Evil Morty

Rick and Morty Supporting Characters That Need To Return!

Rick and Morty have been a big hit ever since the first episode of this series. On rare occasions, you are going to hear that somebody that watched this series didn’t like what he saw. Sure, there are people that aren’t that fond of this comedy, but they are a minority.

This sci-fi comedy is going to be back for its fourth season on Adult Swim this November. It is not surprising that we are going to see another season of Rick and Morty since it has been quite popular from day 1.

The show has a lot of supporting characters that are showing up from time to time and that is quite enjoyable. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the characters that we would like to see back in season 4 of this show.



Before Justin Roiland co-created Rick and Morty, he made an animatic for a pilot that was named „Dog World“. So, before season 1 was over, in episode „Lawnmower Dog“ we saw Morty’s dog named Snowball go through a portal to a world where dogs are in command, where they rule.

He looked quite like the dog from „Dog World“ that Justin created before this sci-fi animated comedy. People liked this character and would like to see him back from time to time.

Mr. Poopybutthole


Yeah, first of all, the name is quite funny. Out of the characters that we have seen appear in Rick and Morty, this guy has reappeared more than most. That is why there is a decent chance that we might see him again.

Grant it, this could be hinted during season four so people can prepare themselves and watch this show each and every episode in order to see whether or not he came back.

Evil Morty


It’s fun to see Evil Morty. It’s quite different. That eye patch that he was wearing back in season 3 was really funny looking. On top of that, this kind of character surprised a lot of fans. This was the only Morty that has outsmarted his Rick, so it would be nice for this character to reappear from time to time.



This character is one of Rick’s best friends. The world that he comes from is really unique and that is something that the show can take a look at and explore it even more.

It is why we think that Squanchy should come back to the show. Feels like it’s unexplored territory. There was that time when he was the officiator at Birdperson’s wedding, and that was quite good, while also showing that there are a lot of things that we don’t know about this character.



„Vindicators 3: The Return of the Worldender“ is one of the most interesting episodes. Did Rick expose Supernova as a murderer at the end of that episode, or did Supernova became a hero and Rick let her go? We don’t really know, which is why it would be nice to tie up that loose end that still exists.

Revisiting this character would be a good idea and we think that a lot of fans would enjoy this.



We have seen Birdperson being reborn as the villain named Phoenixperson during the post-credit scene of the first episode of season three. Before he became this character, he was a close friend of Rick’s.

He was quite sad when his friend passed away, or at least he thought that he was gone. That’s why his official return as Phoenixperson would for sure have an effect on Rick, there is no doubt about that. Hence we think that this character needs to be on the show.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Update


Here you have everything we know about Rick and Morty Season 4 and some speculations as well.

Since season 3 of Rick and Morty ended in October of 2017 we haven’t learned much about the next season, season 4. It’s been a year and a half and people want information!

Being realistic, we can’t expect the next season to come before the summer of 2019, but it will most likely even be later.

The interesting thing about this show is that the popularity of the show has grown tremendously during its two-year break.

The actress who gives the voice to Beth is currently working on the show. Sarah Chalke In an interview with ET Canada published April 15, confirmed she’s currently working on the new season. “It’s coming. I cannot say when,” she told. “We’re making them right now though!” All we knew until now was that Justin Roiland, who is the voice for both title characters, was in the studio recording for the show. But if Chalke is also doing it, then that means an audio recording is proceeding.

Is there a trailer?


Unfortunately, we still do not have a trailer for season 4. All we have are a bunch of false alarms that Adult Swim puts out. For example, they put out a bizarre video called “Rick vs Morty”.

How season 3 sets up the events in season 4

Season 3 ended thing in a pretty normal way, which is weird after how season 2 ended very dramatically. The last season, season 3 ended with all the characters eating dinner and everyone making fun of Rick. The way this season ended leaves many different opportunities for season 4 to go into.

No one really knows in what direction it will go but we can guess we will see Evil Morty and the Citadel again.

Do we have a release date for season 4?

Adult Swim still has not put out an official date for the new Rick and Morty season. But our guess is it won’t be before the second half of 2019. In the season 3 post-credits scene Mr. Poopybutthole says how season 4 won’t come out for “a really long time”. This also happened in season 2 and there was a two-year break between season 2 and 3.

How far done is production?

We had a confirmation in January of 2019 that the animation process of season 4 has begun. This was tweeted out by Eric Bofa Nfon.

If we compare this information to season 3, that came out seven months after the animation process started. This would play in nicely into our prediction that season 4 will come out in the second half of 2019.


How many episodes are we going to get in season 4?

Season 3 was planned to have 14 episodes but ended up only having 10. So even if they wish more episodes for season 4, it is realistic to expect about 10 or 11 episodes.

Is season 4 going to have guest stars?

We have seen a tweet by Sam Neill, a star of Jurassic Park that said: “I enjoyed working with @RickandMorty last week ….” with a basic photo from the shows promotional materials. Can we safely say that means he recorded an episode as a guest star for Season 4? Maybe! We sure hope he’s a part of season 4.

We expect many more. In season 3 alone they had 12 different guest stars. We also expect some old guest characters to make another appearance, since they appeared in multiple previous seasons.
Some of the characters we expect to be back are Supernova, the president of the United States, Snowball, and many others.
We expect they won’t change the time of the week the show will air, which was Sunday nights.

Rick and Morty Characters that Terrify us

1. Scary Terry – His name says it all, he is one scary creature that we see in season 1. He has the ability to torture people with their worst fears. The funny part of this character is that this is how he makes a living. Yes, you heard it right, this is his job.

source: non-aliencreatures.fandom.com

2. Snowball – Our next creepy character is Snowball. We do feel for Snowball because he has to deal with being very intelligent but is still a dog. He might deserve sympathy but what he does is still horrible so he gets a spot on this list.

source: mejorimagen.eu

3. Evil Morty – The evil version of Morty is definitely one of the most terrifying creatures of the whole show. Throughout the show, we see hints that he is planning something very evil for Rick and Morty. Also, the eye-patch is creepy.

source: screenrant.com

4. Rick Sanchez –This was a hard one to put on the list. He causes a lot of sympathy with the viewers but then again he causes a lot of suffering to everyone that is close to him. There is no doubt that he is evil, but he is also very much human.

source: highlandernews.org

5. Supernova –a classic tale of a fallen angel. She starts out as a real superhero, but as her story moves along she becomes weaker and weaker morally. In the end, she’s prepared to murder not only her ex-lover but also Morty, who had nothing to do with anything.

source: imdb.com

6. Monster Beth – This creature was actually a result of what someone imagined. Jerry to be exact, her own husband! She might look scary, ugly and grotesque but she’s also intelligent as she manages to escape from the laboratory where they made her.

source: rickandmorty.fandom.com

7. The Devil – Almost didn’t end up making the list because of his mostly businessman behavior through most of the episode he still does a messed up thing. Summer gets left with nothing because of him and that is enough to get a spot on the list, especially after she stops him from killing himself.

source: inverse.com

8. Krombopulos Michael – There is no question he is evil, but then again he is also very likable. That being said we can’t forget that he is still a brutal, cold-blooded murderer. So, he gets a spot!

source: rickandmorty.fandom.com

9. Fart –One of the most, if not the evilest one of all. What he wishes to do is destroy all life, pretty evil right? The way he plans to do it is pretty horrible too. Not to mention tricking Morty into being his friend by pretending to be the victim. Evil!

source: time.com

10. The eyehole man – Such a horrible creature. What even is it? Plus the whole beating people till they die just for buying something commercial. Cruel and sadistic.

source: coub.com