Why You Should Dress to Impress When Going to Church

It is in our nature to look as good as possible wherever we can. However, there are some events and gatherings where it is expected of you to respect the dress code and come with a suit and a tie. This is something we have set up and it works everywhere regardless of the culture and country. It is not the same when you are hanging out with your friends at your house, or you go to a business meeting to discuss the possibilities with the other party.

The place where there is no written dress-code, but we all know how one is expected to show up is the church. Although you can show up in church wearing rags, people usually try their best to look gentlemen and lady-like on a Sunday morning. We are not talking about those out of fashion clothes our grandparents wore when they went to church, we mean the options present now on the market for everybody’s taste and fitting the trends nowadays.

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The word of God is best heard in the church, but between many others, there you can specifically be stylish and elegant to take your place when you enter. No one speaks about how essential it is to look good in church. It is almost like claiming through a social hierarchy to the top when you choose the right dress or the perfect suit. From the moment you enter, take your seat, to the end and the exit from the church, you may be that dressed up that God himself will take notice of you. And if you want to find the perfect church suit, visit designerchurchsuits.com

For the majority of people who go to church, what we wear matters. Elegantly and smartly-dressed people are more comfortable to spot in church then on formal business occasions. A habit of the age we live in is to know when and how to dress up to impress as an unwritten rule everybody will agree on. Having a great suit for the Church day is one way to show respect to the institution and to the people who work there, but also to the priest and others in the herd.

Designer church suits and dresses have become a fashion statement, and as a respectful but stylish choice for those who care about themselves as they do to the church. Respecting your presence at such a place like a church means you will recognize yourself in the same manner. The great news about these suits is that they can be worn on other occasions as well, but we recommend having at least one suit reserved for a church – over time it will become special to you.

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We hope that now you are prepared to stand out from the crowd on how you have dressed for church, and say God’s name with pride. It will all mean much more when you enter the church in your carefully chosen clothes for the occasion.

7 Signature Style Prom Dress Ideas That You Must Try

Is shopping for that perfect dress for your prom night taking the whack out of you? Do you find the number of styles, colors and cuts overwhelming you? Don’t worry. We can ease the tension for you, and we do it right here by placing before you seven signature style prom styles from which you can choose what suits your body type best.

Once you decide this, it’s only a matter of choosing the right color and designer prom dress, based on your budget.

1. Classic Long Prom Dress or a Formal Gown

You’re probably vacillating between a long prom dress and a floor-length designer gown for your big prom night. Choose from the prom dress collection of leading designers like Faviana and Sherri Hill.

You’ll find classic ball gowns in satin, gowns in printed soft pastels and of course, the LBD. Choose from among these and wow your haters!!

If you want to look striking in emerald green, you can try the one from Sherri Hill. It comes with an A-line cut, V-neck, spaghetti straps and bra cups. It’s made of 100% polyester and floor length. It is held together by a zipper at the back.

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2. Short Prom Dresses

Short prom dresses are not as formal as gowns, but just as comfortable, classy and versatile. Choose a classic style or go in for ya lace semi-formal one with cap sleeves, or why not wear a long-sleeved cocktail party dress for that ultra-chic look? Choose your color of the evening—burgundy, navy, mauve, brown or black.

Take a look at this one from JJs House. A rich burgundy dress in tulle, it has a deep V-neck, cap straps and is sleeveless. This A-line mini dress is perfect for your evening and will make you look enchanting with a hint of simplicity.

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3. The Little Mermaid

A definite head-turner, the Mermaid style is true elegance with the long gown cascading to the floor with pleated or ruffled trains. It gives the wearer a particular sophistication and a unique look. It is a graceful and chic attire, and they are often embellished with lace, sequins and satin fabrics.

Check out this purple and blue beauty by Ellie Wilde that’s heavily embellished with sequins. Made with tulle and embroidered lace, it has a deep V-neck and a ruffled floor-length skirt. It also has a deep low back with criss-cross straps and a bandeau strap. If you’re thin, this is the one for you.

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If you want to be completely adventurous, you can wear a Mermaid style dress in African fabric. It has all the class and style that European designer wear has.

4. LBD

Here’s the classic LBD no girl can do without. It’s just right for you as you don’t want to be worrying about your dress all evening. Go beyond the frontiers of convention and stand out in this classy LBD. However, ensure its short but doesn’t border on provocativeness, as your prom night is an elegant evening.

Accessorize your dress with a brooch and carry an attractive and matching clutch bag to complete your glamorous picture. Keep jewelry to a minimum and let the sequins on your dress add glitter to your overall look.

Check out this LBD by Dave and Johnny. It’s made of 100% polyester, mesh, and lace and is black in color with sequins all over. It has a bateau neckline and long sleeves.

Image Source: simplydresses.com

5. Low-Halter Prom Dresses

If you have slender shoulders, don’t look any further—this is the style for you. A low halter that tightens at the waist would be great. Or opt for the classic halter neck dress with a bareback and reaching the floor. This too is a flowing gown with all the elegance and grace of a classic prom gown.

Here’s a classy one by Simply Dresses

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Made of 100% nylon with sequin mesh embroidery, it has a deep halter neck and bareback. It is as classy as its other prom dress counterparts, so if you’re bold enough, make it yours.


6. Floral Prints

Probably, you would never consider this but dresses with floral prints can look not just simply amazing but ravishingly fresh and alluring. They also don’t let you look older than you are, so they are just right for your age and the occasion.

Their sensual appeal is also something that you might like. Colette Mon Cheri has a beautiful long gown in seafoam blue which anyone will fall in love with at first sight. It’s all over lace is sleeveless, innocent and has straps to hold it up. Its designed to have a curved V-neck, crisscross straps at the back and a slight train.

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7. Metallic Glitter

Set the tone for the evening with your sparkling and shining dress. If you’re the shy kind, go in for a muted sheen but if you’re an extrovert, go the whole hog with gold metallic glitter.

Take a look at this one by A-Line Studio 17. This copper-bronze metallic glitter dress is stunning in its cut, sparkle, and style. It has a sweetheart neckline, thin straps, A-line metallic taffeta skirt, and a beaded and glittering bodice. Go for it!

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Now that you have a slice of all the choices in the market before you. Go ahead and make your decision intelligently. Remember, you need to look smart and chic, not vulgar. So decide accordingly and have a great prom night.

Know These Points Before Choosing A Flower Girl Dress

When looking for wedding attire, you may be spending much time searching for a stunning wedding dress for yourself. Nevertheless, there is something else that also deserves much attention; this includes the dress for the flower girl or girls. The smallest attendant should also look stunning. Read on to find out some points to consider when looking for an amazing flower girl dress.

Should Match the Wedding Theme

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It may be a better idea to get a dress for the flower girl that matches the wedding theme. If you plan to have some traditional wedding, then choose traditional flower girl dresses. If you wish to have a relaxing beachside wedding, then choose something more fun as well as unique.

The flower girl dress should be such that it fits the formality as well as the feel of the wedding. It should even suit the flower girls personality and be comfortable enough that she can wear it all day.

The dress should go with the hairstyle and also statement accessory that you may want her to have.

White Is Not the Only Color

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Traditionally flower girls tend to wear white; nevertheless, you do not have to choose from ivory, white and diamond only. If you plan to wear some pastel colored wedding dress, then you may want the flower girl dress which matches or maybe is accented using pink or blue.

The Length of The Dress Should Be Considered

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If the flower girl is someone who is older than you, think about getting a longer dress. For younger ones, choose a short frock. You do not want the flower girl to trip and fall while she is walking down the aisle. Therefore something short may work out.

Get Her Opinion as Well

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If you want you can take the flower girl with you when you go shopping for her dress. You can make this fun for both of you. If she doesn’t like what you have chosen by yourself, then it can become tough convincing her to wear the dress.

You can ask her what she likes. She may like lace flower girl dresses or maybe some other design ones. Do not only consider your choice.

Fabric Is Something That Is Important as Well

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You want a dress for the flower girl that is comfortable. You do not want her to feel discomfort while wearing it. If you wish to keep the dress be mostly wrinkle-free, then choose some wrinkle-free type of fabric, or select some material which can hide wrinkles in a wonderful way, such as chiffon.

When to Order the Dress

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It may be better to order the dress near to the wedding date. Usually, it is better to order important wedding-related products as well as attire early, nevertheless for the flower girl dress; it maybe better to wait a bit.

As kids can grow quickly, it will be better to buy the dress close to the wedding date. Therefore you can avoid the risk of this dress not being able to fit later on the wedding day.

You can get flower girl dresses from different places. Consider cheap flower girl dresses if you are on a budget. You can find great ones.


What Clothing Items Do People Buy The Most

You go for a walk on the main street, and there are tons of retail clothing stores both left and right. What can you do, you decide to walk in at least a few. And there lie tons of different brands and products, with these and that promotional offers.

Yes, it is true that the clothing industry is getting bigger every day, and that now more than ever you can buy the clothes you always wanted even with a lower-budget. This is the result of huge competition that has been going on between the clothing brands as well as the retail stores. The only downside is that although with mass production the prices are lowered, the quality can fall off a bit too. But if you pick wisely, and don’t rush, at first sight, you shouldn’t have this type of problems. Anyways, we all need clothes, and people seem to decide about you before even meeting just by what you wear. Both men and women seem to be obsessed about fashion, but what are the clothing items they buy the most?

Clothing Items That Sell The Best

  1. First, and foremost, and completely expected are A piece of pants usually made from denim, or sometimes dungaree is something both women and men own in their wardrobes. It is just like a good perfume, you can always wear it and never go wrong with it. Suitable for all the seasons, and available to get at reasonable prices, jeans are the top one pick when it comes to clothing!
  1. The second most sold piece of clothing is a thing that goes just under those jeans, and that is One of the most crucial items for everyday use, we all need good pairs of the same. It seems like cotton or linen work the best, and that’s what most people go for. Along with that, a nice piece of women lingerie is something we all like. And it sells really well according to the retail store’s results.
  1. T-Shirts are the number 3 on our list, and for a good reason. A good cotton or linen shirt goes long away no matter what type of whether it is. If it is sunny, good you can show the true potential of it wearing it alone, and if it’s cold, wear it below your sweater and feel comfortable. T-Shirts are probably one of the most versatile clothing items out there, with tons of options – from the designed, and shiny ones, to the regular o-neck single colored pieces. Online retail shops often offer discounts like EricDress coupon code, that allows you to buy few items for the price of one!
  1. We all need to walk, and we can’t go to our work or school barefoot. That is why people love sneakers. With tons of models for both women and men, these are comfortable and nice looking for any occasion. Whether you are regularly working down the park or wearing them to work if nicely combined, they are good for any occasion.
  1. Last, but not least, we think that dress shirts and dresses are an item that people often go for. All of us like to dress elegant and sharp from time to time, and some even have to do it on a daily basis. These clothing items save us, giving us both the comfortability and sharpness that we aim for. There are multiple stores that create custom fit dress shirts and dresses at good prices so be sure to check that out!


Everyone has their own style, and favorite clothing item, but we can agree that the above mentioned are crucial ones and something that we all have chilling in our wardrobes!