The Island of Jamaica: Travel Guide


The tropical island of Jamaica, also known as the “land of wood and water,” got its name from the Indigenous Taino people who migrated to the island 2,500 years ago. Its unique history and African heritage heavily influence Jamaican culture. Initially inhabited by the Taino Indians from 1,000 BC., through the early 16th century, their culture thrived until the arrival of Spanish settlers. Due to disease, malnutrition, and slavery, the Taino civilization quickly became extinct. Christopher Columbus and Spanish settlers came in search of Gold and other natural resources, and Great Britain subsequently overthrew the Spanish in 1655.

General Facts About Jamaica

Over the preceding centuries, African slaves were brought to Jamaica, which has contributed significantly to the cultural expressions of music, dance, sports, literature, religion, and art. Here are some general facts about Jamaica that may not have known:

– The capital of Jamaica is Kingston

– Jamaica has a population of 2.9 million

– The official currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar

– The official language spoken in Jamaica is Creole

Jamaican People And Origins

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The Indigenous peoples’ of Jamaica global contributions to society. The original inhabitants of Jamaica were the Taino Indians who occupied the island as far back as 1,000 BC. Throughout the island’s history, the Taino were subject to disease, and harsh working conditions and its original descendants have become extinct. Interestingly, the Taino have created several words, which are still used in the English language today. Hammock, tobacco, potato, hurricane, barbecue, cannibal, and canoe. The Taino helped shape Jamaican culture as well as many others. The Jamaican people enjoy a laid back lifestyle. Jamaica is considered one of the happiest places on Earth due to the relaxed attitude of the Jamaican people. The phrase, “No Problem Mon” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” showcase this relaxed island lifestyle. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of their carefree lifestyle, yet a tropical climate, smooth beats of reggae, and authentic Jamaican cooking may be the cause. Jamaica is considered one of the most relaxed Caribbean countries.

Jamaican Music And Dance

Bob Marley is considered the Father of Reggae music, click here to see how you can visit his house and see one of the best known cultural contributions to Jamaica and reggae music. Reggae music originated in the early 1960s. Mento music predates Reggae and has helped influence its musical rhythms. This musical genre makes use of acoustical instruments, such as the guitar, banjo, and hand drums. There are several styles of reggae today, which include roots reggae, dub, and reggaeton. Reggae is one of the most Internationally recognized musical genres. Jamaican dances are derived from European and African influences. A majority of the dances in Jamaica are centered around religious celebrations. One famous dance in the Jonkunnu, which is typically performed around Christmas time. The Tambu dance is performed primarily for entertainment with a couple facing and moving towards each other. The Gumbay is a type of ritualistic healing dance similar to Myal with extravagant body movements. Jamaica has a wide variety of dances, some popular, and some obscure.

Facts About Jamaican Festivals

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Jamaica hosts vibrant, exciting festivals throughout the year. Some of the most popular festivals celebrated in Jamaica are Carnival and Reggae Sumfest. Carnival is typically observed in March before Easter and features music, dance, food, drinking, parties, and overall a fun party atmosphere. Reggae Sumfest is the largest music festival in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Sumfest is held every year in July in Montego Bay. Reggae’s popularity brings thousands of people to Jamaica each year.

Celebrating Jamaican history at the annual Maroon festival.

During the 16th and 17th century African slaves brought to Jamaica that escaped took refuge in the mountainous interior and isolated themselves. The term “Marooned” found its roots here. During the mid 19th century, slavery in Jamaica was abolished. Many of the African descendants that were marooned returned to the coastal regions. The maroon festival celebrates the peace treaty signed by the marooned slaves and British. The maroon festival showcases Jamaican history and culture.

Jamaican Sports

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Jamaica’s popular sports originated in Britain. Sport is a significant feature of Jamaican culture. Some of the most popular sports are cricket, basketball, football, track and field, boxing, and cycling, to name a few. Jamaican sports go beyond warm climate sports, despite being a tropical island, Jamaica has a bobsled team, as well as a ski team. Jamaica is also home to the fastest sprinter in the world, Usain Bolt. School children in Jamaica are actively involved with sports at an early age.

Jamaica is famous for its track and field athletes. Well known Jamaican sprinters Usain Bolt and Veronica Campbell helped revitalize sports enthusiasm throughout the island. In 2011, Veronica Campbell won gold in the 200 meter World Championships in Athletics. Usain Bolt is famous for having set three world records in a single Olympic game. Usain Bolt is considered the fastest man alive and ran the 100 meters in 9.63 seconds in 2012. Jamaican athletes have collectively won 78 Olympic medals.

Jamaican Culture

The most well-known aspects of Jamaica’s culture are reflected in its various sports and music, followed by its authentic cuisine, and various belief systems. Jamaica has a long, rich history that’s brought to life through its multiple festivals held throughout the year. Jamaica’s cultural contributions to the world have taken this small tropical island nation too places as far away as Alberta, Canada.

Facts About Jon Barinholtz

Jon Barinholtz is an American writer and actor. He is famous for portraying Analyst in Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter. Let’s learn more about his life, career, and earnings.


On 26th December 1979, in Rogers Park, Illinois, Alan and Peggy Barinholtz welcomed their son Jon Barinholtz into this world. Jon has an older brother Isaac. They both attended Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School, and then The Latin School of Chicago. His brother is also an actor, famous for starring in Suicide Squad.

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In 2013, Jon Barinholtz came into the spotlight after appearing in One-Shot: Agent Carter. A year later, he showed up in Dumb and Dumber To. He is proceeding with his profession in the acting field, and he has played in a few motion pictures. He also appeared in The Mindy Project. In 2018 film titled The Oath, Jon played Pat. This film was directed by his older brother, Ike.

Private Life

The American actor is very private about his relationship history. He is not married yet. So far, he has never seen with anyone in the public who could be his potential partner. He is single allegedly.

Social Media And Controversies

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Jon Barinholtz is not so active on social media. He is not on Instagram, nor Facebook. He uses Twitter and he has 1.5k followers there. So far he has never faced any controversy in his career.

Net Worth

The American actor is making a nice salary with his acting career. His net worth is estimated up to $20 million. He owns a house in Los Angeles, California.

Interesting Facts About Pawn Stars host Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison

Pawn Stars is one of the most popular reality shows on TV. Every week, people from all over the world tune in to enjoy the adventures of the pawn shop crew, including Corey Big Hoss Harrison. He is often praised as one of the most authentic cast members and has developed a loyal following among the fans. Despite his popularity, there are facts about him that aren’t known to the general public. Here are some of them.

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For most of his life, Big Hoss was overweight, even obese. He peaked out at 400 pounds at one moment. All that weight was playing havoc with his health, especially his knees, which supported it. At one point, he decided enough was enough and took some drastic measures. Big Hose underwent a lap band surgery, which changed his life.

After the surgery, his weight almost halved. He lost 190 pounds and the quality of his life improved dramatically, especially since he followed it by strict adherence to a healthy diet, cutting out unhealthy items.

Pawn Stars changed his life in more ways than one. For instances, he rarely goes into the shop these days, except when the show is filmed or some managerial task needs to be carried out. The shop is staffed by employees now and if you walk in looking for Harrison’s (or any other member of the cast really) autograph, you will most likely be disappointed, since they won’t be there.

Corey Harrison and Chumlee are life-long friends. In fact, it was Corey that for Chumlee the job at the shop, showing that he takes care of his friends. Despite Chumlee being far from an ideal employee, often getting caught slacking off, Harrison’s word was good enough to secure him employment.

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Like the rest of the crew, Corey took part in a fundraiser for Vagos, a local motorcycle club in 2014. The event was allegedly a charitable one, but as it turned out, the money was used for legal defense of Vagos members, who turned out to be criminals and the club was more of a gang than a regular motorcycle club. The press was all over the boys, who claimed that they were duped and didn’t know the true nature of the fundraiser.

In 2011, Big Hoss was arrested for battery and obstruction after a bar fight with another patron. He spent the night in jail.

That wasn’t the only legal trouble he was in. The entire crew was sued by Wayne Jeffries after they sacked him as their manager.

Like many other Hollywood stars, Big Hoss has a personal assistant, mainly to avoid having to talk to fans when he is out on errands.

He doesn’t have any problems being depicted as a bad guy on the show. As he put it: “For a lovable guy, you have my dad. For the super smart guy, everybody loves the old man. The roles assure that the show is well rounded and comes to you every week with a fresh dynamic. It wouldn’t be fun if everyone was the same.”

One thing that does bother him is the lack of privacy. “You do crave normalcy. Sittin’ on the couch watching’ the game and getting excused from an appearance are things I look forward to,” Corey said. “Just bein’ me, the same old Corey as always.” Sometimes being that self could be a challenge.”

In 2014, Corey had a brush with death while on his motorcycle. He was lucky to escape with just a broken arm.

Corey’s beginnings at his grandpa’s shop were very humble. As a nine-year-old, he used to come in and polish jewelry.

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Speaking of the show’s longevity, Core had this to say: “The reason the show has been so successful, everybody has that one thing that might be worth the money. It could be something they bought in a garage sale, or grandma left them with. Parents also like the show because we train the kids into learning history.”

His love life hasn’t the as lucky, unfortunately. He got divorced for the first time in 2015 from his college girlfriend Charlene and remarried in 2017 to Kiki Nejo. He ended up divorcing her a few months later, despite her being eight months pregnant.

Corey’s passion is the fireworks. Once, he and Chumlee spend over $10,000 on it for a July 4th.

Like any other family, Corey’s often don’t see things eye to eye, which can lead to some friction. “I learn a lot from my dad and my grandpa, but I do things in a completely different way,” Corey said.

One thing even his dad praises him for is Corey’s ability to spot fake items people bring to the shop. “You look for the way something is built,” he said. “You see a Prada bag, and you look at the stitching at the back. If it’s a fake one, then they make it really cheap.”

Corey and Chumlee weren’t always the best friends they are today. In fact, their relationship started with a fist fight, which apparently Corey won.

The highlight of Corey’s career in the shop was when former New England Patriot Brock Williams came in to pawn his Super Bowl Ring. He was sure that Williams will come back to buy the ring, but he never did and so it stayed in the shop.

There was never any doubt in Corey’s mind that he is going into the family business growing up, despite his father urging him to seek a different career. “From the time I was a kid, I knew what I was going to do,” said Big Hoss. “What’s even funnier is that my dad and my grandfather didn’t want me to work at the pawn shop, but I was dead set on it.”