The Cost to Trim Palm Trees 2020

When it comes to trimming, palm trees are not any different from other trees. Some variables will affect how much you can pay for the work. The tree size, leaves number, location, time of the years and emergency work are some of those factors.

Trimming a palm tree it will cost you between $45 and $945. The average cost is $75.

However, you can look at the cost of trimming palm trees as per their sizes to better understand how much you would have to spend.

Small palm trees are those with a height of between 10 and 15ft and it will cost you $60 – $75. In cases where you have several trees to trim, you may get a better rate. For example, $230 for 5 trees.

Medium-sized palm trees measure between 15 and 25ft and will cost you $100 and you can pay $400 for five trees.

Large palms with a height of 25 to 40ft will cost $200 and you can get a discount if you have many trees.

There are also extreme-large palms which are taller than 50ft and will cost you between $300 to $600 per tree.

How often should I trim palm trees?

According to the time to tree your Palm tree is affected by how you trim it. If you remove any fronds, it means that it will take a long time before you can trim again. Some people do this, but in some states it is illegal.

Nevertheless, palm trees should be trimmed every year. This should be done depending on the rate at which new fronds grow and how old ones die. By ensuring regular trimming of palm trees, you improve their health and aesthetics.

Should you just remove the dead leaves/fronds?

In most cases yes. You will have to trim just the dying or dead fronds and leave the healthy ones to continue growing. This is because palm trees regularly grow new fronds and at the same time, the old ones need to be removed.

There is no point in removing healthy ones since they offer good health and aesthetics to the tree. It is only in rare cases it is appropriate to remove green or healthy fronds. That is if they are acting as a nuisance and causing some type of disturbance to the surrounding.

Can I DIY palm trimming?


There are circumstances under which you can DIY palm trimming and others when you cannot. When you have small trees, it is easy to do it yourself. That is if you are confident with your skills and you have the equipment required.

For medium and large trees, they require more safety measures, skills, and equipment. It is advisable to get a professional for the job. They will do it better.

However, even for medium and large, if you have all the equipment and you believe you have the skills to trim the trees, you can still do it.

How much to trim a 50 ft palm?

Trimming a 50ft palm tree is not easy. So you will pay more since there is a lot of work to be done. For starters, a trimmer needs to have the right equipment to get to that height as well as offer stability. This is a job that is done by professionals.

The time of trimming and the location may also affect the price. Expect to spend between $300 to $600 for a 50ft palm tree.

Do Date palms cost more to trim?

Date palms are basically different from other palm trees. This is because they have more fronds and larger trunks. They do spines as well which can make the job even harder.

As a result, you should be ready to spend more for date palms. All this will be determined by the amount of work to be done.

How much does palm tree removal cost?

Just like trimming, removing palm trees will vary depending on the size. Here are some details of how much you will pay.

  • Medium trees of 20ft will cost you between $200 and $350.
  • For large trees of 30ft height, you will pay $500 – $750.
  • Extreme large ones with a height of 40ft will set you back $850.
  • Those whose height is 60 to 80ft will cost up to $1,100.

When is the best time of year to trim?

Palm trees are not too sensitive to trimming and you can really trim them at any time of year without having an adverse effect on the tree itself.

One thing to bear in mind though is the cost variance between getting a palm trimmed in summer or in winter.

During the cooler months, tree services have a lot less work going on, so they generally hand out cheaper prices to get them through to the next high season. You can expect to save 20 – 30% when getting tree trimmed in the winter.

How much should be trimmed?

It’s always good practice to remove all brown dead leaves from a Palm tree as well as all tree below the horizon line. Once you begin to remove leaves above the horizontal line, you take away the great look that you palm trees give once they are freshly pruned and end up with a pineapple looking monstrocity.

Over pruning a palm tree can also affect the way it grows as the head of a palm is much like the bud of a flower. If you damage it, it will never be the same again, so trim with care.


The Survival Life – A Fantastic Website for Bold Adventurers

Although modern life offers us almost everything, many people still find themselves drawn to the mysterious natural world that lies perhaps hundreds of miles away from civilization. 

No, they are not out of their mind. In fact, the reason behind their decisions is quite simple. The city life is stacked with everything we need, from entertainment to food place. 

Though many of us enjoy this, some think otherwise. They find that life boring, lacking all the thrills that send one’s heart thumping loudly in their ribcage. So, naturally, they begin seeking for the only place in which they can experience that certain thrill: the wilderness.

Now, do you see yourself in them? Do you by chance enjoy a trip to the wood more than to the movie? Do you find camping under the sky full of bright stars much more intriguing than spending the night at a luxurious hotel?

Then apart from more spots to travel to, you are going to need some practical, useful tips.

Why don’t you visit The Survival Life and grab some for your next journey?

What Is The Survival Life?

As its name suggests, The Survival Life is a website specializing in guidance and tips to have a safe yet exciting visit to the aboriginal wilderness. It can let you in on a heap of helpful information, thus giving you a better view of the natural world as well as how you can walk in and out of it in one piece.

Your level of on-hands experience in dealing with situations related to the wilderness does not really matter. The Survival Life targets wide ranges of visitors, segmenting them in term of age, amount of knowledge, and so on. In short, there are posts for professional adventurers and those for the newbies who have not set foot in any remote areas far away from their comfy home before.

About the website’s content, well, there are plenty of things to talk about it. The Survival Life consists of several outstanding topics whose articles always remain up-to-date, making sure that the visitors are greeted by fresh survival instructions every time they stop by. Up to this point, its articles are divided into six main categories: DIY, Survival Skills, Hunting, Medical, and Gear Reviews. 

If you want to find survival gear for yourself, click here and check out some of the best survival gear that can help you out in unpredictable situations.

On top of that, The Survival Life is update quite regularly, so, by all means, you are never going to come across anything obsolete there!

About the Author

Here is another reason why you can count on The Survival Life’s tips: The one behind it is David Ferraro – a true adventurer himself! Even though he was born in the modern world, he found himself fascinated by the fantastic world of nature at a very young age. In fact, he embarked on his own journeys into the wilderness not long after that. 

Throughout the exciting yet dangerous escapades, he has encountered several dire situations and must find his way out of them one by one, thus accumulating important on-hands experience along the way.

Later, as he has turned into a somewhat professional adventurer, he discovered that there were tons of bold and brave people who wanted to go on their own adventure. Therefore, he built The Survival Life in order to give them a helping hand. 

What Can The Survival Life Offer You?


If you call yourself a real adventurer, there is no way you do not know how to craft at least one simple yet useful item out of a discarded bottle or some twigs. David knows this better than anyone, so he has paired his website with a section for DIY! 

Since the website’s slogan is to help you survive in the wilderness, most of the how-to articles here related to making weapons and traps. In addition, he also shows you how to prepare delicious meals from wild meat.

Survival skills

This little section is all about how to come back home in one piece after spending days out in the natural world. Here, not only will you discover some unexpected surprise about how to improve your endurance for a long period of walking nonstop, but you will also get the chance to learn about some helpful equipment to put on every time going out for outdoor activities.

Plus, because anything can happen in the wilderness, David has also added into this category some easy-to-learn yet effective techniques to knock out someone if the worse comes to worst.


Nothing can beat the joy of taking your prey home after hunting season! And The Survival Life will teach you how to experience that joy yourself. Everything you need to know about hunting different animals will be displayed here. As you dig deeper into this section, you will gradually be informed of where to find your targets, what they like to eat, as well as how to finish them with one single shot.


This category is all about firearm and anything related to them. Now, carrying a loaded piece around in your pocket may be a bad idea if you are in the city, but not when you are out in the wilderness. Here, everything can literally take you out, so you had better learn to use one if you want to make it out alive.

If you are clueless about where to start, consider dropping this site a visit. David is quite skillful when it comes to firearms and their accessories so I’m sure he will be able to help you out.


Walking into the wilderness while knowing nothing about first aid is considered suicide. So, in this section, The Survival Life will show you some basic methods to treat your wounds and injuries if bad things happen. 

Plus, it also tells you about the must-have medical items in your backpack for every journey as well as some useful tips to stay in good shape throughout your trip.

Gear reviews

You cannot embark on a seemingly dangerous journey without essential gears. Still, do you know how to pick the best piece of equipment among a sea of similar items?

Let David help you out with his survival product reviews! They cover a lot of assets for a safe journey, such as flashlights, knives, watches, and so on. 


An escapade into the wilderness can be quite an exciting experience, but only when you have made all the essential preparations. Don’t let the journey of your dream become the nightmare haunting you for life. 

Can You Repair Your AC Yourself

Nowadays, you need to know a lot of things in order to live comfortably. No matter which country in the world you live in, each day you have the opportunity to at least observe someone working on something, but if you tried to fiddle with certain things by yourself, for example, you would notice that it is not always easy.

If you have just watched a clip on YouTube on how to fix a residential cooling system, and you are fired up to get cracking, stop for a moment. Imagine how all skillful handymen would be out of work if this was that simple, right?

You need to understand that applying knowledge, in reality, requires constant practice. On the other hand, there are a small number of people who know how to repair their home air conditioning system, but in the end, even they need to call the professionals if the problem is more serious. But whom to call?

Finding the right company to fix your unit could be more difficult than it seems, and is best avoided if at all possible. Here are some tips that might help you out.

The most common mistake that people tend to make is to assume their AC is broken when in fact it might be something much simpler. One example of this is when the system is just dirty. Excellent and thorough cleaning of the machine is a must to ensure this most frequent cause for problems is eliminated. The fan blades and the debris can be carefully cleaned from the outside unit. Be certain that the system is off when cleaning it, and be mindful that additional caution needs to be taken with blades and fins as they are easy to break or bend. And according to Toronto Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair, the absolute first thing you need to check when something goes awry are the filters.

Img source:

A typical misconception is that unclean filters only lead to an expensive furnace repair, but this is certainly not the case because the mechanisms are actually interconnected. That is why a lack of air-flow can not only cause a lack of cooling efficiency, but also result in the indoor evaporator coil or lines to the outdoor condenser freezing up. So a malfunction can all come down to something very basic; that the filter is dirty and clogged. This can be the primary factor for many issues with your unit, and that is why a little preventative maintenance in the regular changing of filters can save you lots of money in the long run by avoiding having to pay an expensive HVAC technician by the hour for a service call.

There are also a number of cases when an air conditioning unit just doesn’t start cooling. Check if the breaker has been tripped because this might also be a quick, easy and most importantly, inexpensive correction that is required. Being aware of this fairly typical occurrence may spare you the cost of a visit by a professional to solve such a simple task. Many of us have been here before, unfortunately. After learning from the school of hard knocks, I always check the breaker panel first when I expect to hear a nice humming and start to get a chill, and instead I hear crickets and get zippo coming out of the vents.

Another super easy remedy for an improperly functioning unit is to check the batteries in the thermostat. Believe it or not, a problem could often be solved from something as easy as buying new batteries from your local store and replacing them with the old ones. After making the swap, set the thermostat on different temperatures to check if everything is working properly. This is a perfect way to constantly examine your thermostat in the unit, and again something that is a breeze to do on your own.

We hope that with these tips you will lower the number of calls to your local AC serviceman until you really need his assistance.

5 Ways to Reuse Items to Save Money and Reduce Waste

It is true that we use numerous single-use items, throw them, and contribute to waste on a daily basis. Although these items come in handy, they add up cost every time you purchase napkins or other single-use items.

It has become a habit so no one can think that this throwaway lifestyle is damaging air and environment. Not only this, but the clothes, handbags, or other electronics that you stop using after a year or so also increase waste. And, you end up spending your hard earned money.

This practice is not beneficial in the longer run. For instance, if you start reusing items on a regular basis, it will decrease waste and will become huge savings in your budget. The advantage of reusing your stuff does not end here.

It contributes to the environment and makes it greener and healthier. If you are looking for ways to reduce waste, this blog will help you.


1.  Blankets and Towels

Towels and blankets are crucial for every household. If you purchase new blankets thinking your old one is not cozy enough, you do not need to throw it.

You can either donate it or create a warm bed for your pet if you have any. Plus, D-I-Y your pet’s bed will let you save extra money as well.


Moreover, there are many shelter homes where they need blankets and towels in bulk so more and more people can use them. On the other hand, you can also donate old towels.

2.  Go Natural

It seems a tough task in current times. You can rarely find a product without simple ingredients. This way, using natural products has become a bit difficult than ever. For example, during the holiday season, you have to invest in several items that you do not use after a certain time period.

Let’s take Christmas decoration as an example. People invest a considerable amount of money on plastic platters, wreath, or even fake Christmas tree. These objects look good for a while but then you throw them away and purchase new the next year.


So, to reduce this waste, you can consider making a homemade wreath with pine branches and cones. Also, you can use a wooden platter to serve holiday sweets. Moreover, you can take a step ahead and get a real Christmas tree and plant your own for the next Christmas.

3.  Kitchen Utensils

Plasticware is present in every kitchen which you often discard and produce waste. You can use glass containers and straws to minimize your plastic use on a daily basis.


Apart from this, you can invest in good quality wooden utensils to keep your kitchen plastic-free as much as possible.

4. Shopping Bags

Do you know 8,000 barrels of oil is required to produce plastic shopping bags that consumers use on a regular basis? Manufacturers use a considerable amount of oil to produce plastic bags that are damaging the environment.


You can contribute to control this condition by opting for reusable bags. Nowadays, you can find canvas or nylon bags to carry your groceries. Plus, you can fold some of these reusable bags and put it in your handbag so you do not have to use a plastic bag.

5.  Avoid Using Disposable Items

Using disposable cups, plates, or other items are convenient. You can even organize an event and use disposable utensils and cutlery. However, this convenience leads to extreme waste each year.


Thus, you can contribute to reducing this waste by not using disposable items. Instead, you can use metal, steel, glass, or even wooden products in this context.

Take note that you need to purchase disposable items just to throw them after one use. Utensils that are made of other material are washable so you can use them again.

Final Verdict

There are several ways to control waste and save money. You can follow them to ensure your social responsibility and huge savings.