be in a hurry, checked your belongings properly, and then left your seat. When you proceed to the plane, check your row printed on your boarding pass and according to that, take your place and set your luggage or handbag you have carried in the cabin.

Remember, airplanes aren’t as comfortable as your living room. SO you need to adjust a bit and keep your belongings in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

9. During the Flight

Now your journey has started and the plane takeoff to your destination. Here most of the time the flight attendants come and offer you some beverages like coffee, breakfast, dinner, soup, etc.

Sometimes these things are complementary, and its cost is added to your tickets only, but sometimes it is chargeable. They are generally accepting the card payment but if you have cash then also manageable. But try to keep cards with you for any payment and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Img source: thefearofflying.com

Also, don’t do overeating while traveling.

I suggest you go through these tips and boost your confidence in enjoying your full journey. See everything needs a plan so before traveling, do your proper homework with the airlines and prepare yourself for air travel, which makes your first journey remarkable and stress-free.

At this point, you should be Up, Up, and Away! Enjoy Your Flight!