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Make Your Second Date Successful with Our ‘Fresh Out of Movies’ Date Ideas

Are you currently above the moon, celebrating your successful first date? Feeling as if you just got everything you planned for your date. But honestly, it’s not the first date that decides your love life’s fate and whether you will enter a long-term relationship or it’s going to be just a meh-kinda date. “It’s the second date you should worry about.”

A second date does not necessarily mean it’s all good and romantic, but it’s just another step to get to know each other for the third, fourth, fifth, or possibly numerous dates for the rest of your life. Let’s get you onto the road of an immaculate second date with our ‘fresh out of movies’ date ideas.

1. Take Out to a Meaningful Place

First dates are usually for getting to know each other, involving in light casual conversations. If you have made it to a second date, which we assume you did (that’s why you’re here), it’s time to plan for your second date because it is as central as your first date or maybe more than that. Think about the conversation you had and arrange the date at a place meaningful or special to the other.

2. Go On Romantic Long Walk


Wherever you chose to plan your date, a long walk home or around the place back from your date destination is a must. We are so used to seeing couples in movies, holding hands, walking around the streets, having an umbrella above their heads (because rain is so normal and you don’t want to mess up your love life), and enjoying each other’s company—the definition of ideal ‘It-couples’ of the town.

We can’t provide the perfect partner to hold hands with, but we can help you create the exact movie scene when you find one. To get an automatic LED umbrella to create the best romantic walk vibes without worrying about the bad weather or wind, you can click here.

3. Build a Cozy Fort

We all have seen numerous ‘cozy date on the terrace’ type of scenes in the movies that we are simply obsessed with the idea of it. It may sound too fast for some to be at someone’s home on the second date, but what we are trying to say is to get the idea and modify it. Decide on the destination to set up your cozy fort. It could be at the beachside, park, home garden, apartment terrace, etc. Next, place a comfy rug or clean sheet and put cozy cushions on it. Get fairy lights to complete the vibe of your date.

Note: Don’t forget to prepare your picnic basket.

4. Tie-dye matching shirt

Isn’t it too soon for matching shirts? You might be thinking after reading this idea, but we believe if you felt the connection on your first date, then this will only help you bond more. Instead of buying matching shirts, tie-dye it yourself. It’s easy, cool, and fun to do.

5. Set Up a Karaoke Bar

You have to open up more to others if you want a healthy and long-term relationship. What could be the best way to bond with your date in a comfortable environment than a planned karaoke? Sing your favorite songs with all your heart as you are the original singer of those masterpieces. Ask your date about his music taste and other hobbies.

6. Stargazing

If you want your date to think, ‘Awe, he planned our second date just like a hero-in-the-movies-would-do,’ the best idea is the stargazing date. Connect under the beautiful starry sky and score a chance for your third date. You can arrange the stargazing date on your rooftop, near the window, garden in your colony, beach, or even your home lawn.

Note: Select the place and time for your stargazing date when it’s quiet so you can enjoy your soon-to-be-couple time.

Bonus Ideas – Does Fancy Always work?

The exact answer to this question is no; it does not. If you and your date have enough understanding to try a second date, it implies you have a spark deep down in your heart. Now, you don’t want to lose the chance to find the potential love of your life by putting extra pressure on being all fancy and stuff. Try these bonus ideas that will surely help you to keep going in your might-be-my-soulmate search.
  1. Cook a hearty meal together. (Couple that cooks together, stays together 😉)
  2. Arrange a Home-spa date to relax those stress muscles and engage in long conversations
  3. Plan your musical concert in a mesmerizing garden
  4. Watch a movie in a walk-in cinema and be cozy in the car
  5. Go on a long drive and prepare a car-date
  6. Be romantic in ferry boats and make unforgettable memories
  7. Visit a historical place together (meanwhile, you can create a historical relationship too 😁)
  8. Hit a nearby beach and plan a bonfire night

7 Signs That Screams There Will Be No Third Date

Now that we have talked about the possible ideas, fancy or simple, to help perfect your second date, it’s time for the red flags. If you’re out there googling ‘how to tell if a second date went well,’ then these signs can be of help. How? Well, if you did not do any of these 7 things, you are good to go and hope for your future dates.

  1. Don’t be ‘special guests are always late’ type of a person if you want to continue the little dates
  2. Weird ‘straight out of a joker movie’ outfit is a no-no
  3. A chatter-box is never welcomed (Let the other person speak too)
  4. Continuous use of a cellphone is not cool at all
  5. Imposing your menu preference on the other is rude
  6. ‘What your parents are like,’ or ‘what do you want to do with your life,’ can be red flags for your possible third date
  7. Don’t be a fake no matter what


To be clear, what romantic series or rom-com you have watched all your life, it’s not easy to score a successful first date. And if you are lucky enough, it would be a miracle if you got a chance to do a second date because, well, to be frank, most of us here don’t.

What are you waiting for? Make your second date perfect with our ‘fresh out of movies’ date ideas. Try these yourself and share them with your friends for their better love life.

Top 7 Best Netflix Movies for a First Date

Meeting someone you click with on a dating platform is always exciting. The virtual medium presents such a relaxing platform, somewhere you can shed any inhibitions and start getting to know a potential partner. After developing a rapport you can start chatting about activities for your first date. One of the most popular of all is enjoying a Netflix movie. had asked their users and based on this poll they’ve come up with seven of the best that will make your first date a guaranteed success.

The Other Guys

Comedies are always a terrific icebreaker for any date night. In this offbeat example, the typically overly-wacky Will Ferrell tones his performance down to play a pen-pushing and browbeaten NYPD detective, Gamble, who is partnered with the more headstrong Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg). Plodding along from day to day, Hoitz, itching to get back out onto the street, pounces when a minor case quickly develops into something much bigger. Sidesplitting chaos ensues, but the heart of this action-comedy is the rapport between the two leads. They grow to respect each other, while proving to their colleagues they are far from the pushovers everyone thought they were. Chemistry between partners? Perfect first date entertainment.

Bird Box

First date choices will tend to focus on romcoms or thrillers, but sometimes an out-and-out horror film is just what’s needed to get the adrenaline rushing. There aren’t so many jump scares in this post-apocalyptic science fiction drama, no vampires or seriual killers, but it’s the unseen evil that makes this much, much scarier than any monster movie. A mysterious force has decimated humankind, with the survivors clutching the knowledge that they are safe as long as they can’t see the entity. Sandra Bullock, a highly versatile performer who might be more familiar from her sexy but slightly kooky rom-com persona, is perfect as a mother determined to protect her children. With potential danger lurking around every corner, they embark on a perilous river journey, made more trecherous by the fact they need to stay blindfolded to survive. With every twist and turn, you and your partner will be snuggling closer together.


Here’s an unusual movie to tie in with your date, as you keep the remote control in one hand and your refreshments in the other. Michael (Adam Sandler) is an architect who stumbles upon a fantastical remote control. This does so much more than change the channels on a TV set. It has the power to fast-forward or rewind to different parts of his life. Essentially, this is taking the premise of the hugely successful Groundhog Day – what would you do differently if you could control time – and giving it an even more potent twist. Sandler may be the movie equivalent of Marmite – some of his roles are cringeworthy, others side-splitting, but here he tones down the trademark gurning and goofy voices to make the most of the simple but brilliant plot device.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Are Marvel movies ok for a first date? Isn’t it an assumption that the person you are getting to know better is guaranteed to be a superhero fan? You don’t need to fret – this feature, starring the ever-likable Paul Rudd as the titular Ant-Man, and Hope van Dyne as Wasp, is a standalone feature you can get engrossed in without having to appreciate the lengthy back-story of so many similar films. Unlike a lot of these movies, that can be over-reliant on jaw-dropping special effects at the expense of 3D characters you can truly invest in, Ant-Man is grounded in more basic emotions. Sure, the central storyline is about humans magically shrunk to the size of insects, but as well as introducing a whole new universe – literally, at everyone’s feet – it has a lot of heart. The female lead character is also foremost in the action, a definite bonus in a superhero universe so often dominated by testosterone and alpha males.

When We First Met

Sometimes the best Netflix movies for a first date are the good, old-fashioned romances, although this feature also involves a bit of time traveling! Noah (Adam deVine) meets Avery (Alexandra Daddario) at a party one Halloween. He falls for her, only to be friend-zoned. Fast-forwarding three years, Avery has become engaged to someone else. Noah has the power to go back in time and influence events to try and engineer his preferred outcome. Altering time has become a familiar trope, introducing so effectively in the aforementioned Groundhog Day, and more recently, in About Time. But here you can’t help but fall for the blend of laugh-out-loud moments, and the sparkling chemistry between the actors. Emotions frequently run high, which is perfect for your viewing experience.

O Brother, Where art thou?

Over the years, Ethan and Joel Cohen have unleashed a whole series of memorable, thought-proking comedies. This is one of their best. It’s the USA in the mid-1930s, at the height of the Great Depression that caused so much hardship. The plight of the three main characters, Ulysses (George Clooney), Pete (John Torturro), and Delmar (Tim Blake Nelson) is worsened by the fact they form part of a prison chain-gang. Managing to escape, the loveable trio embark on a true odyssey (the screenplay is based on Homer’s classic fable), with Clooney and friends singing joyous bluegrass songs, and encountering sirens,and an actual one-eyed Cyclops (John Goodman as a Ku Klux Klan leader, overseeing his racist numbskulls performing an elaborate dance routine during one gathering).

Step Brothers

What better way to conclude a choice of date night flicks than an over-the-top comedy, starring Will Ferrell and John C Reilly as Brennan and Dale, two spectacularly lazy and incompetent man-children, living and leeching off their parents? When their Brennan and Dale’s respective parents move in together, the sworn enemies clash at every opportunity. At one point Brennan tries burying Dale in the garden, which exemplifies the intensity of their antipathy. But slowly, grudgingly, friendship and love are kindled. Ideal for your blossoming relationship!

Top 7 Great Movies For A First Date

What are the key ingredients for a successful first date? Firstly, you need to find someone compatible, another single you can build a rapport with before inviting them to a restaurant or cinema date. The most recommended way of accomplishing this is to sign up to a dating site, where you can browse through the profiles of other members, taking your pick from this treasure trove of talent. Checking out an outlet like Beyondthecharter will give newbies pointers towards the terrific range of outlets there are to choose from. When you have developed enough chemistry and are chatting about your first date, a cozy evening spent streaming movies will always bring you closer. Here are seven of the most recommended.

Roman Holiday (1953)

This classic rom-com features a princess (Audrey Hepburn) and a reporter (Gregory Peck), who is out to show her around the famous sights of one of the world’s most romantic locations. Hepburn won the best actress Academy Award; as did the excellent screenplay.

Ghost (1990)

Memorable for its scene where Sam (Patrick Swayze) woos Molly (Demi Moore) over a potter’s wheel to the strains of ‘Unchained Melody,’ this romantic fantasy was a massive hit. Sam is murdered early on in the story, but his spirit is channeled through a medium, Oda (Whoopi Goldberg), as he attempts to warn Molly her own life is in danger. The sparring between Oda and Sam, trascending this world and the next, becomes an entertaining diversion, while the real villain eventually discovers the grave long-term outcome of his evil actions.

Anchorman (2004)

This perfect date night outing pokes fun at the male-dominated TV news environment of the 1970s, with Will Ferrell in fine form as he clashes with and then falls for his new female counterpart, Christina Applegate. With a fine supporting cast, including Paul Rudd and Steve Carell, there’s a laugh every other minute. Any early date is bound to be frought with some awkwardness, so the reason this feature is so ideal is mainly down to Ferrell’s loveable character, even as he is playing someone who is, outwardly at least, a bit of a chauvinist dinosaur. Many of the scenes become ridiculous, such as a streetfight between rival news teams, involving various deadly weapons. But because this is enacted as slapstick, with nobody getting hospitalized, you and your partner can just bask in the sheer stupidity of it all.

Her (2013)

Science fiction may not be everyone’s idea of an obvious first date choice, but Spike Jonze’s film is romantic and thought-provoking – there are no deadly aliens. The twist here is that the lead character, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) falls for a computer voice, Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). This might seem like an absurd premise, but the storyline explores his depth of emotions, so the unfeasible becomes plausible.

The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019)

The highest-grossing independent film of the year, this charming tale focuses on the unlikely friendship of Zak (Zack Gottsagen), a young man with Down syndrome fleeing from an assisted living home, and Tyler (Shia LaBeouf), a poacher on the run from fishermen whose property he vandalized. Their road trip takes them down the scenic North Carolina coast, as social worker Eleanor (Dakota Johnson) first tries to persuade Zak to return, then assist him follow his dream of becoming a wrestler. What makes this film so worthwhile as your first date movie is the way you invest in the characters. As with so many examples of US independent cinema, the action takes us far away from the big cities on the West or East coasts, and presents a less hectic background where the characters shine against the scenic backdrop. Tyler, is a tattooed, backwards-baseball-cap wearing upstart, frequently spitting disdainfully, being pursued by even coarser assailants – one of whom has ‘redneck’ inked on his neck. But when you’re getting to know someone on a first date, it’s always gratifying watching a plot unfold where opposites attract. On the one hand, Eleanor seems almost too refined to be interested in someone as rustic as Tyler. At the outset, Tyler just wants to shake off Zak’s uninvited presence. But as the mismatched trio continue their odyssey, the way they bond is a joy to behold. The scene where Zak eventually gets to make his debut in the wrestling ring, as his alter-ego ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon,’ is terrific.

JoJo Rabbit (2019)

Critics questioned this film’s taste, but there can be no denying many aspects of the Nazi regime were ripe for satire. Here the titular character (Roman Griffin Davies) tries his best to be a Hitler Youth, although finding out his mother (Scarlett Johansson) is harboring a Jewish girl (Thomasin McKenzie), tests his ideology. This tension isn’t helped by the appearances of his imaginary friend, the Fuhrer himself (Taika Waititi), who also wrote and directed this comedic gem. In amongst the genune tension of the brutish SS guards searching for Jewish fugitives, the villains are all played as hammy caricartures with exaggerated German accents, ensuring the sense of absurd comedy prevails. Rebel Wilson and Sam Rockwell relish every consonant of their Teutonic dialogue. If you can spend your first romantic get-together, cosying on a couch, dipping into a bucket of popcorn, while laughing at Adolf Hitler, your relationship is only going to get better and better.

Some Like It Hot (1959)

At the peak of her tragically short movie career, Marilyn Monroe exuded innocence while oozing sex appeal. Here she is perfectly cast as Sugar, a ukelele player and singer in a traveling all-girl band. This troupe is joined by two male musicians, Jerry (Jack Lemmon) and Joe (Tony Curtis), impelled to ‘drag up’ while fleeing Chicago gangsters. The ensuing comedy, as Joe courts Sugar while Jerry fights off an amorous millionaire admirer, is two hours of comedy gold. The most memorable scenes occur when Jerry and Joe are making the most of their female alter-egos, Daphne and Josephine; particularly when Daphne returns from a date convinced she’ll make a fortune from alimony payments.

How to gain more information about a person before going on a date with them

So, you want to know more about the person you are planning a date with, but you probably do not want it to be a comprehensive background check or something that you will have to pay to use. With a little help of the Internet, you will not have to. Of course, it is normal that you want someone normal for a date and it before you start the digging, you should know and understand what you are doing and what impact it might have. While you can find out a lot of information about a person, you should also be cautious about the information you can find. Here are some tips on how you can find out more about your date:

1. Find and use free public records

You can use public record websites, since all you will have to do is enter the person’s name, pay a small fee, and you will be able to get more information then you were looking for. However, in a lot of cities, there is a possibility of you getting records for free and without any effort. You should start by checking out the free public records search directory. Of course, you will need to know the name of the person and where they live in order to get information about them.

Img source:

2. Use people search engines

And we are back to our best friend, the Internet. The Internet will offer you several search engines that are going to give you various information about the person you are searching for. It is a perfect way to find enough data that you can later cross-reference to find exactly what you want. For example, will offer you a chance to do a background check on your date in order to avoid being tricked. So, you will be able to get truthful information on people that you will want to go out with.

3. Cross reference what you know

While search engines might be helpful, regular search engines might also provide you with some info. This will work if you already possess some information that you can cross-reference with the things you find. For example, if you know the person’s email address, you can start by searching the whole address, however, you can also shorten it and find even more information about the person.

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4. If everything else fails, you will always have social media platforms

Generally, you will probably want to stick to the tips mentioned above, however, if you are not getting any results from the previous options, you can try searching for someone on Facebook. By friending someone, you can gain access to their profiles and wall, simply by adding them as a friend. You will be able to browse through their photos, videos, and the posts they made and in that way, you can come a little bit closer to actually figuring out what they are like.


If you are worried about someone before your first date or if you simply want to have more information about someone, you can use the tips and tricks above to find exactly what you are looking for.

Tips on how to make your first date special

When it comes to going on a first date with a special girl or guy, you will probably want to impress them. However, when you try to impress someone, it often comes off as unnatural or a bit weird. Your date is probably not there to hear all your achievements or listen to how you are reviewing yourself. They just want to get to know you and have a normal back and forth conversation.

Did you meet someone that you really like, but are really nervous to go on a date with them because you do not want to ruin it all? Or did you use an online dating website such as w4m maps, and now you have a date, but you do not know where to take them? Do not worry, here are some tips for making your date perfect:

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1. Suggest a special date – one way to make sure that you and your date will be memorable is to choose a date that will stand out from the crowd. Instead of going to dinner at a fancy restaurant or going to the cinema, try choosing something that will make it special. You could invite them to an art show or to a painting class, you could ask them to go to an arcade, or you could ask them what their favorite snacks are and enjoy walking through a park while munching on their favorite snacks.

2. Choose an activity that will provide talking time – in order for you and your date to be memorable, your date should get to know you better, so make sure that you will be able to talk during the first date. Picking a fun activity instead of sitting down and discussing thing will help with the awkward silences that sometimes happen, and it will give you time to talk about something. You could try playing mini golf or bowling, playing pools or darts, as well as going to a theme park or carnival.

3. Pick an outfit that will say something about you – in addition to picking clothes that make you look good, you could also try choosing clothes that will say something about yourself. If you enjoy music, you can wear a shirt with your favorite band’s logo, this could give your date information about you and it will also provide you with some great conversation topics.

4. Be yourself – do not try to impress your date by acting like something that you are not. Being yourself will give a long-lasting impression because your date will know that you are telling the truth about who you are. Also, you will have a better time and you will be able to relax and be yourself.

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5. Be a good listener – listen to what your date has to say and show them that you actually listened to them by repeating something they said or by asking questions about what they previously said. Try not to interrupt them and do not talk a lot about yourself. Also, do not forget to make eye contact and repeat parts of what they said.

6. Keep the conversation going – do not try to get to know each other for the whole conversation since it can destroy the vibe of the date. Instead, you could try to point out things that are happening during the date and make comments about those things. For example, if there is music playing, you could make a comment about it or if there are street performers, you could stop and listen to them playing for a while.


There are many tips and tricks, recommendations, and suggestions that could make your date perfect, but the most important one is that you should always be yourself.

How To Make A Clothing Statement On A First Date

Fashion is changing all the time, and what might be in trend one month will very soon be replaced by another thing and style. Saying this, it isn’t something easy to follow and as we know women are quite obsessed with it. Exactly because of this women usually look for clothing advice and spend numerous hours in front of their wardrobe figuring out what to dress. And this is absolutely fine – as long as it not a stressor or is unpleasant in some way.

As we know, the first date is pretty scary for a lot of people though there is no reason for it. They think the first impression will make it or break it and thus get all anxious instead of being relaxed and enjoying the time. There is no point in pretending to be someone you are not, and your best chance is to simply be as comfortable and listening as you possibly can. And when it comes to the first date clothing is once again really important. A lot of women try to look their best but make certain mistakes in the process usually by thinking too much about it.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips on how to look the best on your first date!


What Not To Do When It Comes To First Date Clothing Style

  1. First and foremost is of course not to simply take something out of your wardrobe and wear it on a date. You want to look fresh and ready and those pants that you have been wearing for the whole week probably won’t do the deal.
  1. On the other hand, while you should look fresh and ready, you should still not stress too much about it, and be comfortable. The thing is as soon as you start coming up with numerous clothing combinations something is going to get wrong. Thus, stay simple.
  2. Along with that, there is no point if you are wearing something that you never tried out before. Long story short doesn’t try to be too ambitious with your clothing style when it comes to a first date. Dress something that you look nice in, and what you have been complimented on.
  3. Also, don’t let your clothing style make you unapproachable. Certain women looking for men tend to dress in jumpsuits or pullovers that will make them look like they are not open for anything outside of business talk.
  4. Last but not least don’t wear something that will make you feel uncomfortable. You want to enjoy the date and not stand up to fix your dress all night.

Tips On Clothing For The First Date

  1. So as mentioned above the point is to dress something you have been complimented on and something you are comfortable in. Wash and prepare your clothes the day before and simply put it on once the time comes. If you are comfortable, you will be able to enjoy the talk much better while still looking and feeling beautiful.
  2. Go with the colors that you like. Colors do have a certain role and wearing the ones portraying your personality is a good choice. For example, red is the sign of openness and sexiness, while the more elegant black will let your partner know you are one of the serious women looking for men and not someone to be joked with!
  3. Wear something that makes you feel positive, and what you enjoy. Don’t try out new clothing combinations that you wouldn’t really like just because you think that is how you should look. Everyone has their own style, and you should prove yourself through it!


Okay, fashion might not be that easy to follow but getting dressed and ready for a first date shouldn’t be a problem. Follow certain tips, stay relaxed, dress something you feel comfortable and nice in and rock the night!