European Union

Everything You Need to Know About ETIAS

As one would assume, there are a lot of countries whose citizens are not part of the European Union. However, despite not being part of the EU, these citizens can enter the Schengen Zone without needing a visa. Out of all the non – EU countries, currently, there are 61 which do not require its

EU tariffs on US goods start on Friday


The implementation of tariffs on €2.8 billion of United States exports to the European Union starts on Friday. Some of the goods affected are orange juice, motorcycles, and bourbon whiskey. European Commission imposed duties of the U.S. products after President Donald Trump announced that steel exports to America would be taxed with additional 25% and

Donald Trump Endangers Middle East By Leaving Iran Deal


Donald Trump violated Iranian nuclear deal, and there will be consequences. Imposing Iran with sanctions once again will provoke a disaster. Maybe not an immediate one, but in the long run it will happen. The decision to move away from the deal comes from America, or better say, from Trump. Their allies, UK, Germany, and

Brexit – Who Wanted Out of the EU and Who Wanted to Stay?

Brexit is long behind us, and the people of Britain have voted. The GB will no longer be a part of the European Union even though it has been one of the integral states over the years. Perhaps now is the right time to see how the world was divided on this problem which was