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Top 10 Best Driver Safety Features for Teen Drivers

Children are the greatest joy in a family. It is real happiness to see them grow and develop into a mature person who will make you happy and proud in the future. It is also a real challenge to be a child today. It’s a challenge because there are so many things to learn to say ‘Yes, I’m an adult and I can do this myself at the end of the day. It’s a nice sentence that young people can say when they develop and grow up, and adults can hear it. But until that happens, a period of work passes on the development of personality and skills.

Above all, education comes first. Formal education is a priority for every young person. It’s important for his future, but also partly for his skills. Then development is also an approach in which children and when they grow up teenagers learn some things that belong to non-formal education. It can be one of the many sports that he will do professionally or semi-professionally, it can be a foreign language, a musical instrument, a professional skill that will be highly valued in the future, a course in a field, or training from a driving school for a car. Yes, and this is a kind of benefit that will be of great benefit to young people in the future and it is important to train them to know how to drive a car.

Changes have been made in much of the world. These changes refer primarily to the traffic regulation and the age limit that the candidate needs to have to be able to attend classes in a driving school. In much of the world (perhaps 80% of countries around the world) the age limit for learning to drive a car has been lowered from 18 or 21 to 16 years. This means that any teenager over the age of 16 can start car lessons. But there are some limitations. They usually refer to the candidate being an exemplary student, having success in school, and being able to attend car lessons according to medical examinations. This is followed by the most exciting period which includes polygon classes, theory classes, driving in a populated area (city, suburban area, and on the highway), theory tests, taking exercises in a test site, and finally taking a ride in a city environment in front of a special commission that evaluates. Once all this is done, the candidate is ready to drive and get a driver’s license. Then there is a very important task that is set before the parents, and that is to choose a suitable vehicle for your child and to provide all the safety features that a vehicle should have. Today that is exactly our topic of conversation. Today we will present you the top 10 most important safety features for teen drivers that need to be met for the safety of the young driver. Let’s get started!
  1. Functional lights – it is very important for a vehicle driven by a novice driver to have proper and functional lights. It is very important that the person driving the vehicle can see everything in front of them, can give a signal, and have no problem or difficulty while driving the vehicle.
  2. Correct whole car mirrors – as we all know, a car can have three mirrors (one on the door and one inside the vehicle) and two auxiliaries (usually on the door). They are very important to drive safely in traffic, so pay special attention when preparing the vehicle for a young and new driver.
  3. Correct brakes – according to experts from Finz & Finz, P.C. Brakes are the most important thing for the safety of a vehicle and those who drive and drive in it. It is necessary to pay special attention to their correctness, to their reactivity which is important in unpredictable moments.
  4. Warning sensors in operation – it is important that the vehicle has warning sensors that are in operation and that can at any time give a signal, sound or some other warning activity so that the young driver can respond and heed the warning or be corrects in the management of the vehicle.
  5. Car safety camera – it is very important to place a traffic safety camera in the area near the mirror inside the car. This will record all the injustices that potentially threaten the driver or unwanted accidents, etc. This way the vehicle will be completely and safely.
  6. Safe tires that have enough pressure in them – it is necessary to pay special attention to the car tires. They need to have a sufficiently high pressure that differs if the vehicle has a maximum of 2 passengers or up to 5 passengers. It is, therefore, necessary to regulate it.
  7. Parking system – for a novice driver it is especially important to have a functional parking system in the vehicle. It is perhaps the most difficult task a teenager who has just obtained his driver’s license and is having his first attempts at parking can have.
  8. Monitor that is correct and gives all warnings on time – the monitor in front of the driver must always be correct and give all possible information that the driver needs. This is especially important when there is a young person behind the wheel who must pay attention to every detail while driving.
  9. First aid kit – although this is not one of the functions in the car or it is not an important steering aid, we would still emphasize how important it is to have a first aid kit in the vehicle in the event of a minor injury or an accident occurred.
  10. Proper seat belts – lastly make sure the car has proper seat belts which are mandatory when driving the vehicle. It is necessary for everyone in the car to have them installed to protect themselves from unpredictable braking or unpredictable events that may occur while driving.

Dear parents and teenagers, when choosing a car, choose safety, and when choosing safety, make sure that all these details are met to be safe in traffic. We wish you a careful and safe ride!

How to Help Your Child Pass the DMV Written Exam

For most teenagers, getting a driver’s license is a nerve-racking experience. This is not surprising since the process involved here is not as simple as what most people think. For one, teens need to adhere to stringent rules before they can get their full license. Furthermore, they have to take both written and practical driving exams. 

The assessment part, especially the written test, is not a walk in the park. In fact, the failure rate is significantly higher in certain states. In California, for example, a 2016 report showed that over 50% of test-takers do not pass the DMV written exam

Failing the test may not be the end of the world, but it can be frustrating and disheartening for some teenagers. There are also those who think that flunking it is very embarrassing, especially since most people have this notion that the test is easy.

The thing is that passing the DMV written exam the first-time is not impossible. Yes, the test is challenging. However, with proper preparation, teens can easily get a passing mark on their first try.

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According to, many fail the written driving exam because of a lack of preparation and overconfidence. Believing that the test is easy, some teenagers opt not to study for it. They think that it is enough that they know how to operate a motor vehicle. They do not read a driver’s manual and learn about road rules. They also forego doing practice tests. 

So, if your teenager is about to get his driver’s license, make sure that he is well prepared. Enroll him in a driver’s education course. 

A professional driving course is meant to equip students with the knowledge they need to pass their DMV written test. The class tackles lessons on vehicle components, traffic rules, and safe driving practices, among others. The course likewise includes tips on how to pass the licensing exam.

In a driver’s ed course, students do not just learn about essential driving-related information. They also get a feel of how it is to take the DMV written exam. This is because practice tests are provided throughout the course. Here, students learn the types of questions they might encounter during the actual exam. They also get to hone their test-taking skills, particularly finishing the test within the given time.

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Without a doubt, a drivers education course can be beneficial for your child if he’s taking the licensing exam. To be more precise, it can help him pass the test on his first try. More importantly, it can make your teenager a safe driver – something that every parent wants. 

Taking a professional driving class is mandatory in 32 states in the United States like California, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania to name a few. Hence, if your teenager lives in one of these states, he has no choice but to complete a drivers ed course in order to get his license.

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Meanwhile, even if taking a professional driving class is not mandatory in your state, enrolling your child in one is still highly recommended. It is well worth your money given the many benefits your child is going to reap, from getting his license to developing defensive driving skills. 

Remember, obtaining a driver’s license can be a difficult endeavor for your teenager. However, you can make things less stressful and help him succeed by ensuring that he prepares for his tests and abide by DMV restrictions.

Visit to find more details regarding the drivers ed courses for teenagers in the states of Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia and California.

Colorado: Interesting Places to Go on Rental Car


If you want to see interesting natural objects, as well as historical monuments, the American state of Colorado is waiting for you. What is the attractiveness of a holiday in Colorado, what to do and where to go – we will tell about everything in this article.

Rent a car to move comfortably

The car is the main type of movement throughout the country, and it can easily be rented immediately after arriving in America. As in other economically developed countries, there are private and international offices for hire. As practice shows, the rental service from popular brands is more expensive. Before you rent a car in Denver, look for car rental reviews.  One of the companies which offer great prices is Firefly, but there are some others you can check as well.  To rent a car you will need a driver’s license, a passport and a credit card so you can pay for the service with a credit card. As for age restrictions, drivers aged 20-24 must pay an additional young drivers surcharge (from $15 to $25 per day depending on the Driver’s Group). Note that you rent a car with a full tank and return it with the same level of fuel.

It is possible to take a car from Firefly car rental near Denver airport.

Places to visit

Starting your trip with Denver, you should look into the Rioja restaurant, famous among locals and tourists. There are elegant Mediterranean delicacies, as well as classic Spanish, Italian and French cuisine.

You may know that Colorado Springs is the famous brewing capital in the country. Therefore, it would be advisable to go here and make yourself a tour of the local breweries, in which, most often there are inexpensive restaurants and cafes with delicious food. Meat dishes, all sorts of sausages with fillers – the first thing that is worth a mandatory tourist try. It is recommended to start this tour from the restaurant Rocky Mountain Brewery.

Another place of interest is the Black Canyon of Gunnison, which length is 12 km. Its walls are very steep, and it is also full of narrow openings. Therefore, in some places, the sun does not fall there (from here comes its name). Climbing and rafting lovers come here and fans of tent cities can also settle along the canyon.

It is impossible not to visit the park Rocky Mountains. This is a very beautiful and picturesque place where nature enchants with its magnificence. In the park there are beautiful mountain lakes. The best period to visit is July-September. Here you can learn to climb rocks or book a tour and climb the mountain peak.

Not far from Colorado is another amazing park, named Garden of the Gods. In the park, there are amazing stone figures, which were formed as a result of weathering. You can enjoy them walking along the paths on foot.

Don’t forget about the unique Colorado landmark – Mesa Verde Park. There you can see the oldest rock houses inhabited by Indians more than 800 years ago. Besides, it is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you like active rest, the perfect variant is to drive to Aspen. A pretty Victorian resort town located in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley offers a huge number of restaurants, cafes, shops and all kinds of entertainment connected with winter sports.

While returning your car to Firefly at Denver airport, find any souvenir shop to buy some gifts. In Colorado, in great demand are various accessories made of precious stones and minerals.