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9 Hidden Costs Of A DUI And How To Avoid Them

DUI, or Driving under the influence, is not illegal per se, however, it’s not recommended in any way. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol cannot possibly end well. Even if you don’t end up in an accident and everyone goes unscathed – if you get pulled over and deemed unable to drive, things are about to get really ugly for you. There are all kinds of consequences at play here – from having a slumber party at the local jail and your driver’s license getting suspended to losing thousands upon thousands of dollars in various fines and hidden costs. Today, we’re going to talk about those hidden costs which you may not know about, how they can change your life for the worse and ultimately how you can avoid them. Let’s get started.

1. Fines & Court And Attorney Fees

The first and one of the major costs of DUI is not exactly a hidden one, but the amount might surprise you. If you manage to avoid jail time, community service, licence suspension and all of the usual punishments – you probably had the best lawyer in the world. However, you’re not going to get out of paying fines, court costs and eventually the attorney’s fee. Now, costs can vary significantly, depending on the state, how intoxicated you were, whether you had to post bail or not and more. On average, all of this is going to cost around $5000. You could end up paying less, but you could also end up paying upwards of the $10,000.

2. Towing And Impound Fee

Considering the fact that you’re unable to drive, being arrested for drunk driving and all that, your vehicle is getting towed and impounded. As we all know, this fee is everything but insignificant. You could end up paying between $500 and $1000 to get your car back.

3. Education Program Costs

According to, what usually happens after a DUI conviction is that the convicted party has to go through some sort of drug or alcohol education program. If you’re lucky, you might end up with an 8-hour online class, but that’s highly unlikely. However, ending up in group counselling or months of classes doesn’t happen that often, as well. In most cases, you’ll end up with 30 to 60 hours of online classes if this was your first offence. Once again, your bank account will feel it since this could cost you $700 or more.

4. Reinstatement Fee

Now, once you lose your driver’s licence – you don’t just get it back, you have to pay a reinstatement fee which will set you back about $500 in most cases.

5. Insurance Costs

Now, these are the ones you should really be worried about. After a DUI conviction, in the eyes of the insurance company, you’re a high-risk driver, which means, your premium costs are about to skyrocket. Now, this could vary, but in most cases, you would see an annual increase from a $1000 to even $3000 in your premiums. Now, keep in mind that this is not a one-year thing. Chances are you’ll be considered high-risk for at least 5 years. You do the math on that one.


This breath analysing device is going to be in your car for a year after you’ve been convicted of a DUI. Once you factor in all the costs like installation, rental fees, monitoring and so on, you’re looking at another $1500 out of your bank account.

7. Income Or Job Loss

If you’re lucky and you don’t end up fired you’re looking at least one month of ‘unpaid vacation’. If we take an average American salary, for example, that means you’re looking to lose another $4000 for not being able to work. If you lose your job on the other hand – only you know how much that will cost you.

Now, spending money on lawyercarl is something that you’re aware of and you’re paying for a good service – the one you actually need, so that’s okay. However, if we do the quick math, in the best case scenario – ‘hidden’ costs will set you back at least $10,000. On average, we’re looking at $20,000 to $25,000 and if you’re really unlucky, well, let’s not go there. It could ruin your life, let’s keep it at that. Keep in mind, that’s a first offence we’re talking about. Repeated offenders can and will lose a lot more than that.

Now, how can you avoid them?

8. Hire A Good Lawyer


A good lawyer can get your case dismissed. This is by far the best thing you can hope for in case you’re arrested for DUI. Not only will it benefit your financial situation, but it’ll affect the other aspects of your life as well. Not serving jail time, avoiding training and counselling, not paying high-risk insurance rates – this could save you a lot of money and emotional trauma. Even a night in county jail could leave some scars.

9. Keep Of The Road

This is the best advice anyone could give you. Want to save money and not end up handcuffed in the back of the police car? Don’t drink and drive. It’s as simple as that. You may feel like you’re more than capable of operating a vehicle and even if that’s true – don’t do it. You might injure yourself or the others. If you get pulled over and your BAC is over 0.08 an officer has a right to arrest you. You could be at 0.09 and feel absolutely sober – you could still end up arrested.

So, if you’ve had a few drinks – call a cab, phone a friend, order an Uber or just walk home. There are so many things you could do instead of sitting behind the wheel. Everyone’s unreasonable when they’re under the influence, we get that. However, try and reason with yourself and listen to others if they tell you not to drive.

If none of this matters to you because you just have more money than you could possibly spend and you don’t care about the costs – think about the risks. Over 10,000 people die annually in accident caused by drunk drivers. Over 300,000 are injured in some way. Don’t be a part of that statistic, don’t drive under the influence.

How to Get an International Driving Permit (IDP) within 2 Hours?

To drive abroad is not legally allowed if you do not have your International Driving Permit in your pocket. It’s a legal document approved by the United Nations to make an international driving license for the foreigners to drive their car on the foreign roads smoothly.

Do you want your IDP? Have you had trouble getting an International driving license? Here we are to provide you with the best and quick service in delivering IDP within 2 hours.

It’s important to know that your national driving license is not valid to drive in other countries. The international driver’s license can allow you to travel and drive a car on the other countries’ roads. So, the question is where to get such a driving license for traveling. The answer is that there are platforms like internationaldriversassociation that provides you permit to drive in other countries.


International Driving Permit (IDP)

A legal document is needed to drive a car in other countries, and that legal permit document is called an International driving permit (IDP). IDP contains your name, country origin, driving information, and your photo. It is valid for almost 150 countries, and you can travel without any trouble in these countries.

It’s the best facility for the drivers to make their way to different countries by giving this permit card and other countries officials will provide the permit to drive smoothly and enjoy your traveling. The other main feature of IDP is that it is present in almost 12 different languages, so if you are visiting Arabic, English counties, and other countries of foreign languages, then you would not suffer any trouble regarding language issues.

Regulations and Restrictions of other Countries

Each country has different regulatory policies and restrictions in terms of driving. You can quickly go to your country with your national driving card. For driving in other countries, you must have an International license; otherwise, you cannot drive in that country, which would be considered an illegal activity.

An IDP is the best solution, and it follows all the restrictions and regulations of the country. If you carry IDP, then other countries’ officials would allow you to enjoy your driving and traveling moments in your favorite places after checking your card.

Features of International Drivers Permit

IDP is considered the most convenient and satisfying permit card for driving in other countries. There are many features of it:

  • Legally permit to drive in other countries
  • Quickly approved by the government agencies
  • Easily available for driving
  • Online submission Service
  • The validity of 1 to 3 years
  • Translated into 12 different languages
  • Approval by 150 countries
  • Express Shipping Service
  • Recognized by United Nations
  • Quality Permit card

These are the main features of an IDP, and it’s easy to use and manage; you can quickly put it into your pocket. It is also considered a United Nations regulatory document, and it’s safe and secure from any false activities.

The platform provides you fast and quick service with quality and security and gives you 100% satisfied work. It’s easy to travel to any country and drive in that country without any illegal fear and trouble.

Why is an IDP necessary while driving abroad?

An IDP is a legal document, and it is approved by more than 150 countries in the world. As it is considered the United Nations legal document, you can drive abroad with this permit card, and no one would stop you from traveling and enjoying your car.

Due to strict driving policies and regulations, it’s always challenging to drive abroad as it may consider it an illegal activity in that country. So, an IDP is necessary to drive the car in almost 150 countries; moreover, the permit card has entire information about you printed on that card. It is translated in 12 different languages to be comfortable and understandable for the local authorities, and after checking it, they would allow you to drive smoothly.

Services provided by the IDP developing Platform

Different services are provided to the customers for their satisfaction and ease:

Return Policy

The platform ensures to provide the best services to the customers and has a 30-day refund policy. The main aim is to satisfy the customer and to provide 100% genuine IDPs.

Customer Support

You can contact the company 24/7 hours and ask your queries about the services and other driving information from other countries. The platform will guide and provide essential instructions about driving.

Easy Processing Method and Fast delivery

The platform provides easy and quick online services for getting an international driving permit. You don’t need to worry about the processing procedure as it is understandable and straightforward, and after the approval, you would get your permit card within 2 hours.

Is there any difference between an International driver’s license and an International driving permit?

Both are the permit and legal documents to drive abroad, but there is a difference between them. IDP is not a substitute for IDL because the United Nations does not recognize IDL, and most countries don’t approve of it due to some legal and security restrictions.

IDL also has the same driving information, name, and photo, and it also has the approval for driving abroad. Still, some countries do not consider it as a worldwide legal document.  Moreover, it is not translated into different languages, so it creates trouble in other countries. How to get an international driver’s license? It’s the most probable question asked by every client. So, there is a procedure where you can get your international driving license.

Procedure to get International Permit License

The following steps are given below:

1. Online Application

The first step is simple and comfortable, where you can apply online for getting an International driving permit. You have to fill your details, name, address, and country while using online on the application form.

2. Upload Photo

The second stage requires your recent and updated photo with exact parameters. It’s imperative for the recognized purpose. The image is printed at the permit card, and everyone can ensure your identification.

3. Approval

The last step is the basic one, where the approval process takes place. It takes time for the confirmation and approval of your driving permit card. After authorization, you would get your permit card, and you can go abroad and enjoy driving there smoothly.

IDP is not valid for some countries like China, South Korea, Japan, North Korea, and the United States due to some security and regulatory issues.