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What are The Best Alternatives to Zoom for Remote Work and Meetings

The most popular program for online meetings currently is Zoom. People are now using it more than ever because of the lockdowns and social distancing measures.

But Zoom is not the only program or service that you can use if you need to have an online meeting. Many other options are not that expensive, but also there are free ones.

Here are our free picks:

  1. Skype


Everybody knows about Skype, and probably everyone has it on its laptop or a computer, because it’s available on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android. It can support up to 50 users on one video call, and to use it; you need to have a Microsoft account.

  1. Discord


This app is primarily focused on gaming, but you can easily use it for other purposes. Users can use chat rooms with video and voice calls, but the downfall is that the video calls can only support up to nine users. The good thing is that it has a lot of great features that other apps don’t have. It’s available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, and you can use it on almost every web browser, or you can download the app.

  1. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger


These two apps are separate, but they are both owned by Facebook, and practically they are very similar. Assumptions are that they are going to merge in the future, as well with the DMs from Instagram. Currently, they both have group video and voice calls, but they are very basic. They are perfect for quick calls, but for a professional group meeting, you should find something else. Messenger is available on Web, Android, and iOS, and WhatsApp is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

  1. FaceTime


FaceTime is very popular among people who just want to stay in touch, but it’s also perfect for group meetings since it supports up to 32 people in one group call. But there is a downside for this app; it’s only available for iOS, which means you need to have an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac to use it.

Here are our paid picks:

  1. Zoho Meetings


If you know how to use Zoom, you should know how to use Zoho Meetings. You can host end-to-end encrypted video meetings, conference calls, and even webinars. People that are going to attend those don’t need to sign up or also have the app downloaded, because they can easily access the meetings via a link. But there are desktop and mobile apps available. There are many features that you can use while holding a presentation, and you can record it.

  1. Zencastr


Zencastr is a web-based podcasting service, and you can’t have video calls, but you can have conference calls. Those that want to pay 20$ a month will get an exclusive live editing dashboard and some post-production tools and features. The host needs to have an account, and other participants don’t, they can join via a link.

Both free and paid:

Google Hangouts (Enterprise)


This service is also available as a free version, which is completely good, but the Enterprise version is better. The free version can support up to 150 users, but everyone needs to use their personal Google account. It’s available on Web, Android, and iOS, but it doesn’t have any presentation options, nor the opportunity to record calls.

But the Enterprise version is excellent for corporative use, it can be used for simple text, voice, and video chats, and you can record meetings. Up to 250 users can connect per one call, and you get many presentation options and features.

Create An Online Store That’s Almost As Good As Free

If you want to create online store free, then there may be some options out there. But if you want to create a good, reliable online store for your business and that too at a very low price, then you must consider the Shopify Lite Plan.

Given that there are various free-of-cost options for building your e-commerce store, it can be quite difficult to pick one. A very inexpensive option at just $9 per month, this plan comes with a solid set of features that could beat other options that may be allowing you to create online store free – you can do that here.

Shopify Lite comes at a very reasonable amount of $9 per month

The Shopify Lite Plan can be integrated with your existing blog or website. By doing this, you can start selling custom-made products on your website or blog. So, if you’re willing to continue keeping your blog or website and selling items on it, Shopify Lite makes for a great option.

Let’s take you through the different features of the Shopify Lite plan that makes it an option as good as free – maybe even better!

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

Shopify Lite comes with a dashboard which is very easy to use. There is an activity log on the dashboard with a side menu that’s very easy to navigate through. The Shopify Lite dashboard consists of inventory tools such as track inventory, add item images, add item descriptions, bulk upload products, organize products by category, add vendors to products and so on. It also lets you create invoices, maintain customer directory, and build discount coupons that can be put to use both in-person as well as online.

Source: Relton Associates

Selling Through Social Media

Shopify Lite offers you a fully-integrated Facebook store. If you already have a Facebook page for your blog or website, the Facebook store that you create with Shopify Lite can make for a good extension of it. The best thing is that if someone likes your products on Facebook and wants to purchase something from the store, they can do it on Facebook itself. All thanks to Shopify Lite, now one doesn’t have to exit Facebook to purchase products that they like. This is a win-win situation for not just your prospective customers but also for you. It shortens the process by which you can generate sales on Facebook.

Another good thing about this aspect of the Shopify Lite plan is that the dashboard gets synced with your Facebook store which adds to your convenience. This means that you don’t have to upload your products again and again. When you sync your products with your Shopify account, any changes you make in the products on your dashboard will automatically sync with your Facebook store.

A streamlined and secure check-out procedure adds to the overall experience of your customers. They don’t have to exit Facebook and head to your website to make the purchases.

You can also use the social media platform to create and run ad campaigns to boost presence and bring more leads.

Source: Udemy

Strong Customer Support System With Facebook Messenger

When you’re using Shopify Lite, most of your selling is happening through Facebook only. As such, operating your customer support system through Facebook messenger is only relevant. Along with the Facebook store integration, Shopify Lite also provides a live chat module through Facebook messenger.

This tool under Shopify Lite provides customers with automated responses related to product inquiries. Without having to hire a team to handle customer queries, you can easily deal with your customers on Facebook Messenger.

Another great thing about the customer service channel through Facebook Messenger is that it helps you market your business by sending out marketing messages with appropriate call-to-action buttons. This includes adding the call to action button to lead your audience directly to purchase your product(s).

Enhance Your Previously Built Websites

Apart from the Facebook shopping feature, Shopify Lite offers you the option of adding the Shopify Buy button. It allows you to embed modules for products and collections as well as shopping carts as a part of the package. The Shopify Buy button is perfect for you if you already have a branded website. With Shopify Lite, all you have to do is upload your products, embed the Buy buttons with information about the products right onto your website. As such, selling products through Shopify Lite is as good as selling products when you create online store free.

Source: Shopify

Shopify Payments

You can use Shopify’s payments system to process payments and also add other payment gateways to your online store. You may sign up to avail Shopify Payments through the Shopify dashboard. This will allow you to integrate 100 different types of payment gateways.