8 Important Things to do Before Traveling to Europe – 2020 Travel Guide

Exploring Europe is probably one of the most exciting ways to spend your holiday. Surely, this is on everyone’s wish list. As you know, Europe is one of the busiest places in the world when it comes to tourism. Every year, millions of people from all over the world are making tours through a couple

Tom Cruise quarantined in Italy Over corona virus outbreak

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, 57, and the crew of “Mission Impossible” which is set to be filming in Venice, have been quarantined over a corona virus threat, which is spreading through Italy, according to the Jerusalem Post, citing British actor Simon Peg. Tom Cruise is said to have arrived in Venice on February 20th to

The Way of St. James’ Routes: Which One to Choose?

Although the name is not plural, the Way of St. James does not refer to a single way, but to the many routes traveled by pilgrims who go to Santiago de Compostela. Given that each pilgrimage begins at every pilgrim’s front door, it could be said that there are as many Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Presents Europe With Demands For New Iran Deal


The US left the Iran deal, but other parties involved are still trying to honor it. Tehran presented a new agreement to the European countries, and the new deal ‘undercuts’ America in every possible way. Despite The US leaving Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), EU countries decided to try and save it in cooperation

This Is How Europe Can Block Trump Actions


The US exited Iran deal, and the sanctions they will impose on this Middle East country could harm European companies. But EU could try and use a tool that worked well for them in the 90s in a situation similar to this. America’s exit from Iran deal wasn’t graceful, and President Trump threatened that he

Will Donald Trump Try To Fix The Iran Deal?


There’s a saying that if something isn’t broken, you shouldn’t try to fix it. Iran deal wasn’t perfect, but it was working. Now, Donald Trump has destroyed it, and it’s on him to try to fix it if that’s something he wants to do. Donald Trump inherited this agreement from the previous administration, and through

Trump’s Iran Decision is Leading US To Another War


The Iran nuclear deal wasn’t ideal from the start, but it was the only one we had. Now that President Donald Trump decided to step out of the agreement he found resistance in allied countries such as Germany, France, and United Kingdom as his stance is one-sided and he offers no alternative to it. Also,

Donald Trump Endangers Middle East By Leaving Iran Deal


Donald Trump violated Iranian nuclear deal, and there will be consequences. Imposing Iran with sanctions once again will provoke a disaster. Maybe not an immediate one, but in the long run it will happen. The decision to move away from the deal comes from America, or better say, from Trump. Their allies, UK, Germany, and