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Trump Wants to Invade Venezuela!?

During a meeting about diplomatic sanctions the United States were enacting on the autocratic government of Venezuela, Donald Trump asked several close foreign policy advisors whether invading Venezuela should or should not happen. This comes from a senior administration official. Luckily for Venezuela, the United States of America and everyone else, his aides and then-national… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/News/Russia

Trump To Get Played By Putin?

It has been confirmed that the US President Donald Trump will meet Russian President, Vladimir Putin on July 16, in Helsinki. This summit comes at an awkward moment when America is pretty much destroying its long-built relations with allies all over the world. All this is happening while the US intelligence agencies are claiming that… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/News

What Happens to Foreign Policy After Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has made illogical moves that have changed the foreign policy of the USA for worse, and while some of the people are trying to prevent the damage at the moment, the long-term challenges might be problematic. Dan Byman wrote in Lawfare: “Repair is hard while destruction is easy.” This is something leaders should… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/News

Donald Trump believes He Can Win in Trade Wars

Donald Trump has been dissatisfied with the trade deals, and he has started several trade wars. Thanks to the powerful US economy, he might be able to carry on longer than the other countries. The decisions to engage in trade wars with his enemies as well as his friends are criticized by many, and they… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/News

Trump To Impose Additional Restrictions Against China

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, President Trump is planning to impose additional restrictions on China companies that are using the U.S. tech. It is said that investing in the U.S. technology will be blocked and that Chinese companies will be prevented to further use it in some sectors. It is clear… Keep Reading


EU tariffs on US goods start on Friday

The implementation of tariffs on €2.8 billion of United States exports to the European Union starts on Friday. Some of the goods affected are orange juice, motorcycles, and bourbon whiskey. European Commission imposed duties of the U.S. products after President Donald Trump announced that steel exports to America would be taxed with additional 25% and… Keep Reading

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