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How A Legal Separation Affects Your Child’s Future

As parents, we always worry about what may negatively impact our children and their lives. A single parent raising a child—especially one who has to deal with a separation—tends to worry even more, as they are aware that separations, divorce, and bringing up a kid in two different homes can affect the child’s state of mind throughout their adulthood. We would want parents to be as educated on this matter as possible to avoid putting their children through unnecessary harm.

So, read on to learn how a legal separation affects your child’s future


Young Children

Small children are affected by their parents separating almost immediately. They will begin to feel a sense of loss once one parent no longer lives under the same roof. With one parent now absent, they will feel that their home no longer feels like it used to, and they will miss life as they knew it.

Young children may also start to behave differently and test these new boundaries. They may try to act out during this time of unfamiliarity. Children need to feel safe and secure, and such drastic changes destabilize them and cause them to adopt emotional and behavioral problems. This is especially the case if the parents continue to fight and create tension between one another.

Early Adolescents

As the child ages into middle school, the effects of a legal separation grow. They will now become fearful of being left alone, especially if the parent that has left the home does not make much time for them anymore. The child may start to believe that if one parent has abandoned them, the other will soon follow. In order to prevent this, family lawyers at btlfamilylaw.com often use mediation as a tool to resolve disputes. This mainly aims at relieving the child’s stress, as an early adolescent is likely to blame themselves for the separation and constantly worry about whether they have caused the rift.

Without proper support, early adolescents may begin to feel rejected and insecure; this can also cause them to act younger than they are and seek attention through disobedience, clinginess, or nightmares. They can also develop signs of becoming a recluse if they are subjected to bullying or harassment at school. At this age, children will also feel torn between parents if both still play an active role in their lives, and even more so if the parents act immaturely and pit the children against the other parent.



By the time a child becomes a teenager, the impacts of the divorce or separation worsen. They tend to show signs of anger toward one or both parents due to the lack of a familiar family dynamic. Their schoolwork may suffer as they withdraw from ordinary social settings. They may also seek attention, which exposes them to unwanted influences. They might grow resentful of the situation they have been thrown into, no matter how long ago the separation began.

Since adolescence can already make a person insecure, teenagers are likely to feel that they have been rejected by their parents. They may, therefore, believe this will be a common occurrence with everyone they encounter. Dealing with the unknown may cause them to act out in damaging ways. Their self-image and self-esteem may falter.


Some self-aware individuals do recover well when they reach adulthood, especially those who, perhaps, seek therapy to repair the damage that occurred during their parents’ separation or those whose parents made the transition as easy as possible. However, many other people still carry scars from this traumatic period of time. Adult children of divorce or separation usually develop abandonment issues and struggle to overcome those in their own romantic relationships. Their perception of a happy, healthy relationship is distorted, ensuring that their trust issues remain intact.

Adult children of divorce or separation may never quite master a healthy self-image or develop healthy relationships. However, this isn’t the case with all children of divorce, depending on how the parents approach the situation.

How Parents Can Help Their Children Cope


Regardless of the age of your children, you can help them deal with the situation by encouraging honesty. It is important that you make your children feel that what they feel is important to you, so help them put their feelings into words. This is because oftentimes, their bottled up feelings show through their behavior. As such, try to be a good listener, even if hearing what they have to say is difficult on your part too.

In talking with your children, make it a habit to legitimize their feelings and practice empathy by telling them that you know how they feel. After which, offer your support to them and ask them what can help them feel better. If they cannot pinpoint or name something, suggest a few ideas. It might be that they just need you to sit beside them or hug them.

In parallel, ensure that you and your children are healthy, amidst this stressful situation in your lives. Find a way to manage your stress level, such that it doesn’t have to transcend to your children. Apart from your emotional health, keep yourself physically healthy too in order to be able to combat the effects of stress in your life. Take care of your needs such that you will be in the best position to take care of the needs of your children.

As you can see, a legal separation does affect a child throughout different stages of their lives. The best thing you can do as parents is to make the transition as smooth as possible. Studies have shown that parents who work together, minimize tension and arguments, co-parent, and remain involved in their children’s lives leave a more positive impact on a child’s state of mind and future. To ensure a child of divorce does have a bright future, we must minimize the issues and traumas that result from separation.

Collaborative Divorce How it Works  

Divorce is not a pleasant life situation. Although it is often difficult to control emotions, it is very important that all the actions you take are driven by reason. That is why it is very important to know what options are available to you. In this text, we will try to answer you the most common questions and those that lawyers are facing often in practice.

How to Get a Divorce?

This is the first question that every person asks themselves when deciding on such a step. From an example from the neighborhood or from the family it seems like a complicated procedure, but the only reason is most often the spouses, since it is one relationship that is intertwined with various emotional connections.

There are two ways. The first way is a collaborative divorce that requires the spouses to agree on all issues relevant (child custody, division of property, amount of child support and a way to maintain the child’s personal relationship with the other parent), and the second way is through court when spouses cannot agree on a divorce or on the most important issues.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

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It is a divorce whose main feature is the spouse’s consent to divorce. Spouses are entitled to do so if they enter into a written agreement. Spouses should, with the proposal for a consensual one, be required to submit both a written agreement on the exercise of parental rights and a written agreement on the division of joint property.

In a written agreement on the exercise of parental rights, spouses may agree to exercise parental rights together or that only one parent exercise parental rights.

If they decide that parental rights are exercised by only one parent, the agreement must include an agreement to entrust the joint child to one parent, an agreement on the amount of child support contributions paid by the other parent, and an agreement on how to maintain the child’s personal relationship with the other parent.

The court does not have to adopt a parental agreement on the exercise of parental rights if it considers that it does not meet the interests of the children but may otherwise regulate their relationships.

It is important to note here that the law does not prescribe the need to state the reasons for the proposed solution that the child should be entrusted to one of the parents, but the fact is that this helps the court in assessing the best interests of the child.

The motion for consent is submitted to the competent court at the place of residence or residence of one of the spouses, or at the place of their last common residence.

What is a Divorce Suit?

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Lawsuits can be filed by both spouses if the marital relationship is seriously and permanently disturbed or if the spouse’s life community cannot be objectively pursued.

The lawsuit is filed with the court in the place where the defendant is domiciled and may also be filed in the place where the spouses had their last common residence. The procedure also provides for a mediation process to help the parties reconcile or agree on the most important issues.

What is Mediation?

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The mediation procedure is an integral part of the matrimonial proceedings initiated by the claim of one of the spouses. Mediation consists of two stages and includes a mediation procedure and a procedure for the amicable settlement of a dispute. Spouses can only consent to a settlement. Mediation is not conducted if one of the spouses does not consent to mediation, if one of the spouses is incapable of reasoning, if the whereabouts of one of the spouses are unknown or if one or both spouses live abroad.

This can be a very successful method, useful for both parties, we recommend this website for more information.

What is Reconciliation?

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Reconciliation is part of a mediation process conducted in a marital dispute initiated by a lawsuit and intended to resolve the relationship between the spouse without conflict and without divorce.

Conciliation may be conducted by a court, a Social Work Center, a specialized family mediation institution, or marital or family counseling.

If the spouse reconciles in the conciliation process, the divorce action will be deemed to have been withdrawn. If no reconciliation occurs or if one or both spouses who have been duly summoned fail to respond to the conciliation call, the conciliation shall be deemed to have failed and the settlement procedure will continue.

What is a Settlement?

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The settlement is part of the mediation process that is conducted in the marital dispute if the mediation fails. The purpose of the settlement is to resolve the spouse’s relationship without conflict after the divorce. The court will seek to ensure that the spouses reach an agreement on the exercise of parental rights and an agreement on the division of joint property.

The settlement will be considered successful if the spouses conclude both agreements, and partially succeed if they conclude only one of the two agreements. A settlement will be considered a failure if one or both duly summoned spouses do not respond to the summons or if they fail to reach either of the two stipulated agreements.

What are the Consequences?

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Consequences of divorce on spouses

They are seen as ending their mutual rights and obligations arising from marriage. Those whose marriage ended have the right to have a new marriage immediately. Also, they can keep their last name or take their last name before marriage. The obligation to support a spouse ends with divorce, but under certain conditions the obligation to support a divorced spouse may be established. As a rule, afterwards, the division of the common property occurs.

Consequences of divorce on children

They depend on the court order that determines which parent the child will live with, the way they see the other parent, and the amount of child support contributions paid by the other parent. It may open the possibility for a parent and a minor to acquire a right of residence on an apartment owned by another parent, provided that the child and parent exercising parental right do not have ownership of the occupied apartment and that such a decision does not constitute a manifest injustice to the parent who owns the apartment . This is only possible while the child is a minor.


If this unfortunate event already occurs, make sure you know all the legal remedies available and go through the best possible. And we advise you to seek assistance of a lawyer.

How Mediation Services Can Facilitate Your Divorce

When a decision to divorce is made, the majority already understands that this process will not be easy. It will be emotional, and of course complicated. To reach a mutual deal and avoid a protracted lawsuit is everyone’s dream, but in practice, it is more reasonable to expect completely different realities.

What to do when even during marriage and happy life you could not come to a mutual covenant on minor household issues? And if we consider consent in the context of divorce, then this seems like an impossible mission. One way to achieve agreement can be considered mediators. Let’s see how they can help during a divorce.


Where Does Their Work Begin?

As soon as you decide that you need the services of a mediator, and sometimes even a court can decide this, you need to phone and make an appointment. Perhaps the specialist already in the telephone mode will ask you to tell in detail about your case, or maybe just make an appointment. This factor depends on the approaches that such specialists use.

But in any case, get ready for the fact that you will have to answer many questions and the same applies to the second side. Mediators work with both spouses, and not exclusively with one side. Some experts can even help fill out an online divorce form, but if you want to get just that, you should ask right away if such a service is possible. Since lawyers usually do this.

Reduce Emotional Load Between Parties

Even in the very initial stages of negotiations, the mediator will offer an agreement. Thus, it will be easier to agree on simpler issues and reduce the emotional burden between you and your spouse. After all, you will not be able to scandal for several hours because of some trifle. In general, if you and your spouse have a hot temperament, then a mediator will be a good decision so that you can at least decide something and not just pour emotions on each other without a result.

Make a Good Parenting Plan


Often one of the spouses assumes the responsibility of drawing up a parenting plan. And then, in practice, the second spouse begins to violate such rules. That is why it will not be out of place for a mediator to help in this matter. He will take into account not only your and your spouse’s wishes, but also will act in the interests of the child.

Such a plan is usually able to satisfy both parties, which in the future does not lead to a violation of the already agreed rules. Some experts can also help to reduce many legal fees. If you are already working with a lawyer, then, in principle, he must also provide you with such a service. But if not, then consult with a mediator to see how it is possible to reduce costs. So this is a good reason to think about the services of such a specialist.

What Happens When a Solution Is Found?

From the moment you and your spouse come to an agreement, the mediator will draw up a covenant. According to this covenant, you will have to operate further. By the way, the court can make such an agreement binding. Also, a mediator will help to make a schedule for raising children. And such a schedule will be supported by other divorce package documents. If one of the parties does not comply with the plans or agreements, then there is the possibility of going to court with this even after you are divorced.

What You Need to Understand If You Want to Use the Services of a Mediator

There are some points that not everyone understands regarding the services of mediators. Therefore, if you decide to use the services of such specialists, you need to know the following:

This type of expert is not your personal specialist. He will work both in your interests and in the interests of your ex.

He will not do all the work for you. Many people tend to believe that such a specialist will come and just convince the other side of what you want. But you need both to work actively, as he will not decide for himself what is best in your case. His work will be based on your opinions.

For successful mediator work, both spouses must be active. If the other party refuses the services of such a specialist and does nothing, then you will not succeed. To get a result, both spouses must be interested in it.


Be prepared to compromise. Even a mediator will not be able to help convince your spouse of the correctness of your opinion or desire. You must be prepared to find a compromise solution in each issue, and not to uphold your own point.

Of course, mediator services can smooth out many issues that arise in the process of divorce. But in order to achieve this, it is necessary to make efforts for both spouses. If both of you are categorical, then you will simply spend your money on the services of a specialist. Of course, there are such specialists who successfully cope with categorization, but the cost of services will be appropriate.

So if you want to get the result and a cheap divorce with onlinedivorcewa.com as well, then you need to be ready for compromises. It may happen that the services of such specialists seem too expensive for you. But this is a good motivation to think about trying to come to an agreement on your own.


6 Ways to Let Your Divorce Go and Start a New Life

Divorce is a complicated process. It is especially difficult to cope with it to a person who intended to save the family and was struck by his or her partner’s statement about divorce. Besides, divorce drags a lot of additional complications with it: changes in family structure, finances, living arrangements, obligations, time-spending with kids and so on.

How To Realize Loss?


There is a common belief that coping with divorce is something people can work through. But reality blows the victims of divorce with its chaos and constant swings and once somebody hires a lawyer, there is no point of return, according to Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein LLP. It’s emotional baggage that you want to get rid of but can’t. And even ordering cheap divorce papers online won’t dispel anxiety.

The process is different for everyone. It depends on the aspects of the divorce: whether one of the partners betrayed the other, or the marriage was disintegrating right in front of one’s eyes. Even if you had an extremely strong wish to end this relationship, you still had tight bonds connecting you two. Feelings of sadness, fury, hopelessness, longing, and guilt are normal. But the loss you had to go through will inevitably wake up fresh thoughts, ideas, dreams, and intentions.

How to Cope With Loss?

Let Yourself Grieve

Don’t hide your own emotions deep in your soul, take a break instead, realize and understand them. Get support from your occupation. Don’ get isolated. Take another route – find new connections, expand your circle of friends, join a class. Look forward, make plans, but don’t dig at one place being stuck in the past.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Respect your body as it suffers too. What is more, getting back in shape will motivate you to move on and start from a blank sheet of paper. It is beneficial to exercise, no matter whether you worked out before of not. If not, then it’s a suitable reason to start. It is unnecessary to exhaust yourself to tears at the gym. Take up an activity that you truly enjoy and that can immensely benefit your physical shape. Exercising is a natural way to relieve stress and elevate mood, as when a person works out, her or his body releases endorphins, hormones of happiness.

Do you think that junky food is what can help you deal with stress? This is a major misconception! Never resort to sugary and fatty foods in order to overcome stress. Try to feed your organism with healthy food after filing for divorce online and change your eating habits for the better ones.

What about alcohol? Many people think it is a stimulator but it acts as a depressant, therefore, it can deepen your anxiety. Disruptions in sleep patterns in connecting with alcohol abuse as well are characteristic of the post-divorce period. Try to find the perfect balance in the amount of sleep you need as both too much or too little sleep can affect your physical and psychological states.

Don’t Succumb to Your Friends’ Encouragement to Date

In movies, people’s friends often organize dates for them, choose partners, restaurants. It looks ridiculous on the screen but this is not the right strategy to move on after divorce. These pressures can make you feel wrong – why should I move on as fast as others want me to?

But, on the other hand, there is a possibility that you meet your second ‘second half’ pretty soon after breaking up with the first one. If that person brings comfort and love, supports you sincerely and makes you ecstatic in general then trust your instincts. If you feel a residue from past relationships and are not ready to open your heart up to another person it’s normal to say ‘No’.

Maintain a Sense of Humor


Never forget to laugh even in stressful situations. Stay positive – life is covered in stripes, black and white, both of them don’t weaken us but on the contrary – bring strength to your spirit. Even if you are not granted the gift of telling jokes, become part of the company that improves your mood. Don’t lose the taste of life, it’s too beautiful to be wasted.

Surround yourself with positive and sociable people. You might feel like being alone for some time. But rejecting any real communication with the outside world will definitely lead to a feeling of depression and loneliness.

Explore Your Interests

It is better to try and find out that activity doesn’t suit you than only think about it. Therapists encourage people to check out cooking or baking. Cooking is a unique experience: eating something that you have created is twice more satisfying than eating out or poisoning yourself with fast food and Chinese takeout. Reinvent yourself, start doing something you have always dreamed of but never found the courage to start.

Declutter and Reorganize the House

Throw away or sell all the unnecessary stuff, which is being covered in dust. Adjust the bedroom to your needs and preferences. This is probably the room that reminds you the most about your ex-spouse. What is more, if you use the Internet to file divorce papers online with onlinedivorcer.com, you will save a decent amount of cash – spend them on house renovation. Don’t neglect the power of the color of walls, the number of plants and other decorations. These are small meticulous details but they can truly satisfy our need in aesthetic beauty and harmony. A clean room equals to clean mind.



Accept the past, but don’t forget it. Keep the balance, don’t give in to junky food, alcohol, dru*s, isolation. Rejuvenate like a phoenix from ashes. Even if you are 60, life is not over even when it seems to get close to the final.


3 important facts about family mediation in Australia

If you didn’t know – family mediation is a dispute resolution process that used in cases where divorcing couples can’t come to an equitable agreement about issues like child custody and the division of property assets. This process has become increasingly popular over the years for many reasons and is now the preferred way that disputes resulting from the breakdown of a marriage are resolved.

Let’s take a look at some important facts about family mediation and how it is conducted in Australia.

1.  It is the preferred dispute resolution method

Family mediation is the first officially prescribed dispute resolution tool that judges will recommend before parties seek to have matters like child custody and property settlement litigated in court. In fact, the law requires that a ‘genuine’ attempt is made by both parties to engage with a form of family mediation before child custody matters can be disputed in a courtroom.

The chief reason for this is that the courts in Australia are already overburdened with past cases that are still waiting to be heard. In order to avoid making this waiting list even longer, judges seek to ensure that every case that can be resolved out-of-court is given the chance to.

2. It leads to longer-lasting outcomes

Image source: bobbaumlaw.com

Another reason family mediation is so popular is that it allows for much longer-lasting outcomes than those that are agreed to privately or those mandated by a judge following litigation. This is because each party gets to feel like they were given the chance to make their case and ensure that all of their concerns have been heard.

Basically, family mediation helps people come to a decision that is theirs, rather than one that was forced upon them. When people negotiate a deal, rather than have a mandate put on them, they are generally much more content with whatever the arrangement is.

3.    It is much less costly than going to court

Image source: thomasmore.co.uk

One of the most attractive benefits of family mediation is its cost-effectiveness when compared with the average expenditure of court litigation. Any court battle is going to be a stressful and needlessly formal affair for both you and your ex, as well as any children you have who are going to witness their parents locked in a war for months or even years.

In terms of both financial and emotional costs, pursuing an alternative dispute resolution method is much cheaper than going to court. It is simply much better to resolve these issues in a calm and considerate way rather than rush to win a quick victory over your ex.

How to find the best family mediation firm

If you decide to pursue this negotiation tactic, then you will need to do your research into which firm you are going to engage in. Naturally, there’s a diverse array of options out there and you need to be smart about how you evaluate each of their strengths and weaknesses.

Typically, you want to go with a firm that has good reviews and a lot of positive feedback from grateful past clients. Because of the nature of the issues handled (child custody etc), people tend to use more emotional language in their testimonials, expressing sincere gratitude that they were able to use the firm’s brand of family mediation company such as osullivanmediation.com.au. to resolve their dispute and move on with their life.

Would Gathering Evidence of Adultery Affect a Divorce Case?


Divorce can be one of the most complex forms of civil litigation in the US just as in any other countries around the world. This is owed to the fact that the truth can be difficult to establish as emotions may be disruptive, tensions may be high, and memories may be clouded. Tensions run especially high when there are allegations or evidence of adultery. Adultery has long been recognized as one of the most serious offenses to a marriage, and the legal system treats it very seriously as a result. The infidelity of this particular nature, however, is usually clandestine, which can make proving it in a court of law arduous and painful. The good news is that hiring a Private Investigator can help according to TIO Square.

Adultery as a Fault Claim for Divorce

As a general rule, divorces in the US must be filed as ‘fault’ or ‘no-fault’. While no-fault divorces tend to be quicker to process (and cheaper as a result), there are instances where spouses – or ‘parties to the divorce’ – are willing to fight it out and pay any additional expenses for a fault divorce. Usually, this is because one or both of the spouses are determined not to let their former partner ‘getaway’ with the blame they perceive, or because a finding of fault in divorce proceedings may have a significant impact on important issues like the division of finances or child custody. Judges require evidence of fault if they are to grant a fault divorce, and this is where matters can become especially complex for divorcing spouses.

Img source: huskerlaw.com

The infidelity of any kind – particularly adultery – is not something that spouses tend to be blasé or forthcoming about. The potential for a considerable emotional upset, extensive familial disruption, and indeed even the commencement of divorce proceedings, are considerations that tend to ensure that the infidelity stays a secret, at least for a period of time. When that infidelity is disclosed or discovered, however, the question for the aggrieved spouse soon shifts from why the infidelity happened to how to prove that it did. In this regard, gathering evidence is absolutely key.

What Evidence is Acceptable? 

Laws vary considerably across the US as to what counts as ‘adultery’ for the purposes of a fault divorce. In this regard, suspicion or presumption of adultery is not enough; there has to be persuasive evidence.

As to the types of evidence that can persuade a judge that adultery has occurred, this is where matters become more complicated. Most parties alleging adultery tend to bring circumstantial evidence as ‘indirect’ proof of the adultery. In these instances, the party presents items like hotel receipts, text messages, phone call records, testimonies as to public displays of affection, and other evidence that implies that the alleged adulterer had both the inclination and the opportunity to engage in extramarital affairs. For many judges, however, these items alone are not sufficient to prove adultery. Instead, the courts require direct proof of the allegation.

Img source: harrymunsinger.com

Direct proof is, plainly, the best type of evidence for this kind of allegation, not least because of the high tendency of adulterers to deny – sometimes profusely – their wrongdoing. Unless spouses have already obtained reliable eyewitness accounts (sometimes, even a spouse walking in on their partner with someone is not enough) or photographic evidence, chances are they will require the help of someone else in obtaining that divorce. Given the sensitive nature of the subject and the potential danger that could face individuals trying to obtain evidence themselves, hiring a PI is often the most sensible option for a spouse seeking to prove adultery.

How to Obtain Evidence?

It stands to reason that actually being aware of the adultery takes a spouse considerably closer to being able to secure evidence of it to use in divorce proceedings. Indeed, with 54% of married men and 70% of married women not actually knowing of their spouses’ infidelity, acknowledging the reality of the situation – that adultery has occurred – is an important first step for practical as well as emotional reasons. The precise means by which evidence is obtained, however, will vary appreciably between cases. Undertaking surveillance, tapping phones, locating witnesses, conducting interrogations, using computer forensics – all of these methods are used at various times and better suit some situations over others. Hiring a PI and letting them decide the appropriate means is often the best approach.

What Impact Would the Evidence Have?

The main area in which evidence of adultery affects divorce cases is in determining alimony and asset division. Divorce cases settle the majority of the time (over 90% of cases settle in some states), and during negotiations the aggrieved spouse has the opportunity to claim considerable sums of money, either because marital funds or assets were used to facilitate the adultery or because some adulterous spouses will seek to ‘compensate’ for their wrongdoing by paying their spouses. Negotiations proceed this way particularly when the adulterous party was the sole or main wage-earner.

Img source: bencarrascolaw.com

There are times when evidence of divorce can also affect child custody arrangements, but it would have to be shown that the adultery in some material way affects the ability of the adulterous spouse to care adequately for the child or children in question.

Hiring a Private Investigator to Help

With the American Psychological Association stating that infidelity accounted for 20-40% of divorces across the US, it is safe to assume that a considerable percentage of the approximately 2.5 million divorces that are processed in the US every year are owed to adultery. PIs, therefore, tend to have a lot of experience in this area and are able to assist divorcing parties with collecting evidence that is both revelatory for the aggrieved spouse as well as accurate and admissible for court proceedings.

4 Things You Need to Know About Family Law


It’s not quite intended for couples to get married, have children and then get divorced. No one goes with the mindset of marrying someone, saying to themselves “I will divorce in 10 years.” So you can imagine that family law is an area of the law where people have little to no experience in.

Family law revolves around the separation and divorce of married couples. And this article will focus on the most important 4 things to understand about it, regardless if you’re in search of information or you’re going through a divorce.

Children Have the Rights, Parents Have the Responsibilities

It’s safe to point out that parents don’t have the rights to their children when it comes to divorces. In the eyes of the law, at least, children have the rights and parents have the responsibilities. When married couples go through a divorce, especially if they have children, it’s always best to think about the children first. No parent has the right to equal time with a child, regardless if they pay more child support. A court determines when and how much time with the children one of the parents has.

Img Source: divorceattorneyrockfordil.com

All Assets go Into the Shared Property Pool

A common misconception and a pretty unfair one to be precise is that you share the property that you acquire during the marriage. But this is not the case according to RIGHT Lawyers. During a divorce, all property gets shared in a 50-50 manner between both parents. The misconception is that what property you’ve owned before the marriage, you get to keep. But according to the law, if that property has had an increase in value, then that value must be accounted towards the shared property pool. How you choose to share the property in the shared pool is up to you and the person you are divorcing.

Img Source: behzadiosborne.com

Property Should NOT be Divided 50-50

Adding on nicely from our previous point, many married couples do indeed think that everything you’ve owned together should be shared in a 50-50 manner. But this is not the case as there is a strict principle for how property should be shared.

Namely, the court looks at your age, your health, your ability to earn now and in the future, your responsibilities for caring for the children, and any disadvantages. If one of the parents is worse off than the other, then an adjustment should be made towards that individual to help balance it out.

Img Source: avlawyers.com.au

Divorce and Financial Settlement are Two Different Things

Filing for divorce and legally finalizing your finances are two different things. To get a financial settlement (legally finalizing your finances) you have to consent order or you will need a financial agreement. To end a marriage you will need to file an application for divorce. To make things clear, you have up to 12 months since your divorce to settle all financial agreements. And people generally prefer to do this before actually applying for the divorce itself. To file for divorce, you and your partner need to be separated for 12 months. Since 12 months is a lot of time, couples prefer to do a financial settlement before the filing of divorce is possible.

Tips for choosing an online divorce company

You are now certain that you want a divorce but you don’t feel like the expenses of hiring a lawyer. Why not give an online divorce company a try? Firstly you would have to fill out a questionnaire to see whether or not you qualify for an online divorce.  Once you have been accepted, you can choose which company to use. Here are a few tips when it comes to choosing an online divorce company.

There are many online divorce companies out there. If you enter online divorce companies into your search engine, hundreds will turn up. So how do you choose the right one for you?

One easy way in finding the right divorce company is by asking around. Do you know anyone who got a breakup online? Which company did they use and how did they find it? If the review is positive, then find out more about that specific company.

When it comes to finding an affordable way of getting a divorce, using an online divorce company is the way to go. Find a few companies on the internet and compare prices. The average online divorce company charges between $300 and $1500, depending on how complex your case is. Therefore it would be wise to choose a company that is within your budget. Call a few online divorce companies and ask what’s included in their packages and how much each package costs.

source: kurier.at

You can even reviews from others of these specific companies at this website. Getting a marriage dissolution can be cheap. You just need to compare them.

The company of our choice in terms of affordability is Divorcefiller.

When it comes to choosing an online divorce company, choose the firm with the most experience. Do not go with a firm who has recently opened up. These firms could easily be scammers and fly by night companies. Or they just might not be experienced enough to handle your case and this could lead to a messy divorce, that could end up costing you a lot more in the long run. If you choose an experienced firm this will make it easier for you, if there are any major issues during your divorce. Even if this specific company is a bit more expensive, paying that extra bit of cash could save you a lot of trouble in the long run. An experienced internet divorce company will be able to follow through on your entire divorce process, without much hassle. Which is exactly what you want during this hard time. Also, many of the top online divorce companies, allow you to speak with an attorney from their site. These attorneys will be able to give you sound legal advice, and give you peace of mind. Some companies charge you for this service, either per hour or per question. The top rated online divorce companies, also allow you to ask any legal questions and they will be able to answer all of your questions for you.

The company of our choice in terms of reliability and security is Divorce-Online

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It is also very important to choose a web company that has fantastic customer service. Make sure that they would have consultants available at all times to answer any legal questions that you might have or put your mind at ease with any doubts that you might have. They should be available throughout the entire divorce process. This will show how efficient they are.

Google the online company that you are thinking of using. How are their reviews? If there are no reviews or bad reviews, do not use them. By doing this, you will also be able to see which companies have the best ratings. Go with companies who have positive reviews and who have been mentioned as efficient.

You can also see which online divorce companies offer extra perks. Some companies will file your papers for you and have unlimited email support for free.

The company of our choice in terms of extra services is Complete Case.

Do the online companies that you are thinking of using, offer any guarantees? Are the court papers that you will be receiving guaranteed to hold up in court? Make sure that all the documents that are used are court approved and up to date. If the documents you have received are incorrect, you will have to start the process all over again and this can cause major frustration. Another important factor to consider is whether or not they list all the costs of the process. Transparency is important. Be wary of companies who do not do this. As they might charge you extra fees that you were unaware of.

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Another good thing to check for is how fast your divorce can be filed. Does the online company, that you are thinking of using, offer a quick turnaround time? Use a company that allows you to download divorce forms instantly. Some companies can take up to a month to send you your paperwork. Make sure of all the T&Cs before signing up with a specific online company.

Which States does the online divorce company, you are thinking of using cover? Some companies only cover certain states, whereas, other companies work throughout the whole of the US. You will need to find this out too before you decide on using them.

These are a few tips for finding a reputable online divorce company. The most important thing would be to research each company you are thinking of using extensively. Read each review and ask around. Don’t rush your decision. Take your time and make sure to go with the best company for you.