Dress code

Masquerade Ball – How to Dress?

When you hear “masquerade”, some of the things that you might think about are costumes, masks, and makeup! However, figuring out the dress code can be a challenging thing, especially if you do not know how formal the event will be. Luckily for you, this article might be able to help. If you are planning

Black Tie: Everything You Need To Know Before Suiting Up

Black tie is considered the créme de la créme of dress codes in Western culture. It is reserved for the most spectacular occasions when men and women are required to reach the highest standards of sartorial class and sophistication. There may be only a few times in a man’s life where he will be presented

How to Choose a Perfect Watch

The right occasion requires a certain breed of people, adequate behavior and dress code which is a must in this case. The first impression is based on your overall look and details are there to complete it. Depending on it, you will be able to make a great impression on others. The cuff on the

Does Clothing Reflect Your Personality? 7 Things You Should Know

You are what you wear, and your dress code determines how others perceive you. On top of that, our sense of fashion, to a great extent, determines how we think or feel about ourselves. Here are seven things people pick up from you just by looking at your wardrobe. Psychologists have devised a term to