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How To Get A Divorce Without Paying Too Much

Divorce can be traumatic and worst of all, spending your money on attorneys and court fees. But you don’t have to make the situation such a burden on your shoulders when you can go for another simpler and way cheaper option – an online divorce. Online divorce is the only fastest means of ending your distressing marriage, and it is not only the fastest means but also saves you a lot of money because you wouldn’t have to spend a dime on attorney fees and other causalities.

You can search on the internet for top-rated online companies that offer free divorce papers, follow the instructions and file for divorce online. Within 2-3 days, your divorce papers have already been signed a judge making the divorce official and hence, breaking free from such heartbreaking relationship. However, an online divorce doesn’t just work that way unless you follow the requirements and what are those things required from you when filing for divorce online?

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Look below:

1. IT HAS TO BE AN UNCONTESTED DIVORCE IF YOU WANT IT TO WORK! – Now if you want an inexpensive divorce where you don’t have to hire a lawyer or go to court for a series of trials because of some unresolved critical problems regarding the divorce. Then sit with your spouse and talk about it. If either of you wishes to divorce the other, this certainly requires both parties to agree on certain things and what are those things?

2. Child Custody: In here, you both are going to decide on who is keeping the child after divorce? Is it going to be you? Or your fellow spouse? It is up to you both to sit and talk about child custody because this is one of the most important topics in every divorce case, be it an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce.

3. Alimony or Spousal support: Here deals with who is making the payments for supporting the other after the divorce? Especially when it has to do with financially assisting the other spouse who is taking care of the child.

4.Visitations: The court grants visitation rights to spouses that would not be keeping the child but will be visiting at specific hours. Which means if it is you who is going to be taking care of the child, then your husband or wife will have to do the visiting.

5. Division of debt: Here, you and your spouse can divide the debts which either of you owes. There could be student loans, bank loans or what so ever. If you and your wife or husband can share these debts between yourselves without any issue, then hiring an attorney during this process wouldn’t be needed.

6. Division of assets: This is where the main problem hits, especially when it has to deal with expensive properties or an estate. Then maybe an attorney should be brought in to resolve the whole issue. However, if you and your spouse can peacefully divide these properties equally without any further complications, you may not see the need to bring an experienced attorney or family lawyer into the matter.

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Settling these divorce problems can create an inexpensive divorce, and you wouldn’t have to go through stressful events since the matters of the divorce have already been sorted out. You can get an official divorce without a lawyer by just making the divorce an uncontested one and following every procedure needed to make it successful. So if you are sure that your divorce is an uncontested divorce, check on the internet for your state’s website which they will offer free do-it-yourself divorce papers for you and apply for divorce.

Do-It-Yourself Divorces

Many states offer free do-it-yourself divorce papers online. You can download these papers through their websites and fill them out when you like. Some state’s websites will also give you some instructions to follow for completing the divorce forms which you must if you want to ensure that there wouldn’t be any mistakes while filing for divorce online. If you can’t find the divorce forms online, you can check your clerk’s office or the court clerk who handles divorce cases and ask for an uncontested divorce package. Many states will have all the free uncontested divorce packages available at the courthouse. You should get the correct divorce forms or download the right forms online.  Also, take note that these divorce forms can vary depending on your situation like if you and your spouse have children, or if you both don’t have any kids. These forms are different for couples who have children and couples who don’t have any child at all.

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However, DIY divorces only work if you have an uncontested divorce, as already explained earlier. It is always advisable to have an attorney review your divorce papers, to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes and you have followed the required process. Before you proceed with a do-it-yourself divorce, make sure your spouse is honest with his or her financial status and property without hiding any information from you. But if you are not sure about it and you are a victim of domestic violence, or you had a long married life with this person, then you should consult an attorney instead of filing for do-it-yourself divorce online. The same thing applies if you feel the agreement is only favoring your spouse, you can still seek assistance for an experienced family law attorney.

The Divorce Fee Wavier

If you are in a big financial crisis and you have no money at all for the divorce, you can file for a fee waiver. Each state has an indigent divorce or fee waiver procedure that allows you to apply for divorce and make a request from the judge to waive all the charges associated with the process. When you go to your local court, you can ask the clerk for the required divorce forms that would enable you to waive the court fees. This option is only available for those with limited finances while filing for divorce. Here are a few tips on how to start this particular process;

  • Obtain the divorce forms online from your local divorce court’s website or use a reputable online divorce company, for example, www.completecase.com. You can also download the forms for asking for a fee waiver. Some of these sites provide instructions that will help you in filling divorce forms. If you can easily have access to your local courthouse, then the clerk can assist you with the divorce forms and instructions for filing them.
  • Include financial proof of your income, debts, and tax returns to prove to the judge that you cannot afford the court fees. You will then get the divorce forms notarized by the bank or the clerk. Once you have done that, the court will further review your applications, and once the fee waiver is approved or deferred, you can continue with the case.
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If you want to get a divorce without having to pay much, then try an online divorce. Online divorces are cheap and very easy. They do not involve much stress which could deteriorate your health. All you have to do is log in on the online divorce website, create an account and invite your spouse, file the initial petition, serve your spouse with the divorce documents, disclose your financial situation including your spouse, negotiate with him or her to come to a final agreement regarding the terms and conditions. Finally, you will leave it to the website to put the settlement into an enforceable judgment and file the divorce documents in the court of your jurisdiction.

Jamie Colby – The success of female journalism


Jamie Colby is one of the most famous USA correspondents in terms of business. She has succeeded in building an excellent and recognized career in the world of journalism, and she has even managed to work for one of the biggest media houses in the world, i.e., Fox.

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Personal life

She was born on the 21st December in 1970 in Forest Hills Queens, New York City, the USA and her full name is Jamie Nell Colby. She grew up there, but even though she finished her primary and secondary education there, she decided to go to the University of Miami and to enroll at the International School of Business Administration. She successfully finished her studies, and she obtained a degree in accounting. It should also be mentioned that this was not the only academic call that she pursued and finished. She also enrolled at the School of Law, again at the University of Miami, and she obtained a degree in Juris Doctor.

The looks

Even though she is now in her 40s and she would enter into the fifth decade soon, it should be mentioned that she looks stunning and that she is a wonderful woman. She is 5 ft 7 in tall and her measures are 36-24-36 inches, which practically means that she is a very slim and attractive woman. On top of all this, her weight is 68kg. There is also one exciting data about her, and that is the known fact that her bra size is 34C. Her dark eyes are stunning and are the perfect combination with her natural blonde hair.

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Jamie is now 49 years old, and she is enjoying her age. Since her birthday is on the 21st December, we can only conclude that her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.


She has had a very fruitful career that culminated in her working for FOX media house from July 2003. She used to work as a National News Correspondent, and she also worked as an Anchor for some time. On the other hand, she was also successful before joining Fox since she was working on one of its biggest rivals, i.e., on CNN. Apart from this one, she also worked for CBS News, and she also appeared on Up to the Minute on this channel. These are the most popular networks that she worked for. However, it should also be noticed that she also worked as an anchor on WPIX/WB-11 and she was also a reporter on FOX 5 New York.

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From January 2015, she has been hosting Fox Business Show called Strange Inheritance that primarily deals with the inheritances and legacies of the strongest types in the USA.

We are aware of the fact that she finished the law school and she is a permitted attorney. She can do business in NY, CA, FL and DC. It should also be noted that she does not neglect this part of her professional life. Quite the contrary, she has had her private attorney office for ten years. She has worked on several significant contracts during her career, and some of these include the renewal of Johnny Carson’s deal with NBC.

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She has been working hard all her life, and all this hard work did not go unnoticed. Namely, she has received several awards for the things she did in journalism. First of all, she received Edward R. Murrow National Award in 2002, and this was for her contributions during the coverage of the attacks that happened in NYC on the 11th September 2001. She has also won the Gracie Award which is given for the journalists who prove themselves in investigative journalism. She received this one in 200. Apart from these two, we should also mention that she obtained another one in 2000 and this is the Clarion Award that is given by the Association for Women in Communication.

Love life

It can be said that she is a woman who likes to separate work from personal life and this is the cause why we do not know anything about her dating life. We do not know who she dated and for how long. However, all that is not important now since she was married to Marc Wallace. When we are speaking about her husband, we should also mention that her husband is a doctor, a surgeon more precisely and that he works at Metropolitan Hospital which is located in New York City. They have been married for quite some time and during their marriage, they got only one child, a boy whom they named Gregory Green Berg.

Image Source: heightline.com


We should also mention that this marriage does not last anymore since the couple decided to separate and they finalized their divorce officially in 2011. Regarding her marriage, there have been various theories about why the couple got divorced. Some of the most common things and causes for their divorce have been found in the rumors and claims that Jamie was not faithful to her husband. Moreover, it was claimed that she has been dating and seeing another man while she was married. However, it should also be noted that neither Jamie nor her ex-husband has neither denied nor confirmed these claims so that they would remain on the level of rumors for now.

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Net worth

She has been in the industry for a long time, and all this time she has worked hard. This hard work has paid off, and she succeeded in getting the 2018 salary to be 1 million USD. Her net worth is currently estimated at 2.5 million USD. She also likes to wear expensive and brand clothes, and she spends a lot of money on it. She also has another interest – cars. She is in love with fast and luxurious cars, and it is known that she has several of those in her possession. Her home is also luxurious, and it is located in New York City.

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Divorce Across the World – What’s it Like in These 4 Nations?

It’s fair to describe the current divorce laws in the UK as being archaic, particularly from the perspective of a progressive society. This is set to change from 2020, however, when the legislation will change to introduce “no fault” divorces that remove unnecessary conflict and antagonism between parties.

While this is great news for spouses across the length and breadth of the UK, it’s fair to say that divorce laws vary significantly across the globe.

We’ll explore this further below, by considering four countries that have very different outlooks on the notion of divorce.

1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka currently has one of the lowest rates of divorce in the world, with an estimated 0.46 separations recorded for every 1,000 marriages. But is this indicative of a location where marital harmony reigns supreme?

The short answer is no, as this low rate of divorce is underpinned by prohibitive laws that cause huge amounts of anxiety and agony for couples who choose to go through the process.

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The issue is so bad that Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court recently called for an overhaul of the nation’s divorce laws, which are deemed to be unfit for purpose and designed purely for the purpose of perpetuating marriages and the illusion of healthy family values.

This means that couples who file for divorce are met with numerous obstacles, while the ultimate decision regarding their separation is to take out of their hands and passed directly to a judge.

2. Russia 

Conversely, Russia is a country with a high divorce rate, with the ratio of separation to new marriages fixed at 1 to 1:6 as recently as 2016.

This means that divorce has become more popular than marriage in recent times, and this is at least partially due to the presence of relatively liberal laws that apply nationwide.

Interestingly, the prominence of divorce in Russia is also attributed to the fact that citizens tend to get married much younger here, with immaturity and a lack of financial security undermining even positive love matches.

Russia is also thought to provide challenging living conditions, which compounds the issue facing young couples and intensifies the pressure facing them.

3. Cuba

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Cuba is another nation with a relatively high divorce rate, with 11.03 separations recorded for every 1,000 married people.

Now, this is arguably the result of incredibly liberal divorce laws, which enables separations to be concluded in just 20 minutes in some instances. This is an incredibly short period of time, particularly if you’ve ever got divorced. You can check out companies such as Withers for more information.

This is where the situation gets a little more complicated in Cuba, however, as here the state controls virtually all property whilst there’s a significant housing shortage nationwide.

So, even though couples can get divorced incredibly easily, they may be forced to live together as a couple long after the papers have been signed, creating the potential for huge dysfunction and potential animosity after the fact.

4. Singapore

We close with Singapore, which has seen its divorce rate decline of late even as the number of confirmed marriages has increased.

So, even as the number of civil and Muslim marriages increased by 0.9% to 28,212 in 2017, there have been fewer partnerships that have ended in divorce during the same period.

Img source: hermoney.com

This may have something to do with the slightly complex divorce process in Singapore, which involves two arduous steps and can be either contested or uncontested. The first stage sees the courts deal directly with the termination of the marriage, before dealing with Ancillary matters including the division of marital assets, custody of the children and any due maintenance payments from one spouse to the other.

Before this, you also need to determine whether or not you even qualify for a divorce in Singapore, and this can be challenging enough by itself.

What Should You Do If You Have Decided To Divorce?

Making a decision of this magnitude can be one of the most difficult steps and the door to one of the most complicated and painful processes in life. Nobody decides to join someone in marriage with the goal of divorcing, and therefore, it is natural that there are many feelings, emotions, and thoughts mixed after deciding to take this step.

However, it is important to know how to act during this moment. The complexity of the situation means that many people do not act logically in many senses, but rather let themselves be carried away by their feelings ending up enlarging a conflict that could be solved in good terms.

The problem of this happening, among other things, is that in the couple there are children or teens involved. In these cases, it is usually them who end up absorbing all the negative aspects of the situation, and this can seriously affect the development of their daily life with tranquility and even have long-term side effects; hence the importance of knowing what to do if you have decided to divorce in order to act as wisely as possible.

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The first steps

1. Organize your ideas: are you really sure that is what you want to do? There is no turning back? What are the reasons why they have decided to do it? All this information must be very clear inside your head. Many people, in the middle of a legal process, realize that they do not want to divorce, or that it was a decision taken away. Be conscientious at all times.

2. If you are already clear that you want to do it, rethink your ideas, interests, and goals with the divorce. What do you expect from this new stage in your life? What kind of legal process are you interested in? Are you really interested in entering into conflict? These questions will simply make you understand that there are many things (very common in divorce processes that make no sense).

3. It’s time to find a good lawyer. The above process will allow you to go with the most lucid mind to speak with the person who will direct the legal process from your side. Search in this person, among other characteristics, a great reputation, good reviews, reliability, and commitment. You must find a Castle Rock Divorce Lawyer that really commits to your case.

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4. Think of your children. If you have them, then keep in mind that they are your true priority. It is neither about fighting with your old couple over custody nor being in a race to see who wins the case. It’s about making sure that your rights and above all your welfare are well protected. Find a lawyer whose priority is to defend your children and their rights throughout the process.

The most important thing: do not forget that you are not in a battle. It is not about winning a case, it is about knowing how to dialogue and handle things as quickly and objectively as possible. In some cases this option is not viable but, if possible, you must try to reach an agreement with the person you want to divorce. Metalize that the healthiest thing is to accommodate the process as calmly as possible. It is best for everyone.

Tips for Choosing a Family Law Solicitor

There are a lot of solicitors who specialize in family law. How you choose the best for you will depend on a number of factors, the most important being your particular situation. But there are some factors that can’t be overlooked when choosing family law solicitors. These factors include their level of experience and what aspect of family law they specialize in.

With all that in mind, it can be difficult to choose the best family law solicitor for you. The following are just some questions you can ask to help you decide on the right solicitor for your situation.

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  1. When Did They Qualify?

It is possible for a recent graduate to do a better job than someone who has been practicing for over 30 years. Generally, experience should always be the main factor, but you should always ensure that the solicitor you choose has experience dealing with cases like yours.

  1. Who will do the Work?

When choosing a solicitor you should also find out if they will be working on your case themselves or if they will delegate to someone else. The best way to find out is to ask who your main contact will be. You may have the best solicitor in the business, but will you be able to get a hold of them?

  1. When did they specialize in Family Law?

This one is tied into experience but family law is not the same as other forms of litigation. So, as much you want your solicitor to be experienced, you may also want them to have several years of experience in family law.

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  1. Are they a Member of Resolution?

Resolution’s code of practice ensures that all solicitors who are members conduct themselves within the highest standards of professionalism and morality. You can check if the solicitor you are considering is a member on Resolution’s website.

  1. Are they accredited?

You may also want to find out if the solicitor is accredited. If they are, by who and when did they gain their accreditation? Accreditation is a sign of skill and knowledge in their line of work. This and experience are probably two of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a solicitor.

  1. Are they Collaborative?

This refers to an out of court process for resolving certain issues especially pertaining to divorce. A collaborative lawyer demonstrates openness and commitment to progressive practice.

Img source: bmoseslaw.com
  1. Are they a Mediator?

While mediation is a very different process from legal representation, any solicitor-mediator will show you that they believe they are a better mediator and solicitor by simply practicing both processes. They are therefore likely to be better placed to advise you if your case is suitable for mediation and recommend the best processes to apply.

  1. Are they respected nationally and locally?

You may also want to check if your solicitor has national and local respect. This can easily be determined by the national and local committees that they ascribe to or that they are a member of. These societies like the Law Society, Resolution and the Family Law Committee promote the best practices and law reform.

  1. Do they Offer the Cheapest Quotes?

Beware of certain law firms that will quote the lowest price just to get clients and then adjust the price upwards once you have signed with them. When comparing prices, it is much more practical to look at the solicitor’s hourly rate.

Top 6 the most surprising divorces of the 20th century


The outcome of World War II shifted the start of unusual and touching stories of love and marriage for the whole world in general and the USA in particular. The people were delighted to marry and build families after such a frightening time, and everybody did concentrate on the fresh and perfect life which will bring only happiness and nothing more! Though 1946 became the year of the variable range of the divorces. Couples having overcome all the difficulties of the war were unable to overcome all the challenges of ordinary life. At those times the divorce was not too welcomed, so they were somewhat secret enough. Today we will clarify the information and give you a hint of divorces that became legends of the 20th century and shocked the whole of American society. We were glad to receive the data from the online divorce company being famous in the whole USA for its cheap divorce documents preparation. It is high time to begin!

  1. Robert Redford & Lola Van Wagenen.

    This couple was married for more than 30 years. However, the constant alcohol addiction of the husband and the rather tight schedule of the wife were crucial for this couple. Lola was fighting for the family for a lot of time. Moreover, she stayed away from the stage during the last years of their marriage and devoted herself to the family. However, it was too late. Robert did not want to return to her and her regular business, so this marriage was finally over in autumn 1985. Even today, fans of this power couple are following their separate lives after these two chose the way of their marriage, and nobody has the right to blame them both!

  2. Neil & Pegi Young.
    Source: latimes.com

    After 36 years of the marriage, this couple was also ready to terminate their relationship and build a new life again! The initiator of the divorce was Neil. The gossips told at that time that he could have a mistress. Therefore he dared to separate from his wife. However, the information was top secret, and we can guess what circumstances could make this couple living in the total love finish everything good they had. They lived separately for a rather long period after the divorce.

  3. Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins.
    Source: nydailynews.com

    For the actress who has always been a queen of the beauty, the divorce became strong despair. The couple lived together for more than 23 years, and nobody could expect the fail of their relationship. Susan could not endure the news that her beloved husband, the center of her life had a girlfriend and applied for the divorce. Tim for sure tried to stop the process and stay away from all the gossips coming around this couple, although the result was pretty known, the couple split rather fast, with no hatred or else.

  4. Daryl Dragon & Toni Tennille.
    Source: www.washingtonpost.com

    They were like two sides of one coin. Living together after such a long marriage term (more than 39 years), they decided to stop their relations, their love, and their common interests. The only thing they could save were their children. They had two perfect children who supported each of them after the divorce and never accused anyone of anything. Nowadays we can guess about the real reasons for their divorce, but for sure would rather watch them together with such a confident smile as they used to show us in the deep past when they were together.

  5. Michael Jordan & Juanita Vanoy.
    Source: Pinterest

    The couple was living together for a long time, despite all the troubles they raised children and the fame of Michael was eventually the deal of Juanita. After such a significant term of the marriage, the couple finally announced that they break all the relations and go away from each other. The trustworthy sources used to gossip that this divorce became a divorce of the “20th century”, however, there was nothing new, just one more couple considering its ordinary life to be a fatal mistake and deciding to stop the relations.

  6. Garth Brooks & Sandy Mahl.
    Source: countryfancast.com

    It is the most effective couple we have mentioned today, although, their life was similarly not so bright as the pictures of their everyday photos! They had lived together for more than 30 years and got the fantastic time, as we can see they decided not to spoil the life of each other and to live separately bearing in mind only good memories of each other! We can understand it. Besides, we can support them because each person once in life felt the same and was ready to stop the relations by bringing only quarrels and numerous misunderstandings!

To sum up today, we can see that celebrities can also suffer from the difficulties in their lives, they can live independently, share the property and argue for child custody, etc. They are alive. As we can perceive as well is that life does not finish with the divorce procedure. Fortunately, we are moving. Further, we are developing and having lots of fun at present, and in the future, everything will be the same. Divorce is a reason to think over your life, have a short break and move further. The earlier you get it, the better it will be!