Scientific Posters: What are They Used For and How to Create the Best Ones?

Scientific congresses are events where the results of works, studies and research projects are presented. In recent years some scientific congresses have eliminated the classic presentations in the form of oral communications and all contributions are made in the form of posters. A poster is a document accompanied by graphics, images, and drawings that make the information aesthetically attractive and easily legible. It is a type of communication that allows the concise and clear transmission of the central ideas of a paper and greater retention of information by the reader than simple oral transmission. In addition, each reader can devote as much time as he or she requires, according to his or her abilities and interests. 

The traditional way to present scientific information at congresses has been replaced by a new system: the electronic posters. E-posters are the digital version of the traditional billboards often used in science fairs. Now, the results of the different research projects made by the attendants are displayed on big screens at the congress venue. Thanks to this, the works are no longer made of just pictures and paper: authors can now use audio, video or hyperlinks to bibliography and further interesting information that can be consulted on-site.

These e-posters can be created in many different ways, but the most usual is to upload a static PowerPoint or PDF sheet to the congress database so they can display it on the screen. Another option is to use special software such as https://www.postersessiononline.com/eposters/, which has several advantages: support throughout the creation process, the chance to use previously-designed templates and the ability to easily include multimedia elements.

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Either virtual or conventional, scientific posters matter because they contribute to the exchange of knowledge among those attending academic events. Thanks to them, they have the opportunity to interact directly with the authors and obtain more information if they are interested. Scientific banners offer the opportunity to present research projects or papers that cannot be presented orally: sometimes, the author resides in a country other than the one where the congress is taking place in, or they don’t speak the language. 

Thus, posters help to achieve the ultimate goal of all communication in a scientific congress: the transmission of a message by the author and its capture by the audience. Plus, they are a form of communication with great potential because they enable the concise, clear and permanent transmission of their content, without the time restrictions imposed by oral conferences. Medical posters offer the possibility of establishing direct communication with the author(s) and promotes the one-to-one exchange of opinions with a tranquillity that is difficult to achieve in the context of a large-scale conference.

Unlike a scientific article, a poster is more graphical. A good poster should guide the viewer using a visual logic, showing a hierarchical structure that emphasizes the main points of the work, but without ceasing to be visually attractive. When presenting a research proposal, the scientific poster may contain the following items: background and justification, formulation of the problem, objectives, methodology, and sequence of activities. Optionally, it can contain the most relevant references. Also, it has followed a logical sequence, from left to right and from top to bottom. The reader starts the reading in the upper left margin and ends it in the lower right margin; arranging the information taking this into account will help in its design.

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As the poster is a very suitable medium for the use of graphic resources, it is very important to find a balance between the text, images or video -in the case of e-posters– that accompany it. When creating a scientific e-poster, it is important to choose the best platforms to ensure that your work stands out on the congress you are attending to. You can use their templates to make sure that you don’t make mistakes such as using too bright colors, as this is an academic type of work and they make the reading more complicated.

As per written information, it shouldn’t have more than 700 written words, and it is a good idea to use simple fonts, for example, Arial, Tahoma or Calibri. Also, do not to use more than two different fonts throughout the poster. Special attention should be paid to writing and spelling because every mistake is magnified on the poster. All information included should be checked for consistency (i.e., that tables, figures, and statistical graphs correspond to the data and figures presented in the text). Finally, the author must be able to account for all the elements that appear on his poster.

DJ for your wedding – New modern trend?

Every time when someone mentions a wedding, we immediately think of a very formal event that features some kind of ceremonial or calm country music. And although it is true that weddings are really formal events, it doesn’t always have to be true that ceremonial or country music should be played at it.

Since we’re really embracing modern living and modern lifestyle, a lot of people seem to be doing things that for some might be a little “strange”, but if you really think about it, they’re not. Hiring a wedding DJ to brighten up the atmosphere is something that’s a really great idea, but most people never even thought about it before.

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Before you judge, hear us out. Most people go at a wedding to witness the beautiful moments of two people agreeing to spend their lives together in love, but also to have a bit of a good time. Now, what kind of a “good time” is it if you sit on your table through the entire event and feel a bit bored from the “dull-ish” atmosphere? Well, a DJ is someone who can change that completely.

Now, before you think that we’re trying to convince you to turn your wedding into a rave party, that’s not what we have in mind. A DJ doesn’t always have to play party songs or something that might go wild in a few seconds, but they can definitely choose something that will make everyone have a good time, and make the entire event more memorable.

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Since many people are living by traditions, they never even try to think outside of the box for something like this, so weddings that feature a DJ playing music for all the guests is something that’s getting trendy just lately. According to ProfessionalWeddingDJ, all of the weddings that feature a DJ who is responsible for everyone’s mood, end up being far better than expected. And to be honest, I’ve personally been to a wedding where a DJ was playing music, and it was absolutely great. What’s even better is that people can request songs and dance to their favorite picks as the DJ keeps granting everyone’s wishes. It’s great!

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If you’re planning a wedding in the near future, we definitely advise you to at least think about hiring a professional DJ to take care of the atmosphere, and we promise that you won’t go wrong with the decision. It might seem like something that’s very modern, especially for weddings, so if you are really convinced that you should stick to the old and traditional organic music way, you can mix it up and get the best out of both worlds. For the celebration during the day, organic music is great. When the night comes, a DJ can help you dance your night away and make the wedding something that you’ll be remembered forever. Plus, you might be the first person in your group of friends who will think of something like this, so you might inspire even more people to start viewing this as something that’s truly tons of fun.


How to Professionally Organize an Event

Organizing an event is by no means a small task and it requires careful planning and careful managing of all the aspects of the event itself. When organizing an event you must keep your head cool throughout the whole process if you wish your event to be successful.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the key points that you should be keeping in your mind when trying to organize an event.

1. Define What the Purpose of the Event is

The first thing we understand about the event is what the event is about. Is it a party for the birthday boy/girl; is it a party to express gratitude to your associates and partners; is it a corporate event; no matter if it’s one of the above mentioned, it’s crucial that you understand what the event is, and who is it for. What are you hoping on achieving with this event?

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2. Planning is Key

Good planning holds the key to a successful event, no matter what the event is and who it’s for. Grab a document and start writing the main tasks. From there, cover all the necessary details and expand all the main tasks into subgroups for better planning. Deliver this document to your entire team and hold a briefing to explain what needs to be done. In this point, it’s important to understand that time plays a key role. You should give your people a timeframe where each of the points must be done.

3. Calculate Your Budget

According to Event Organizer Indonesia, calculating your budget and taking into account any unforeseeable expenses will better prepare you for any emergency situations. The last thing you need is anything to happen with the cleaning service or the food, so you will have to act quickly to replace those elements. Replacing, however, could cost you more because everyone knows that it costs extra to do last minute favors.

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4. Pay Attention to Details

You want to impress your guests, and in order to do that, you must have everything prepared. Think about whom will greet the guests as they register; who will be playing the music; what kind of music will there be; will there be a place to photograph with the guests; how will your team be dressed; what will be the topic of the catering.

If you are a big company, and you are organizing a corporate party for your workers, associates, and partners, consider giving away gifts for all of the attendants.

5. Allocate Responsibilities

This one is very important, as I have seen with my own eyes how an event can go in flames if one tries to do it all by himself. Make sure to distribute responsibilities amongst your team. Put someone in charge of the equipment; put another one for music; and another one for registrations; and another one for the catering; and so on. Everyone needs to pinch in and do their best in order for this to work. Everyone needs to be on point that day and not mess up. So that’s why you will need to have people you can trust in charge of all the elements. Spread your original event document to every team member in charge. Coordinate with them throughout the event, and if they are less experienced, lead by example.

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According to PR Agency Indonesia, having a strong PR team can get you out of trouble if some of your key people mess something.

If you are planning a BIG event, it’s important to remember these points as they can be your building block to a successful evening.