Why Should Companies Consider Re-screening Their Current Employees?

HR managers are familiar with the shocking statistics that over half of all applications contain false information, and about 30% of business failures can be attributed to employee dishonesty. As a result, over 95 % of employers carry out, at least, one form of background on potential hires, and about 86% of employers carry out criminal history checks in particular.

However, many employers assume that once a person is hired, they’re good to go for years, even decades. This explains why only 39% of employees conduct secondary background checks on current employees. This is when re-screening employees come into play and is a very crucial decision in any organization.

The problem with this approach is that a pre-employment background check is only valid up to the point it was obtained. If an employee commits a crime, losses work authorization, or has their license revoked, the employer may never find out. This opens up a company for serious legal liabilities in the case of an accident, harassment, or worse. In countries like Australia, fines for employing an illegal worker that does not have adequate work-rights exceed $400,000. Workplaces avoid this fine by conducting a vevo check to see if the worker has adequate work rights in Australia, even after the person has been employed.

That’s why we’re going to explore the top four reasons companies should consider re-screening their current employees:

1. Ensuring a Safe Work Environment


It’s every employers’ responsibility to maintain a safe workplace at all times. A person with a clean record at the point of hiring might have since incurred serious criminal convictions. It may be due to a personal issue the employee is going through. However, if violence erupts in the workplace, the employer will be held responsible for failing to carry out best practices in terms of workplace safety. By re-screening employees, employers can take note of staff members that pose new risks to the work environment.

2. Protecting Client Safety

Without re-screening current employees, it’s possible for employers to unknowingly trust their business assets to individuals with a serious criminal record. In today’s digital age, business assets are usually in the form of digital data. In order to avoid security breaches and database hacks, sensitive information must be protected by the most trustworthy individual.


3. Discovering Employees that Skidded through the cracks

Sometimes, job candidates do get away with the lies they tell, maybe it’s about their education, experience, or criminal record. Without re-screening employees, there’s no way to catch such dishonest individuals. Imagine a scenario where a person lies about having a degree when they don’t and then rises to a prominent position within the company years down the line. If such information becomes public, it can tarnish the reputation of the organization. This also means that violent individuals and sex offenders may be part of the workforce.

4. Theft Prevention

Criminal history checks through a government accredited service like Australian National Character Check and credit history checks are part of the routine for job roles in the financial sphere. Imagine a candidate passes those checks at the point of entry but two years down the line is at the brink of bankruptcy either due to a vicious divorce or medical emergency. With such immense financial pressure, such an individual might succumb to theft. However, by re-screening employees, employers can get a sense of major changes in the lives of their employees and how it will affect their ability to effectively and honestly fulfil their roles.

5. Keeping updated with changes in the employee’s lives

An employee may be free of any criminal records when they were first hired. But it is not uncommon for people’s lives and situations to change. Therefore, some employers may re-screen their employee to check if their criminal history checks are free of any criminal records. Some organizations also have the policy to check their certificates or licenses on a regular basis. Other records they may want to see are the credit card report, driving records, drug testing, financial management such as gambling risk or sanction lists specific to an industry which is subjected to changes over time.


6. Inspect someone with new responsibilities

With new responsibilities comes new challenges. Employees should be considered for re-screening when they are transferred to a different department, are promoted or are appointed to new duties and responsibilities. The main reason is as their responsibilities change, it is of vital importance to check their suitability towards that job. It could be that the employee you are planning to promote or provide extra responsibilities with is not a perfect fit for that position.

7. Employee transfer


Some companies have business setups outside their country or region and need employee transfer to those branches. It is preferable to get a screening check done when an employee is moving out of the state or country for business purposes. Sometimes, an international screening needs to be done for the other country and the initial checks are not relevant. It is also common for businesses when they merge and the standards are changed.

Not only the temporary staff require a re-screening check, but there are companies which frequently re-screen their board members too as per the rule of the organization. This is done to meet the high-security standards of the company to not only recognize the internal threats associated but it is also an opportunity to identify the employees and their history. This should be made as a part of the company policy.


Although many employees may find this offensive and some might not even be willing to undergo one, there are explanations to support this decision. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. All companies should incorporate a robust re-screening practice into their HR policy. Current employees should be screened, at least, once every two years. Moreover, if an employee gets promoted or changes their job role, they should be screened to ensure that they meet the requirement for their new position. A decision as small as this can make a big difference in the company as this will ensure the employees potential to perform their duties.

How to Handle Lost Income During COVID-19

If you are one of the millions of Americans affected by the novel coronavirus, then you’ve likely felt a large impact on your finances.

The restrictions brought about by the current pandemic have made many businesses unable to operate. As a result, many people are out of work or working reduced hours.

According to Console and Associates, P.C., employers are refusing to compensate their employees. Should this be the case, you may need to sue your employer for unpaid wages.

However, most situations are not this drastic. Instead, you’re likely facing reduced hours. This is still incredibly challenging, especially if money was already tight.


Fortunately, there re several ways to make up for lost income during COVID-19. We’ll go over a few useful suggestions for this below.

Reduce Expenses

A good starting point is to reduce unnecessary expenses.

When it comes to fitting a budget, you must control your cash flow. This requires adjusting either where your money goes or how much goes in. The easier choice is to change how much you’re spending each month.

Many things you pay for likely aren’t essential. Your necessary expenses include things like rent, utilities, and groceries. Anything else isn’t required for survival.

Expenses that aren’t essential can be considered luxuries. This includes costs like cable, frequent takeout, and new clothes. Chances are, you’re likely paying for several extra things each month that can quickly add up to hundreds or even thousands.

While luxuries certainly add enjoyment to your life, they are expensive and serve as a good elimination if you’re struggling to make ends meet. Take some time and look at where your funds go to see if there’s anything you can comfortably cut.

File for Unemployment

If you are unable to find work, you should file for unemployment.

This is arguably the most important tip here because the government is an excellent source of assistance right now. Typically, filing for unemployment is fairly difficult and many are rejected.

However, coronavirus has greatly shifted things and now most Americans are eligible for unemployment due to relaxed requirements. Even better, the money provided during the current pandemic may be higher than what you would’ve earned normally.

If you’re eligible for unemployment, you’ll receive the standard state amount and up to $600 because of COVID-19 every week. Across a whole month, unemployment benefits are significant and can easily cover all of your expenses.

One thing that’s important to note is that how much you receive will depend on how much you work. You can still receive unemployment while working reduced hours, but you will receive less in unemployment.

Considering this, you should take advantage of unemployment to help you through coronavirus for as long as it lasts.

Consider Freelance Work


Another good choice is to consider freelance work for extra income.

While your regular job may no longer be available, that doesn’t mean you can’t do other work. In particular, you can work from home by doing freelance projects.

If you have a valuable skill like programming, graphic design, writing, or marketing, thousands of businesses and clients online need good work done. You can complete projects for them and earn money while not being directly employed for them.

You can think of freelancing as similar to selling a product to someone, except in this case you’re selling your services. It doesn’t have a formal process to initiate and anyone can get started!

Something to keep in mind is that freelancing is not necessarily easy money. It requires hard work, commitment, and discipline to complete projects without oversight. If you can manage it, you’ll have a nice source of extra income during the pandemic.

Ask for Creditor Assistance


You can also ask your creditors and lenders for payment assistance.

One silver lining to coronavirus is that many financial institutions are becoming more understanding about payments. The biggest indicator of this was the federal tax filing deadline being pushed back by three months.

Other businesses are following suit. This includes credit card companies, mortgage companies, and student loan providers.

While some companies are automatically offering assistance in the form of eliminating late fees and reducing minimum payments, you may not be benefiting from this. You should reach out to your creditors and let them know your situation.

Realistically, most lenders will be understanding because COVID-19 is unprecedented. It has a severe financial impact on everyone and it’s unreasonable for creditors to expect prompt payment with all things considered.

When you speak to them on a personal level, they may be able to help you out. You may be able to refinance a mortgage or pause credit card and student loan payments.

Seek External Help

A final suggestion is to not be afraid of seeking external help.

Many people are proud and don’t feel good about asking others for money. Unfortunately, times are dire and without easy ways to make money, you may have less flexibility than you’d like.

While you may not be financially flush, plenty of others are thriving. In particular, several relief funds have been created to help specific groups like small businesses and artists.

While federal and community relief are two good options, you should also look locally. Specifically, you should reach out to friends and family members that you know can help.

You might be surprised by the generosity of others. Considering that nobody has experienced a pandemic like what we’re seeing today, it’s a way to come closer despite currently needing social distance.

Closing Thoughts


Because coronavirus has halted many businesses, you may find yourself working reduced hours or none at all. This is surely terrifying because you have bills to pay and finding a new job isn’t easy right now.

With this in mind, there are a few things you can do about lost income. You can reduce your expenses, file for unemployment, consider freelance work, ask for creditor assistance, and seek external help.

Ideally, you’ll take advantage of multiple financial strategies. While your options for work are limited, you can still survive during COVID-19 by being resourceful.

Corporate Gifts Help Take Care of Your Employees

The downturn is here and like it or not, and this seems like it has come to stay for some time. Most of the company’s worldwide are struggling in making sure they are meeting their business objectives and are retrenching workers. What these companies are doing is that they are wishing to achieve less, which places a tremendous strain on employees still working for the company.

Therefore, to ensure that these employees are keen on their performance and are staying motivated to perform at their best, you will need to give them some rewards.  Although it is good achieving more with less, it is essential as well letting these fewer employees know how crucial they are to your business plan and success despite the troubled times.

By running incentive programs, this could not be the answer in the current situations as employees are not only in search of money. All you need to do is reward these employees with some good corporate gifts that are useful to them, and they can proudly show to their friends and family.


By doing this, you will help in the generation of positive mind within the employee rubbing off on the others resulting in better teamwork that leads to high productivity. These also serve as a demonstration at the employees of the company’s spurs and gratitude which matter.

In these times, making do with a few well-trained employees is always a big necessity and challenge. Therefore, this type of gifts will sooth balm in terms of appreciation of the employees as well as conveying to them that the company cares and these troubled times will be a walkover both for the employee and the company to come out more durable with a lot of experience.

Additionally, these gifts provide a personal touch to the workers, making them feel that they wanted. While some awards are mainly meant for outdoor workers and the salespeople, there are certainly other products that when displayed on the employee’s desk could offer great positivity to them whenever they have a look at them making them feel they have achieved something.

When it comes to choosing corporate gifts for the company’s workers, this is usually of great importance. It would be best if you wanted something that is of both values as well as utility. While employee thank you gifts need not be that expensive, they need to be something that the workers could show off with pride and confidence to friends and family.

Trendy colours and attractively designed and sound quality are the key things that you need considering while purchasing the various gifts. You can get some of the best picks for workers thank you gifts at Bonnage.

And as far as the company is concerned, giving giveaways that have the logos printed on them could ensure high awareness and publicity among all those who come into contact with the gift. Some of these popular corporate gifts include;

  • Clocks

Clocks are among the popular executive gifts there are many ideas of watches that you can reward with your employees. From the traditional desk clock that is made from traditional crystal, the contemporary metal ones or the wooden versions. There are also themed clocks that are available in all shapes for different sports lovers.

These clocks could be customized with custom messages. Most of these clocks are usually designers to sit on the desk but also it is possible finding the versions that could hang on the walls.

  • Corporate Wall Plaques

These are the best ways of showing appreciation for a job well done to your workers, a company’s milestone or more. These kinds of tokens could be customized for your company, and the recipient’s photo could be included. These wall plaques do exist in various styles. We have the recycled dollar bills, framed medallions, traditional plaques engraved with metal plates, newspapers and even unique versions made out of materials like stones. These kinds of awards could be displayed on walls and for employees that work in cubicles could have they presented in front of their desk.

  • Certificate Frames


Among the popular useful tokens that you can reward workers with are the certificate frames. These could vary from the acrylic, wood, leatherette, paper or linen. These frames are usually an excellent way of showing your gratitude to your workers for everything they have done from completing their training programs to smaller work anniversaries. These gifts are relatively inexpensive but could be customized with personalized certificates that you could print yourself.

  • Engraved or imprinted pens


Of all the corporate executive gifts, a pen is one of the most useful. Pens could range from the inexpensive imprinted versions that are usually given to clients and new hires to the engraved pens that are typically saved for some particular office occasions. It is possible fining more classy stationery with a pen that has a clock, set s that have pen and business card holder, pen and wristwatch combinations. No matter the one that you make your choice of, make sure you are selecting models that are useful and personalized to the recipients so that they know you made your choice of gift thoughtfully.


Whether you are celebrating you big company’s milestone like the 10th, 20th or 30th anniversary, or you need appreciating workers for a job well done or retirements, corporate executive gifts could be one easy way of showing your gratitude. Appreciation of the workers for a job well done or any achievement in the company, could boost your general productivity and hence increase profits that grow your business brand.

Therefore, all you need is showing your workers that you do care for them by getting them a nice gift. The truth is that most workers will never quit a job because of a bad boss. Also, workers will never leave a job because they are overworked or underpaid. Somewhat, most of the employees will quit the job when they feel that their efforts are not appreciated, and they are undervalued. Therefore, with the creative employee thank you gifts, this helps in remedying the situation.

Background Checks – Things You Can Learn

Searching for employees has taken on a whole new level. It has always been important for companies to obtain the best service in order to please their clients. However, as technology began to blossom day by day and brought daylight with all its more-than-useful features, employers came up with the idea of paying more attention to details and tighten the criteria under which they choose who is going to work for them. Understandable? Sure.

However, what may still be unfamiliar to many people is that they are sometimes investigated far beyond what they initially thought. Background checks are now carried out on a regular basis, with the aim of improving the quality of assistance offered and avoiding unpleasant situations with employees that can result in many rather unsatisfactory things which can sometimes lead to a significant escalation, a job failure or other serious problems.

Image source: newtonsoftware.com

All this is supported by the fact that nowadays there are various countries’ resident’s databases on the Internet that are basically accessible to everybody and through which even the smallest details about someone can be easily tracked.

Image source: calpeculiarities.lexblogplatform.com

  • First of all, we get to know the most basic information about the person: their name, surname, home address, phone number and other kinds of essential details which lead to deeper investigation; this also includes marital status, age, and other crucial elements.
  • The second and one of the most important elements that interest every employer who cares about choosing the right employee is the education side. Sometimes even the management positions are occupied by people with questionable diplomas, therefore a security screening like this can by no means be considered a fad, but a necessary precaution in doing business in a market fraught with challenges and risks of personal nature.
  • One of the key phrases is also a check which consists of details regarding the previous job positions and the periods of time spent with previous employers, performance or recommendations. In doing so, employers implement some kind of verification of the credibility of the information given in the curriculum vitae as well as the verification of the documents submitted. This kind of security check aims to discover the possible characteristics of the candidate that may jeopardize or harass the employer in the future which also includes the company itself, its reputation, its assets, but also its safety and productivity of the rest of the team. In other words, background check drives at identifying the security interference of an individual candidate that could endanger the organization in any way.
  • Except for former job details, in some cases, it’s absolutely substantial to make sure that the candidate didn’t have any incidents regarding criminal acts and similar experiences. Depending on the position, a background check should show if the applicant had permits for weapons, any civil or arrest records; if all the taxes were paid respectively and if he or she looks like a decent resident and if there are assurances that no criminal proceedings or investigations are being conducted against the person.
  • In addition to general, administrative and operational procedures and measures, background check also includes searches of publicly available information, which means that the future employee’s media, social or business networks on the Internet, publications, articles, and similar content can represent interesting and intriguing means of finding out more.
  • In some cases, it’s necessary to make sure that the candidate has a driving license if the job propositions require it.

Keep Reading

Compensation Reward System: How Does it Work?

Before developing a reward system, managers must look at the motivating forces that drive their call center employees to perform. According to some researchers, there are as many as fifteen different motivators that should be considered before finalizing a reward system.

Employees may be motivated by their need for affiliation, self-expression, achievement, security, career growth, excitement, status, purpose, competition, recognition, consideration, autonomy, rewards, responsibility, and personal needs *

Given the various possible motivators, call center managers should at the very least attempt to understand which motivators resonate most with their staff. As complicated as it would seem to try to develop a reward system capable of addressing the wide range of motivators, it would be foolish to waste time, effort and resources on rewards that do not.

Img source: opstart.ca

Rewards work well when they stimulate high involvement from call center employees. Specifically, workers need to be engaged with the reward or recognition system rationally and emotionally. Reward or recognition methods that do not win employee involvement on either a rational or emotional level will not get any attention. Unfortunately, a lot of employees lack motivation at work because the see a weak relationship between their effort and performance, between performance and organizational rewards and between the rewards they receive and the ones they want.

According to Call Criteria, once a reward system that appeals to various types of employees is developed, it is crucial to identify negative behaviors that may be reinforced by the way in which performance is measured. Call center managers routinely reward employee behaviors they’re trying to discourage and fail to reward the behaviors they actually want. An example of such a situation may be a reward system where cash awards are given to call center representatives with the best average handle time. The idea behind the reward would usually be to encourage employees to increase the number of calls they handle in an hour by working more efficiently. In reality, the reward may encourage people to rush through calls so they can win, while neglecting the most important element of the interaction, the customer.

How To Use Smartphone Spy Application

Smartphone spy applications sound different than what they actually are. We are living in an age where our safety can be jeopardized both in the real world, but in the online world. But it’s not just our safety that’s at stake when we surf the internet.

Between 40% and 60% of newly wedded couples get divorced after just three years of marriage. But what are the reasons behind it? Well, it would seem that a cheating spouse is the most common reason why couples get divorced.

With all that said, we’re here to introduce you to smartphone spy applications and what they can do for you.

Smartphone spy applications are software installed for your smartphone that monitors your spouse or children while using their phones.


How to Use Smartphone Spy Applications?

These apps are quite simple to use and all it requires is a working smartphone. Firstly, you need to download & install the application in question onto the desired smartphone. Upon installation, the app will then proceed to extract data from the device on a regular basis and provide you with login credentials. These login credentials are then to be inserted into the monitoring software provided by the spy app, and you can view all the information from the monitored phone in real-time.

Why Would You Need Such an Application?

According to Thetruthspy, there are multiple reasons as to why people use such apps, and those are:

• To Catch a Cheating Spouse

The most common reason why people use such apps is to monitor their spouses’ behavior whenever they feel something’s up. Such apps are your best chance of catching a cheating spouse because it provides you with tons of features that will make your work much easier.

• Child Control


The second most common reason why people use such apps is to monitor their children’s behavior. Children are young and rebellious, so they tend to not listen to their parents when they start getting into puberty and such. But children are also curious and they tend to be little explorers. One way to stay on top of your game is to know exactly what your children are doing while on their smartphones. With features such as social media monitoring, chat apps monitoring, GPS tracking, and a host of other apps, you can rest assured knowing that your children are not in any harm’s way. Furthermore, you can also read texts and listen to call recordings to make sure that your children are not talking to someone they’re not supposed to.

• Employee Monitoring

Employers are starting to use spy applications to monitor their employee’s behavior while at work. Business owners don’t like it when their employees are not doing what they’re paid to do. As most successful businesses hand their employees company phones, business owners use the opportunity to install such apps to monitor for any suspicious employee behavior. As employees are the cause for most cyberattacks, due to careless use of login credentials, it is in the employer’s best interest to use such apps to monitor their employees for suspicious behavior while using their phones.



How to Bring Best Talents to Your Company with Corporate Gifts?

Any organization or business gets success depending on customers, and the other one is a working staff member. They are foundations of the business. Therefore companies need to use different strategies on how to make the business productive using a talented workforce. At the same time, they have to win customers who are willing to buy products from this organization. The company has to understand methods and various strategies to keep their employees energetic by offering attractive corporate gifts. Companies entertain customers and employees with different corporate or promotional gifts for creating a superb ambiance for expanding the business faster.

New Trend to Get Talented Employees

Particularly, a start-up organization needs to increase the volume of sales. To do it, they have to invite more customers who show interest in buying products from a particular site of the company. Customers purchase the products when they are happy after checking reviews and features of the products. The talented employees should have convincing power to use their talent and communication skill to convince buyers.  So, employees need boosters or stimulants/rewards when they are successful in selling products.

Therefore, ultimately, the corporate gifting ideas enable a company to hold back its employees to work for the benefits of the company. An employee must have good management skill as well. Right now, every company needs to feel the importance of innovation in marketing, planning, and business management. To stop the brain drain, it is a must for the employer to boost up the mind of workers for better performance. At present, in this highly competitive e-commerce world, certainly, one has to concentrate on regular jobs.

Surely, for enhancing the seriousness and professionalism among workers, it is very necessary to value the contribution of the working groups. Logo.ee is a powerful component to engage workers for clearing tough jobs comfortably. It accelerates their dynamic involvement for the growth of the business. When they get remarkable corporate gifts, they will take it as a sign of appreciation for good performance. A corporate gift is a type of booster for a worker who gets inspiration to do hard works. It is a reward which energizes a corporate professional to escalate his performance.

Img source: lbgreen.com

The Usefulness of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting idea is a small trickery for an organization to tempt the worker to show his liability to serve in the company. Instead of forcing employees to clear assignments, it is much useful by motivating workers.  It must minimize the tension and sweeten up the relationship. Employers and employees are frank to communicate for successful business ventures. The colorful logo gifts exhibit the profile of the company.  This exposure speeds up the method of promoting business.

Corporate Gifts Value Thoughts

Corporate gifts confirm the value of thoughts which you generate for remodeling the organization.  These awesome corporate gifts must reinforce the uniformity, and integrity to let employers and employees work together in a soothing environment. If the boss is pleased, the employee is happy because of getting rewards from seniors. Before launching any product, the company has to call its employees and senior staff members to join the campaign to celebrate the product premiering.

At the conference, the management invites employees to express their views. Their comments are valuable. Simultaneously, good corporate gifts such a box of chocolates will make employees delightful and joyous. The company wants them to work for increasing the revenues to have more financial benefits. If the company runs well with the superb financial strength, employees will get more emoluments, attractive allowances, and rewards.

Select Best Corporate Gifts for Employees

Well, corporate gifts must not be pricey. Otherwise, it will be a sort of bribery to entice workers unlawfully. It will divert them from their mission. So, select the best gifts which are relevant to honor their skill. In the future, the employees will try to squeeze their talent for standing the business on the solid platform.

They will expect more escalation In the corporate industry. The department may have multiple strategies to find the talent and utilize the skill of the works in the practical field. During the talent hunting campaign, companies have to explore to discover the right employee who is suitable for a specific project to implement. There are different sources like references, online talent tracking tools, and various referrals to have competent employees. However, the corporate gifting method is certainly more potent for a company to search for efficient maestros. It also maintains the beautiful image of the corporate organization.  Employees have faith and trust in management.

Img source: inkerman.co.uk

Corporate Gifts Energize Employees to Work Smartly

A large size company keeps it’s brand glossy to impress others by taking care of their employees in the workstation. A small corporate gift restores the energy of the worker to start vigorously. It measures the talent of the worker who will concentrate on the projects for successful completion. The company establishes its brand name to impress customers as well. It is a noble deed to nurture and enrich the talent of the right candidates.  Corporate gifts help customers to identify the company from other organizations. It has a good banner with a reliable logo to make customers spellbound. They start believing that this organization has good futuristic plans to expand.

On the other hand, employees change their concepts after getting corporate gifts at short intervals.  Business is stable and long-lasting. The employees have little risk of losing jobs. The company is ready to accept talented employees. So, ultimately, the goodwill of the commercial organization must get back or restore.  People will appreciate your approach to promote products. It will strengthen up the field, mobilize the revenue-based business in the future.

Employees help the company to become firm and powerful. Without employees, it is not possible for a company to stand on the ground. Therefore, any organization needs talented employees who are backbones to reconstruct the management from the grass-root level. Well, corporate gifting schemes are excellent and much innovative to tempt the workers for their active participation in the growth of the business. Employees have a keen interest in doing experiments on how to flourish the business. It is a special reward for them to sharpen their skill to go ahead. For self-improvement, it is a must for a worker to chalk out plans and do the groundwork. The company appreciates the workers for their faster mobility, speed, and good impetus to complete projects. Depending on the volume of sales, the company has to give the best reward to the employees.

Strengthen up the Bond between Employers and Employees

The gap between the management and the employees is not favorable to anyone. It destroys the relationship as well.  A boss in the company has to be co-operative, and cordial to communicate. He must not be rude and aggressive to treat the employees harshly. It will create misunderstanding to pollute the environment in the workstation. Well, corporate gifts build up trust and bond of friendship for the sake of progression. Workers are happy because of getting remarkable gifts from senior administrators. HR managers win favors of workers with different types of sophisticated corporate gift items. For long-lasting tie-up and good relationship, the companies prefer to distribute nice corporate gifts.

Img source: medallioncorp.com

Corporate Gifts Promote Brands to Attract Talent

Corporate gifts are excellent boosters for brand awareness.  Customers like to check products which have promo codes and gifts with the welcome pack. Big organizations have excellent brands. When the management tries to collect the talented guys for working in the company, it must understand the trend in modern times. Talented employees have excellent concepts after checking the profiles and brand of the company before applying for the job. Corporate gifts restore stamina and passion of talented employee to prioritize the projects to complete with enthusiasm. It is an asset for them to rebuild the company on a strong platform.

Corporate Gifts Create a Healthy Environment

Business gifts create a beautiful environment for clients, employees, and customers as well to form a solid community. Companies have to attract employees who are smart and talented. If they get a superb environment to work with the management, they will have no problem to stay in the same organizations.  The corporate gifts give them new vistas for exploration. They grow new job responsibility to assist the management of the company to grow fast.  For excellent product promotion, brand awareness and business expansion, employers should arrange a handful of cheap but effective corporate gifts for energizing workers.

Who to Deserve Corporate Gifts?

Companies have to decide whom to give corporate gifts.  All employees are not eligible to deserve the accolades. The corporate gifts nestle the talent of the competent employee. It is a sign of honor and gratitude for the best performance from the side of the employee. So, before allotting the corporate gifts, it is urgent for doing research, talent evaluation, and comparison studies. The performance of the employees should not below the standard. After rounds of skill assessment and performance evaluation, the management needs to shortlist the right employees to have corporate gifts.

The objective of the selection of top employees from mediocre human resources is to prioritize the quality of the work and talent.  Out of 10-20 employees, the company will handpick the best guys who have added speed to the production and sales of the products.  It will also be an example to junior employees to emulate seniors how to be much more committed to doing fantastic jobs for increasing sales.  Junior workers will get roadmap and guide to see their seniors. It will be a practical experience for them. In this rat race, all workers have to struggle to establish their identities. At the same time, companies have to motivate their employees to work hard for putting the business in a much comfortable condition. So, the management has to be meticulous and selective when it goes forward to make the right selection.

Img source: printcheckgroup.com

Choose Right Corporate Gifts to Share

See, there are different types of corporate gifts. It will depend on the management. Certainly, employers should have a few special gifts which help the employers to utilize. For instance, a gift cheque or a discount voucher please a junior employee to purchase any sophisticated product. He can use it personally. However, in a large size commercial organization, corporate gifts are valuable to talented professionals. Executive gifts entice top brass and talented HR managers who preserve their trophies. It is a testimony of their talent. A cost-effective electronic gadget, Bluetooth enabled the device or any home appliance is also a nice thing for an executive. So, the company should opt for the best corporate gift which impresses the workers.

The companies require a more talented workforce for a better outcome in the future. In modern times, it is the digital era. Employees need to be computer literate with excellent communication skill and concepts about the virtual world. Employees need to be swift to operate android, cloud operating systems, and laptops. So, by the end of the 21st century, commercial sectors will have to absorb more tech gurus, and talented employees to innovate their organizations. The distribution of corporate gifts will turbocharge the next generation to acquire the more technical skill to stay alive in the corporate industry.

They will have tons of appreciation when they can satisfy the senior administrators of the organizations. Finally, organizations should measure the basic interest of employees in particular niches.  The management has to make the list of attractive corporate gifts, which will be helpful to workers to upgrade their performance. The company will detect the skill of the worker who needs the stimulants and elixirs to thrive in this tough tug-of-war competitive world. It is an endless journey to hunt talent.

On the other hand, employees will have to re-value these gifts of the companies. They can’t neglect these corporate gifts which are proofs to their awe-inspiring talent.  So, corporate gifts make companies more dynamic, productive, and vibrant. It will enable the organization to spot the right employee to hire easily. It is a new business strategy for the company to recruit talented workers.

4 Signs Your Company’s Data Organization is Outdated

Is your company’s big data starting to feel like a big problem? Is your data organization now data disorganization? 

You’re not alone. In fact, over half of the surveyed companies said that they are not yet treating their data as a business asset.

But, how do you know that your issue has gone from an inconvenience to a major systematic problem? Look for these signs.

1. Your Team is Still Doing Things Manually 

How much of your organization’s document system still relies on employees doing manual work? If the answer is “most,” your staff is doing too much and an outdated system is killing their productivity. 

Your data and documents should be there to serve your employees’ needs, not the other way around. If you’re still struggling with this, you should click here to find out what is possible and what better software can do for your company.

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2. Your System is Not Mobile-Friendly

Does your team still have to say things like, “I’ll look at this when I’m back in the office?” Does a work from home day majorly impact an employee’s ability to access what they need to work?

Chances are good that every member of your team has a phone with the technology to work an entire day without having to open their laptop. So, why is your data structure getting in the way of that?

Your team isn’t limited to 9-5 hours or working in the office. Make sure their data isn’t limited to those conditions. Give them the ability to review and edit shared documents, or create custom quotes while they’re working in coffee shops or on the train.

3. Your Team is Making Their Own Hacks

If your staff is struggling to access your data, because of issues with either the data center’s team or software, they may start developing their own workarounds.

When your employees go rogue, that’s bad and it’s a sign that things are going to get worse. Not only are they struggling to use your system, but they are also coming up with “hacks” to use it in ways it may not be intended.

Your team is spending time hunting for the data, instead of using the data. This means that your entire staff will lose faith in the system rather quickly.

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4. You’re Not Confident in Your Data Security

Maybe your company has experienced some sort of breach. Or maybe someone else in your industry was hacked and it has you questioning your own vulnerability. Roughly half of the surveyed companies have said that data security is their biggest concern with their big data access.

In either case, your current provider/center should be able to put your mind at ease with proven statistics. They need to tell you exactly what they can do to ensure this won’t happen to you, or won’t happen to you again.

If you even have a hint of any of these symptoms, you are likely losing money every hour that you have to work around the problem. You simply can’t afford to compromise your company’s data access, mobile scalability, or security.

These are all pain-points that point to you needing a new system.