COVID‑19 Email Marketing Trends — How Coronavirus Has Influenced Emails

Key email marketing trends

This year, professionals operating in various fields faced the problem of global quarantine. Small businesses were particularly affected. Consumer behavior has changed, which made suppliers feeling at a loss about choosing the right direction. Many studies have been conducted that contributed to discovering the changes in marketing in businesses and their interaction methods since the beginning of the crisis. Thus, there were some ideas that may help to restore normal business operations.

During the research, no personal accounts of the users who didn’t consent to data processing were used. Representatives of various industries interested in resuming activities on the Internet were involved. Most users are interested in studying statistics; therefore, the study involved a large customer base.

COVID-19 marketing trends: navigating what’s next

It was early in March that pandemic began spreading across Europe and Americas. At that time, the value of global stock market indices dropped, being afraid of the beginning of a global recession. However, Internet users became more active in subscribing to newsletters and receiving crisis advert from the most interesting companies. Number of unsubscribed users reduced, which became obvious after comparing last year’s figures.

The average user activity significantly increased, with more clicks being recorded late in March and early in April than over the whole 2019. Internet activity in all business fields skyrocketed. Businesses didn’t want to lose customers, so small businesses decided to focus on Internet orders. This applies to:

  • restaurants and cafes;
  • companies dealing in non-food products distribution;
  • fitness centers that have switched to online classes, and so on.

The e-commerce segment participants barely noticed the difference. They continued to operate in a routine mode. But those companies that used to interact mostly with real customers before were forced to switch to online mode, which caused significant surg in indicators. The audience, which used to visit offline stores and communicate with consultants in person, preferred to stay at home and use email for communication.

All the non-profit enterprises and public catering organizations started working with emails more active. This indicates that small businesses advertising is thriving, with the companies having successfully switched to delivery. During this period, it is especially important to stay in touch with regular customers and send them notifications about availability of the company’s services. There are also options to support business without leaving your home.

The impact of COVID-19 on small business outcomes

Organizations that interacted with a small audience (up to 2,000 users) increased their operations. Large companies are don’t fall behind either, but their growing indicators are not so obvious. This proves that customers don’t give up communication with small businesses, even under the limited opportunities.

Since the total quarantine was imposed, companies started to send newsletters more rarely. Under the companies’ routine operation mode, advertising notifications were sent twice or even three times a month, but after the global situation worsened, news appears once in three weeks.

Despite the fact that local businesses marketing cut down its activities, users visited the Internet pages of the companies they used to interact with more often. After the quarantine was imposed, the number of newsletters decreased, but there were more clicks proving that buyers were still studying the companies’ websites and placing orders. The difference is especially noticeable for the companies that didn’t refuse mailing out and sent  email newsletters at least once a week.

This makes it clear that customers don’t want to waste a chance to study the news of companies they are used to working with. There is no point in reducing the mailing out frequency, since this can further worsen the situation for small businesses.

You should know that there are a lot of ways to improve yoursite besides the tips listed above. Which strategy ultimately proves the most effective for you depends on your specific competitive landscape: timeframe, skill level, team productivity etc.

Marketing During Coronavirus: recommendations

When you launch an email campaign,  you want to to track all the email messages. You are looking for answers to the following questions:

  • Who got your emails? The emails open tracker software provide the detailed answer to this question. You are able to see the rate which reflects the percentage of opened messages.
  • Who, when and where opened and explored your email? Open tracker gives you the date and time when the email was opened. Also, it gives the data about the devices that were used for reading the emails
  • What link was followed? Emails tracker shows the click-through rate: the ratio between the clicks and all the sent links.
  • What effectiveness is in comparison with the previous email campaign? Email Tracker lets you compare and analyze the results of different messages.

Email is here to help your small businesses as the most efficient tool for interacting with customers. Companies that send newsletters to subscribers at least once a week don’t lose profit. To boost interest in your organization, you should communicate with users as much as possible, offering them:

  • new conditions for placing orders;
  • bargains;
  • information about your company operations;
  • information about expanding product range and much more.

When using a business marketing idea, you should think about what the most important thing for development of a particular company is. Don’t waste a single opportunity to communicate with potential clients, since they should stay confident in the company during the hard economic situation.

All you need to do to study how efficient the selected advertising campaign is, is to choose a suitable service that will monitor email newsletters. This will allow you to determine the users who open your messages and click on the links, and who ignore them. This method will help to improve the informational content of emails to attract the target audience.

It is obvious that these services are easy to use. You don’t need to spend a lot of time configuring them and selecting a list of contacts. Upon another mailing out, the software will perform all the necessary actions on its own and help you to calculate the required indicators. Choose the suggested software like and monitor your advertising campaigns efficiency to promote your business.

How To Find Emails of Companies?

It happens that, from time to time, you need to perform a cold outreach contact with a possible customer, being the only option that you have in that specific moment. If this is the case for you, and you want to do it the right way, then you will end up stumbling into your first obstacle: most of the companies do not have their email accounts publicly posted. That is where an email finder platform might come in handy with its specialized services.

We say that because it is the best way to do cold outreach after you are sure that you have the right kind of contact information, and your message will hit the intended mailbox and not some random email address that you found somewhere online. Although some might say that inbound marketing is the way to go, present times say the outbound marketing has started getting traction in the industry. It proved to be very effective, especially because nowadays several good email finder programs can maximize your performance, such as Signalhire valid email finder, for example.

Collect Basic Information

It will be super easy to collect the required clients’ information if you follow a couple of basic moves. All you really need is their real name, and further on you can use that to extrapolate other pieces of information to help you complete your customer file.

It could sound unreal, but get this: all the information that you need in the beginning is a full name and the company website domain that they are using. Yes, that is all that you need for the first phase. And do you know what the best place to get this info is? Yes, you guessed it, it is LinkedIn, of course. First, you start with the full name search on LinkedIn, then you dig out at what company they work, so you can go ahead and figure out the company’s domain.

As a quick tip for you: Put your LinkedIn profile on a „Private Mode” and people won’t know who is viewing their profile. After you have gathered this information, the next step is to go onto Google and search the company name to find out what domain they are using. After you have successfully done all these steps, it’s time to move to phase 2:

Finding a Legit Email Address

After you successfully gathered all the pieces, it is time to approach a professional company, such as a valid email finder. Now, if you need to find one or two email accounts, it’s possible to do this for free on the platform, as only the bulk email searches require a paid plan on your account. You will have to input the full name and the company name into the platform, and the individuals’ email account will pop right on your screen, as it will be automatically generated by the software.

In case you plan to take your outreach to a bigger scale, then you need to research the website to find out exactly what paid plan would suit you best, and buy it. That is the only way you can do this in bulk. You will have to collect all the data beforehand, categorize it in separate columns of interest, such as „Name” and „Company Domain”, before uploading the CSV file into the platform. Of course, this whole process is going to cost you the paid plan, but after all, a successful cold-open strategy is worth it for the good of your company.

Valid Email Finder

With a service like this, your cold outreach strategies will be much easier to assemble and put into motion. It is the perfect platform for your inquiries, and the most impactful benefit is that you can also benefit from CRM services. After you have searched and you finally have a relevant list full of contacts, you will need a smart way to categorize them and split them into different sections. That is because you will need to approach them all differently, with different strategies and pitches, no matter you are preparing for systems administrator interview questions or some other situation.

A service like this will help you receive a wide array of services customized on your area of expertise, that will help you boost the number of reached contacts in no time. Without further ado, here are some of the most important perks of the platform that can change how you do your research:

Softwares like these will usually have browser extensions that could help you.

– The aforementioned service has a browser extension available for your Chrome or whatever you use, and it will give you hints and live information as you browse through social media platforms and ghost your prospects.
-Immediately after you register on you will be able to select the credit plan that makes the most sense for you and your business.
-The CRM functions can be a life-saver in so many situations, as it allows you to automatize most of your research, and lets you focus your undivided attention on actually important matters.


Whichever tool you choose, your skills play the main role in finding new clients. These apps just make your work easier. What tools did you try, and what did you like most? Maybe you have some professional hints? With so many companies available you need to make sure that you choose the best one available as the outreach can be of vital importance for the promotion of your business and brand.  Everything from plain contacting to services like this can help you and with this we want to wish you luck in your outreach campaigns.

The Importance of Email Verification for Your Business

Email marketing is, or at least it should be, a big part of every business’s marketing strategy. Emails have been used for many years now and they will be used for many more. Emails offer businesses a great way to reach their users. Email marketing means reaching the users directly via their inboxes and offering promotions, gifts, presenting the changes you’ve been making, or simply reminding the users that you exist. You shouldn’t send emails too often as you’re risking boring your users, but again you should write to them often enough so that they don’t forget about you. In order to understand why email verification is important, we first need to define a different term – sender score.

Sender Score is a number that defines your sender reputation. It can be anywhere between 0 and 100. The higher the number, the better your reputation. Sender Score helps mailbox providers decide how relevant you and the content you send are. Some of the main things that mailbox providers use in order to determine your reputation are spam complaints, mailing to unknown users, industry blacklists, etc. By knowing your sender score, you’ll be able to work on improving it. Generally speaking, Sender Score above 80 is considered great and it means you’ve been doing a pretty good job. If your Sender Score is low, you won’t end up in the users’ inbox, but in their spam folder. A major thing that can influence your Sender Score is hard bounces.

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A hard bounce means that the email you’ve sent hasn’t reached the user. The reasons for this are numerous. Maybe you’ve been given an inaccurate email address in the first place, maybe there was a typo, or maybe that email address has been abandoned. By not updating your email list, you’re risking sending emails on email addresses that aren’t being used and decreasing your Sender Score.

This is where email verification comes in. This is a process of confirming that an email address is indeed being used and eliminating those that have been abandoned. This will increase your accuracy, establish a proper email list, and increase your Sender Score. Do some more research if you care to learn more about how you can keep your email list clean and neat.

There’s also something called Spam trap. These are email addresses that are used to expose illegitimate senders who’ve been adding emails on their lists without asking for permission. However, they can be harmful not only to those who’ve been sending emails without permission but also to those businesses that don’t have as much control over email permission practices. Spam traps can make one of two things happen:

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• Either your ISP delivers a hard bounce and you get to remove the email from your list before it’s marked as spam or
• Your “from the domain” gets blacklisted by email providers.

Through the process of email verification, you can find and eliminate spam traps and keep your reputation, deliverability, open rate, click rate, and conversion rate on a decent level.

5 Steps To Become More Productive At Work

The email management system is designed in a way so that we could more productive at work with the minimum time wastage. However, many people are still not aware of the proper usage of their mailboxes and end up spending a lot of time at the office and lose their productivity and work capacity. The problem is that an email is an ongoing form of communication and we do not have full control over the flow of emails in our inbox. But we can definitely increase our productivity by controlling the way we receive, reply, organize, and manage our email account during the day. Now let’s see how we can do this in the tips below.

  1. Turn off Notifications: We all understand that notifications can be helpful for making us aware of emails that we receive. However, if we keep it on all day long, it will not serve the original purpose. Instead, you will constantly get distracted from your work by checking notifications and reading incoming emails. So rather than keeping it on the whole day and wasting your time searching for new emails every time a notification comes, it is much better to turn them off. You can choose a time during the day to check new messages as per your convenience. This will definitely increase your speed and productivity at work and you will be relaxed and stress-free.
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  1. Set Up Email Blacklists & Whitelists: Less unwanted emails means less time to sort them and more productivity at work. Therefore, it is important to set up email whitelist which is a safe list of email addresses you know and you communicate with on a daily basis. These emails are important and thus it is absolutely essential that you categorize them in whitelist so that they reach your inbox on time. Other unwanted and junk emails can be added into blacklist so that they are separated automatically and sent to the spam folder. Another great solution to stop getting spam and increase your overall productivity at work is to unsubscribe from emails, newsletters, and marketing promotions you are not interested in. You can do it manually or use an email unsubscribe tool like Clean Email.
  1. Use Email Plugins: Email plugins are a great way to increase your productivity and save a lot of time at work. Plugins help to speed up your email processing time in several times so that you can send or read your emails faster and spend this time on more important tasks instead. Canned response, undo send, email receipt confirmation are some of the several plugins that are used frequently in order to reduce time and increase productivity at work.
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  1. Limit the Use of Email: Try to limit the use of email during the day unless this is necessary because of your work specifics. Do not try to communicate everything via email and only send and receive the most important information by email that needs to be documented. Do not use emails to communicate with your colleagues when you have an opportunity to talk with your team members face to face. You can also use Skype, Google Hangouts, or even make a phone call to discuss long topics. A long conversation can be finished in a short time via a phone call rather than via email and will definitely increase your productivity at work.
  1. Sync Your Email With Your Phone: It is always a wise idea to synchronize your email in your smartphone so that you can receive and quickly reply to new coming messages on the go. This will reduce a significant time during work and make you more productive all day long. You will not have to log in to your laptop or computer each time you receive an email and can easily reply from your phone.

To conclude we can say that being productive is not a very difficult task. Use your brain and follow the above-mentioned tips in order to become more effective at work and in life.

Analyzing the Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople


You’ve probably heard that old piece of advice, the one they often dispense on the very first day of work: find the most successful person in the room and then try to emulate them. It is solid advice. Every company is different in its expectations, and often the best way to benchmark success is to look at that company’s heavy-hitters.

But it’s easier on paper than it is in practice. During a workday, you don’t always have time to stop what you’re doing and take copious notes about the successful salespeople in the room – it’s enough just to try and hit your minimum goals. To that end, this article has compiled a few such habits that you see pop up frequently in successful people. These are “The Four P’s” of highly successful people.



Rejection can wear on just about anyone, but the mark of a successful salesperson is not letting that deflate you. Qualifying leads and engaging prospects take persistence. It isn’t often achieved with a single phone call – or even four. Making cold calls, sending emails, following up and then getting right back in tomorrow doing it all over again is a recipe for success.

Great reps will also often get an assist from  sales engagement software in this regard. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of software, it’s pretty straightforward: it uses “queue-based lead routing” to perpetually bump the most important lead to the top of a rep’s queue, meaning the rep never spends time working less-than-ideal leads. It can also auto-dial the next lead once you hang up, so you are always staying productive. If your team doesn’t have one, seriously consider it – you can visit today for more info.


Patience is part and parcel of persistence, but it requires its own training. Patience is the act of putting aside all the pressure of your quotas, putting aside your personal desire to succeed and approaching each touch with the same attentiveness, optimism and thoroughness. You might be on a bit of a dry streak, but being impatient is only going to prolong that streak.

Product Familiarity


You have to intimately know the product you’re selling if you hope to sell it passionately and authoritatively. It’s much easier to communicate the value of a product you know well than to speak in generalizations about a product you only know from a strict set of talking points. Take the initiative and learn the ins and outs of your company’s product(s). Listen when others around the office talk about the product and try to understand and absorb some of their phrasing.

Paying Attention

The best salespeople remain present and curious throughout their interactions with leads. Rather than think transactionally, they listen and try to uncover a lead’s needs, asking questions and seriously considering how their product can solve the lead’s unique problems. By paying serious attention, these successful salespeople are able to reframe their interactions with leads to be less about selling a product and more about pitching a solution.