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Adam Sandler Took a Break from Isolation while Going for a Bike Ride

The actor has been trying to stay in shape despite the need to stay in the quarantine.

Adam Sandler took a break from his self-isolation at home on Sunday and went for a refreshing bike ride near his house in Malibu.


The 53-year-old star was cruising along on an electric bike for added speed.

Sandler kept himself warm in the windy seaside city with a gray jacket that features charcoal sleeves.

It was paired with sport navy shorts with red stripes, and also the black sneakers.

This is the first time he had been spotted completely facial hair-free in months.

Even though he was outside, Adam made sure to maintain proper social distancing by staying at least six feet away from other people.

Also, on Sunday, Sandler shared some viewing recommendations to his 2.5 million Twitter fans.


He had previously watched the 2018 film We The Animals, and he was currently watching the 1980 teen comedy classic My Bodyguard.

Next up on his list was a 2019 documentary about the rock band ZZ Top.

He also tagged his Uncut Gems co-star Kevin Garnett, and also Neil Young and Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse for their own watchlist.

On Saturday, the actor shared his memories of Fred ‘Curly’ Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters, who died Thursday at the age of 77.

‘Loooved this man! Stopped what I was doing anytime Curly was on TV. Just like every other kid! RIP and Love to his family!’ Adam tweeted.

Fuell will soon present two of its first electric vehicles – Flow and Fluid

In today’s automotive industry, electrically driven vehicles are not a novelty on the market at all, however, a company named Fuell will soon introduce its new machines in New York. It’s all about electric bikes called Fluid and Flow, and they are quite attracted to our attention. In fact, Flow is an electric bicycle, while Fluid belongs to electric motorcycles. The official launch of new vehicles will take place on April 23, 2019.

Fuell has founders who are experienced in the business

Img source: electricmotorcycles.news

The best word to describe the three founders of this company is certainly ‘experience’. Erik Buell is the person whose name was behind Buell Motorcycles, a company that was once owned by a well-known name in the world of motorcycles, Harley Davison. Also, Buell used to work as an engineer in the same company. We must say that Buell is a member of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame as well as that he is establisher of Erik Buell Racing. He is the CTO of Fuell, as well.

In addition to him, another key person in Fuell is Francois-Xavier Terny, who is the CEO of the company. His name is also related to Vanguard Moto Inc., which was co-founded by him. A third person who is equally important in Fuell’s three-person team is Frédéric Vasseur. He is the man who established Spark Racing Technology, a company that deals with Formula E. Also, Vasseur has been part of several Formula 1 teams, including Sauber F1 and Renault F1.

Now, when you know who is Fuell’s most important people, look at the features of the new machines that will soon be presented.

Fuell Flow

Img source: theverge.com

First, let’s look at the features of a new motorcycle called Flow. The most remarkable thing you can notice when you look at this machine is that there is no chain or belt. This became possible thanks to a specially developed wheel-motor that is fitted to the rear of this motorcycle. Another thing that attracted our attention is the connected dashboard.

As for power, Flow is made in two versions, Flow-1 with 15 horsepower and Flow-1S with 47 horsepower. Since it is an electric vehicle, we must take into account that it takes a certain amount of time for its recharging. However, Flow takes only 30 minutes to complete recharge. The built-in battery will allow you to ride 125 miles on one charge. At first glance, Fuell Flow looks like a motorcycle that is quite comfortable for driving even on long distance journeys. If you consider this modern way of transport ideal for you and you are ready to give up traditional motorcycles, you will have to pay $10,995 for one like this.

Fuell Fluid

Img source: topspeed.com

Now let’s look at some specifications of a bicycle called Fuell Fluid. As well as the aforementioned motorcycle, this bike will have two of its versions, Fluid-1 which has a power of 250W as well as a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour that can be reached, while the second version of the Fluid-1S comes with twice as much power of 500W, as well as a higher maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

Some common things for both versions are 74 pound-feet of torque and 980 Wh of capacity. This electric bike can be recharged at home, however, we do not currently know how much time is needed for this action. As for the price, for Fuell Fluid you will have to pay $3,295.


Electric Bikes Bring Health Benefits or Just For Lazy People?

In the Tour de France competition, having a small electric motor installed on your bike is cheating. For the rest of the world, it may help make cycling more practical and enjoyable, according to a new study. Everyone knows that exercising is necessary and good for us. Physically active are much less likely to suffer from heart diseases, cancer, strokes, diabetes, and depression, than those who are sedentary. They will also have much fewer disabilities at old age and are at a lower risk of dying prematurely. Although everyone is familiar with this, not a lot of people actually exercise. They have excuses like the lack of time, or not being fit enough to do it.

Here is where electric bicycles could help. The motors switch your pedaling as you need it, some even pedaling for you. This, for example, makes climbing hills very easy. This could even reduce the need for cars, avoiding daily traffic jams. Surely, depending on your requirements you can choose the best electric bike and use it to commute and stay fit.

There is, however, no scientific evidence that they actually benefit our health. There aren’t many of them around either, and people haven’t even seen them, let alone drove them.

The European Journal of Applied Physiology published a new study, an experiment that the researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder, examined what would happen if they presented a group of out-of-shape people with zippy electric bikes, who would drive them to work each day. They used the bikes which only assist the rider, not do all the work for them.

image source: youtube.com

They tested if this is at all a meaningful workout for them. They also aimed to see if the bikes were fundamentally safe, as they allow riders to reach speeds of more than 20 mph. The Boulder city government funded a part of the study that could show how the future transportation could be a lot greener. Additional resources came from local bike shops.

A group of 20 volunteers had their body composition, aerobic fitness, blood sugar and pressure, and cholesterol levels checked. Each of them received an electric bicycle, a heart rate monitor, a GPS device, and instructions. They were asked to wear the monitors and ride their bikes to work and back at least three times a week for the next month. This would mean 40 minutes at least on a bicycle per day. They could choose the speeds and difficulty levels themselves.

After a month, the volunteers came back to the lab for another checkup. All of them accomplished what was asked of them, some even rode 50% more, often with intensity. Heart rate monitors showed they were getting moderate workouts.

There were no accidents or injuries. James Peterman, a student at U.C. Boulder leading the study, said: “We found that participants rode at a reasonable average speed of about 12 miles per hour.”

image source: phantom-bikes.com

All of them were healthier and fit. They significantly improved aerobic fitness, have better blood sugar control, aimed to lowered body fat and become more active. They said they had fun, and generally enjoyed themselves. “It’s exercise that is fun,” said William Byrnes, the senior author of the study and director of the Applied Exercise Science Laboratory at the university.

He uses an electric bike to and from the university, while many of the participants bought one for themselves.

These bikes are however unlikely a solution for everyone pressed for time or hesitant to exercise, because they are pricey, with figures being in the thousands of dollars.

They offer less of a workout than standard bikes. An accomplished bike racer, Mr. Peterman, says that motorized bicycles are unlikely to become popular with well-trained athletes, or cyclists.

For those who are still not being active, the good news is that there is something to help you pedal after all. Although pricey, it is at least some form of exercise and is better than just sitting around and complaining.