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Ford Capri Making its Return in 2020?

Nostalgia is always present in every aspect of life. We always want to see some things that we loved in the past make their return in the present day. That is the case with professional players in many sports, musicians that used to make music that we liked, sometimes even some clothes. The same thing goes for some cars.

One of the cars that could make its return to the grand stage is Ford Capri. This company has already experimented with a couple of things. The Bronco car has come to life again, while the Pumpa returned in the form of the SUV. Along with that, Ford used the Mustang to help themselves create their first electric car. Using old ideas, recycling them and making something that fits the modern-day has always been a good tactic.


All of these things are making everybody wonder whether or not they could bring out the new Ford Capri.

Amko Leenarts, a man who leads the company’s European design studio, is also excited about this idea and hasn’t excluded the return of this car.

„Who would not want to bring back the Capri as a design?“ said Leenarts. He was indeed asked about badging and which models that the company produced in the past could maybe serve as an idea for the new projects in the future.


When he talked about Ford Capri, he stated that if this car indeed makes its return, he wants it to be something that fits the modern-day, he wants there to be a good reason and a nice way to bring this car back. Leenarts also stated that he does not want it to return purely because the designer wants their old car back, which is a fair point.

There was even a website that had a great idea about this car coming back as one of the electric cars – a great way to use an old concept in the present day. We have also seen that Ford is not opposed to something like that as well.


The arrival of Ford Mach E Concept is approaching

It seems that Ford has been working on and testing on their crossover that is inspired by Mustang for ages, however, we have might approach the moment when the arrival of this unit is more realistic and evident than ever.

Official debut

If we are to believe Autocar, the official debut of this concept would happen during this year. However, this newspaper did not give any more specifics about this and it only concluded that the only known thing may be the name of the model.

Img source: carscoops.com

The name

There are some speculations that the name of this concept would be Mach 1. On the other hand, it was quickly denied that this name would be used and the denial was a kind of a consequence to the dissatisfaction of the fans of Mustang, who considered that a name of Mustang should not be given to the model that is an electric crossover. So, the manufacturer decided to the description of the model as the one that would be made from the inspiration from Mustang and that it would be a unit that would be running on electric power only. Despite all this, the company has been discussing the model as Mach E or Mustang Mach-E. So, it may happen that a model would have Mach E name but there are not any details about the manufacturer’s intention of making an electric Mustang.


Img source: greencarreports.com

The name is not so much important as the fact that Team Edison is working on the development of the model. It should be added that this team is solely focused on the design of electric units. After the release of the unit, it is expected that the markets of Asia, Europe, and the USA would see the release and sales of this model. The production is expected to take place in Mexico. When we are talking about some characteristics of the unit, we need to say that it is estimated that the unit would be able to be driven for 483 in only one charge.

Electric units

It should be noted that Ford is giving its best in order to launch as many units as possible. More precisely, they are planning to release about 16 different electric unit by 2023.

10 Reasons Why Driving a Tesla is Like Playing a VR Game

Tesla has changed the way we think about cars forever. Not only they are environment-friendly, but they are also packed with amenities and features not found in any other model on the market today. Apparently, that is what you get when you have a huge nerd who grew up on sci-fi in charge of the company. It is no wonder then that driving one of Tesla models often feels like playing a computer game or even a VR simulator. These are our reasons, but we are sure you may have a few of your own as well.

Ridiculous Acceleration Puts You in A Racing Game

When a car goes from zero to 60 in 2.4 seconds, it is very fast by any standard., and that is exactly what Tesla is. It is the type of acceleration that will jam your head into the headrest until you let go of the gas pedal. YouTube is filled with videos of Tesla acceleration used as a prank to people unaware of just how quick the car is.

Img source: tesla.com

Emergency Braking Is Like Nothing We Have Ever Seen

Just like acceleration will push you back into your seat, emergency breaking will leave you hanging in your seatbelt. In case you aren’t wearing one, consequences can be a lot more serious. Still, it is a preferred outcome to becoming another car in a highway pileup you didn’t notice on time. Fortunately, Tesla is always watching for things like that and will apply the full power of its breaks if it detects an obstruction on the road.

Collision Warning Keeps You Safe

If Tesla detects something on the road that poses a danger, it will sound a collision alarm, just like in a game. It gives you enough warning to step on the break and stop before hitting a pedestrian or a car in front of you.

Img source: cnet.com

Blindspot Monitors See Everything

Ability to see your blind spot on the car’s screen can be a profound experience. In games, it is something we can expect, but in a car? Not really.

Autopilot Let’s You Drive Hands-Free

This is one of the most futuristic features in Tesla. Why bother holding the wheel at all, when you could be reading or sleeping? The car does everything, just like in a VR game. Enjoy the scenery while Tesla gets you to your destination.

Img source: autoexpress.co.uk

The Summon App Brings Your Car to You

Can’t be bothered to walk to where you parked your car? It is raining and you don’t want to get wet? No problem, get your phone out and use Summon App. Just like in a James Bond movie, your Tesla will come to you. It may spook a few people it meets on the way seeing a car driving by itself, though.

The Auto-Park Feature for All of Us Who Hate Parallel Parking
If you struggle with parking, then this feature is a blessing for you. No need for endless maneuvering and embarrassment that follows it anymore, just click on the parking icon and Tesla will park itself. You don’t even have to be in the car. And it will be perfectly parallel each time.

The 17-Inch Touchscreen Is Ridiculously Big

The first thing you see when you sit in a Tesla is a huge 17-Inch Touchscreen. The thing is bigger than most laptops and occupies the entire central console. Even if you don’t know anything about the car, once it lights up, you immediately realize that this is no ordinary vehicle. The touchscreen provides control of many of Tesla’s features, plus it serves as an infotainment center. If you are bored, it also lets you draw on it. How neat is that?

Img source: consumerreports.org

A Glass Roof for Star Gazing

One of the coolest features of a Tesla is the ability to see all around with its glass roof, which makes it perfect for stargazing, just like in a VR simulation. The feature is so awesome that it is surprising no other car maker has thought of it before.

Surround Sound System

With eleven speakers and a massive eight-inch woofer, Tesla’s sound system rivals those found in any studio. The only similar experience would be using quality headphones, like the ones found in a good VR set.

Carmen model by Hispano Suiza, a Retro Take on the Futuristic EV Supercar

The Spanish car manufacturer Hispano Suiza released several photos recently of their new futuristic electric supercar, which is inspired by the 1930’s model called Dubonnet Xenia. This new beauty is both a retro looking car, as well as an electric future car, capable of a staggering 1,019 horsepower. The automaker officially debuted the car at the Geneva Motor Show of this year, while the first road legal models are set to arrive sometime during 2020.

This breathtaking new car is called Carmen and is an EV supercar and a modern take on its predecessor from almost a hundred years ago. It will feature sliding doors, an enveloping windscreen, and futuristic design lines on the sides.

Img source: autorepublika.com

The car sports an ultra-light carbon fiber monocoque body and panels, meaning the weight is only 1,690 kg. There are two red circular lights in the back, and the wheels are hidden under a pair of old-school riveted panels, only exposing the bottom treads.

When it comes to the range, this lovely Spanish supercar will be able to reach a decent 400 km or 250 miles. Carmen is going to use very interesting splitters, diffusers and other aerodynamic components, which will give it a very low total drag coefficient. The 1,019 horsepower is there thanks to the dual electric motors, encased in each of the two rear wheels, and their performances are impressive, to say the least.

Img source: autorepublika.com

This new electric car is able to go from 0 to 62 mph in less3 seconds, while the top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph or 250 km/h.

However, the car is not yet ready for shipping, as Hispano Suiza is still taking pre-orders. Carmen is set to have a crazy high price tag of $1.7 million, and only 19 models will be manufactured between 2019 and 2021. June of 2020 is set as the official release date of the car.

Crossover of Ford Electric Will Be Available in 2020


Ford presented its new vehicle. It is a crossover of previous Ford electric model made to rival Model Y manufactured by Tesla. Tesla presented its new, highly anticipated, Model Y last week, and the result was a model 3-based vehicle that has bigger tires, lesser range, higher roofline, and increased value. All other elements are used from older, model 3. The company itself is admitting that they are using 75% of the same features that were in their first electric car.

From the first look, we can say that the consumers are pretty satisfied with the product before them. So, Ford, as big as it is, and important as it is in the automobile industry, decided that they should provide a vehicle as an answer to the glove that Tesla threw to their competition. They started the marketing campaign as soon as Tesla`s product was presented on fourteenth of March this year, by posting a sentence hold your horses that featured blue color that is associated with Ford Mustang.


Obviously, that meant that they want their competition to know that they are going to have their own electric car in the future. Global Operation`s president Joe Hinrichs stated that Ford will move forward with their electric car in no time, which meant 2020 or sooner. We can be sure that the vehicle will be inspired by Ford`s Mustang. The expected range of the car could be about 300 miles.