Drew Barrymore

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen’s Amazing Love Story

Everybody deserves a love like Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen have. On Tuesday night, the two brought back their “Ask the Fallons” segment for The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, and it made people fall in love with their relationship.


One viewer asked Nancy for her first impression of her now-husband when they met.

Even though many people think they met on the set of Fever Pitch, they were actually introduced through Drew Barrymore when Nancy came to the Saturday Night Live set.

She remembers Jimmy reaching out to her in an otherwise “intimidating” environment, and he, for sure, made an impression. They later reunited to film Fever Pitch, which Nancy was producing, and Jimmy starred in. “You were just so friendly and fun and welcoming,” Nancy said.


Jimmy remembers the “magic” of falling in love with Nancy down to the outfits she wore. “You just stood out in this gray,” he said. “It was almost like a painting.” We recommend watching the full video to hear the entire “When Nancy Met Jimmy” story, and also to find out how Nancy reacted when Jimmy surprised her with a dog. Spoiler: Jimmy does not recommend getting your wife a dog.

Playboy’s Legacy: Hottest Models of all time


Since the playboy magazine stopped printing due to coronavirus disruption, we have decided to remind you about some of the hottest models who have posed for this magazine.

1. Lindsay Lohan


America had mixed feelings when it was announced that Lindsay would be posing for Playboy. However, her tribute to Marilyn Monroe looked simply stunning.

2. Drew Barrymore


The stunner was only 19 years old when she posed for Playboy, but she’d already experienced the rock-star life. And not the good kind since she was doing coke as a pre-teen.

3. Madonna


Before she became “Madonna,” she was just a woman in need of cash. When she started the film career in 1985, her old nude pictures were released in the magazine. The star refused to apologize for that and graced the cover of this iconic issue.

4. Aubrey O’Day


Aubrey O’Day prooved that she deserves a solo career. While the drama surrounding Danity Kane’s breakup was happening, she stripped it all off for Hugh Hefner.

5. Sharon Stone


In 1990, just two years before she showed off everything in Basic Instinct, Sharone’s career began after she appeared in Total Recall.  Stone brought more attention to the film since it was released at the same time as the release of the July 1990 Playboy issue.

6. Denise Richards


In 2004, Denise was still dating Charlie Sheen, and she had just given birth to their daughter a few months before. She proved that women could look amazing after childbirth.

7. Naomi Campbell


One of the top models of the decade looked incredible in Playboy’s 1999 issue.