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Careers In Finance: Which Path Is For You?


How do you know what your call in life is? It is a difficult question to answer, and some people fail at finding their dream jobs spend their life doing something they never really wanted. However, you know what your interests are and based on them you can start looking for a job.

If you’re interested in accounts and consider yourself good at money management, a career in finance might be for you. Many people think these jobs are all about crunching numbers and handling money. But there is a diverse range of roles available in the industry. From corporate business to people-facing roles, there is something to suit any personality. Here, we explore several finance careers to help you work out if they would be right for you.


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Roles in accounting can be diverse. Generally, they involve managing financial records to check if businesses are making a profit or are at a loss. They then relay this information to those in charge of the business, providing advice on how they can overcome challenges or improve their finances. Accountants perform audits to establish this, as well as advising on tax, undertaking risk assessments, checking for fraudulent activity and managing money (to name a few).

Is it for you?

If you are good at analyzing data, performing audits and are generally well organized, an accountancy role might be for you.

Investment Finance

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Working in investment finance primarily involves managing large amounts of money and valuable assets, such as property, for other people. These roles are client facing, so you need to be comfortable liaising with people to establish their goals. Typically, you would expect wealthy families, education establishments and large companies to be on your client list. Work may include finding potential investors or partners for your clients or organizing financial deals that will benefit them.

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If you are a people person and think you would suit a client-facing role, this could be for you. You must be able to communicate effectively to understand what your clients need and be comfortable pitching potential business opportunities.


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The insurance industry is massive, so there are a few roles that might interest you. Firstly, insurance companies employ people to study the amount of profit they’re making. This involves analyzing data to understand how much money the company has following pay-outs to customers. This is then invested to further boost the company’s cash.

You can also work in the client facing side of insurance. This involves speaking to customers about the insurance they need and asking relevant questions to calculate their level of risk. You then would work out how much you would charge the customer for their insurance.

Is it for you?

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If you feel confident offering advice to customers, making financial calculations and investing money, this could be for you.

These are just a few of the jobs types you may find in the finance sector. It is a great industry to pursue a career in, as pretty much every person or business in the world needs people to manage their money. Why not start looking for your dream job today?