Engagement Ring

How to choose your perfect engagement ring?

An Engagement ring is the quintessential part of your wedding and shares a part of your regular ensemble. It is the most special, significant jewelry that you wear and more than just jewelry. But choosing the right one is a bit tricky among the tons of available options.

Here are some issues you should consider before choosing the ring:


Try to shortlist first which one you want:

You have to know your desire. There are tens and thousands of varieties of jewelry with different gems, metals, and designs available in the market. You have to choose the right one for you. How do you do that? Focus on your preference. Like, the shape of the ring, stones, and the number of stones you want around it. Some people like a single solitaire, some prefer an assortment of other stones around it. If you are confused about all these, visit these diamond websites and shortlist your favorite designs. That will help you to choose your ultimate ring. Take time to choose your dream wedding ring.

Try to go for a classic one:

Different trendy designed rings erupt in the market now and then. They might be eye-catching, but it’s always better to go for a classic-looking one for choosing an engagement ring because it is for the lifetime and your spouse is not going to change it. If you buy a trendy one, there is a chance that you might change your mind later with the fading trend.

Metal is important:

For buying any jewelry, selecting the meta is equally important. Because metals hold the stones. It is always advised that for such occasions, gold or platinum should be the priority. Because they are stronger and hold the shine for a lifetime with little maintenance. White gold or yellow gold or combining both might be a good concoction. But better avoid sterling silver and other metals in your engagement or wedding ring.

Check the origin and specification of the ring:


C4 (carat, cutting, color, clarity) are the main four characteristics to determine the quality of any diamond. The more carat it has, the stronger it is. Diamond grading starts from D to Z . D is considered the best quality diamond. Cutting also determines the shine it holds. The carat, cutting, and color determine the price. Also, try to know the origin of the stones where they are collected from because prices vary from the extraction places.

Make a budget from earlier times:

Your engagement ring is probably the most special ring of your life, and you will wear it all the time. You spend so much time choosing the one. But budget should not be a constraint in buying the ring. It doesn’t imply that the budget should not have any boundaries, of course, there are boundaries to everything. But, having a budget specifies your path of choosing a perfect piece for you. Making a budget will help you manage other expenses for the wedding. Otherwise, the probability is high that you would spend much more than the actual budget. And try to save some money each month and accumulate those and spend them on the ring. Thus, you will have less pressure.

Buy jewelry from a recognized shop:


Buying diamonds is a cautionary task. You should always choose a branded and recognized outlet. Certification of the gems is important. Other than that, they must offer free servicing, exchange offers, and cashback guarantee.

Take tours to different stores:

After doing studies online, it’s time to visit stores physically and see those directly and try them on your beautiful ring finger. Don’t be rigid about buying from only one store. It is always better to visit different stores and compare the sizes, quality, and prices. Also, try to grab the opportunity of sales. Keep an eye on the stores when they offer sales. Try to be the first person to reach the store so that you don’t have the leftovers.

Try to buy and design the ring together:

No other one knows your story better than you. Try to choose or buy a symbolic one that relates to your story. You can customize a ring accordion to your wish. It is polite to include your spouse’s opinion and choices too. So that it becomes a choice of both. If only one person chooses the ring, that implies that the person is ignorant of the other person’s judgment.

If you want to surprise your spouse, then know his/her choice well. Follow her jewelry and patterns, if she wants simple or gorgeous ones, ask her family and friends about her choices. Study well first and then give it a shot. Better to take someone’s company while buying the ultimate piece. Because it is often rude to change the wedding or engagement ring.

You can work with a designer to make a customized ring:


If you have an exact picture of what you want and doesn’t match the available rings in the stores, you can customize the ring with a designer. Hold a big budget for that endeavor and that might not dishearten you. This will not be similar to any other ring. Tell your story to your jeweler, which will add significance to your ring.

Do assortments with other gemstones:

Why should you only go for the traditional carat diamonds? Try to complete your ring with other valuables. You can think differently, like assorting amethyst, sapphire, garnet, mystic topaz, and other gemstones. It will distinguish the ring from others and compliment your look. A mystic topaz ring is very popular nowadays due to its rainbow color shades which give a ring a different shine. Different jewelry shops are designing rings with a traditional look combining with mystic topaz and other gemstones. For fashionable and traditional-looking jewelry, we advise you to check http://www.luojewelry.com/.

An engagement ring should match with wedding band:


You always wear the engagement ring and wedding band together, so make sure they make a great pair together. If they are mismatched, the chances are low that you could put them together.

Your wedding and engagement ring is the most emotional jewelry to you and will always remain close to your heart. Make it an eventful thing so that you can cherish the stories throughout your life. The little conversation you had, how you chose the perfect ring, and the story of that day. Make it a story.

The Benefits Of Buying An Engagement Ring Online

An engagement is an important event with which you express your will to marry the partner. And an essential to the engagement is giving a ring to the person you love. Now, we all know that people love jewelry (especially women) so getting a nice and high-quality engagement ring is pretty important. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be that expensive because at the end of the day what matters is your love, and it should simply be a material proof. Still, when getting an engagement ring, you should try to look for something that describes the person you love and something you know they would like.

Now, almost all jewelry shops are offering you the engagement ring option, and most of the sellers will always be up there to help you and advise you on the matter. But, with the rise of the internet and it became almost a major marketplace you now have more than enough options to get an engagement ring online as well, and this can actually have numerous benefits over the normal retail option. Saying this, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of buying a ring online compared to the retail stores!


The Advantages Of Buying An Engagement Ring Via Internet

  1. First and foremost, chances are you will be getting a better price offered. Retail stores know to pump up the prices while on the internet you will be getting a fair and square price, actually paying for the quality (of course if it is a proven seller). On top of all that a lot of shops like Fonder Diamond from Singapore as an example often offer discounts and promotions that you can take advantage of!


  1. Along with that, you will be getting a better variety of the products offered, and it will be much easier to compare the diamonds. Also, you get the benefit of buying the ring from the privacy of your home which can be especially good for people that don’t enjoy going out and looking for jewelry in retail shops.


  1. Last but not least you will be able to see previous customer review and use it as your tip when buying a ring. And don’t forget there is a 24/7 customer support so in case anything goes wrong you will be able to get someone on the line and solve the problem!

The Best Online Options For Buying An Engagement Ring


As this option is becoming pretty popular, you have quite a few websites that are offering engagement rings, with numerous different designs and patterns. Still, out of all, we think that Fonder Diamond situated in Singapore has quite an advantage and that for a few reasons. First of all, the website is easy to use, and anyone can get by it. Also, it includes an excellent 24/7 customer support, so if you order something and want to get more informed on the process, you will be able to at any given time. Now, when it comes to rings, you have an amazing option of creating your custom engagement ring. First, you decide on a setting and then choose the diamond size and diamond shape. There are numerous diamond options from 0.4 carats to 2.5 carats, as well as shapes that include oval, emerald, round, heart, princess, etc. As of the ring settings you can choose between halo, side stone, eternity, three stone and all the other modern designs that are offered on the website. And if you are by any case living in Singapore, you will be able to visit the showroom of the situated company! On top of all, the prices are pretty fair, and you are sure to get out satisfied!


The engagement ring is a pretty important deal, thus you want to get most out of it. It is still your decision, but as you can see buying a ring online can have multiple benefits over the traditional method. Do some research, look at a model or two and figure out what to do!