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What to Expect From A Divorce Case: Beginner’s Guide

If you have ever been in a romantic relationship, you know that it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to make it work. This is not something that everybody wants to do. At some point, divorce may seem to be the only solution for the problem. If you’re looking to start the divorce process, here’s what you need to do:

Find yourself a divorce lawyer


According to familylawandmediation.co.uk, the very first thing that you will need to do is to find professional help to go about the divorce process. While it may be true that you can go about the process by yourself, it’s highly unadvisable. You are prone to making many mistakes both during the preparation process and the court representation. It’s best that you hire a divorce attorney to help you with the case to ensure the best results.

Prepare the petition filing

The next step you have to do is to gather the evidence and prepare to file a petition against your spouse. This is something that your divorce lawyer can greatly help you with, as they can help to collect all the information and file the right documents to speed up the process and avoid potential mistakes.

Make sure all the details are correct 

Another thing that you have to be concerned about is the details in the divorce petition. While this may sound like an obvious part of the divorce filing process, you’d be surprised how many people make the mistakes of putting down the wrong information. Therefore, you need to double check the information to make sure that it’s correct before submitting it.

Understanding the grounds for your petition

You need to make sure that you know your standing before you file a divorce, as that will have a significant impact on the outcome of the case. If you committed adultery and was the main cause of your marriage breaking down, it’s fair to say that you aren’t standing on very favourable ground. A divorce lawyer can help to design your petition so that it works best for you.

How to File For a Divorce

 Now that you understand how to prepare yourself going into a divorce case, the next thing you need to think about is how you can start the divorce process. Here are the three basic steps of filing:

  1. Serving the summons on your spouse

The first thing you need to do is to file a court summons for your spouse. This will only happen if you have a fair ground for your claim, so it’s essential that you sort out your documents ahead of time.

  1. Filing the divorce forms and documents

Once the court summons goes out, the next thing you will do is to deliver the forms and the documents to your related government office. The process of filling out these forms can be extremely confusing and tedious, which is another reason why you should work with a lawyer.

  1. Waiting for a response

Now that everything has been filed, your spouse will have 30 days to file a response to the petition against them. Your spouse can file a counterclaim to suggest a more beneficial term for them. If you can’t come to an agreement, the case will have to go to court.

If you’re looking for a family law solicitor in Exeter, Devon, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to help resolve any family issues that you have professionally and quickly.

Three Financial Tips For When You’re Going Through A Divorce

Divorce can be a traumatic experience and getting expert advice relating to finances before the settlement can be re-assuring during this trying time. It has become evident that men and women have different ways of managing their money. Therefore, in the unfortunate event of going through a divorce, what are the financial considerations for both parties?

Personal finances are a delicate subject and adding to the emotional pain of going through a divorce there are some key aspects of navigating. Couples who are separating are faced with the decision of having to split their homes, finances, etc. Collectively this is referred to as splitting the marital estate. Unfortunately, there are several financial implications during divorce proceedings that are often misunderstood, underestimated or overlooked by either one or both parties. That is why it is of elemental value to find expert assistance from a qualified financial adviser to help you with making the right choices when going through a divorce settlement.


Three financial considerations to take into account before the divorce order:

  1. Consult with a financial adviser

Make sure that you are consulting with a financial adviser before contacting your lawyer. Couples often make the mistake of liaising with financial planners after the legal divorce settlement was concluded. Having a financial expert to your disposal can give you a sense of financial stability when it feels like everything else is going sideways. With advance planning and a coherent strategy, you can immediately experience a sense of accomplishment that will positively impact everything else. There are usually post-divorce expenses before negotiating a settlement, and a financial adviser can adequately make a list of your liabilities and assets including your retirement funds and pension. They will be split according to the preferred marital regime, for example, marriage within the community of property, etc.

  1. Make sure you hire your own financial adviser

It is principal that both parties obtain the services of both their own financial adviser as well as a divorce lawyer. Two experts who specialize in divorce settlements can better handle such a case.

  1. Don’t steer away from the budget that your financial adviser has compiled

Spouses often don’t fully comprehend the serious financial implications of separation. Once the person knows what they need to give up or what assets they’ll receive as per the stipulations of the divorce order, their marital regime and maintenance commitments, they will have to work out a budget and re-organize their finances. This is where a financial planner can assist you with working out a cash-flow and budget. They can discuss the variety of scenarios to give you an insight into what the various settlement terms will entail in the future. This relates to scenarios where maintenance orders are not carried out post-settlement.

Going through a divorce can be highly unpleasant, and your financial situation is going to significantly change. But it is possible to bounce back onto your feet if you do things right from the beginning. Make sure you set up a budget and stick to it. Downscale where you can and set new financial goals for yourself and actively work on a strategy to work out the best way of meeting those goals.