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Common Errors Student Writers Make

When you set about typing your college paper or essay, your focus will be on getting your facts across in the most straight forward way, not worrying about commas and semicolons. After all your hard work, it’s a real let down to get your composition back and have little punctuation mistakes brought to your attention. This is because grammatical errors are the fastest way to kill your writing credibility.

Here are some of the most common grammatical errors and how to avoid them when typing or writing.

Subject-Verb Agreemen


This one has caught some of the most prolific writers off guard as it is a really easy error to make. The subject of the sentence (singular or plural) must agree with the verb to which it refers.

Example: Singular subject + singular verb

Incorrect: An important part of a party are the people who get invited.

Correct: An important part of a party is the people who get invited.


Example: Plural subject + plural verb

Incorrect: The two things I love the most is food and wine.

Correct: The two things I love the most are food and wine.

Sentence Fragments


A sentence fragment is a sentence without a subject, complete verb, or independent clause. It is linked to the sentence that precedes it but has no meaning when looked at in its own context.


Incorrect: They went home after the fight broke up the party. They waited for the results.

Correct: They went home after the fight broke up the party and waited for the results.

If you are starting to get an idea as to how complex grammar and punctuation can be from these examples, you are not alone in that conclusion. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid having to address these problems at all. There are custom writing services that have college paper for sale. All you have to do is visit the site and discuss your requirements and when your paper is due.

Missing Comma


Commas are like the pause button in a sentence. They give the reader time to separate the information and think. Commas have to be used after an introductory phrase, clause, or word. It helps to break up words into easily understood phrases instead of being jumbled together in one long sentence.


Incorrect: When the article was written they didn’t even mention the fact that the person was still missing.

Correct: When the article was written, they didn’t even mention the fact that the person was still missing.

It’s/Its Misuse

It’s/Its misuse is a common grammatical error. Sometimes Microsoft Word doesn’t even notice when the word “its” is used instead of “it’s.” An apostrophe is used when the word should read as “it is;” “it’s” is the contracted form of the two words. When “its” is used in a sentence, it signifies ownership.



Incorrect: I think its a plane.

Correct: I think it’s a plane.

Incorrect: The dog wags it’s tail.

Correct: The dog wags its tail.

These examples will help you keep an eye out for the mistakes you might make when writing.

How your essay should look like

An old saying that you’ve probably heard about goes something like: “The pen is mightier than the sword”. And, it is totally true. With great essays, you can conquer the world.

All jokes aside, writing essays is something that everyone should get good at. You never know when you’ll need to complete one yourself, regardless if it is for school or work. Although writing an essay might seem pretty simple and easy to do, you can tell the difference between a well-written one and a bad essay.

Well, you do not want your essay to be categorized as the bad one, so prepared a few tips for you that will hopefully help you write better. Without any further ado, let’s take a look.


What can I do to improve my essay?

Writing an essay requires some practice to finally get it right. And after you understand the basics, it is all up to customizing your writing style. However, before you get to that, let’s take a look at the basics that apply for almost every type of essay you’re going to be writing. If you find yourself in a situation you need an essay as fast as possible, but you cannot make it due to other deadlines or simply the lack of time, you can find one of the writing companies that provide essay writing services .

First, you need to start with the introduction. And although you probably know about this, you need to make sure to do the following things. Make sure that the introduction is not too long or too short. It needs to perfectly explain what you are going to talk about in your essay, but you also need to be careful not to make it too long, and here is why.

If you happen to make your introduction very long, you can bore the reader, or you can give out all of the information that they need to uncover themselves by reading your essay. You need to think of your introduction like a teaser trailer for a movie or a video game. It needs to be intriguing and make the reader want to keep going further.


Then, after you already caught their attention, it is time to start writing the “body” of your essay. This is the core part which will be explaining most of the things that you introduced the reader with a couple of moments ago. Now, unlike the introduction part, this is where you need to make sure that everything is very well explained and no feelings of confusion are created in the mind of your reader. This is usually the longest part of your entire essay.

Finally, there is the ending, which makes your entire essay beautiful. Your ending needs to leave your reader speechless, so we encourage you to do your best when it comes to constructing it. The ending should either give a powerful message or reveal a mystery that will shock the reader and make them say: “how didn’t I realize this the entire time while I was reading?” A good ending is what makes the entire thing amazing, think of it as the cherry on top of the cake.

Tips On How To Stay Ahead Of Your Student Workload

There is really no time off when you are studying. Every hour of the week is usually spent thinking about your chosen subjects or dreaming about them. This can end up being quite a stressful time, especially if you have taken on an additional course or extracurricular activity.

Here are some tips on how to stay ahead of the workload you will experience during your student years.



There are more than a few caffeine-rich supplements, such as Vivarin Gum on the market that has been developed with the student lifestyle in mind. Some students also rely on energy drinks to keep their concentration and focus levels high. These are not good long-term solutions as for every energy high there will be an equally harsh low.

The key to avoiding that crash that comes from the consumption of energy drinks is to stay away from caffeine. It’s alright to have a coffee first thing in the morning to open your eyes and get going for the day. However, continuous caffeine boosts throughout the day will only set you up for an inevitable slump. These happen most often in mid-afternoon, and if you have a lecture then and can’t keep your concentration going, you may miss out on some crucial information.

The best thing to break your caffeine addiction is to get a supplement that contains all the vitamin B variations. These are the best at waking you up, keeping you going, and allowing you to fall asleep naturally at night. They come in the form of an effervescent tablet that you dissolve in water, so it will keep you hydrated and fulfill your need for a soda drink as well.

Getting Your Essays Rewritten By A Professional


Whether you have been asked to change a few things on your essay or rewrite the entire thing, the best tip to staying ahead of your student workload is to hire a professional writer to do it for you. It’s really easy to find one online. You just place your order by ticking the box rewrite my essay, and it will be done for you in record time.

It’s the perfect answer to the question:” How can I complete my new assignments, while still having to rewrite my last one?”

Never Put Off for Tomorrow What Can Be Done Today


This might seem like an obvious statement and not helpful at all, but if you begin an assignment, project or essay on the day it’s handed out to you, you will definitely be able to stay ahead of your workload. The curriculum has been specifically designed so that it tests your time management skills, so keep this in mind when you say to yourself that you will begin the assignment at the end of the month/term.

If you have always been one of those people that did your homework on Friday afternoon so that you could enjoy your weekend, you might not need this tip. If you were the one rushing stuff every Sunday night, remember it’s never too late to change.  

Where to Find Fresh Ideas for Your Essays

Having trouble coming up with new ideas for your essay? We’ll help you overcome your writer’s block!

Creating an essay may seem like the most challenging writing assignment. It requires not only in-depth knowledge of the learned material but also creativity, objectiveness, and experience. Every year, thousands of students worldwide struggle to come up with an essay, but not all of them manage to cope with the task successfully.

You are probably wondering why essays are so important, aren’t you? Well, the answer is simple — while tests and ordinary tasks aim to test your overall knowledge, essays are meant to test your critical thinking skills and creativity. This way admission officers make sure that you are mature enough and ready for life after school.

If you are struggling to come up with an idea for your paper without hiring an expert essay writer, you should think of it as the acid test of your maturity level. It should convey a unique experience, so you’d better avoid subjects lots of people have already written about. Share something personal with your readers. An interesting event in your life or an unusual situation you’ve been in to grab their attention.


Keep in mind that your essay should make the admission officer single you out from amongst other applicants. They go through dozens of them every day, and they are unlikely to pay attention to yours unless it evokes some emotions and feelings.

Try using as many emotional words and descriptions as possible, but be careful not to overdo it. Be natural. Pay attention to every little detail and even dialog. All these techniques will let you establish an emotional connection with your readers.

Tip #1 — Think About Crucial Moments in Your Life

Well, this is not really difficult. Try recalling an event or a person that has had a profound impact on your life. If you have trouble doing it, you can answer the following questions:

  • What is the most memorable thing you’ve ever done? Why did you do it? What made you do that? What was the result of it? What did others say?
  • What has been the saddest moment of your life? Why did it happen? Who was to blame? What did you get out of it?
  • What has been your biggest challenge? Why did you take it on? Do you regret accepting it now? Why didn’t you refuse?
  • What has been your greatest achievement? Are you proud of it? Why? How did you benefit from it?
  • What was the scariest thing in your life? Why? How did you overcome your fear?

This list can go on and on. Pick similar situations from your own life and write about them in as much detail as you can.

Tip #2 — Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

It is always a good idea to write about something that gets people thinking and analyzing. Just take a look at the below suggestions:

  • What if one of your most valued traits of character was missing? What would you do about it? Would the people you know treat you differently?
  • What if there was no such thing as gender equality? Would we all be equal? Would it cause a war?
  • If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? Would it be difficult to do? Why haven’t you changed it yet?
  • How would you describe yourself if you were a completely different person?

Tip #3 — Go Abstract

This approach implies picking one abstract notion and developing it into a real-life experience (e.g., hope, belief, anger, love, fear, greed, etc.). If you are writing about an event, show your readers how faith or love affected its outcome.


Tip #4 — Reflect on Influential Personalities

Think about someone who has influenced your life a lot. It can also be an imaginary person who you’ve never met before. What would you ask them and what ideas would they share with you? For example:

  • Who would you invite to your birthday party? Why? What would you ask them and what present do you suppose they would give you?
  • Who is the biggest inspiration for you? Why?
  • What famous historical figure would you like to speak to? Why them?

Once you have finished writing your essay, you should check it for mistakes and overall readability. Make sure it reflects your persona and contains a unique idea.


It is also advisable to put your essay aside for a day or two and get back to it with a clear mind. That way you’ll be able to spot mistakes you overlooked before or add something to it you didn’t think about before.

You can also have someone (e.g., your teacher or friend) read your story and share their thoughts with you. Good luck!

What You Get From Essay Writing Services

Before you start looking for an online essay writing service, it will be good for you to know what you can get from these companies. Here is a list of benefits you can get from online essay writing services:

1. It allows efficient time management – most of the time, writing an essay can be time-consuming and difficult. This is certainly true for students and people who have a lot of projects or work to be done in a short period of time. People who do not have enough time to invest in writing an essay can benefit from hiring an essay writer. This will allow them to focus on other projects and work without the need to be distracted by the fact that they need to write an essay.

2. You will receive unique and well-researched content – one of the most difficult things when writing an essay is to write it uniquely with well-researched content. Every sentence that is copied can hurt your overall score. Because of this reason, people tend to consider using essay writing services. You will be able to find numerous companies online, however, you should be careful when choosing one. Before deciding on one, read the reviews and experiences of other people to be sure it is a good choice.

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3. It can allow you to expand your ideas – you will need to keep in mind that not everyone knows how to write a good essay. You might be good at gathering information or creating good ideas on how it should look like, but when it comes to writing, you will maybe not be able to put your thoughts on the paper. This is one of the most common reasons people decide to hire these services – they will be able to improve their own writing and the overall quality of the essay.

4. The writer are knowledgeable in their fields – essay writing service is often made up of professional writers with degrees and good academic backgrounds. A big bonus to this is that they are well-taught on how to conduct research, they cover various topics, and they follow a strict quality standard.

5. They can change or improve your already written essay – if you already wrote an essay, but you have the feeling that it is not good when it comes to its quality, you may consider hiring an online essay service to change or significantly improve your content. What they will do is review your content and change it into one that is more readable and professional. There is also a possibility of someone proofreading your essay to check for any mistakes or improvements that can be made.

6. These services are affordable – one of the reasons why many students and people rely on these services is that it is actually quite affordable. For a few dollars, you can receive a high-quality essay that will help boost your GPA.


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A high-quality essay will demonstrate your professionalism and proficiency. It will allow you to prove to your teacher and professors that you actually have the knowledge necessary to succeed in your future career. Online essay writing service has without any doubt become a huge help to most students and there is nothing wrong with paying for these services if you are short on time or simply not able to put your thought on the paper.