5 Tax Benefits Every Entrepreneur in India Should Take Advantage Of

If you have an entrepreneurial outlook when it comes to making money and taking advantage of every opportunity available it is clear that you should also have a keen eye on what tax benefits you can use to gain a competitive edge.

The introduction of the Goods and Services Tax has changed the taxation landscape and you can make your calculations easily when you use a handy tool such as an online GST calculator by razorpay.

In addition, there are a number of key tax benefits that every Indian entrepreneur should know about so that they can use them to their advantage.

Help when you really need it


The Indian government introduced a tax holiday for new business startups to encourage more entrepreneurs and that incentive was recently extended for another year.

This means that you will be able to claim exemption from capital gains for a further year and you can also claim a tax holiday.

There are some eligibility conditions to meet, such as not exceeding a total turnover Rs 100 crore, but you could get to keep up to 100% of your profits during the qualifying period, allowing you to invest more cash into growing the business.

The chance to create employment opportunities

As your new business venture grows you will want to start hiring staff and there is a valuable tax benefit you could take advantage of in this respect.

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) works by contributing to the cost of hiring an employee and the reduced tax burden aimed at startups will run for three years.

That means you can create a workforce for less at the early stages of your business.

Making tax less taxing


Another useful scheme to know about if you are an entrepreneur is the presumptive taxation scheme.

The scheme allows you to operate basic accounts when you first start trading so that you can spend more time growing the business rather than carrying out administrative tasks associated with keeping accounts.

The chance to take advantage of angel investors

Many startups rely on developing a relationship with angel investors who are willing to put in seed capital to help the company get off the ground.

Domestic companies need to comply with rules that dictate any shares are issued at a fair market valuation and any sum above that figure is usually subject to the so-called angel tax.

However, you can file a declaration that allows you to claim exemption from the tax if you are deemed to be an eligible startup.

The chance to carry forward losses

It can take a while to see your business get into the black and although there is a general provision for set-off when it comes to accounting for your losses this is usually subject to shareholders remaining the same for the year in question.

Your startup can avoid this scenario for up to seven years as long as shareholders retain their holding for the year of set-off.

From the introduction of the simplified GST to a host of other potentially favourable tax relief conditions, you should make sure that your entrepreneurial flair is allowed to shine by learning about which tax-relief options you can claim as a startup.

Tax Exemption – during the initial phase


India supports a business-friendly approach. Therefore, the government has provided a tax exemption for the first 3 years of startups. So if you are planning to start your business and you are worried about the taxes, no need to think about it. You are getting a 100 percent tax exemption on your profits. In short, you are going to enjoy the profits of the first 3 years. Or you can use it as an investment and grow your business.

The only thing that you have to pay is the minimum alternate tax, which is 18.5 percent of your book profit. So if you want to avail of this exemption, you need to register your business under DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion). Furthermore, your startup should have some intellectual value and it should introduce a new product or service. These things will increase your value.

Tax Exemption – On long-term capital gains


As mentioned above, you will get a lot of profits if you have the idea of providing a unique service. One such benefit is getting exemption from paying taxes on your long-term profits. And if you have a startup, you don’t have to worry about anything but growing your business. However, there is a limit to this exemption.

If you want to make use of this option, you can only make an investment of 50 lac. Furthermore, this amount should also remain invested in that particular project for a period of 3 years. This ensures that you are not making use of policy but are actually improving the business sector.

Such investments are a healthy option for startups as they get investment. Likewise, the government does not have to provide a loan. So in simple words, a business provides investment for another business and helps it grow. This increases employment opportunities and the government does not have to play a significant role.

Tax Exemption – on investments

If you have any fund that is not registered as a venture capital fund, you can use it for investment. It can be your family fund or any other or you can act as a resident angel investor. Thus, the investment that you will make above the market value will be exempted from tax. In short, you will make an investment in a startup and can gain profits from it without paying the tax.

Some other benefits;

Apart from these tax exemptions, you will also receive other benefits that include;

  1. You get an employee provident fund for the first 3 years.
  2. Businesses can use the presumptive tax schemes if their turnover is 2 crore INR.
  3. If you belong to special categories (i.e. women, schedule caste or schedule tribe), you can get investment from the government. As they have a fund of 500 crores INR for the support of these special entrepreneur groups.

From Wheelchair to Dream Chair – How Jaikishaan Sharma Built An Online Success Story

It’s a familiar story for many  – one moment you’re sailing through life on an even keel, and the next moment something happens that turns everything upside down. Maybe it’s something relatively manageable or perhaps it’s a little more drastic than that. Either way, it forces you to make a choice: stick to what you know and try to power through or take a leap and try something new. One entrepreneur who knows this all too well is Jaikishaan Sharma,

Before 2015, Sharma had worked in some of Australia’s top energy providers and was the CEO of a successful direct sales agency. Then one fateful day an accident completely uprooted his life. Sharma found himself bound to a wheelchair with serious spinal injuries and doctors telling him that there was less than a 5% chance he would ever walk again.

Over the next three years, Sharma fell into a pit of despair. No longer able to work in the role he had filled for the previous 10 years, he was making zero income and relying on his wife and mother to help pay bills. Then another life-changing event happened, but this one a bit more fortuitous. Sharma’s wife gave birth to a baby girl, and it forced him to shift his priorities.

Change Your Belief System, Change Your Life

Source:Melissa Hobbs

Sharma knew that he either needed to embrace positivity and make a change or spend the rest of his life sitting in his wheelchair and wallowing in regret. “After being told I may never walk again, I had to rethink everything in my life,” Sharma says. “I committed to making a profound mindset change to embrace high motivation, be goal-driven, and take on a series of lifestyle changes.”

The effects of Sharma’s shift in perspective were profound. In 2019, he underwent successful spinal surgery and took his first physical steps since the accident in front of the doctors who had told him that he may never walk again. This inspired him to share his journey with others, so he wrote his first free guide titled How to Change Your Mind. That year, Sharma also took steps to create his own digital marketing business.

If Sharma’s experience had taught him anything, it was that it is far too easy to dwell in the darkness and hold on to limiting beliefs that serve no purpose. He realized that there were many others out there who were probably in the same headspace he was before and feeling stuck in what seemed like dead-end situations. It was then that he decided to help others find their financial freedom.

Streamlining Success

Sharmaatricks was founded to share knowledge and tools to help others build internet-based businesses and be successful in their endeavors. Sharma says, “I started online business coaching to help people make income online. The business serves hard-working parents and others who want to run successful businesses from their home as a full-time career or even as a sideline while parenting.”

The training program gives students all the tools they need to set up an online business from scratch without any previous tech experience. This includes how to choose the right platform, how to creatively market on social media platforms to attract high-quality traffic, and how to leverage pre-built tools like automated email campaigns and sales funnels.

Community is another key aspect of the Sharmaatricks business model. Students not only gain the skills and tools they need to launch their online businesses, but they also have access to networks that are mostly social media-based where homegrown internet business owners can share tips, tools, and support.

“The purpose of this is to bring together people in my community so that they can share digital space business thinking and support other online entrepreneurs who are striving to run their online brands with modern strategies,” Sharma says. “We already have an amazing community of like-minded people all with one goal: to see each other succeed, and this can grow vigorously.”

Breaking Free From the Rat Race

Sharma believes that the traditional work model that is ingrained into most of our heads is no longer relevant in today’s world. He believes that the day-to-day grind may be holding us back. This has become increasingly apparent with the fallout of the global pandemic, which has shown us that job security is more scarce than ever.

“Being on the workday treadmill can instill fear and overwhelm and that strips many people of their innate drive to create their own business,” he says. “Also, having to focus on one job all day every day can cause a lack of direction that may hold people back from taking that first step to making money online,” he said.

With an online business, the start-up costs and overheads are low, but the margins are high. You have access to global markets, the possibility of 24/7 automation, and huge potential for growth and profits. Plus, with an online business, you’re not tied to one particular place or beholden to anyone but yourself. You can work wherever you like, whenever you like and have complete control over your business decisions.

So why aren’t more people running their own internet-based businesses? According to Sharma, one of the main reasons preventing people from taking the leap is a fear of technology and a lack of confidence when it comes to operating in the digital world.

“There are so many reasons to start a digital business,” says Sharma. “The pandemic made it clearer than ever before that people must harness their passion into an enterprise. One of the best ways to enjoy real freedom, build true wealth, and wake up every day feeling in control of your life is to start your own online business. I have gone from a wheelchair to my dream chair in a few short years.

Source: Forbes.com

“When people think about making money online, they think that it’s technical, but it’s as simple as clicking a button. If people need guidance, we have 24/7 online training available in video format, so all you need to do is watch and implement. Our students can have their businesses up and running within 30 days to start making money while they sleep, spend time with family, or go on holiday. In addition, we help our clients scale on every major social media platform.”

To date, Sharma has helped thousands of students build profitable online businesses and brought together a community of over 70,000 like-minded individuals who push each other on to succeed.

As he and his students prove, it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in coding to make a business succeed. All it takes is a bit of guidance, support, and the belief that you can take an obstacle and turn it into positive change.

The Entrepreneur in You: 6 Strategies to Do When Starting a Business

Are you fond of watching successful entrepreneurs’ stories but still can’t figure out how they succeed in their life and career? Most of us would only be interested in them when they are already successful; we often forget that the vital thing to know is what they did when they made mistakes and what strategies they used.

An average person would learn from their mistakes, but a wise person would learn from others’ mistakes and strategies. Start embracing challenging things because when you start a business, the beginning will always be the most challenging stage. With that in mind, here are the strategies that may help you when starting a business.

Choose the Most Flexible Software


In today’s generation of businesses, it’s an excellent advantage to have business software. Using business software will help you save time and money. Business Softwares are operated by assigned staff, and then the software will manage all the things that happened with your business. From one department to another department, the list is endless.

A business software will also help your company accomplish tasks even in a minute. The more tasks you accomplish, the more customers will trust and be attracted to your company. To learn more about software as one of your strategies, you can visit getweave.com and ask for assistance from them.

Proper Staffing


Proper Staffing is one of the essential strategies you can use in starting a business. Staffing is the process of evaluating and selecting the right people to do the job. It would be best if you were keen when choosing people to work for you because these people will be the foundation of your business now and in the future.

When choosing the people, it’s a good idea to stick with the primary interview questions. The questions you can ask are below:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Why did you leave your previous job?
  • What are you currently doing?
  • What are your strengths?
  • How about your weaknesses?
  • In 3-5 years, where do you see yourself?
  • Why should we hire you?

After the interview, be honest with the result and inform them right away. It’s a good strategy to let the applicant know about the result right away so when they fail, they still have time to look for another job and if they share it with their friends, your company will still have a positive reputation because you didn’t let them wait in vain.

Take Care of Your Staff

It’s a good strategy to keep in mind that your staff are the most important people in your company. With this kind of mindset, you’ll always do what’s best for your staff. How you handle your staff will also be how your staff will handle your customer. It’s a good idea to have some team building at least once a month so you can relax and be stress-free for a while.

Taking care of your staff doesn’t mean that you will not put a boundary. Of course, there will always be boundaries between employers and employees. That is why the best care you can give to your staff is giving them other benefits such as travel benefits or more leave credits aside from the benefits the government requires for an employer to their employees.

Love Your Product

You cannot sell what you do not love. If you are not confident in selling your product or rendering your service, there is no point in starting a business. If you do not love your product, then why would others believe in you? It’s a good idea to follow the lists below, so customers will know that you love and care for your product or service.

  • Make advertisements
  • Have warranties on your items
  • Be confident when presenting your product
  • Have a positive and polite attitude when rendering your service
  • Be honest with your product or service

When people realized how you love your product or services, you are now establishing trust between you and your customers; and after that, it will be counted as sales.

Take Care of Your Customers


If you’re one of the entrepreneurs who think that the primary goal of a business is to have profit, then think again because the primary goal of a business is to have customers. Customers are your source of income or profit. No matter how good your product or service is, if you do not take care of your customers, your business will fall into an abyss.

It’s a good strategy to take care of your customers, especially the loyal ones because they will also help you market your business. How? Satisfied customers will share their positive experience with your company, and they will recommend you to their friends and relatives. The lists below are the ways to show that you care for your customers:

  • Establish trust
  • Communicate with them
  • Be polite
  • Remember their name
  • Respect them by saying “please” and “thank you”
  • Assist them right away when they arrive
  • Don’t let them have a long wait
  • Greet them with a positive vibe
  • Ask for an assessment

Get an Adviser


The solution for starting a business is not a trial and error process. The answers you get must be correct and precise. That is why it’s a good strategy that you hire a good adviser when you start a business. If you have doubts or are not sure what to do, your adviser will help you figure out the best solutions available.

It’s an advantage if you have an adviser because they will help you turn your ideas into reality; they will help you develop a concrete business plan and make your business successful. Some billionaires of today actually have business advisers, and that’s no secret. Here are the qualities to look for when hiring a business adviser:

  • Experience
  • Have the right mindset
  • Has many connections
  • Willing to share ideas
  • Fun to be with
  • Has a good attitude
  • Brings positive vibes
  • Has integrity


Decoding successful entrepreneurs’ secrets might be difficult for some people, especially when starting a business. Most of us already have our own strategies to become successful someday. The above mentioned are some of the strategies that may help you when you start a business. Practice and apply this every day, and you’re on your way to become successful.

How To Invent A Product?

You have long worked to invent your product. And now you’re finally ready to launch it into space. Are you ready to release it and present it to everyone? Sure you are. However, there is always a question of how to do that. Where to start? What to do? How to launch an invention and get everyone’s attention? We will try to answer some of these questions.

You Have An Invention – Now What?

Launching a new invention is quite exciting for everyone! No matter if it’s a new and unique product or some new type of service – the air is full of anticipation and you’re dreaming of success. But whether you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, whether your invention refers to the product or a service – it’s not enough to just keep your thumbs up and hope for the best. There are many things you need to do as part of a new product launch.

Having An Idea – You Need To Have The Launching Plan


A successful invention is the same as all other products. Its launch comes down to a good strategy. You need to have a strategy in place before it even occurs to you what will come out of your idea. This includes everything – from patenting and verifying, through the evaluation, market research, target group and competition. It also involves devising and executing strategy and promotion – until the final launch and the accompanying success assessments.

Pre-Launch Estimates

It is not possible to precisely predict people’s reaction to some invention, product or service. Even successful companies who are experienced swimmers in these waters – had their ups and downs when it comes to new ideas and their presentation to the world. That’s why, before launching your idea – you should take some time and make some necessary assessments related to your business and the development of your new product. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to assess how much your business is ready to launch your new product:

Patent Your Idea Or Product

Have a great idea or have you designed a new invention? The first thing you need to do is patent your product. Each patent is very important because it is the trademark of your product but also a protection of the effort you put into designing it. However, the rules regarding this type of legal protection are often very complex, and you cannot exercise such rights unless you meet some of the strict criteria. In short, not all inventions can be patented.

To find your way to patent but also expert advice in this area as well as marketing – you need the help of specialized companies like InventHelp. Companies like this will also help you on your way to distributing your idea or product to other companies interested in manufacturing. It sounds almost unreal, but it’s true. From an idea that was only on paper until yesterday – soon, you may also realize mass production.

Make A Good Strategy


If you have successfully patented your idea – it’s time to focus on strategy. When it comes to planning to launch a new invention on the market, the promotion of that idea or invention must begin BEFORE it is released in public or for sale. The purpose of pre-distribution promotion is to announce your invented-product and arouse interest in it. Only if you do so people will want to buy it as soon as it comes out. Depending on the type of invention, promotion can begin one month, six months or even a year before launching new products. Increase your chances of successfully launching and marketing your idea – by promoting it across multiple marketing platforms. By combining traditional advertising and promotion through social networks, you will get yourself a colourful audience interested in buying or using your product or invention.

1. Website

Try to see your website as the face of your business. Therefore, try to make this “face” beautiful. Your site should be:

  • well-organized
  • interestingly designed
  • SEO optimized

You should complete all texts on your site, say, 6 weeks before you launch your invented-product. You should also complete all web pages at least 2 weeks before you present your invention to the public. A couple of weeks before launching – you should start picking out visual content to entice visitors.

2. Blog

This is an easy and effective method to reach potential customers. Use your blog to keep people regularly informed of the progress of your new idea. Try to show them everything that’s posted about it, and to point them to events that have to do with that product, your brand, or your business. Make sure you regularly leave posts like “Coming soon”, etc. – to make people get interested.

3. Social Networks


Running social network pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a great way to connect with your audience and keep them informed about everything related to your product or brand.

4. Media / Press

About 6 weeks before you introduce the public and market with your new invention, make sure that the media knows that. You should inform them and tell them about your invented-product, its features and explain to them how it differs from other similar inventions. Try not to make it difficult for them and give them all the important info on a silver plate. Point to the things that set your invention apart from others and keep in mind your target audience and your competition as well. Therefore, try to develop a profitable, multi-faceted marketing campaign based on those facts.

About The Launch Of Your New Idea


Preparations for patenting, launching, and marketing a new idea or a new-invention-product can be both incredibly exciting and incredibly tedious. Don’t even try to do everything yourself. Hire professionals and marketing professionals as well as patent and distribution experts. They will help you successfully launch your idea, new invention or product. The fact is that it also takes a lot of money. However, investing in “preparing” the market for your arrival is the best thing you can spend money on.


Garrett Atkins: The Journey From 22 And Broke To 26 And Flourishing

With all the innovations happening to technology and the Internet, a lot of individuals figured out that it is worth investing in this field. There have been hundreds of people who have become well-known and financially stable online entrepreneurs in the last decade. And amongst all of these well-known business people, there is one who is a class above his colleagues – his name is Garrett Atkins.

Currently, at the age of 27, he owns one of the most successful online full-service digital marketing companies. His company is called “Vie Media” and it is stationed in St. Louis, Missouri. Garrett also founded and is one of the stakeholders of Podcast.com, which is the only and most amazing podcast studio in that region of America.


But now, you might be wondering, how did it all begin? What did it take for him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs and how did he become financially stable? Well, the text below will explain the steps he took that led to him becoming a thriving entrepreneur. Let’s take a closer look at his journey:

The Backstory

When he was only 23-years old, Garrett decided to make a name for himself by creating his first firm. With Vie Media, he managed to build various partnerships with some of the top brands, startup companies, and smaller and medium-sized businesses – this allowed him to build the most important firm in St. Louis.

When he first started the company, his revenue was close to 2000 dollars every month, however, with a lot of dedication and work, he managed to grow his revenue flow, and in 2019, his earning were higher than $1.25 million! Which is quite an amazing growth if you think about it.

Fast forward to three years later – his first company was already becoming popular and respected – he decided to start another company, however, this time, he decided that it would be a podcast studio. This decision led to him getting a prestigious title – the serial entrepreneur.

His second company was even more successful, and it grew rapidly. How you might be wondering? Well, he and his team managed to clock over 35 annual contracts in only six months, which lead his company becoming a household and respected name not only in St. Louis, but other places as well.

He Took On All The Responsibilities of Leading His Entreprises

Now, Garrett quickly realized that there is a need for a specific industry, to engage and communicate with individuals who have the same concepts and ideas. He also realized that he cannot do it by himself. And, when you think about it, he is completely right. Imagine how difficult it would be if someone had to implement an idea and build an entire company from nothing on their own.

Of course, like starting any company nowadays, it was not an easy process and journey. He had to invest a lot of money into it, as well as his time – and the most difficult thing was for him to find partners that he would work with. After all, he did manage to convince giant household brands such as Metro by T-mobile and Arsenal credit union to establish a system with him which is something that is not so easy.

Garrett’s willpower is built on the desire to be successful, to be one of the forerunners in the digital marketing world. However, he does not only strive to be rich and powerful. Garrett wants to give back to the community by assisting other people with their businesses in Missouri. From being 23 and completely broke, he now moved to be one of the leading people who has established partnerships with a lot of companies.


What Makes His Brand Stand Out From The Crowd?

One of the biggest differences between his company and its competitors is that it is deeply involved in the technology/digital space. For instance, out of all CEO’s of digital advertising agencies in Missouri, he has the largest audience on every social media platform except for TikTok and YouTube.

Garrett Atkins did not only focus on being the CEO of his companies but, he is also deeply involved with it and he lives it and practices it every day. He strives to create strategic and meaningful ventures for his businesses, which is what allows him to build it further.

In several interviews, he stated that there was one important lesson that he learned before he started VIE Media. This lesson what that he figured out that he can do anything that he sets his mind to, as long as he does not have to break the rules of science or physics.

He shares his knowledge, experience, and practices of the business world through his personal social media accounts. He also uses these social media platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs, businessmen, and freethinkers, meaning that he managed to create a community where people can join and learn.

Garrett also shows his leadership skills and public speaking abilities through a wide range of avenues like podcasts, keynote speaking, mentorship, and non-profit organizations. He is on the board of directors for an NGO called “KMA Foundation”. The main goal of the organization is to work with the Missouri Department of Transportation with the objective of identifying the roads that have high fatality rates and then making changes to them to reduce the overall accident and fatality rates. The team behind this NGO travel all over America where they visit high schools and educate teenagers about safe driving and they also raise driver safety awareness.


As you already know, being successful requires a lot of passion, time, and investment, which is something Garrett quickly realized and implemented in his journey. And, although he is a young, thriving businessman, he still gives back to his society. This means that success, fame, and wealth did not affect Garrett in a way that it often affects other people, but instead, he embraced it and he started helping other people with starting and expanding their businesses.

Javed Fiyaz – The Philanthropist Star

Bragging about your charitable work is deemed to be merely a publicity stunt and ostentation. It is true that the majority uses the charity for attention seeking and nothing more and there is no true spiritual cause behind it.

These voracious people do nothing but mask the good intentions hidden by the real charity and spoiling the true essence of charity.

Philanthropy is a noble action but, unfortunately, it is sometimes associated with bad things thanks to people who use it to redeem themselves for something they had done.

Nevertheless, such personalities are still dwelling on the façade of this heart that can negate this nefarious act of ostentation.

One of the persons we need to mention is Mr. Javed Fiyaz who with his philanthropic nature is on the venture of changing the world’s perspective about the charity and also the mentality of those elites that are determined to ruin the image of charity work and helping others.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz, the philanthropic entrepreneur has multiple businesses in various industries such as Real Estate, Shipping, Oil and Gas, Commodities and also into Information Technology. He is a Belgian entrepreneur of Pakistani descent. One of the main reasons he has been successful is his nature to help others first and not focus on materialistic things.

Img source: staticflickr.com

Javed Fiyaz Charitable Trust

The Earthquake of 2007 motivated Mr. Javed Fiyaz and stimulated a spur in him to devise a strategy to help the victims.

So, he put his thoughts into action and created the Javed Fiyaz Charitable Trust (JFCT). IT was made for the refugees’ rehabilitation of the 2005 Earthquake but after the primary task was completed, the organization continued by setting other goals as well.

No Child Born to Die

Everybody shares the right to be alive. And when it comes to children, parents can’t afford the loss of the child at any cost.

Sometimes, it happens that the newborns and young children lose their lives prematurely, which is a horror story and something that should be prevented at any cost.

One of the core reasons behind is poverty and lack of money for the treatment of some diseases.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz started the program in the unprivileged area of Umerkot which due to its remoteness from the urban region, was unable to receive proper facilities.

The fundamental aim of the project was to curtail the mortality rate to 30%.

To accomplish the goal they used the following tools including

  • Spreading awareness in parents and the health crew about the ailments and their primitive symptoms.
  • Ensuring the accessibility of health facilities with equipment along with the availability of staff members.

The results of this project were astonishingly promising.

There was a 19% increase in gynecological visits; 46% of women visiting public sector facilities compared to 16% in the baseline study; 89% of women being vaccinated twice against tetanus compared to 64% during the baseline study; and a 38% increase in patients visiting public health facilities in project intervention areas.

Img source: capitalgazette.com

Born To Learn

Multiple approach programs were initiated in 2010 for the endowment of education to the poverty-slacken area of Southwark, England. The poverty rate has amplified up to 35% in some regions.

Education must be our legacy, and every child must have the right to take this opportunity.

This program offers a Trio Project i.e. Eat, Sleep, Learn, Plan (ESLP) Families and Schools Together (FAST) and Born to Read.

Comprehensive Reading is also implemented to enhance the reading skills in youth because with such skills and habits, the students will be interested in self-learning and growth.

Earthquake 2007

In 2007, Pakistan was hit by a devastating earthquake that destroyed a lot of things and killed too many people.

And to make matters worse, the northern parts of the country had already been in ruins due to the October 2005 Earthquake. It took some time to help those in need but years were necessary for the psychological wounds to heal.

JFCT was started in 2007 for the rehabilitation of the survivors of the Earthquake.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz conglomerated with ERRA which was the association formed by the local government as well as military aid.

In that period, JFCT helped to build up a well-furnished school as well as a new hospital in Baagh as it was destroyed in the disaster. Both of them were highly equipped with the latest technology.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz also self-contributed in the phenomenal work and donated a handsome amount for the buying of corrugated sheet metal which was used to rebuild infrastructure.

Img source: flickr.com

The Divine Saviour

Mr. Javed Fiyaz helped thousands and such deeds should never be forgotten.

Psychological healer

A person without inner peace can never stay healthy, and if you have any issue, be it personal or economical, you can’t be mentally stable. Mr. Javed Fiyaz will help those people who struggle financially. You cannot think reasonably with an empty stomach, but once you are not worrying about your existence, you will be back on track. The projects of Mr. Javed Fiyaz that help children to get promised health benefits, basic education facilities are lessening the tensions of a large number of families.

Portraying a positive image of the elites to the world

Not all the elites in this world are greedy. Mr. Javed Fiyaz charity works are negating all the infamous myths about the influential figures.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz, set a tenacity in life to give a course to the life of disoriented people. Those people whose life lacks any facet are on his predilection list. The health and education support to the people of isolated and retrograde areas illustrates his fortitude, that’s how much humanity is imperative to him and how much precious his country people are to him, but not only people his country but from all over the world.

Armand Peri – Most Influential Nightclub Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur and American business executive Armand Peri was born in Vila do Conde, (Porto District) Portugal. At 12 years old, Peri’s family relocated to the United States and where he became an American Citizen. Peri’s disposition for creativity began at an early age. He was encouraged to explore his passion and became an avid artist and painter; winning several state and national level art competitions. At just 17, Peri began to gain recognition for his work. He went on to win a National Art Competition for the Endowment of the Arts, which flew him to personally meet the President and the first Lady in Washington DC.

Armand always had big dreams and prestigious goals. However, the road to his success was not easy. Throughout his early 20’s, he struggled financially as he strived to accomplish his goals and make a name for himself as an multi faceted persona and entrepreneur.

Peri’s motivation and diligence led him to developing his first business idea Hunk-O-Mania Entertainment, in 1998. This male dance revue show became highly successful and now operates in one of the largest nightclubs in New York City.

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He received a great deal of publicity following the success of his “Hunk-O-Mania” show, which is considered to be one of the largest and most successful male revue’s for women in the world. This business venture was just the beginning for Armand as an entrepreneur.

As CEO and executive producer of the thriving powerhouse global brand, Hunk-O-Mania, Armand began a business empire.

Since, he has developed and launched multiple successful shows. One being Diva Royale, which opened in more than 10 cities across the U.S. along with becoming an accomplished investor for high end and commercial real estate.

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Armand continues to advise, invest in and grow companies outside of his personal realm. A strong leader, advisor and motivational speaker, Armand is considered to be a true business mogul.

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