Travel Authorization Advice for Visiting Canada 

If you intend on traveling to Canada in the near future, then you will require some form of visa to provide travel authorization for entering the country. Similar to the US ESTA, an ETA is an Electronic Travel Authorization available for people visiting this country from visa-exempt countries. It forms part of the border control processes defined by the Canadian Government.

Who can apply for an ETA?

Citizens from a visa-exempt country are able to apply for an ETA, this includes UK, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries.

Your application will be assessed and the details you provide will determine whether your ETA is approved (note: criminal convictions or medical problems can affect your outcome). 

The ETA is for people that are traveling to Canada for tourism, business and travel purposes, so any other activities such as employment or studying are not permittable. For anyone traveling to Canada for employment, an employment visa must be applied for. On the other hand, there are TN Visa requirements about which you can read more here

How do I get an ETA?

You can apply for an ETA by completing an online form, in which you will need to provide information such as your name, address, DOB, passport details and some other personal details. You will also need to answer some eligibility questions that include security-based questions including any medical health problems and criminal convictions. For any information related to health visit

Once you have completed the short online form, you will need to pay the ETA application fee before submitting your application. You can find out more about how to apply for ETA on the website. 

Completing the form should only take around ten minutes and usually, it will not take long to get a response confirming whether your application has been approved. If your application gets approved, your passport will be electronically linked to your ETA and when you are at the border control desk when you arrive in the country, the border agents will be able to see you have an ETA.

How long can I stay in Canada with an ETA?

The ETA enables visitors to stay in the country for up to six months at a time. One of the great benefits of an ETA is that it is valid for 5 years, as long as your passport is still valid (must be the one that you applied for the ETA with). During those five years, you are permitted to make numerous journeys to Canada on that same ETA, provided that you do not overstay the six-month limit on any trip.

Entering Canada from the US

If you are visiting the US and then traveling to the country by land or sea, then you will not require an ETA at the border. You will just need your travel documents and ID. You will need an ESTA or alternative visa to enter the US by air, in line with the US border control policy.


Tips For Getting a Visa To Sri Lanka? 

If you’re visiting Sri Lanka for the first time then there are a few things you should know. While every country is different from the rest, one thing that most are synonymous with is a travel visa.

So before you travel to Sri Lanka, you will need to get your visa. Acquiring a visa was easier a few years ago where you could do that just as you arrive. However, things are different now with the introduction of the ETA, which stands for Electronic Visa Authorization. But fear not as the process is much easier and very straightforward.

Who Needs an ETA to Travel to Sri Lanka?

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Basically every country apart from the Republic of Singapore, the Republic of the Maldives and the Republic of Seychelles require an ETA to enter Sri Lanka on a short stay.

How Long Will the Application Process Take and When do I Apply?

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The application process can be done on their website or on other websites that are partnered with the Sri Lanka government. The process of obtaining an ETA should be done in advance before you travel to the country, at least 90 days to be precise. This means that you can apply for your ETA three months before your trip. The process involves filling out a form and paying a fee for the service and government fee. This takes only a few minutes of your time and you will receive the Visa in the next 24 hours. The fee is determined based on the type of visa. For more information about it, you can visit

What is the Validity of a Sri Lanka ETA?

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The two most common types of ETA are “short stay” and “transit” ETA. The “short stay” allows you to travel Sri Lanka for tourist or business purposes and it’s valid for the next 30 days once you arrive. The transit ETA is valid for two days once you arrive and it’s mandatory if you’re passing through the country or on a cruise ship. A transit ETA is free.

How to Apply for the Visa

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To apply for the Visa, you will need to visit eighter the Sri Lanka government website or any other website that is partnered with the government. There are three types of “short stay” visas, Tourist ETA, Business ETA, and Transit ETA.

  • Navigate to the website and change the language to English (you will have an option for it somewhere on the website).
  • Navigate towards the “Apply” section of the website and choose one of the options displayed.
  • Agree to all the terms by clicking on the “I Agree” button which will take you to the next step.
  • Choose the type of ETA you want (located on the left side of your screen – the default is Tourist ETA).
  • Fill up the form – If you have children that don’t have their own passports, then they will be traveling on your information, but you will need to fill that too. There is a section in the same form called “Children Information in Parent’s Passport”.
  • Once you finish, review all the information that you just entered – click “change” if you want to correct something, if not click “confirm”.

You will be brought up to the payment section where you can pay by card via VISA/Mastercard or American Express. Pay the fee and your ETA will arrive via email in the next 24 hours.