Essay vs. Research Paper: Similarities and Differences

Academic writing is not an easy style to master. It poses a challenge for students with its numerous requirements to structure, formatting, tone, evidence, and conciseness. Yet, the fundamental thing is to understand the difference between various paper types and learn their characteristic features. Essay vs. research paper — it is a common problem for students even though they get to write such tasks pretty often. To draw a distinction between these types of academic assignments correctly, you need to know their features and requirements. Let’s see what makes an essay and a research paper distinct.

What Is an Essay?

An essay is a short piece of writing where an author discusses an idea or concept from a certain perspective. The purpose of an essay may vary depending on the writer’s intentions.

What Is a Research Paper?

A research paper is aimed at gathering and analyzing information regarding a certain subject matter. It entails using primary and secondary sources and offering a specific perspective on a topic, supported by qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Differences in Purpose

Essay writing is a creative process, which allows students to express their thoughts in a more open and free way than a research paper. Assigning essays, teachers check students’ progress in analysis and critical thinking. Besides, they also pay close attention to the basics of writing, such as word choice, grammar, and style. In an essay, a writer needs to express his or her personal view on the problem and support this perspective with evidence from other sources. Research is always welcomed, but it is not a must for essays. This distinguishes them from research papers where deep analysis of sources is a core of a successful paper.

Research papers are more formal and thus do not allow as much of the creative freedom as essays do. Teachers and professors require students to conduct rigorous and thorough research on the topic. The result should present a central idea deduced from different reputable sources. You can get a good grade only if your research paper meets this requirement. Your perception of the discussed issue is not as highly prioritized as in essays. That is why many students seek for help online on sites like where they can get a good, quality research paper that will meet their requirements.

Differences in Length

Essays are usually short and take 1-3 pages. However, it is not a rule because your teacher may have his or her own length requirement.

In contrast, research papers usually include from 4 to 15 pages. This allows you to explore the researched question in detail. Apart from the content of your paper, you should also leave space for your sources (books, articles, websites, videos, etc.). All of them must be properly documented at the end of your paper. Format them according to one of the citation styles.

Differences in Structure

Essays usually include 5 paragraphs, namely an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Yet, they can take different forms. The choice of a suitable structure depends on the type of essay and its content.

The outline options for a research paper vary. There are no strict rules concerning their organization, as in the case of other writing assignments. Planning the paper, think about the most relevant factors and present them using the most appropriate form. If you have a basic-level research paper, it may look like an essay, including:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Yet, such a structure is mostly used for lower academic levels. If you are a college or university student, requirements for your research papers will be more complex. You might need to develop a more sophisticated outline. Here is how it may look like:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

Differences in Methods

Essay writing is often reflective and does not require you to gather data or formulate a hypothesis. Therefore, teachers do not require you to use a specific methodology. However, this is not the case when it comes to research papers.

When you work on a research paper, you need to use one or several research methods (qualitative or quantitative), determine dependent and independent variables, work with research questions and hypotheses. Now you know why the mention of the phrase “research paper” makes students anxious. It is a huge chunk of work. Some students delegate such tasks to, which saves them a lot of time. Expert writers know how to conduct in-depth research and discuss a problem from a unique angle. This is exactly what you need to get an excellent grade for a research paper.

Common Features

Students find it hard to differentiate between an essay and a research paper, not without reason. Indeed, they have some common characteristics that make the distinction complicated. Here are some of them:

  1. Both types require critical thinking skills as you need to develop your argument and establish links between ideas.
  2. Although the structure of an essay usually differs from the structure of a research paper, both should be consistent and systemic.
  3. Both papers must be focused on one particular question or problem.
  4. Both types require you to research and use outside sources (books, scholarly journal articles, newspaper articles, websites, etc.) and their correct formatting.
  5. A thesis statement is important for both types of assignments.
  6. An essay and a research paper must be concise and to-the-point regardless of the chosen writing techniques or aim of the piece.

To Sum Up

Despite some common characteristics, an essay and a research paper are different in their purpose, preparation stages, length, and methods. When an essay focuses more on the author’s point of view, a research paper is concerned with the exploration of existing evidence and its presentation from the writer’s perspective. The former usually provides a single perspective on the issue. In contrast, the latter explores a problem from multiple angles based on various scientific findings. Additionally, an essay is aimed at improving writing skills, whereas a research paper is directed on building one’s knowledge. To know such fundamental features of these two types of writing assignments is the first step to achieving high grades.

Major Challenges and Great Tips on How to Overcome Them When Writing an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay writing from a critical point of view, the significant challenges faced by students as they write these types of essays and tips to turn things around for the better.

From a student’s point of view, argumentative essay writing can be a challenging task that may require years of practice as well as writing help and guidance from an expert. Have you ever thought of the critical aspect of writing argumentative essays? Have you had the opportunity to think about the whole process without necessarily following the stringent guidelines that are presented by different individuals? The primary point is to understand what you need to say and devise a way to say it so that your audience is convinced that your position is the best.

But how do you achieve this on paper without straying from your main goal? Argumentative essay writing is not for the faint-hearted, and you need to think outside the box and in a controversial manner to ensure that you gain the full attention of your readers. This may not be the easiest of tasks, and many young writers barely know where to start. In this article apart from the challenges faced by writers, we explore some different but score changing tips on how to write a great argumentative essay.

Significant Challenges faced by Argumentative Essay Writers and how to beat them

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Argumentative essays present you as the writer with the rare opportunity to offer your viewpoint on a given topic, but there is more to come up with your essay than just your opinion. You need to clearly give an explanation and present evidence and examples on your topic. It would be best if you also wrote in such a way that is ethical and shows sensitivity towards other people that have an opposing opinion and beliefs. It is not a chance to mock other writers or individuals, but a chance to defend your position and express the various reasons why you think other people should respect your point of view and necessarily support your arguments.

While this form of writing is made difficult by many research and craft related obstacles, understanding these obstacles can help you to significantly reduce the challenges that you face when you are coming up with a great argumentative essay. Below, are some of the most significant challenges that you are likely to face as an argumentative essay writer and overcoming them may just present you with the ability to come up with excellent papers in this category:

1. Topic selection

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Coming up with a great topic to write about in argumentative essays is not as straightforward as most people tend to think. Unlike other pieces where you need to conduct research on your topic and write a good paper, argumentative essays are a little bit more complicated. In this type of essay, you need to select a topic and then think of an argument that is more likely to attract your reader’s attention right from the very start. For example, you can think about free education. Unlike other essays where you need to explore the topic, you need to consider different points of view on this topic and argue it out. For example, ‘Education should be free for all people’.

You need to think about this topic and discuss it adequately. You need to present evidence that strongly shows the benefits that would arise from encouraging free education. You also need to consider other people’s points of view on the matter and discuss it adequately. You then need to think of an approach that convinces your readers that your stance is the best and should be considered. Prior to picking the topic, you need to ensure that it is a matter that you are passionate about. You also need to think if you will have enough evidence to back up your arguments.

2. Taking a clear stance

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This is another crucial challenge that you need to overcome in order to create great argumentative essays. In the thesis statement part of your paper, you are likely to find it difficult to state-specific views and why they are essential. A good thesis in these types of essays should always contain your position, a course of action that should be taken, and the reason why the course of action is relevant. For example, in your topic on education, you can state, ‘Creating an education system that offers free education to all people can increase the number of literate individuals in society by allowing even the poor to have access to an education.’

Ensure that you come up with a high draft of your thesis and get guidance from your instructors on how to make it more specific. You can also use free and incredible online tools like the Peachy Essay thesis statement generator to help you come up with an incredible thesis statement based on your main ideas and arguments. In this way, you can ensure that you have an excellent thesis statement prior to writing your argumentative essay.

3. Choosing your sources effectively

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The research part of the paper writing process is probably one of the most difficult. You may have access to millions of sources on a given topic from the online platform, but you need to be very careful about the type of research that you use. Many students end up with poorly written and biased papers due to the fact that they do not have the ability to pick out good sources from the many that they can access. Not all information that you come across on the internet is actually useable.

Determining if a source is good enough to use in your argumentative paper is one of the most significant challenges that you are going to face since you always need to ensure that your sources are not biased. Some of the causes may only support one position, which is just not good enough when writing these kinds of essays. Always make sure that you use articles from academic journals or reliable websites that offer well-researched papers that show where the research came from through useful bibliographies. Your inquiry is critical, and using good sources will definitely help you attain good results.

4. Exploring different opinions

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The major goal of writing an argumentative essay is defending your position or viewpoint in a given subject. For one reason or another, this causes a challenge because you are also supposed to honor other viewpoints in your paper. It is very tempting to focus on your main argument without considering what others think, and this is a major mistake made by most argumentative essay writers. They simply ignore the fact that they need to take opposing viewpoints into consideration when writing their papers and therefore exclude evidence that fails to align with their major points.

Whenever you write any form of argumentative essay, you need to consider the ethical part of paper writing that dictates that you need to consider other people’s opinions. Failure to do this makes your arguments less effective and credible. When you consider researching other viewpoints, you are able to think critically and gain more ideas on how to present your arguments. You are also able to gain the goodwill of your audience when you can accept some points that you cannot refute. You need to take this into consideration when writing your argumentative essay.

5. Writer’s Block

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This is a major problem that most writers are most likely to face at some point. You have the idea of what you want to say, but you do not know how to put it down on paper. You simply do not know what to write, lack the motivation, and you do not have an idea what to do to find that motivation. When you are not able to solve this challenge, you will find it extremely difficult to come up with a good argumentative essay. One of the best ways to solve this issue is to take some rest as you ponder over the issue that you are passionate about.

You can also take some time to read some materials related to your topic to since if you get some kind of inspiration to write your paper. When you have been writing for too long, and you feel like you are not making progress, you can also experience the block, and it would be reasonable for you to work out a plan where you note each of the goals that you attain as you write your argumentative essay. It is very important that you approach this kind of paper with a focused mind.

Argumentative essay writing can pose a set of challenges to you as a writer. This is because writing these types of essays requires some form of approach that you cannot easily get used to unless you have the potential to think critically and think of different ways to overcome the challenges that most writers will face as they write this category of essays. Right from the very start, you need to understand your position and make it clear to your audience that you will take your stand and defend it. Applying some of the tips mentioned above to solve the challenges that you face can significantly help you to write better argumentative essays.

How to Write a Great Reflective Essay in 2020

There are different essays that people can write and use. They are being used by students, employees and even business people. It also serves different purposes depending on the topic and type. It is used to point out a certain view, argument or opinion. The topic will be a big factor as it dictates whether it will be interesting to read information or not. Essays are always needed by many people and knowing how to write one is important.

One kind of writing that is commonly used by many people is a reflective essay. So what is a reflective essay? It is basically writing stating your thoughts about a subject. It is your point of view on a topic. It is an evaluation of your thoughts in life. It is like sharing a piece of yourself to your readers possibly to persuade them to move towards your point of view.

A reflective essay is being used in academic courses. Students research  a certain topic to share their personal thoughts. But students who are having difficulties in writing this kind of essay can look for sites that offer services. These websites provide good samples on whatever topic you need. This is how students get help with their school works and still focus on other things important for school. These writing services provide students and others who need well-written and well-researched papers.

But despite many paper writing service sites, a lot of people still want to know how to write a reflective essay themselves. Any tip on how to create a good assignment will be helpful, especially for students. There are websites that can teach people how to properly write different academic papers. There are also professionals who can give tips on writing a good essay. They all can be good sources of information so that one can easily and properly write a paper they need.

Steps to Write a Great Reflective Essay
  1. Make an outline

It is important to make a plan for what you will write about and how to write it. This is when you will be making the draft. Knowing the steps to take to write the outline will help you make a good start in writing an essay. Here are the steps:

  •         Choose a topic
  •         Collect data and information
  •         Read from informative resources
  •         Make the draft
  •         Plan the main parts of the paper
  •         Prepare references
  1. Prepare the three important parts of the assignment

An essay has three important parts. These are the introduction, body, and conclusion. From these parts, you will know what to write in every part.

  1. Write the introduction

Your introduction should be catchy, short and informative. It will give readers the idea of what your writing is about.

  1. Write the main body

This part will reveal the main purpose of your paper. The main body should start with the ideas stated in the thesis statement. It could be about an experience or event. Include the effects, consequences, and results. Include a strong instance or example that will give the readers a clearer view of what your topic is about.

  1. Write the conclusion

This is a general overview of your writing. In this part, retell the story but use different words. Put a focus on the main points of the paper. And put a conclusion on your research using a logical point of view.

Writing a reflective assignment can be difficult if you are not used to it. It is important to plan carefully and study your draft so that the points will be organized. This will help you create a well-written paper. Tips on writing reflective assignments will be a big help to have an academic paper that will be interesting enough for the readers.

A Few Tips on Making a Good Reflective Essay

  • Write about actions and not about people. Never drag or drop names in your writing.
  • Do not use first-person phrases, but your opinions should be based on your own thoughts and feelings.
  • Do not use slang words.
  • Always create a smooth transition when creating a new paragraph.
  • Keep the assignment short but lively and enjoyable to read.
  • Think about the topic carefully and assess your thoughts and feelings for it. This will help you create a genuinely written assignment.

The topic can make or break your paper. It is important that you choose a topic that is also interesting for you. This way, you can write much about it in your own honest opinion. Since this is a reflective assignment, topics will be based on your personal choices and thoughts. There are tons of topics that you can use.

Good Topics to Use for Reflective Essay

  • What are your inspirations?
  • What breaks your heart?
  • What are your special qualities?
  • What are your biggest fears?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your goals in life?

These are just some topics that are commonly used for reflective essays. These topics are mostly based on your personal experiences, feelings, and goals in life. Personal thought will be important in writing a good reflective essay. Keep in mind that it is about a reflection of your personal points and views.

Now that you have written an academic paper, do not submit your work right away. It is time to give it a check-up and see if there are things that are needed to be changed, fixed or replaced. Read the assignment aloud. This will let you hear what you have written and assessed whether it is nicely written. Do an assessment of the points you have discussed. This will let you see if the writing is interesting and good enough to attract readers. And the last thing you should never forget is proofreading of your work. Check the spelling, grammar, and structure. You can use apps and programs that can help you check on these things. Re-reading of work is the most effective way to correct and fix possible mistakes.

After the proofreading and checking, you can finalize the paper and prepare it to be submitted. Keep in mind that a good reflective writing is one that is genuine, fair, and honest. It may possess your viewpoint, but make sure that it will be fair, modest, and unbiased. Keep pleasant statements and make sure you put a smile on the face of your readers.

How to Write a Good Application Essay To Enter UChicago

Writing a good application paper or working on UChicago essay prompts is never easy. An applicant has to demonstrate why they should be given the chance to study at this educational institution. So, the UChicago essay simply has to be perfect. According to Michael Simmons, a blog writer at Essay Assist service, the key aspect to take into account before getting down to UChicago essay prompts is to develop a unique writing style or to find an unconventional approach to admissions paper writing.

Preparation is key when it comes to working on this task. You should find out what the UChicago essay word limit is, as well as look through a few common application essay examples to better understand what kind of paper you are required to submit. What is more, familiarizing yourself with why UChicago essay examples may be rather inspiring. Apart from that, it may help you come up with a unique idea on how to answer the question in the UChicago essay prompts. Here are a few questions from the most common University of Chicago essay prompts:
  1. How does our university satisfy your learning desire for a particular discipline?
  2. Provide a couple of ideas for new spots for the university campus.
  3. Research opportunities you expect to make use of when you get into this educational institution.
  4. Volunteer options at college.

Being original is key when you want to write stellar responses to the University of Chicago essay prompts.

If you have been dreaming of studying at this college for a long period of time, you have obviously started to take steps towards your dreams early on. Yet, you should not forget that the best way to write a killer college application essay is to develop excellent writing skills. In other words, you need to practice as often as possible. Start by taking a look at well-written admissions papers and try to figure out why the applicants who wrote them got enrolled. There is obviously something in those pieces of writing that helped the applicants stand out. You need to figure out what technique or approach you are going to use to follow their example and submit a stellar application paper. It is not easy, but it is totally doable. That is why, starting beforehand is so significant: you will have a lot of time to mull over unconventional ideas to write a couple of drafts and get useful feedback.

Before you get down to college supplement paper writing, you should also familiarize yourself with topics and subjects you should avoid at all cost. They are as follows: writing about the beauty of campuses; a summary of all your accomplishments; sensitive topics that might hurt somebody’s feelings; your volunteer experiences; writing papers on such topics as ‘The Most Important Person In My Life’ and so on. The main reason why you should not even waste your time thinking about these topics is that they are so common and so obvious, the review board is really tired of reading the same submissions over and over again every single year. You should want to impress them. Make sure your paper is the one that really stands out.

Another significant aspect to take into consideration is text structure and grammar. Never submit a piece of writing unless you have reread and edited it several times. Ideally, get a few of your friends to take a look at your piece of writing to see whether they can spot some mistakes you might have missed. What is more, they may also offer you a couple of ideas on how to make your supplement paper more unique. All in all, it is vital to show that you are passionate about a chosen field or discipline in your admissions paper. Don’t be afraid to be specific and to focus on one narrow subject as well. Another useful tip for college supplement paper writing is to do your research about the college you are applying to. This way, you won’t look like a fool, as well as have more ideas on the aspects which you can cover in your text. The last thing to mention is to share your vision for the future. The review committee needs to see that getting a degree at UChicago will be really useful for you.

Compare and Contrast: Important Things You Should Know

In your life as a student, you will have to perform various types of writing assignments. Each assignment will have its importance and requirements. From academic writing to content, you will encounter numerous kinds of writing assessments. One of the most common writing assignments is to compare and contrast essay.

“In this sort of a writing assignment, usually two subjects have the focus; the analysis revolves around finding the similarities (in comparison) and differences (in contrast) than one another,” says Chris Larsen, a writer at WritingMetier.

The importance of such assignments lies with how instructors encourage students to make valuable connections between ideas and text by using their critical thinking, going beyond general summaries or plans, and reflecting on more in-depth analysis.

There are words that people often use simultaneously without realizing how different they are. When it comes to understanding the difference between ‘compare’ and ‘contrast,’ one needs to understand the difference first.

bored young woman with laptop computer

In writing, we compare things that have similar elements, whereas, in contrast, we discuss those that are different. In a compare and contrast essay, we analyze two different subjects by first comparing them and then contrasting them.

The critical thing to keep in mind that for a good compare and contrast essay, you need to choose subjects that are meaningfully connected to one another. The purpose behind such an article is not to shed light on the apparent aspects but illuminate the unexpected, subtle similarities. For example, if you want to contrast two subjects, you would not do it between oranges and apples as they serve differently. However, you might distinguish and compare two different types of apples or oranges while engaging in subtle differences. For instance, concerning the kind of apples, Granny Smiths might be acidic and tart while Red Delicious are sweet. To distinguish similar elements of the same category will allow the readers to understand your essay more easily, serving the purpose and the meaning behind a compare and contrast essay.

While focusing on the comparison, you need to focus on and choose unrelated subjects. For comparison, you may not go for the oranges and apples and their types. Instead, you will compare how oranges and apples are similar. You might talk about how apple and oranges are both sources of carbohydrates. Conclusively, the more different the subjects are, the more interesting the comparison will be.

Structure of Compare and Contrast Essay

For a compare and contrast essay, a clear thesis is outstanding that elaborates on the two chosen subjects, stating why they are being contrasted or compared or both. The argument could light on both aspects of the essay if that is what you are going to do. Remember, the essential element of doing a compare and contrast essay is that you present useful, relevant information to the readers. Here’s an example of a thesis which is more towards contrasting aspect of the article:

Thesis statement: While organic vegetables are more costly than conventionally grown vegetables, they are more useful concerning health outcomes and worth the extra money.

You can organize your paper following two ways:

1. Subject by Subject

Start your essay by writing everything you want to about the first subject you have chosen. Make sure you have covered all the points you wanted to. Then move on to the second subject and repeat the same steps. Give both questions their attention and space. Use several paragraphs if you wish regarding both issues. For example, concerning the apple and oranges example, you might want to start with an introduction on apple, then something about its seasonal important and then about the health benefits followed by a conclusion.

The subject to subject is referred to as lens comparison, and it is a logical choice where you are using one theme to understand the other. For example, you may have a task to compare the poem you had recently read in your class with the one which has always been your favorite ones.

2. Point by Point

Rather than address one subject at just one time, you take one end and compare it with the other one at the same time. Depending on what you want to say, the outcome of this approach might be different. For example, you can describe the prices of apples and oranges in one paragraph, contrasting the healthy benefits of both the fruits in another and so one. The main point you need to keep in mind with this approach is that both subjects need to be dealt with simultaneously.

The strategy you choose for organizing the essay depends on you want to convey the message. Also, it depends on the audience you are willing to connect with alongside the purpose of the article. You might want to consider the approach based on the subjects and their nature. It is vital to keep that in mind as subjects, sometimes, can be better complimented when being compared and contrasted alongside rather than by the subject to subject approach. Once you are done with analyzing the chosen topics, come up with a conclusion that successfully summarizes the major points of the essay, reinforcing the thesis.

Compare and contrast essays are fun to do and are essential in schools as learning assignments. They help a lot in building a critical approach among students.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Writers for your Essay

No matter if you are a student in high-school or in college you probably already know how many essays you need to write throughout your whole semester and don’t get me started about the whole year. Almost every college relies heavily on this type of assignment on essays that will ultimately influence the grade of the students which is why you must write it properly and have it ready always on time.

However, students have a life outside of their essay writing days and must focus on studying, exams, friends and family which means you can easily forget about that one assignment and fail to send it on time. If you have ever failed to send an assignment on time before you probably already know how much of an issue it can cause to your grades or with your university proffers.

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Another problem with assignments is that it takes a lot of proper research and writing skills while focusing on avoiding plagiarism. Most college systems have a way to scan through their database to find out if any of the new assignments they receive are copied from the Internet or from a previous student’s essay. Even if you completely write the essay by yourself, there is a small chance where your original work shows up on their systems as copied work and you could get into serious trouble. You might even get expelled.

So, if you want to avoid all of these problems and risks, you should consider hiring a professional writer who will be able to accurately and uniquely write your essays. If you still cannot decide if you should, here are some of the benefits you can get out of a professional writer.

If you are looking for a way to get an impressive, unique and plagiarism free essay, we recommend that you check

Unique style

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Most professional writers have been studying and training to produce the most unique and authentic essays while gathering all their information from reliable sources. An experienced writer for college students will also know exactly what kind of style they should use when it comes to your college or subject. So, instead of you spending hours and hours at the library finding the right information about the subject you should be writing on and then spending even double that time to write the essay you could just hire a professional writer who can do all of that for you. He will also do it much better and faster than you, which is what every student want.

Professional writers never copy

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Another great thing about professional writers is that they have learned how to write without ever having to copy information from other sources. This means that their way of writing and style will never show up positive on a plagiarism check. A lot of people who are under stress to write an assignment can copy entire sentences from their source subconsciously, in other words, you can be so out of focus because of all the stress that you do not even notice what you are writing.

7 Skills Needed for Helping Others with Writing a Research Paper

Research papers are used to assess a student’s grasp or understanding of course work over a given study period. The papers are very crucial as they contribute to the final grade that a student bags at the end of the semester. Therefore, it is vital for students to perform exceptionally well in the essays. However, term papers are not just a walkover. They demand lots of time, attention as well as a solid understanding of the course. Honestly, most students fail to meet these standards. That might explain why some of them opt to buy cheap research paper writing online and seek the help of professionals, such as AffordablePapers.

Online assignment help services have proven to be reliable, delivering quality work on time. This alleviates the pressure that comes with research papers hence giving students an easy time while focusing on other areas of study. So, what are some of the skills that you need as a professional to handle term papers effectively?

1. Research Skills

Extensive research is important as it provides the necessary information required for writing the research paper. One of the reasons that students order for an essay is because they lack sufficient time to hunt for information. Thus, you should be able to gather enough writing material in a timely fashion. Besides research, you should be able to come up with information that is unique and more viable for an essay.

2.  Analytical Skills

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The analytical part is all about ensuring that the gathered information conforms to the thesis or the main topic of the term paper. The analysis comes in handy when determining if the evidence at hand clearly supports the arguments presented in the paper. While grading the assignment, professors will be seeking to find out if the information directly backs up the thesis. Hence, the stage involves excluding any information that does not fall in line with the thesis. That is why analysis and evaluation of the piled evidence should be thorough and critical.

3.  Time Management Skills

College assignments often come with tight deadlines considering that students might have other errands to run. To add on that, students who fail to meet the stated deadline are prone to devastating consequences. One of the hefty punishments rendered to students who fall beyond the deadline is the deduction of marks from the final score in the term paper. That is why it is vital for you as an expert to be time conscious. Timely research and analysis culminate into a quick writing process.

4.  English Language Skills

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You should use proper vocabulary in order to bring out the intended message accordingly. The right words enhance the clarity of the assignment. Likewise, a strong understanding of basic grammar, punctuation, format, and style heightens the chances of producing an excellent essay. Native English speakers have been known to churn out the best essays owing to their perfect understanding of the language. Online custom paper writing services guarantee that their essays are done by native English speakers. Research papers are not only meant to assess academic prowess but also ascertain a student’s ability to make an intellectual argument.  It is therefore important for professionals to leave a great impression regarding the language used.

5.  Writing Skills

Writing is at the core of the whole process. It puts the ideas and information gathered into actualization. After researching and analyzing, the raw information should now be converted into a real term paper. Writing should begin with an outline which breaks down how the information will be put down. On top of the outline, use the thesis statement followed by the body.  The conclusion comes in last. It sums up the evidence stated in the body connecting it to the thesis. The structure and presentation of the research paper differentiate the best students from the rest. Hence, proper style or structure should be adhered to according to the instructions provided.

6.  Proofreading Skills

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Proofreading involves going through what is written. It will help you determine if your ideas are presented in a clear manner and whether the evidence highlighted really helps answer the problem, question or thesis. Besides that, proofreading will help you detect any grammatical errors. When revising, you will also note if the essay is styled appropriately. In simple terms, proofreading makes it possible to trace most errors in a term paper.

7.  Editing Skills

After errors are detected, it becomes crucial for corrections to be made. This is where editing comes in. It helps fine-tune the original copy eliminating any information that is not sensible and so on. Proofreading will be useless without adequate editing.

These are some of the key skills that a specialist should possess so that when students buy research papers, they can be sure of its quality.

Common Errors Student Writers Make

When you set about typing your college paper or essay, your focus will be on getting your facts across in the most straight forward way, not worrying about commas and semicolons. After all your hard work, it’s a real let down to get your composition back and have little punctuation mistakes brought to your attention. This is because grammatical errors are the fastest way to kill your writing credibility.

Here are some of the most common grammatical errors and how to avoid them when typing or writing.

Subject-Verb Agreemen


This one has caught some of the most prolific writers off guard as it is a really easy error to make. The subject of the sentence (singular or plural) must agree with the verb to which it refers.

Example: Singular subject + singular verb

Incorrect: An important part of a party are the people who get invited.

Correct: An important part of a party is the people who get invited.


Example: Plural subject + plural verb

Incorrect: The two things I love the most is food and wine.

Correct: The two things I love the most are food and wine.

Sentence Fragments


A sentence fragment is a sentence without a subject, complete verb, or independent clause. It is linked to the sentence that precedes it but has no meaning when looked at in its own context.


Incorrect: They went home after the fight broke up the party. They waited for the results.

Correct: They went home after the fight broke up the party and waited for the results.

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Missing Comma


Commas are like the pause button in a sentence. They give the reader time to separate the information and think. Commas have to be used after an introductory phrase, clause, or word. It helps to break up words into easily understood phrases instead of being jumbled together in one long sentence.


Incorrect: When the article was written they didn’t even mention the fact that the person was still missing.

Correct: When the article was written, they didn’t even mention the fact that the person was still missing.

It’s/Its Misuse

It’s/Its misuse is a common grammatical error. Sometimes Microsoft Word doesn’t even notice when the word “its” is used instead of “it’s.” An apostrophe is used when the word should read as “it is;” “it’s” is the contracted form of the two words. When “its” is used in a sentence, it signifies ownership.



Incorrect: I think its a plane.

Correct: I think it’s a plane.

Incorrect: The dog wags it’s tail.

Correct: The dog wags its tail.

These examples will help you keep an eye out for the mistakes you might make when writing.