expensive homes of celebrities

Top Ten Expensive Homes Of Celebrities

Anyone could take a look at these celebrity houses, and they will be inspired to find a house that will suit them because they want to live in their own version of luxury. Iwillbuyhouse.com and other sites will give you an idea of how you can buy and sell a home with a lot of wisdom.  There are many people who would like to buy new homes or sell their home so that they can move on to something better.  Plus, they could learn a lot studying these celebrity homes.


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Sting lives in a gorgeous penthouse in New York that he spent a lot of money on.  It is the perfect place for people to go when they want to see what it is like to live in the city instead of the country.  His penthouse on Central Park is the best place for people to stay before they go to the city for shopping.  Plus, it has amazing views of more than just the park.

Cindy Crawford

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The bikini model has the perfect place to live for someone who looks so good in a swimsuit.  There are many people who would love to live by the beach when you look as good as she does.  There are many little things about her property that make it perfect as a beach escape.

Tiger Woods

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Tiger has his home in Jupiter, Florida where he is close to the golf courses that he often shares with Mark O’Meara.  It is a massive estate that allows him and his children space.

Howard Stern

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Howard Stern has a lovely California home that has given him a lovely place to raise his kids.  He lives farther away from the mayhem of media than he used to because this is a quiet property that allows him to decompress as he gets older.  Some homebuyers are looking for the same thing.

Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise has a lovely estate in Telluride, Colorado that will make people blush because it is like a log cabin mansion.  There are a lot of little things that make the property quaint, and that makes it easy for him to relax.  This is a good model for people who need quiet.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

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Their estate is in Bel Air where they are close to Hollywood.  It is a good place to raise kids, and it allows them some quiet above Hollywood.


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Oprah’s estate is a lovely palace that was built to make her life as quiet as possible.  It is truly a place where she can center.

George Lucas

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The Skywalker Ranch has its own recording studio, and most people do not even know what it looks like.  It is the place where George built Star Wars, and it has become a thing of legend.

George Clooney

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George Clooney’s Tuscan estate is a thing of beauty that is good for his young family.  Plus, it stands out because it has a regal feeling.

Bill Gates

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The final home on this list is that of Bill Gates who spent over $100 million on the property.  He and his wife have raised their children there, and it is a beacon of his vision for the future.