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The Best Financial Planners In Brisbane

Having issues and problems with your money? Stressing out on your financial security? Do you want to get in touch with a professional to make sure your decisions are the right ones? Don’t worry, for we got you covered. There are a lot of financial planners out there, all with their respective expertise and insight available for you. And in today’s article, we are going to talk about finance, financial planners and we are going to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Why Hire One At All?

You might be thinking right now, “Why the need to hire a financial adviser? My money is completely safe with me and I am capable of making investments and management on my own. Plus, there is always the internet. I have nothing to worry about at all.”

We are not going to argue with you on that. You can do what you want with your money, and no one is going to tell you otherwise, unless you do feel like hiring a financial planner. Thinking about what to do with your finances is your decision, and when making decisions this big, you may want to look for some professional guidance or expertise to make sure that your end goal is met, and that you would not regret making a choice or two.

If you tackle planning, it will pay off in more than just one way, and that is what professional financial advice is all about.

Think First About Your Financial Status

You don’t have to be rich just so you can undertake financial advice, and you can benefit from investments and stocks, regardless of your financial state. To hire a planner lets you open your eyes to the reality that you may or may not be managing your expenses properly. They will let you know if you are spending too much or too less, and save you from any unpleasantness that may arise at any given time.

Is The Planner Legitimate?

Make sure to check if your planner is registered. A legitimate planner also has to have an AFSL or Australian Financial Services License. You can check this with minimal effort. You don’t want to have your finances and plans discussed with someone who is not reputable and capable of bringing you quality results.

Another good starting point is a referral from a friend, who also has a long-term relationship with an adviser.

Are You Comfortable With A Certain Adviser?

There are many advisers in Brisbane, all with specializations in various fields of advice (e.g. insurance, shares, etc.). You are going to want to make sure that you are comfortable with the one you choose. Take a breather, and assess if you are happy and comfortable with one, and if you are not, an interview with another planner is not a bad idea at all. Once you do have an interview, you can make sure to get the most out of it by asking the planner very critical and important questions. It is very important that the relationship you want with your adviser is the long-term kind.

They Minimize And Reduce Risk

Financial planners are there for you to make sure your money gets where you want it to be. They can help you determine the amount of risk and minimize it at no greater cost. They will discuss stocks and investments with you, assessing the risk of each one and thus, allowing you to choose what you want. They also help you understand the value of a company, and ensure that you understand what you are investing in.

They Help You Know What To Look For

The financial well-being of a client and the ability to provide knowledge and expert advice is what makes a financial adviser. You may consider a plan, but many people instead prefer an adviser who is fee-based, meaning that the client directly pays them for the services and the advice they can offer. A good planner puts your needs ahead of their own, and keeps your best interests at heart.

Emotional Decision-making Is Avoided

At a certain point, you are going to fall prey to your emotions. You might get confident and purchase stocks when the market is overvalued, or you may think that you can precisely time it, completely ignoring the risks it may hold or maybe get caught in the fear that you may be missing out and start purchasing all sorts of stuff. All of this is completely normal – after all, we are but mere humans who commit mistakes all the time. A financial adviser can help you stay afloat and stick to your goals. They take a look at things from a different perspective, and sometimes are less likely to be emotional, but that is all part of their profession.

Now, You’re All Good To Go

Financial stability and health does not exactly happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort. You have made it this far in life trying to make sure that your money goes where it should, avoiding all those unnecessary expenses, and have plans for a better future.

By this time, you have read all the benefits that come with hiring a financial adviser. With one, you can guarantee that your finances are in good and efficient hands, without you stressing out and overthinking what your next plan would be. You have the option to choose what happens with your finances, and we are positive that you can manage them on your own, but a good, reputable adviser will totally help you out with that, plus you will learn a thing or two along the way that will aid you in becoming a more efficient individual. The next step for you now, is to grab your phone and get in touch with an adviser in your area. Don’t worry, for they will take your income into consideration, and regardless of its status, you can be helped.


How Digital Advisors will change the way we invest


Digital advisors came about just as the great recession just began. As firms were forced to cut costs, they saw artificial intelligence backed financial analyst as a cheap solution to sustain their income in a tough period.

The early proponents launched services of digital advisors that were comparably cheaper than the their human counterparts. It was no surprise that the rise of the digital advisor industry would take the financial world by storm.

Since then, many the industry underwent many changes. The market has expanded considerably. Features and services offered grew. And many more personalities continue to influence different styles and philosophies. As the mobile industry developed along with it, digital advisors have become unrecognizable from what it was when it started. Today, app-based digital advising services have become accessible in a tap of a phone screen.


Nowadays, it has become apparent that the digital or robo advisors is here to stay. Many organizations have offered their own iteration of the service. Even non financial companies are offering the same services. Here are a few predictions for the digital advisor technology for the year of 2019.

Human financial advisors fighting back


In about a decade ago, financial planners ruled the financial world. They were almost untouchable and being a successful one would need more than just an ivy league MBA. And most importantly, they were expensive. Today, however, by being forced to compete with a machine that basically offer its services for free, financial planners are forced to cut their service fees to more reasonable margins.

They are now trying to prove their worth to a financial climate bent on saving every penny by cutting off the middlemen. It seems to be working in recent years though as even CEOs of digital advisor companies admit that it is all simply a fad and that the interest stems from the richest individuals probably wanting to simply experiment.

However, the digital investment trend is getting more complex and have crossed boundaries beyond index fund investing or portfolio rebalancing. Platforms with more advanced natures will be lead by smart analytics and encompassing risk analyses to go further than the usual investment portfolios. Summing it all up, it should produce much better results from sound advices that are specifically tailored for investors and with better risk management solutions.

A new market for digital advisors


The surge of immigration in the US estimates an additional 8 million more muslims in the US by 2050. Currently, there are already 3.45 million muslims in the country which composes up to 1% of the total population.

One tenet of the Sharia law, the doctrine which muslims abide on, prohibits interest collection. This means that it is forbidden to receive interest accrued from a payment by a borrower to a lender. As such, islamic banks and other institutions are wary of ventures that offers such. Sharia law also discourages investment in companies that sell haram. These include tobacco, alcohol, weapons and swine.

Some digital advisors are now being reprogrammed, repackaged and sold as a Sharia compliant version. They sometimes label these different versions as halal portfolio options. And several islamic institutions as well have created their own versions of digital advisors that were developed with complete compliance to Sharia in mind.

There are also other niche markets that the digital advisor industry can go into. Stock only investment portfolios, christian investment portfolios and those that are focused on a gender and/or a race.

Banking will deep dive into the digital advisor industry


Digital advisors have already taken other areas of financial management by storm. Banks, keen to take advantage, have taken notice and started offering loans to these digital advisor backed investors.

The banks may also plan to push the envelope further by integrating their customer accounts with digital advisor platforms. They can choose to integrate their debit and credit card services with partner digital advisor services.

More and more digital advisors are also looking to move into the banking sector to further expand both their legitimacy and their market space. Even newcomers, and mainly app-based solutions are now taking a foothold in the banking industry through the current trend. All of these digital investors will have firm competition against traditional financial services that have taken a foothold in the banking sector.

Digital advisors will contribute to sustainability


Investment giants see a sustainable future with digital advisors, their existing portfolios and their current sustainable management firms. It can be noted that more than a quarter of all the investment dollars are being injected into socially responsible investing.

More and more investors are wanting to join in on the revolution to save the planet earth. They clamor that their assets should be aligned with efforts that to slow down global warming, looking for alternative energy source and ensuring clean drinking water for everyone in the foreseeable future.

The digital advisors come at a time where investors have become more socially aware. This creates a demand for iterations of the technology that shows a quantifiable social impact in their investments.

Non-financial companies will release their own digital advisors


There is a growing interest in the non-financial market of digital advisors. Currently, several digital advisors have already been released from this sector. Some companies are offering affordable financial services through a monthly subscription with no minimum investment requirement. These services are often acquired through the internet with no representative from the selling company. These apps are greatly simplified and often only asks three categories in which to put in the customers’ investments. These are conservative, which yield low returns but are considerably less risky. Aggressive which give high returns but are more risky. And moderate which is halfway between the two. Customers can also choose to build up its own portfolio through their company stocks but currently, trading these stocks is not a feature.

The current trend in finance see a rising interest from every sector in automation. It will not completely wipe out the need for a human touch but will elevate the use of human instincts to manipulate financial outcomes through decisions made from thoroughly processed data.