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5 Things University Students Should Try to do

Being a college student nowadays is not as easy as some people think. Sure, there’s all the technology that makes learning easier than before and provides students with options such as remote classes, online workshops, collaborations whereas finding useful information has never been easier.  Still, that doesn’t mean that everything is a piece of cake and a lot of students actually struggle with their subjects.

College students need help here and there. Whether this means using an essay writing service or finding ways to break up the stress, here are a few things that every university student should be trying to help make college less stressful.

  1. Better Time Management


One of the biggest issues for students in college is managing their time. We all know those anecdotes about students pounding energy drinks and pulling all-nighters. This is because that’s what really happens and it happens often.

This is because students struggle with managing their time well. With so many different things on their plate, it can be hard to know what to prioritize or to work on at a given time. By leaving the essays to a professional essay writing service like, that means being able to focus on other things and not having to cram everything into a window that is too small to fill it.

When there is an allowance for better time management, it means that students are able to get more done and without having to pull those all-nighters that are not so great for the health or sanity of students. It’s a win-win situation.

  1. Focus on Learning, Not Grades

Make no mistake about it: grades are largely the driving factor behind college experiences. After all, those grades mean earning a degree and that degree is what we strive for before entering the working world.

But it is when the grades become the only thing that college students lose out. They should strive to soak in that knowledge, not simply parrot it. Being able to actually learn things, things that stay with you for a lifetime, are the true pieces of value for college students.

It may seem stressful at times and the need to simply get a good grade takes paramount. But learning about the things that you study can lead to a far more enriching experience than previously thought. You’ll feel better about the work you put in at the end of the day when you know more things than ever.

  1. Explore the Campus

Most college campuses are pretty large places that offer so much more than just a place to take tests. There are plenty of hidden gems as far as locations around a campus. Being able to explore them and find new places to hang out and study can be hugely helpful.

Get out to some of the outdoor areas or maybe an on-campus hangout and spend some time there. It will give you a new appreciation for the campus itself and provide a fresh, new place to do some studying or simply to hang out.

When you find new spaces on campus, it can give you a new perspective of the entire place and change how you look at both hangouts and study spaces alike.

  1. Try to Keep Positive

It can be difficult to keep a positive eye toward the future, the end of the race, but it is important to do so. Negativity can be a major detriment to anyone, especially college students who experience a roller coaster of emotions every day.

Being able to manage that negativity – to turn those negative situations into a positive outlook – can go a long way toward getting a student over the finish line and to graduation. Being able to put a positive spin on things is also a great way to keep moving forward. Negativity can be like quick sand and there are times where it can feel impossible to escape.

Negativity and stress are two of the biggest detriments in the life of a college student. Being able to manage those two things can go a long way toward creating a more positive learning environment and allow those students to be more successful in both the educational and real-world environments.

  1. Try to Reduce Stress

This certainly can seem easier said than done, but stress is a huge factor in the life of a college student and one that does not get the attention that it should. Many of us laugh off the stress of a college student like they are too young to be stressed, but that isn’t the case.

The fact of the matter is that mitigating stress is essential. Finding ways to get away from the rigors of school, to enjoy life on campus or off, is essential to the mental health of students everywhere. Most of all, a break here and there can help in the long run with grades.

Stress remains a huge factor in the life of college students, but working to reduce that stress can go a long way toward the success of students everywhere. They just need a break every now and again.


Generally speaking, college students are supposed to find a way on how to live a balanced life and not put too much effort into one thing. A little bit of everything seems to be the best solution to every problem. Yet some students tend to study too much which causes burnout. The others hit the other extreme – they party hard. And neither is good.

Try to follow the tips provided above and you will see that your student’s life will become a joy!

Teachers: 5 Reasons to Become National Board Certified

National Board Certification requires an investment of time and money. It requires initiative, organizational skills, critical thinking, patience, and perseverance. You have to be willing to learn, and reshape your approach based on criticism. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Are you up for the challenge? If you are debating taking on this endeavor, here are five reasons in its favor that will hopefully help you make up your mind:

1) It is one of the best experiences in professional development available. I remember feeling slightly mournful when I passed because the learning experience was over. I know that we continue to learn as teachers, but this is a pointed learning experience that really helps you to excavate the best practices of your teaching. I’ve taken plenty of professional development courses where I figured out what they were looking for and complied with a portfolio. In contrast, this is genuine and worthwhile.

2) You become an expert in your field. Enjoyment of your chosen career in essay writing service and confidence in how you’re doing it skyrocket as you work your way to becoming a true expert at what you do. The National Board portfolios are well-rounded. You cannot help but immerse yourself in the process and your job, and the time pays off. The revelation for me was that you don’t have to feel like an expert teacher before you take on getting certified. It is the process that gets you were you should be as a professional.

3) The additional income. The financial incentives vary by state. Here in Hawaii it is $5,000 additional to your annual income (distributed evenly in your paychecks), plus a $5,000 bonus once a year. This has made a substantial difference in my ability to reach my financial goals. Also, many states have stipends to help you afford the process. Regardless of how much you end up paying out of your own pocket, it’s an investment that pays you back within the year.

4) Students learn more. You are the scientist and the classroom is your laboratory. Your whole classroom program is rejuvenated by your experience of creating portfolios for National Board Certification. The students participate in videos, buy essays and turn in work samples. Also affected are parent involvement and the roles you play to enrich your school environment. Students will continue to learn more long after you complete the process too, because you are an improved teacher.

5) You have more opportunities available to you. As a National Board Certified Teacher, new prospects open up. The principal now knows you are a “go getter,” and keeps you in mind for special projects. The National Board sometimes sends job opportunities, as well as your local school board. As far as teaching goes, the world is your oyster. If you are content where you are like I am, it still can lead to additional income or a solid emergency plan in case your life changes.

As one of the two first National Board Certified Teachers at my school, I was a little surprised by some of the staff reactions. There were people that talked negatively about the process and the fact that it took me a total of three years (one year of Take One! & two years of full candidacy). I guess that with every success there are those that will criticize. I did it as a personal challenge and the only drawback was that I did not really enjoy the public recognition or repercussions of that. My greatest hope is that my NB partner and I can serve to assist and advise those others that decide to brave the process. In the end, it was such a rewarding endeavor that I hope as many teachers decide to achieve it as possible!

Welcome to the Adult-land: Some Important Things College Students Should Do

Transitioning from peaceful living at home with mom and dad to live in a college dorm or apartment for rent can be pretty challenging and overwhelming. For that reason, it is highly important to know all the stuff when it’s time to become an adult. Without a doubt, learning all these adult tricks and hacks will come with time; however, right now it’s better to sit and do some quick research to ensure you’re forearmed. Fortunately, these recommendations will not only help you to survive the college years, but also they will help you to adapt to a changing world of adults once you get your diploma.

Using a Credit Card Irresponsibly Is a Taboo

One of the best decisions you make in your first year at college is to open a credit card. But before you run to do so, ensure to perform some thorough research to find out what type of bank card would be the best choice. If you travel regularly, consider opening a travel rewards credit card. By the time you decide to buy a house or a car, you will have a perfect credit history under your belt. It is important to read all the fine print of the credit card from A to Z in order to ensure things are clear.

Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

You are not a magician, and there are only twenty-four hours available for us. As a grown-up, you don’t have anything to prove, not to someone else, not to yourself. If you realize you can’t cope with an assignment or two, do not hesitate to approach online custom essay writing service to find someone capable of helping you with a book report, a research paper or any other academic project. All you have to do to get a professional helping hand is to place your order saying “Could you, please, do my essay within my deadline?”, sit back and relax. There’s nothing wrong in needing help from time to time, you’re just a human being. A very busy one, actually.

Stay Away from Almighty Starbucks

If you spend $5 a day on that color and flavor-changing Unicorn Frappuccino, by the end of the college semester, you will have spent more than $300! Sounds stupid and, unfortunately, real. It’s time to make your own coffee at home and bring it with you in a stylish tumbler. Not only is it more environment-friendly, but it will also won’t burn your pockets. Maybe finally you will get enough bucks to purchase those extra expensive eye-shadows or sneakers you’ve been dying to have.

Doing the Laundry on a Regular Basis

So, here’s the sad truth: you have to do the whole laundry process yourself, starting with sorting out the clothes, washing, drying to folding, ironing and sorting them out again. Now it’s not your mom but you and only you are in charge of making certain your stuff is clean, soft and as white as snow as if you’ve just bought it. Doing the laundry doesn’t bring much joy to your routine, but the regular process is a good sign that you’re a grown-up now.

Understanding How to Manage Time

With all the parties, exams, homework assignments, clubs, courses and workshops you are going to be excessively busy. Not to mention the time that you need to have for yourself exclusively. College is a perfect stage of your life when you can get the concept of time management. Who knows, maybe, you will find out that you can’t party hard every other weekend. From time to time, you have to spend the Saturday night in the company of books, notebooks, online libraries, and notes.

Not Expecting Mom to Book Your Appointments

This one is an important step you have to take to become a citizen of the adult-land. There’s nothing wrong in your mom making your appointments when you’re a high school student. But when you cross the threshold of college, you have to start doing that on your own. Approach your parents for some valuable tips regarding your medical insurance or anything relevant. You know what you have on your to-do list, so you’re the one who should schedule the daily appointments.

Learn to Cook

There’s no need to be MasterChef and cook “haute-cuisine” meals. Still, you have to learn to cook some primitive meals at least. If you give preference to your own meals, you will be able to save your budget and enjoy home-made food a few nights a week. That’s a privilege! Maybe you should invite your boyfriend or girlfriend, or just a couple of pals from your class and check what they think about your cooking talent. It’s not an easy task if you live in a dorm, but when you finally have an apartment with a kitchen, enjoy an opportunity to experiment with some meals.

Get Better at Saying NO

There are dozens of parties, events, clubs to become a part of in college. While it is the right time to get social and make friends, make sure to say no once in a while to focus on things that matter to you. This also means that you have the right not to agree to the request if you are not comfortable doing something. Maybe your friends want to see that movie and eat popcorn, but you don’t feel like doing that. It is totally okay to stay at home, take the most relaxing bubble bath and read the pile of magazines that you couldn’t get your hands on due to the busy schedule. Feel free to pamper yourself and do what you truly enjoy!

Mom and dad aren’t there anymore to wake you up in the morning with a kiss or prepare a yummy breakfast for you. So, it’s time to come up with a plan on how to make the adulating less painful. Just like many generations before you, get ready to be doing all of these adult things, but don’t forget to be a child at heart sometimes.