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Buying Mobility Scooters Made Easy

A mobility scooter is a piece of electric equipment designed to serve those with impaired movement. Whether we are talking about elderly people or people whose illness or disability stands in the way of their mobility needs, an electric mobility scooter is an answer.

There are several types of these scooters – motorized and non-motorized, folding scooters, full-size standard scooters and heavy-duty mobility scooters as well. These can have from three, four or more wheels under a seat, and a steering arrangement that is similar to a car with a steering wheel or a motorcycle with handles or anything in between that seems ergonomically fit. Most of these scooters are battery-powered for convenience and their speed and mobility depends on the battery size and power output.


These aren’t too hard to find, several companies make these for years now, but the problem is their prices. Top-notch scooters like these can reach up to several thousand dollars, but thanks to mobilitycaring.com.au you have a great place to turn for some serious discounts and brows a big inventory from small to big mobility scooters.

Below you will find a list of what we believe is the best scooter today, based on manufacturer recommendation and user feedback and on which you can find the best deals.

–       The Pride Pathrider Es 10 model is designed to make you more confident and comfortable. It is equipped with an LED headlight and a back-lit battery gauge.

–       The Pride Quest Foldable model is quite popular as it has an easily foldable design and is convenient to transport. This one also comes with front and rear LED lights.

–       The Pride PAthrider 140xl model comes with large pneumatic tyres. IT has a full lighting package that includes headlights and signal lights. Its pillow-top seat, rearview mirror and front shield are designed for your comfort.

–       Pride Go-go Ultra X 3-wheeled scooter has a modular design for your convenience and easy serviceability. It comes with an auto-connecting front to rear cable and an auto-latching lockup mechanism.

–       Pride Go-go Lx with Cts (Comfort-Trac) Suspension model comes with a CTS independent front and rear suspension, feather-touch disassembly, sleek style and standard lighting.

–       Pride Celebrity XI Dx model is designed for use outdoors. Its rugged exterior is meant for your safety and handling adverse weather conditions. Its ergonomic design will make you feel more independent and will allow for better postural positioning.

–       Pride Go-go Elite Traveller Plus is designed for your travel and better accessibility. If you need larger seating and have limited dexterity, this design will provide you with more stability and comfort. You will also find it easy to drive and transport, as it has a light frame and disassembly motion.

–       Pride Pathrider 130xl is the right choice for you if you want to go driving in rugged outdoor terrain. Its maximum speed is 12.4 km/h and has a sleek and sporty design.

–       Drive Medical Scout Portable Economy Mobility Scooter provides a max range of 21 km on a full battery charge. Its lightweight seat which also swivels 360°, is designed for your comfort. It provides a max speed of up to 6.5 km/h.

–       Drive Medical Scout Portable model features a lightweight seat that swivels 360°, and also an auto electromagnetic brake system. It also has removable seats and a fold-down tiller for your ease of transportation and storage.

–     The Pride Sportrider 3 Mobility Scooter has a stylish design and is comfortable. It is three-wheeled and has a rear box for your essentials. You will have a bright rear and front light and the seat, armrest and handlebar are adjustable. The battery range is more than 28 km and a speed of up to 10 km/h.

–     The Invacare Pegasus Metro Mobility Scooter is highly comfortable, safe and reliable. If you are a new user, you will find its ergonomic design equipped with so many features easy to use. It has a max driving speed of 12 km/h and can bear a max weight of 136 kg.

–     The Pride Pathrider 10dx Mobility Scooter has a sleek and sporty design and features that are unique to itself. It boasts a feather-touch disassembly, a wraparound easy-drive tiller and an LED curb light. It is not just comfortable, but stylish too. It also has a cup holder, oxygen tank holder, walker holder and a safety flag.

–     The Pride Celebrity Dx 3 Mobility Scooter has a simplistic and elegant design yet sporty. It has got a state-of-the-art rear suspension and a max speed of 9.65 km/h. The weight capacity is up to 159 kg. It also has a deluxe seat with a headrest and a manual recline.

–     The Pride Pathrider 10 Mobility Scooter is safe, reliable and comfy. It is designed for high performance and is great for the outdoors. Its feather-touch disassembly and puncture-proof tires are some of the many amazing features of this design. It has a max speed of 9 km/h.

–     The Drive Medical Envoy 4 Plus Mobility Scooter delivers an excellent performance in all types of terrains. It has an all-round suspension and long-lasting batteries. The travel range is 48 km on full batteries and it can handle a maximum weight of 94 kg. The speed is up to 6.5 km/h.

–     The Solax Australia Mobile is designed for smooth mobility as it is foldable and portable. It is also a very stable scooter as it is four-wheeled. You will find it convenient to take around as it can easily fit in the trunk or the back seat of your car. It has a speed of up to 8km/h and a 115kg weight capacity.

–     The Scout Sport Quattro Mobility Scooter with all-round suspension provides a speed of up to 7 km/h and a max range of 20 km. It has a comfy design with deluxe cushioned seating and also an auto electromagnetic brake system.


This list contains some of the biggest and best-rated scooters out there. If you want to broaden your search for something we have missed feel free to browse other types from popular brands like Pride, Drive, Invacare, Solax, Scout, Genie, Sunrise Medical, and iLiving. There are more others and there are more refined and newer ones coming our way. This is all thanks to new technological breakthroughs that expand anything from battery autonomy to comfort, practicality, etc.


Mobility scooters offer several advantages. If you don’t have the stamina to operate a standard wheelchair, you will find it easier to use a scooter. Another advantage is that it does not look like a traditional wheelchair, as some people don’t like the look of using a wheelchair. These scooters are constantly being modified and upgraded by the manufacturers to better serve your needs, and you can foresee more varieties in the future.

The age where you couldn’t leave the house because your condition or illness is far past and we have a new age for that mobility impaired. You will be able to go to places you couldn’t imagine before, and trips outdoors, picnics, rides to the forest will be something normal for you.

Just a heads up for all you that are planning to buy one of these but don’t have money to buy brand new – watch out for a few things when going second hand like:

  • Electrical wiring – due to prolong stay outside these can get wet, or the sun may burn and crumble electrical wiring which is why it is always important to do a thorough electrical check before buying.
  • Look for any missing parts – most of the older type mobility scooters might not produce replacement parts so anything missing and broken might be tough to find and replace.
  • Check the battery – battery on these is important. Most manufacturers will probably still offer replacement batteries but its always good if you can find an original that has been preserved.

Should I Buy an Electric Vehicle?

Millions of people throughout the world now drive an electric vehicle (EV). That number is expected to rise in the coming years, as people ponder whether their technology, features, and benefits make them worth their while. Given that everyone’s needs are different, choosing a car to suit your lifestyle can require a bit of research. Could an electric vehicle be right for you? The following information may be worth factoring into your decision.


Running Costs

Some EV owners have reported spending just a quarter per mile of what they would spend on a petrol-powered car. However, the cost savings can be higher or lower, depending on your electricity costs. For example, someone using solar energy to power their home and car could make even more savings than someone accessing power entirely from the grid. If your electricity company offers lower rates at certain times of the day, taking advantage of these rates may also put more money back in your wallet.

Overall Costs

Regarding running costs, electric vehicles are leading the way. As it turns out, they are also leading the way in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). A report compiled by the International Council on Clean Transport (ICCT) compared the costs of a fully electric VW Golf to plug-in hybrid, petrol, and diesel versions in five European countries.

In the report, the costs associated with the vehicle purchase price, tax, and fuel were examined. Over four years, EVs were cheaper in all five countries included in the study – Norway, Netherlands, France, UK, and Germany. The price difference in Norway was the greatest, with EV ownership at 27% cheaper than petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The lower costs were associated with tax reductions, purchase price subsidies, and less expensive fuel costs.

EV Insurance


Insurance is something that many people factor in the decision-making process when purchasing a new vehicle. Not everyone is aware of whether their insurance even covers an electric car. When requesting car insurance quotes from various companies, it pays to make it clear that you own an EV. You can visit this site for car insurance quotes. However, there shouldn’t be too many differences between an EV policy and a petrol or diesel-powered policy.

You can still expect options like collision insurance, medical payment coverage, liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, and personal injury protection. However, what’s also worth considering is your home insurance. If you have installed a vehicle charging station, it can be worth phoning your insurance agent to advise them as you may require additional liability coverage.

Maintenance Requirements

Mechanical bills for petrol-powered vehicles can be astronomical. The complicated makeup of internal combustion engines means any number of things can go wrong at any time. However, even the coolest electric cars don’t come with substantial maintenance costs. They tend to feature electric drive trains with very few moving parts. Tires, brakes, windscreens, wiper blades, and washer fluid are often the extent of your duties. The batteries may require repairs and replacement, but they can last several years before you need to invest in a new one.


When the first EVs hit the market, there weren’t too many options for everyday consumers to choose from. Now, though, you can fit almost any vehicle with an electric power-train to turn it into an EV. From buses to bikes, trucks to trains, you should have no problems choosing an EV to suit your needs.

You can even purchase hybrid EVs that operate with a combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric engine. With a hybrid, you can enjoy superior fuel efficiency while also emitting less carbon dioxide into the environment.

Fun Driving Experience


Electric cars are high-performance vehicles, and they are becoming more advanced by the day. With those advancements comes some outstanding benefits for drivers, like an incredibly quiet driving experience. Unlike a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle, the occupants of an EV can have a conversation without having to raise their voice over the sound of the engine. Electric engines are also smooth to run, responsive, and provide incredible torque.

Surprisingly, that fun driving experience is also enhanced through preferential treatment across many towns and cities. Given that some businesses offer EV charging stations, parking is often provided to EVs at store frontages. Some cities may even allow EVs to use high-occupancy and carpool lanes, as well as free public charging stations.

Financial Incentives

It might seem strange, but governments sometimes offer tax credits and other financial incentives for people to purchase electric vehicles. Essentially, you’re getting paid to buy a new car. Federal tax credits of up to $7,500 are available for many plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles purchased new from 2010 onward. The credit amount is based on the battery capacity, and some models are exempt.

If you’re not eligible for a federal income tax credit, you may qualify for state or local incentives. These vary throughout the country. In California, rebates up to $5,000 on purchased or leased EVs may be available. If you live in Delaware, you may be able to receive a refund on residential and commercial charging stations of between 50% to 75%. It’s always worth asking your local EV dealer about available tax credits when you start browsing their lot.

Advanced Technology

Electric vehicles are at the cutting edge of technology, given that they are so new to the market. While you get to benefit from a fuel-less approach to travel, many other advancements are also bound to capture your attention. Keyless ignition, touchscreens, Android and Apple connectivity, and incredible battery life are just some of the many new features you can expect. The more high-performance and advanced the EV, the more exciting features you can expect to see.

Choosing a new vehicle can be challenging at the best of times, but we’ve now got more options at our disposal than ever before. Given that EVs can save you money and the environment while being insured similarly to petrol-powered vehicles, they may be worth a closer look. You may be surprised at how they not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Some things you need to consider before you buy an electric car

In the world, there are currently the most vehicles powered by a petrol or diesel engine. However, in recent years, vehicles powered by batteries have become popular. Indeed, such vehicles require fewer maintenance costs.

There are some other advantages of electric vehicles, and perhaps the biggest advantage is that this type of vehicle does not pollute the environment. That is why the ultimate goal is that everyone in the coming decades will change vehicles with an internal combustion engine with these, more acceptable ones.

However, before you take the step and decide to buy an electric vehicle, you have to consider some of the things that are very important. We have decided to present to you some of these factors, which you have to think about it in order to not have problems later. So, if you’re ready, let’s start.

1. What is the operating range of your vehicle?

This is certainly one of the most important things you need to consider whether you are buying a used or new electric vehicle. With a new car of this type, there will likely be no problems unless you need a large operating range. Electrically driven cars that have been manufactured in the last couple of years have a minimum range of 200 miles or even more. However, the problem arises when you buy a vehicle that is older because such vehicles have an operating range that is less than 100 miles.

Img source: Fortune.com

Of course, the consumption depends on the conditions you are driving (city or highway driving), as well as from outside conditions such as temperature. In addition, the range will also depend on the use of devices such as a heater and air condition. Therefore, before purchasing, you must carefully assess whether such a vehicle really meets all your needs.

2. Will an electric vehicle meet other needs?

First of all, we are talking about driving comfort, both for you and your family. Some of the usual activities are weekly shopping or a trip with family or friends. Therefore, it is essential that in these situations you have enough space inside the vehicle to make the drive comfortable. Simply, you have to think carefully before buying in order to make the right choice. Perhaps the best solution in this situation would be to schedule a test drive and, in this way, check the compatibility of the vehicle with your needs.

3. Is it a better solution to buy or lease an electric vehicle?

According to some studies that have been done, nearly 80 percent of all electric vehicles have been leased. First of all, the advantage of leased cars is that the costs are lower than in other ways of financing. In addition, we have to say that with car dealers, we usually find some favorable offers that involve quite a lower cost. On the other hand, when your contract expires, you may encounter some problems, such as, for example, additional costs if you have exceeded the mileage previously defined or if you did not return the vehicle in its original condition.

Img source: wikipedia.com

4. Ways to recharge the batteries

Another very important factor that can influence your decision to buy an electric vehicle is the distance from the nearest battery charger for your car. If you do not have one like this in your area, there are other ways to recharge your vehicle. The first is to connect your vehicle to a 110-volt outlet in your home. However, this mode is very long lasting, and for a full recharge of batteries you will need from 8 to 24 hours. This method is called Level 1 charging. The second, better way, is to install a 240-volt outlet along with expert assistance and of course with respect to all regulations and laws, and in this way, you will have Level 2 charging that will allow your car battery to be recharged in only 4 hours.

5. Is there an electric car charger nearby?

So, as we mentioned in the previous section, it is very important that you have a public charger station in the surrounding area. Of course, if you have to drive far and cross the big mileage, it is certain that you will need some extra charge of batteries, so the coverage of public chargers is a very important thing to consider. These devices will usually be found on the parking lots or in public garages. One of the most famous electric car manufacturers, Tesla Motors, have their own charging network. Their devices are called Superchargers. Also, there are devices that offer the option of DC Fast Charging and can recharge the battery of your car for an hour.

Img source: energyfuse.org

To find out more about the locations of such chargers, there are sites and applications for smartphones such as PlugInAmerica.org, PlugShare.com, EVgo, and ChargePoint. In addition to the exact location of the device, you can find out if there is a type of charging that you need and whether it’s available for use.

6. What are the benefits offered by the state in the case of buying an electric vehicle?

Due to its very favorable impact on the environment, many tax benefits can be found in many countries in case you decide to buy a vehicle of this type. For example, the federal government in the United States provides the owner of an electric vehicle with one-time financial assistance of $7,500. In the event that you decide to lease, there are also benefits that are related to monthly expenses. Also, manufacturers of this type of vehicle as well as plug-in hybrids, have some privileges.

For example, Tesla Motors has reached the number of 200,000 electric vehicles sold, which is why the tax has been reduced to $3,750. In addition, an additional reduction of $1,875 is expected after 1 July this year, and the reduction period will end on December 31. As well as Tesla Motors, General Motors has also reached this number of 200,000 vehicles and the convenience of purchasing Chevrolet Volt and Bolt will begin to phase out after April 1.

In addition to the United States, other countries have their own incentive programs for the purchase of electric cars. Some countries even give preference when installing a charging unit in your home. To find out all the benefits that you will get by purchasing an electric car, we suggest you visit the official Internet portal of your country and see all the benefits and discounts.

7. Do you need to worry about an electric car battery?

Certainly, the batteries on your electric vehicle are parts that you will once have to replace. However, there are certain provisions that allow you to have a rather long warranty period on a battery pack. This period usually lasts eight years or 100,000 miles. Hyundai has gone a step further and for its model called Kona Electric, it provides users with lifetime coverage. On the other hand, we have manufacturers such as Tesla, Chevrolet, BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen who will change your battery pack in case the capacity drops to 60% -70%. Of course, it is assumed that the vehicle must be in the warranty period.

Img source: wikipedia.com


In any case, we must mention that replacing this part on your electric car is not cheap at all. If you need to do this, it will cost you from $5,000 up to $15,000, of course, depending on the manufacturer and model. However, if you take care of your car and keep the batteries in the right way, we believe that you will not have the need for such actions.

8. Electric vehicle insurance

Another important thing to consider before buying an electric car is the cost of insurance. Unlike vehicles with an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles have up to 21% higher insurance costs. This big difference is primarily because the spare parts for this type of vehicle are more expensive, and we primarily mean the previously mentioned battery packs. Also, in the event of a traffic accident, car repair is more expensive, and this additionally affects the price.

The Upcoming Mercedes-Benz Products Set to Launch by 2022

Are you excited to learn about the upcoming Mercedes-Benz products?! We know we are, especially about the one set to launch by 2022. There will be plenty of all-new and first-ever products, which consist of a mix of both electric and conventional models. Here are ten of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz products expected to launch by 2022.

Mercedes GLB

This forthcoming luxury compact crossover automobile will go into production this year. It is a more practical, compact and spacy SUV, which is positioned below the GLC. However, it will be longer than the GLA and similar to a GLK. Its concept car version will be presented at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show.

Next-gen Mercedes GLE Coupe

Img source: Motor1.com

The prototype model of the next-gen Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe was recently spotted doing test laps. It looks quite similar to the GLE in the front but features a sleeker and more dynamic rear-end. Some of the most probable variants to come to include GLE 300d Coupe, GLE 450 Coupe, AMG GLE 53 Coupe, and the top-dog AMG GLE 63 Coupe.

Mercedes EQB

Img source: insideevs.com

The pure electric derivative, titled EQB, is very likely to resemble Tesla’s Model Y and future compact electric crossovers. It will have the same EVA platform and electric drivetrain as the EQA and will offer a range of 310 miles.

Mercedes EQS

This is an upcoming family member of battery electric vehicles. It is a fully electric luxury sedan which will offer a range of 310 miles. The first Mercedes EQ car was unveiled last September in the form of the 2020 EQC small SUV.

Next-gen Mercedes C Class

This all-new C Class sedan is very likely to be launched in 2021 and it will be probably followed by other versions, such as the estate, coupe, and convertible. Based on the spy shots and video which appeared, the Next-gen Mercedes C Class comes with an evolutionary redesign alongside new powertrains and chassis upgrades.

Next-gen Mercedes S Class

Img source: topspeed.com

This is the best full-size luxury sedan, which raises expectations with every generation of S Class. The next-gen model will debut at the 2019 Frankfurt auto show and will be in showrooms in 2020 as a 2021 model. It will feature a Level 3 autonomous driving aid, a massive touchscreen which will run the latest MBUX software and boosted luxury quotient.

All-new Mercedes SL

Img source: carbuzz.com

A completely new, lighter, sexier, and faster generation of SL is currently in the works. The next-gen 2-door convertible and will be based on a new platform called Modular Sports car Architecture. It is very likely to be a potential replacement to the S Class Coupe. The All-new Mercedes SL will be more driver-centric and will offer a more engaging experience.

Next-gen Mercedes GLS

The 2019 New York International Auto Show will happen in just a few days and it will be that we will see the world debut of the next-gen Mercedes GLS. The full-size utility barge will feature a less curvaceous and more blocky look. Its production will take place in Vance, Alabama and this SUV will undoubtedly look considerably more elegant than before.

Next-gen Mercedes GLA

The next-gen Mercedes GLA will come with a completely new styling, engines, and vast tech. It will probably borrow the 4-cylinder turbo petrol and diesel motors from the A-Class hatchback. The next-gen Mercedes GLA will debut sometime this year.

Mercedes EQA

Img source: insideevs.com

Considered the highest tech four-wheel drive electric car ever, the Mercedes EQA is the latest addition to the all-electric EQ range. This is one of the Mercedes vehicles to be based on a new electric vehicle architecture (EVA). The Concept EQA was unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show and it’s scheduled for release in 2020.

Do Low Temperatures Have Impact on Electric Vehicles?

Do you have experience of your car’s electric freezing during the winter? It is a common thing in parts of the world that have heavy and long winters. It is a common sense that low temperature can have an impact on your machine, but do you know what happens to electric cars? According to the Cara Clairman, the CEO and president of Plug’n Drive, electric cars don`t have that kind of issues.

Also, she says that her organization doesn`t have any information about drivers of electric vehicle that have a problem with their machines during the winter. The reason is that electric vehicles are using their electricity to keep the battery warm while the machine is not working. The driver can select an option of warming the interior of the car, and by doing that making more power for moving the car later.

Img source: electrek.co

Keeping the Car Warm

Clairman is a resident of Toronto, Canada. In the interview we are talking about, she used her hometown as an example. She said that most of the residents that are driving electric vehicles are plugging their cars at night, so they can keep an optimal temperature in them. However, extreme temperatures still have an impact on EV`s.

We are talking about the dropping of range by 40%. That means that batteries are less effective in lower temperatures. Because of that, the car must draw the power to keep the battery and the cabin. That will make the distance you can drive lower than usual.

Img source: cottagelife.com

Keeping It Running

She is saying that the residents of Ontario have found the solution to this problem. They are buying a steering wheel and seat heaters, so they can substitute the warming of the whole cabin, and reducing the distance their car can cover. Normally, when we are talking about the whole Ontario traffic, we can say that there is a problem with it during the winter.

Nadia Mato from Canadian Automobile Association says that you can`t boost an electric battery and that EV doesn`t need to be boosted, it needs to be charged. You can do the boosting only if you have an electric hybrid vehicle. In the end, she says that the Canadian Automobile Associations doesn`t have a category for the EVs and electric hybrid vehicles.

Tesla Model Y – Price, Release Date, Interior and More

Tesla is making a switch to a mass market and therefore, they need an inexpensive version of the Model X. They have already launch a cheap Model 3 which has had major success and they are going to complete the lineup with the Model Y. This is the most mysterious vehicle coming from Tesla but based on what Elon Musk said so far, the new car might come sooner than we expected.

“We’re aiming to unveil the Model Y approximately March next year, and then go into production about two years from now,” he said at the company’s most recent annual shareholder meeting. “Maybe a little less than two years, but basically first half of 2020 for production of Model Y.”

But what do we know about Tesla Model Y?

Img source: progea4.it

Official Reveal

However, Musk has made several comments, teasing the new car and a possible launch date. In May, he wrote on Twitter that the SUV would be showed on the Ides of March. The exact date was March 15th 2019. However, he would later on explain that he was only joking but that there was a possibility for the company to “unveil Model Y anytime from late this year to mid next year.”


The starting price of the Model 3 was $46,000 with a drop to $35,000 but it appears that the Model Y will not go under that price. On the other hand, the Model X starts at $79,500 and the company will try to reduce this costs as much as possible. In a nutshell, the price tag of the new car can easily fall between $35,000 and $79,500. It is a wide range, but it is too early to be more accurate.

Img source: wp.com


Battery is always interesting to discuss when we are talking about Tesla vehicles. For instance, with Model 3, Tesla focused more on miles-per-charge in its advertising campaign than on battery. Just for comparison, the Model 3 has a range of 260 miles, whereas Model X and Model S can cover 295 and 335 miles respectively. We are not sure whether the Model Y will focus on mileage or it will be a combination of power and range.

Seating Arrangement

In the past, Tesla often experimented with the interior, especially with the seating arrangement. They would use innovations and nobody knew what to expect. With the new car in the pipeline, we can only guess. There is a rumor that Model Y will come with seven seats, which is perhaps too much for an electric SUV. Also, don’t forget that this will be a cheaper model, meaning that Tesla would have to cut back on something and power, range and design aren’t that something.

Img source: bensmann.no

Production Plans

According to Tesla, we should expect around one million Model Y vehicles produced on a yearly basis. This is a lot more than the all deliveries in the United State. The Gigafactory in China will help immensely with the production of the Model Y, but it will also cover Model 3. Hopefully, there will be no problems with the Model Y production as it was with Model 3 that failed to meet the weekly figures.

What Elon Musk has to say?

Musk is constantly hyping up the new vehicle and he said that it is “something super special”. Furthermore, compared to Model 3, he called Model Y “a manufacturing revolution.”

“I’m pretty excited about how we’re designing Model Y, it’s really taking a lot of lessons learned from Model 3 and saying, ‘How do we design this thing to be easy to manufacture instead of difficult?’” he said during a call in February.

We are looking forward to Tesla Model 3 – how about you?